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DATE: August 1, 2010


T/R: Gerdean

TEACHER: Monjoronson

TOPICS: Inside Your Mind

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, friends. This is Monjoronson. I thought I would take advantage of the invitation offered earlier by one of my loyal students here, and speak with you while I had the chance.

I observe how much it takes for you to get ready for these conversations. It is not for me to know personally; I am not human. And even if I were materialized, it would be in a form unlike yours. It would be a "facsimile" of the human form, but I would be functioning on a level much higher than you do who live in the mortal form. In the physicality of your being, your environment plays a significant part in your readiness.

It is difficult to tap into your higher consciousness when you are being distracted and drawn down into the vagaries of human existence including its conflicts, adrenalin, excitement, drama, crises, and rudimentary maintenance requirements. Having those "squared away" sufficiently, you can take the time to investigate your personal physicality in terms of your comfort: your bladder, your bowels, your aches, your pains; whether something is too tight-fitting; whether the weather is too hot, too cold; whether the noises in the neighborhood or in the immediate vicinity are distracting.

And then you need to deal with the mental state of being that wants to take over your mind completely and focus on the things of this world: the grocery list; the schedule; the itinerary; the agenda; the job jar and the relationships in which you involve yourself night and day. You creatures of time and space do such a fine job of filling in all the blanks. It is hard then to get our foot in the door to help you create a space where we can fit. The good news is that once we do that you are transformed such that you want more of it and you recognize the advantages derived from it, thus almost by default you find yourself evolving.

What would draw you to that place in the first place? The spirit within. It has the ultimate agenda for you and it overrides your interests at some point although you do have free will and you can usurp the spirit and its efforts to spiritize your thinking. This is the wonder of the mind, the human mind, the mind you have been loaned for use while here in this material life. And which serves you in this existence.

Let us now take that material mind and set it aside and look at the internal configuration of your mind so that you can become comfortable in this space between your ears, this universe of your own consciousness, so that it is not dark, not confining, and not give you agoraphobia. There is structure and order in the universe and you can help bring the structure and order that you need in order to expand your own awareness of your own consciousness, even your own superconsciousness in the greater consciousness of morontia reality - that realm of reality that exists between your material existence and concerns and pure spirit.

You are unable to sustain contact with pure spirit for any extended period of time - not because it would harm you, no, but because you are experiential creatures and you must experience. If a concept comes to you, it is only an idea until it is actualized. It is only potential until it becomes actual. And so you need to take time to live and experience what you have perceived, what you have created. But let's go back to the process of creation -- this space in your mind where we meet.

Your Thought Adjuster is there. It is the Light that illuminates your mind. Otherwise, your mind would be a dark place. The Light is always shining; it never goes out. You will not be in the dark, no matter how far you stretch your consciousness from your original Source. With you in your mind are myriad celestial helpers - an entire hierarchy of entities who are observing your Light come on. Yes, I am seeing here the analogy of stage lights coming up on the play of your life, on the drama of your existence, your experiential portrayal of what you perceive of as divinity and/or your place in the universe. How entertaining you can be! How amusing some of you are! How proud Our Mother is of you. And what faith Our Father has in you.

Each of these beings in your mind, in your awareness, provides a value for you, a lesson, a standard or a perspective. In your ability to make contact with any and all of these perspectives is an indication of what you have learned from your experience. Even as you undoubtedly recognize that your universe is so vast and its characters are so many, you have only begun your assimilation of all that is. And yet would you go back into the darkness? Would you go back into ignorance? Would you go back into barbarity and abject selfishness? No, you would not; you could not, for that would be death to the Light which you are becoming. And it is against all the laws in the universe to want to destroy your own Light.

You have been created to live, to grow, to advance and become all that you can be in your life today and in eternity. These moments that we spend together help reinforce who you are and can be today. It gives you a chance to set aside your cares and concerns of the material life sufficiently to focus on your morontia life which is also developing and which also deserves the focus of your attention on occasion. I cannot urge you enough to develop these disciplines of prayer and meditation, contemplation and consultation, within a structured framework.

Structured according to your requirements, not mine, not anyone else's, but those requirements which work for you, to help you establish a pattern, the pattern that is perfect for you, the pattern that allows you to be here in this state of mind and being at your convenience, at your leisure, and as often as humanly possible. You tend to say, "No, that's okay! I've got it. I'm cool! God knows I'm on track. I don't need to sit down and focus on any other reality than the one I am living. I have confidence in myself, my own mind, and my path. Don't bug me."

And what can anyone say but, "Go for it!" If that is the degree of your confidence, that you don't even want to consider the input of other intelligent life in the universe, then we wish you well in your bubble of isolation and imagination, for it cannot be that real if it does not involve the system of assertive growth established by those greater than you, with more insight than you, and a longer-range perspective than you.

It is wonderful that you appreciate and value and enjoy your now, and the next now and the next and there is something indeed childlike and faith-filled about living this way, but the truth is it is imperative to stay open to the developments yet to come. You must remain poised to take the next step presented. If you are so confident of your own hand on the wheel of destiny, you will miss the counsel and direction of those who would help you steer your way into the experiences that will benefit not just you but the others, even those who depend upon you for guidance. You may not know who they are; you may not care that they exist; but you have a responsibility to the universe whether you realize that or not. Those of you who are so self-sufficient as to think you need no one and no one needs you are behaving petulantly. You are "cruisin' for a bruisin'," as your earth parents might have said when you were a child.

We have a great deal of work to do, and this is very exciting work. It is not the drudgery that you have found on your minimum wage jobs. It is not the drudgery that comes from habitual application to maintenance -- habitual to the point of rut. Even those of you who do not step lively in the mainstream are able to tiptoe through the tulips of Mansonia, which is where most of the work takes place - in your morontia reality, your own morontia mind - which is not the same mind as you need to make sure the bills are paid and the car is working. Divine mind is already addressing you and teaching you how to think and how to behave in the ways which will become the new you when your old persona falls away.

And so here we are -- in your mind's eye, with the Light on, the Thought Adjuster there, not leaving, not allowing any entity in that is not smiled upon, and the midwayer who is engaged in translating the concepts from morontia to mortal language word symbols (they do not require your attention). When you have brought yourself to this place in your mind, in your consciousness, you can very readily invite someone in. It is possible to invite in a Teacher who will philosophically or psychologically address that which is in your consciousness - either in your superconscious or your subconscious - because it reflects your needs.

That is the curriculum: to be where you are and bring you up from there. That is why this is such a personal experience. This is why it affects so many people profoundly and why so many people are afraid of it. They are afraid to find out what is going on in their own consciousness. The spirit is something you have all felt and so you know not to gloat but to be appreciative of the Light and merciful to those who have not yet opened to the light.

The conscious mind might have something more direct that it seeks. And the conscious mind might want to talk to a midwayer because of the midwayer's proximity to the material environment. It may want to speak to a Most High Observer or one of the 24 Councilors about the particulars of the planetary administration. It may want to bring me in for consultation as to your work that we share together, that of evolving planetary consciousness and civilization. You may call upon Machiventa for updates in administration, or Michael and/or Nebadonia for nurturance, affection and guidance.

They are all available, all these levels of consciousness. "Conference approved literature." These entities are family and friends. They are characters in the Program that is set forth in the Urantia Papers. There will be a time soon when energy will be focused on some of the ministering spirits who deal with mercy, justice, progress, brotherhood and the like.

There are always more beings to meet and become acquainted with, always new perspectives to be gained through these associations, always is your life expanded by contemplation of these others outside of yourself and yet a part of yourself because they are a part of God. They are part of creation. They are part of the configuration of universe hierarchy, that system of "law and order" that allows the worlds to cycle around their suns in their systems and their constellations in the local universes of the sundry sectors of the seven superuniverses of time and space. This requires tremendous orchestration. And such orchestration is upheld by Paradise.

We are presenting a picture, a demonstration of the universe, as we engage with one another. We are introducing Urantia to its place in the universe - a loving universe - inhabited by other intelligent and evolving creatures . some ascending, some descending, some perfected. It is catching on and you have been being prepped to handle the influx that is coming. It was inevitable.

I have concluded my remarks. It was indeed an exercise. I invite you to take yourself there, into your mind which is "the gateway" to these realities that constitute the mota of our movement.

Student: Thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon.

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