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Conference Call with Monjoronson

Center for Christ Consciousness


August 8, 2010


Weaving threads of spirit gravity and physical energy

Become more spiritually fragrant; the benefits of simplifying one's life

Become a weaver of spirits; spreading seeds of light

Brotherly-sisterly love facilitates integrating spirit and physical energies

Transmitter: Donna D'Ingillo

Prayer: Thank you, Mother and Father, for weaving us in your presence, in those mind circuits that connect us to the greater reality of your being and the being, the presence of our Magisterial Son. We thank you for linking us heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster, and we thank you for helping us bring in these new energies in the way that you know is right for us and for our world. And we are ready to receive Monjoronson when he is ready to speak. Thank you so much.

Monjoronson: Greetings, my brethren, this is Monjoronson now and I am pleased to be with you on this day to share with you my love for this world and to continue to collaborate with you to upstep the spiritual pressure on the planet by weaving in these languages of LOVE, that you have been helping us to encircuit around the planet and within the hearts of the residents thereupon.

Today let us focus on your world. When you stand upon your earth you feel secure. Physical gravity that attaches you to the earth's plane is a real substance. And as you stand upon your earth plane and you look at the world in front of you there is a sense of ruggedness, a sense of firmness that your planet conveys to you. And as you step back, if you were to look upon your world from the vantage point of Salvington you would see it quite differently. You would see not only the world with your physical eyes but you would see more of the spiritual circuitry that holds your planet in the domain of spirit gravity, and thereupon you would see it in a more compassionate and tender light as the planet looks very fragile.

Today you will be assisting us in building more of these spirit threads around the planet that many helpers will be using to intersect with the physical gravity so that those who stand upon the earth will be able to feed more upon the energies of truth, love, peace, and goodness so they may truly open themselves up to the transformation that is occurring here and now.

Weaving threads of spirit gravity and physical energy

The energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER'S WILL have been instrumental in building this fabric and yet there is so much more to be done, and there are many who are lovingly waiting in the wings to assist in today's experience. So settle into your hearts now, take a few deep breaths, invite the life breath of your Mother Nebadonia into your bodies, into your cells, so she may expand you in the life force to help you hold that focus to weave these threads of spirit gravity into the physical dimension. We will begin in a few moments. (Pause)

There are vast numbers of heavenly hosts who are now converging to help you hold this intention and focus today. Your bodies are being opened to more spiritual circuitry now. The sons and daughters of Earth are opening and receiving more spirit so that you may truly walk upon the earth plane as sons and daughters of the living God, conveying the Father's will in the outward expression of your life, joyfully, abundantly, and generously sharing your gifts with those with whom you interact.

Now let us begin, and feel your desire for more spiritual energy to intersect with your physical energies and anchor you onto this earth plane. As you do this, feel the appreciation of your physical vehicle to be this instrument that you use and carry with you throughout your life. Your bodies are important and many of you neglect to take care of them. But if you do not take care of your vehicle then you cannot be here on Earth in a healthy and vibrant way to inspire your brothers and sisters for them to cherish what they have been given, and to be able to build the spiritual circuitry through your physical instrument here on the earth plane. So think about this for a moment and ask yourself: "Do I truly honor my body as the temple of the Father that it really is?" And as you do this, begin to shift your focus into the realm of cherishing and loving and appreciating your bodies: what wonderful marvelous vessels of light that you have been generously bestowed with. We will add something into you now as you do this. Ponder this honestly and sincerely and let us move in you. (Pause)

There is an aspect of light that blends the planes of spirit reality and physical reality together. Take a few moments in your heart centers to focus on your desire for this light to embrace both dimensions, for more spirit gravity to come into the earth gravity. It is not so much the understanding of how this functions that we ask you to hold as it is your desire for more spiritual energy to embrace and engulf the physical dimensions of this world. So truly open your hearts as wide in your desire for this to happen so we may continue to weave these circuits in and through the planet wherever the gaps, the breaks, in spiritual frequency are still so very much a part of the earth plane's shadow. Let this light come in now through your desire, and through your desire, through your love of the Earth, send it back out into the earth plane and we will use this where we know there is need. (Pause)

In your mind's eye, envision the words LOYALTY TO THE FATHER'S WILL and send this from your heart out into the earth that we may incorporate this more into the fabric of Urantian life. (Pause)

Become more spiritually fragrant; the benefits of simplifying one's life

Many potentials for creative collaboration are bursting forth upon this world to engage you in new ways of being with one another, for developing creative enterprises that you may share your personality gifts in service to your brethren. The time of harvest is upon you now, and your brothers and sisters are ready to receive what you have to offer. We are here to help your inner light shine more brightly, for your thoughts to be more simplified, that they may feel the resonance of your heart and be drawn to this.

It is not what you believe that will make you attractive; it's how you feel about them. It is the spiritual fragrance that you exude because of your love of the Father and for humanity. This best occurs when the mind is more spiritized when the intellect has been controlled and the dominance of the tendency to over-intellectualize everything has run its course; you now want to simplify things in your life in how you think and how you respond. Simplification will open many, many doors for you. We lead you through these exercises to help you engage that part of you that does long for this simplicity, for it is in this domain where the spiritual energies can have the most impact in your physical systems and on your physical planet.

Center yourselves in these thoughts of continuing to allow that simplicity of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER'S WILL to have their effects in your bodies now so you may anchor this more deeply into the earth, into your bodies to become even greater beacons of light to your brothers and sisters. Desire this fully my brethren and receive what we wish to share with you. (Pause)

Become a weaver of spirits; spreading seeds of light

In your daily activities think of the idea of being a weaver of spirits upon the earth plane. How would you go about doing this? It is by keeping your thoughts quiet and asking your indwelling Father fragments to send those spirit sparks, those threads of light into your mind so that you may be here on the planet in a simple yet very beautiful way. As you walk upon the Earth you are spreading the seeds of light as you go about your daily business. These seeds of light are real, and you never know the good they will do.

As you go about your day think less of what you need to accomplish, what mental projections you think into the future, carry into the past. Let these go. Focus intently on this desire to weave the spirit threads into the physical dimension. This will help your own inner vitality so you will grow more healthful, more radiant in your body. This radiance will be very compelling to your brethren. It will spread, it will anchor into the earth plane and help you to be here on the earth in a more grounded and productive manner. You will actually feel more vibrancy; this is all in the Father's will.

I encourage you to revisit this time together by either listening to or reading the transcript when it is available so you may indeed recognize the importance of your light on the planet, your light and no one else's. What can your light do to improve the quality of the world? What can your light speak to the heart of your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues? What can your light do to help someone in need who needs to know that they are truly loved and that self-concept is validated? What can your light do?

The fabrics of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER'S WILL are growing and gaining strength. Now focus your desire on this now as we continue to weave these words into the physical world's dimensions.

Your spirits are gaining strength; the spiritual current running through your energy is getting stronger. So allow your hearts to open so these words, these ideals of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER'S WILL may be fully integrated into all areas, all dimensions of Urantian life so you may truly live upon this world as the Father has always intended. Open your hearts to this idea, and to your love of the planet and your brothers and sisters, and we will continue to move in you and through you. (Pause)

RIGHTMINDEDNESS is overtaking your world. Observe the places where this is occurring as best as you can and know that it is through our collaboration you are making this possible for your brothers and sisters. Strive not with them anymore. Love them, appreciate them for where they are and allow the Father within you to touch them through their own internal Father. Call on your Father Michael to be with you when you engage with your brothers and sisters so he may validate his children in a way that only he can do. Call upon us whenever you need. The help is there but you must increasingly practice quieting your mind so that you may continue to receive and know and benefit from what is being shared with you.

Now in your mind's eye of the collective body, lift the planet up to Michael and ask for his hands to hold the Earth in his spirit gravity. His love for this world is unlimited. And while you are not creator sons in and of yourselves, and you do not have the experience of incarnating on a physical world, you can begin to appreciate a fraction of the compassion and the magnitude of what he accomplished here. In your hearts simply thank your Father for choosing this world for his terminal bestowal and let him radiate more of his love into your hearts so you may share in the love that he has for this world that you may use in service to your brothers and sisters. Receive your Father and be in his peace. (Pause)

Brotherly-sisterly love facilitates integrating spirit and physical energies

Embrace life, embrace one another. Appreciate one another more for you all have many gifts and abilities, experiences, insights and understandings to share with one another. This is one way in which the physical energies will open up to the spirit when you engage with others in these manners.

On behalf of those who have participated with me we thank you, and I take my leave of you now, that you may grow in love and thrive in the Father's will. My blessings upon each of you and I wish you a good day.
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