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Conference Call with Monjoronson

Center for Christ Consciousness

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October 10, 2010

Topics: Encouragement and Mindfulness

Transmitter: Donna D'Ingillo

Prayer: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this time together with my
sisters and brothers that we may come before you, come before our
Magisterial Son to receive his ministry as he takes charge of this planet in
the Correcting Time, leading us forward into your light, into the currents
of the universe. Thank you for preparing us with one heart, one mind
unifying our energies that we may focus where we are being guided. Our
hearts are so full of appreciation and joy. We ask that you use this energy
that we are generating for the benefit of humanity and our planet. Thank

MICHAEL: Greetings my children. This is Michael. Before I turn the floor
over to my brother, I wanted to speak to each of you today. The
transformation energies on Urantia are now all in place to enact the
greatest awakening of the human heart that your world and the universe has
ever seen. What you are embarked upon is a thrilling adventure--changing the
tide upon Urantia. We need you. You are the workers in the field. No one
can do this for you. It is not to be done by those of us in these unseen
realms, but by you humans, living a corporeal life on a physical world. This
is your task and each of you has been prepared in a unique way, albeit
unknown to you at times. You have made certain choices to engage with
spirit, to walk hand in hand with me, your Mother and your indwelling Father
Fragments, to draw closer with them and to increasingly see and receive the
Father's will in your lives.

My words to you today are to thank you for your participation and to give
you more encouragement and strength as your world goes through some chaotic
changes. Some of these changes will seem slow. Others will be hard ones. I
cannot speak to which changes will be easy and which ones will be
challenging, but I encourage you to more and more each day to ensure that
you are strong and capable and that you have engaged your mind in stillness
to receive what you need, even moment by moment, to make you more firmly
anchored in the energies of light and love. I pledge you my support. I
uphold you in the palm of my hand. But you must keep your attention turned
toward me, toward your indwelling Father Fragments. The support you receive
will be commensurate with your abilities.

Trust that you are being nurtured along this path and my love is always
available to you as it lives within you. It is only a matter of you coming
to me and receiving what it is you need. I leave you in my peace, my
children, as I turn you over to Monjoronson, who will speak to you of
encouragement and upliftment. Enjoy your day and enjoy your time with one
another. Good day.

MONJORONSON: Greetings my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Michael's presence
among you today is meant to stimulate new potentials of hope and joy,
refreshment and renewal within your mind and body. When you feel your own
human strength is waning, call upon him. He is your Father. He will support
you. He will give you what it is you need to accomplish the task at hand.
Try to stay in that space of peace and grace throughout your day, as it
brings your life a more effortless quality. The circuits of spirit upon
Urantia are in place now, but it is your thought forms and your actions that
will continue to build a greater pool of spiritized consciousness on your
planet for your brothers and sisters to engage within their minds.

It is important to be mindful of how you think and how you respond. This is
one of the reasons we have been working in the realm of language, to help
you reorient how you process information--how you use your thoughts. The
energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS are there to clear your mind of wrongful
not simply words, but are living energy patterns that foster the rightful
use of your thinking processes. But you must be mindful and diligent and
become increasingly nonjudgmental of yourself when you find yourself
slipping into mundane patterns of thinking. We expect this to happen for
some time, but we encourage you to grow more mindful, that you become so
mindfully aware that you can turn your thoughts and have your feelings react
to your thoughts in a matter of a few minutes.

This will help you tremendously in the times to come when the world around
you seems to crumble, literally fall apart before your very eyes. This is
not a time to fear, but a time to be responsive to the needs of your
brothers and sisters. You are being prepared in many ways unbeknownst to
you. There are spiritual and morontial energies that are coming in to you of
which you are still barely conscious. The superconscious arena of the
collective mind is changing and this pool is becoming bigger, cleaner, and
more easily attainable within your own consciousness. But it is your desires
for this level of achievement will truly make these living realities within
your beings.

You are living in a more Christed state of consciousness, the kind of
consciousness that Michael demonstrated in his human life as Jesus. So my
words today are to encourage you to be more mindfully aware of how you use
that which you call your mind. Let these words settle into your hearts now,
and we will continue to minister to your minds, making adjustments where you
need support and realignment within the Father's will. (Pause)

In the coming days, each of you will be given certain lessons to practice
and to master. Your Father Fragments are perfectly poised to help you
achieve these lessons, but it is up to you as to whether or not you wish to
put your attention and ask for these lessons to be learned. What are these
lessons? They are basically lessons designed for your own individual
spiritual growth. They are in areas in which you seem to falter in your
demonstrations of love to your brothers and sisters and all of your day to
day experiences. Pay close attention to what is before you--the task at
hand. Engage your mind more fully in what it is you are doing in the present
moment. This is where your Adjusters are able to reach down and send those
signals into your mind to help you become more aware of what it is you can
achieve, master in the learning experience in that very moment. It is as if
you will have many "aha" moments during the day and this will give you great
stimulation and creativity collaborating with us.

It is very important that you trust in the process now, even though you may
not always understand or appreciate at that time what the lesson is all
about. We ask that you trust. We ask that you let go more and more of your
own ideas and beliefs and trust in what the Adjusters are sharing with you.
We know that your hearts' desires are along these lines, but your efforts
sometimes fall short of attaining 100% perfection in this throughout the
day. We do not expect perfection, but we do expect you to try your best. We
do encourage you through these lessons. So let us again minister in your
minds, bringing you ever closer to your Adjusters and to one another, that
you may share in the joys of growth together and play as you labor in the
fields where your brothers and sisters receive you. Prepare yourselves. Make
yourselves open vessels of Michael's love. They are ready for this, and they
need you. (Pause)

Sometimes during your contact with your brothers and sisters you might
speak words to them that do not seem to be coming from your own mind. This
is as it should be. We are training you to be more open to not only your
Adjusters speaking through you, but to others who are attached to you who
wish to share information. You are becoming, you might say, clear
signals-conduits--of information for your brothers and sisters. Your desires
to serve them open this door and then you are being encouraged to let go of
what you think needs to be said in favor of what they truly need to hear or
receive. In some ways, you are becoming a crystal that is able to conduct
energy, so ensure that you are also taking most excellent care of your
physical vehicle with proper nutrition, exercise, rest and stillness; that
your body is clean and that the thoughts in it are clear, emotionally

Today I will invite your questions as you continue to receive. If any
questions arise in your mind, feel free to speak them. You may address me
whenever you feel ready.

STUDENT: I am so honored to be here that I am moved to tears. I thank you
and I will do my best to serve and be a beautiful vehicle of your
expression. Thank you so much.

MONJORONSON: We understand your heartfelt emotions and feelings of being of
service and we are grateful to you, my daughter, that you have stepped up.
You have heard the call of spirit within, and now your desires will be
answered. Much more help will come to you. So get ready!

STUDENT: Okay. Thank you.


STUDENT: I want to say that I am also happy to be here and to be with you.
Because I can see around me, can see my life and the world around me and I
have a small idea of why I would love the changes to come and be helpful for
myself and for others-that these changes can happen and all the help
available to everyone.

MONJORONSON: As you know, none of you is engaged with your brethren alone;
you have many helpers beside you. It is a matter of you continuing to open
yourself to Michael, to Nebadonia, to become even larger vessels of their
love to your brothers and sisters. Enjoy your time of growth and always
know that there are many who are with you, lovingly guiding you to people
who are ready to receive what you have to share with them. Thank you for
your participation.

STUDENT: I just have a comment that the mundanity of daily life is
overwhelming sometimes and it seems as though surely there is something more
important that I should be doing. Can you speak to that, please?

MONJORONSON: As a Paradise order of sonship, it is difficult for me to
convey to the human mind a frame of reference that is so far-reaching, and
yet in all of the little details is so full of beauty and glory. I encourage
you to look at each activity of your life, surrounded in light, that you are
making a beautiful piece of art with your small activities of daily living.
This is something Jesus was able to master in his human life. Few people
discuss the actual art of living-what you are creating.

But it is not something that you need to particularly to speak, it is more
an attitude of your heart. What is it about your personality that is unique;
that is so beautiful and awe-inspiring to others that you can bring into
each moment of your day? Because you are simply awakening to the truth of
who you are, these ideas seem somewhat daunting and overwhelming to you when
you see so much around you that is besmirched with darkness, greed, anger or
intolerance. But you have a unique opportunity now to look at those
situations and to say into your mind and to your Adjuster: "What is it that
I can do to change this situation? To make it into a work of art? To be a
living expression of life, creation, joy, beauty?" You have this ability.
Each one of you has the potential to reach these heightened states of
living. You have in your immediate spiritual presence the agency of Jesus'
personalized Adjuster, who can help you. You can call upon him and ask to be
guided, not only by your own Adjuster, but by his. He will help you
understand these things and increasingly turn your attention turn the
mundane activities of life into something much more glorious and beautiful.
Does this help, my sister?

STUDENT: Yes, indeed it does.

MONJORONSON: Do your best each day. Do not expect perfection, but try your
best, and expect to see some wonderful results as you practice this over

STUDENT: Thank you. It is an end in itself.

MONJORONSON: It is, and thank you for your participation.

STUDENT: I expect that many of us gathered here together are on the verge of
being able to take possession of that great light within. Is there any
general information here as we desire to merge these bodies, knowing that we
are sons and daughters of light, agents of change? Anything will be helpful.

MONJORONSON: The message that I shared with you today covers this question.
It is time that you become increasingly more mindful, more aware, more
attuned to how you are thinking and what you are thinking. Your Father
Fragments within you are so perfectly poised to help you become this living
light. As you master your thoughts, the light will increasingly pour forth
from your being. It is an organic process. You only have to be responsible
for what how and what you think. This is enough of a challenge for you as
humans, and I would say even more so for you who are on the path because you
know that it is the mind that must be mastered. Your brethren who are still
sleeping or who are awakening are hardly conscious of what a daunting
endeavor this is. But you have stepped up. You have moved beyond the bonds
of complacency and ease and put yourselves on a rugged path of

Part of this transformation, actually the major thrust of this
transformation, is in being mindfully aware of the use of the human mind.
More is added to you when you step up and say "I'm ready to move beyond the
ease-seeking animal nature and am ready to follow the will of the Father."
For all of you who have stepped onto this path know that you have had
challenges along the way, some very, very rugged and sometimes even
disheartening, but you have all overcome many obstacles, some more than
others, and you will continue to be given these lessons each and every day.
When you read this transcript or listen to this call, think carefully about
what is being shared with you today: more mindfulness. That should be your
credo and your watchword in the coming days. Does this help, my brother?

STUDENT: Most consistent. Thank you for your response.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your participation.

STUDENT: How does one achieve mastery over the cycle of being totally
focused/totally unfocused?

MONJORONSON: I'm sure this is a question that is on the minds of your
brothers and sisters as well, so I am pleased that you have brought this to
light. Mastery of the mind is in the quality of thoughts that you are
thinking. There is a rhythm of the current of love: an inflow and an
outflow. What you described in being focused and not being focused is akin
to the rhythm of the inflow of love. There will be times when your attention
is very focused on a thought-form or task at hand. Then there will be times
when your attention seems to be more scattered and your mind has many ideas
running through it. It is not so much the rhythm that I am speaking of here
today, because that is a natural part of the cycles of love and you will
always be engaged in inflow and outflow rhythms in the natural course of
life. However, what I am speaking to more specifically today, is a quality
of the thought you are thinking.

When you are engaged in an activity--perhaps when you are learning something
for the first time and there is a feeling of discomfort at times--there are
expectations within your culture that you should be able to learn quickly
and master things very easily. Sometimes this is the case, sometimes it is
not. However, what is your attitude as you are learning something? Are you
patient? Are you frustrated? Are you eager? Are you resentful? These are the
things I encourage you to be mindfully aware of. What are the feelings that
you have associated with the thought you are experiencing? We ask you to
become more mindful so that you can experience more peace and joy, even when
you are in times of uncomfortableness or unfamiliarity. This is what is so
challenging for the human mind to master, because the initial emotional
reaction is to become either frustrated, discouraged, or to give up.
Perseverance and patience and persistence are very valuable spiritual
commodities that we wish to see the human mind use more of, especially in
times of newness and experience has not taught you yet what you need to
learn. I ask if this has addressed your concern or if you wish me to
elaborate on this a little more.

STUDENT: Please go ahead.

MONJORONSON: When your focus is more attuned, like you are centered in a
thought, take a moment to be grateful, to feel appreciation, to turn your
thoughts toward the Father in worshipful praise. Take a few moments to thank
your Adjuster for helping you, for being there with you, for guiding you.
And when you feel that your thoughts are scattered, take a few moments to
breathe deeply, and ask your Father Fragment to step into you to feed you
with what your Father wishes to think through you, what you could be
learning, what you could be focusing on.

These are some hints for you to feed upon, to retune and retrain yourself,
but there are more ideas that can come your way as you practice this. You
are all learning at different levels and at different rates and you have
different lessons because of your individual uniqueness. But the one
overarching factor you all share in common is that you all have wonderful
fragments of the Father within you who are perfectly capable of guiding you
through this process. But what your Father wants is your will, your choices,
and here again one way you can master your mind is to ensure that the
choices you are making are always: "It is not my will, but your will be
done." And that in the end is probably the most succinct way to put it. Does
this help, my brother?

STUDENT: I'm still wondering whether there will come a point where the cycle
will end and I will be centered and perfectly focused for all time.

MONJORONSON: That expectation is unrealistic. It is better to simply be in
the state of desiring to follow the Father's will. Perfect stability will
come along the road, but it is a long way away. I encourage you to not
entertain this overmuch as a goal in the human experience, but to appreciate
more the rhythm and the flow that you are attached to in the current of
Urantia and the thought field in which you function. Michael's peace will
provide you with a feeling of stability and security, which is what you
seek, but you will still be moving in a current, and that current will be
changing--in and out. It is important that you feel stabilized rather than
to have your thoughts focused on one particular thing. Here in lies an
important distinction between what you think and how you feel.

STUDENT: question about fusion (inaudible)

MONJORONSON: Perhaps not in the way you are approaching it. As I said, there
are currents of mind that you are still attached to. The focus or the
adjustment that your Adjuster wishes to make within your mind has to do with
your ability to be in the flow of love and to respond to the will and the
ways of the Father, regardless of the outer circumstances of your life. Here
is where you will achieve more mastery of self--when you can simply be in
that flow of life and k now that all is well even if in the outer experience
that you are witnessing seems to be challenging, unfamiliar, uncomfortable.

Recall how Michael, as Jesus, conducted himself during his trial. The
apostles were all in confusion. They had scattered. They did not know what
was going on. The outer experience to them had crumbled and their lives were
in chaos. Jesus could experience that but he could stay peaceful. He was,
after all, in full control of his human mind. Here is where you are
encouraged to practice, practice, practice, especially those of you who wish
to achieve Adjuster fusion in your human lifetime.

Continue your practice, continue to ask your Father within to guide you and
trust that all is well and unfolding in the way it was naturally designed to
unfold. Does this answer your questions to your satisfaction?

STUDENT: Yes, Thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your participation. Are there are any other
comments or questions before we conclude?

STUDENT: As I study language and entomology, I see relationship between
words. The medium of our mind is the language. In German it's dinken and
danken, in English it's you think and you thank. I see a relationship
between mindful thinking connecting my thinking to cosmic thinking and
Mother Spirit. There is a close relationship between thinking and giving

MONJORONSON: Thank you for sharing this comment with us today, for it is a
pertinent one. It is simply a matter of changing one letter that brings you
into a more full expression of mindfulness.

My brethren, we witness your lives each day and are so grateful for the
efforts that you are making, not only in your own lives but in the way in
which you are endeavoring to change the planetary consciousness. This world
is changing. It is not happening as quickly as some of you wish, but it is
changing, and that you are participating in the great change should fill you
with great hope and joy each and every day. Keep focusing on these ideas.
The eternity adventure is not something that happens over night, but it is a
delicious adventure because it unfolds one thought at a time. Each delicious
morsel of spiritized thought is delectable to the Father and is to be
savored, to be celebrated. We hope that you will learn to savor these
moments of thinking rightfully, living in faith and loyalty to the Father's
will; that this will give you a heightened appreciation of what you are
doing in mastering your mind.

Ponder these thoughts this week and the next, before our next session, and I
will be interested to hear how your days have progressed when you are more
mindfully aware. We will discuss this again in our next session.

I leave you in Michael's peace, Nebadonia's love, and the grace and mercy of
our Father in Paradise. Good afternoon.

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