[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2010-05-09 [Mothers Day]

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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2010-05-09

Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Monjoronson, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Prayer: [Mark] I'd like to set the tone today with a few words about
Mother's Day, the appreciation for our Mother Spirit. I believe that all
goodness of the universe may be channeled through this source in time that
brings us everything we need to sustain our life. It is the womb that we
live and have our being in. It is an example of divine grace made manifest
in this life. We could not be here without its presence and influence and
yet we experience it so much and rely on it every moment, hour, day, of our
lives that we tend to, like our very breath, take it for granted as a given.
It is a given, but I know where it comes from and I am in deep gratitude for
all that is given so freely, so generously, from one we can now be graced to
know. It is the divine influence of our Divine Parents, our Divine Mother.
So as much as we may go about this life leaning on the constance of this
grace, counting on the blessings that are with us every day as a result, on
a day like today I would just like to pause in deep gratitude and
recognition for these truths as we experience them in our lives. Thank you
Divine Mother for life and all that it takes to sustain it.

Elyon: Greetings, this beautiful morning my friends, I am Elyon here once
again to share with you the gift of grace that is represented in another of
the constants that you refer to, that is this wonderful ability that you
have to share amongst yourselves through this circuit of the mind. You come
here willing and prepared to utilize this circuitry and you willingly donate
to this circuit as well as draw from and benefit from the donations of
others in this circuit. This is another one of those basic elements that you
refer to as a given. Much as your life and all you have need of is provided,
so as well is your ability and capability to be able to think about,
discuss, and even come to some understanding as a result of this ever
present circuitry of the mind. That is what I come here to join you in
enjoying and utilizing, this ability to share back and forth and contribute
to this wonderful circuit, this overall consciousness of the brotherhood of

Before this mornings installment I ask that you join me as we venture out
once again to the garden to make reference to so much that we have been
enjoying in the discussion here this morning. As you well know, your
ancestors had no garden. They relied on the resources of divine grace having
already planted the seed necessary to sustain life on this world. They were
able to simply roam about and gather what they needed that the Divine Mother
Spirit had already planted, tended, nurtured, and developed over time in
preparation for the need of her children. All that they had need of was
indeed and in fact present for their taking.

Still, in these times, much of what you have need of and even have desire
for is part of what your Mother has planted in the garden for you to
harvest. Your seafood still comes predominately from the ocean. Your birds
and bees still transplant seeds, fertilize and make the honey which you may
enjoy. Flowers in the spring still rise up and greet you in fields of glory
that no mans hand has tended. The beasts that roam the earth, many of which
you have cultivated and civilized have greatly benefitted you and your
ancestors as a food source, clothing, and many other of your basic needs.
This was the original state of the garden that your Divine Parents had
prepared for you and in your earlier phases of development you relied solely
and strictly on this bounty simply being there for you.

Then you will witness, you have grown in development and matured in your
awareness and in your willingness to take some responsibility and direct
some intention into this natural process. Out of such intelligence applied
to the natural design you have been able to greatly multiply the natural
effect of sunlight, water, and seed and now you witness this natural act
turned into industry and performed on a large scale which enables you to
utilize the natural processes and multiply the effect with the addition of

Those of you who enjoy having your own individual garden witness in your own
lives the effect of applying intelligence into the natural design when you
first go out to what will be your garden in the spring and begin to
visualize what you would have, what you would grow and tend and support.
First this starts as simply a vision, an idea, a dream. Then intelligence is
applied and you find yourselves gathering the necessary components, finding
your seeds, growing your starts, all in preparation for manifesting this

The seeds however, still are a part of the natural design. The growing of
the seeds into the starts is still an entirely natural process, but would
not happen without the action that intelligent direction brings to the
process. You continue through with your idea, with your dream based upon
your past awareness that this can be and your steadfast reliance on this
predictable natural process and you plant your seeds and your starts and you
once again apply your intelligence to give them adequate space, adequate
moisture, and for good measure you know it is conducive to good growth to
provide them with extra nourishment and fertilizer.

Having done all these steps, you then remain quite certain and secure that
the rest will be done for you. The sun will rise, the rain will fall, the
temperatures will be conducive, and all these factors together with your
intelligent effort indeed produce your dream come true as is evident by the
bounty in your garden. The rains which fall are safe and free from pollution
predominately and you know as well to keep the waters pure for your garden
so that it may grow to its best fruition. The sunlight shines naturally and
yet every so often it may be clouded out or even drowned out by volcanic ash
but these chance occasions are not the routine, not the normal occurrence.
So year after year, season after season you comply with the natural order
and are eager to rise to plant your garden in the spring knowing that all
these other factors are in your favor, that the universe is friendly and
conducive to promoting growth and intention.

Any good gardner knows that investing themselves in such a project over an
extended period of time means that it has a gradual and residual effect,
that is if you continue to weed your garden, eventually you will succeed in
having removed all the potential obstacles to your desired plants growth. If
you continue to provide nourishment for the soil then you may count on your
soil being quite beneficial to whatever intended project you might plant. If
you provide for the adequate distribution of water, then you may count on
this distribution evenly and necessarily to all that may need it in its
growth. And the garden begins to take on an air of not only grace, but
intelligence, wisdom, foresight, and knowledge of how the whole plan works
and functions.

So true enough, that if left to its own devices, your Mother's grand garden
certainly has been adequate to provide and sustain your lives but also true
enough, as witnessed in your own experience, the application of your
intelligence, your effort, your intention, and your desires also changes the
equation, augments the natural formula and enhances that which is a natural
process into a bountiful natural process. This is an example of what was
mentioned before, there is the natural growth cycle which may be depended
upon. Then there is the work which may be applied to growing and building on
this natural cycle to take a small sapling and plant it with the thought
that it will one day bear fruit is a tremendous leap for mankind. To then
take and plant many small saplings and create an orchard for future
generations is an act of co-creative grace.

This is how the natural order and design for this world may be so augmented
in all aspects of your lives. This analogy of the garden is so very useful
because it strikes the chord of familiarity with so many. But this same
principle applies throughout all your experiences on this planet. There is a
natural order, you observe it, witness it, and then there is your role to
play in relationship to this natural order. There is a certain command that
you can assume over the natural order and you may go ahead and weed and
plant and fertilize knowing that the natural order exists and that you are
building upon it and working with it.

The same can be said for your internal spiritual garden. There is a natural
order, a natural progression of advancement and evolution and growth and
left unto its own taste and scale, it will advance and grow your soul as per
universal design. However you may decide to become actively involved in your
own internal garden and play a significant role in the building of the
proper environment, installing the conducive elements, weeding out the
overcrowding and improper elements and fertilizing those aspects that you
would see grow and avail themselves of the space in the garden.

On such a beautiful morning as this, it has been my pleasure to take yet
another stroll with you out into the garden of your experience. I join you
in your appreciation for the force in place which provides the garden and
the potential for each of us to interact with the garden. Those are my
thoughts to contribute to this thought stream, to this mind circuit in
place as yet another demonstration of grace. I now will withdraw to create
space. Thank you for hearing my words, good day.

Michael: [Cathy] I am always revealing aspects to my children in response to
the need presented. In your discussion was mentioned the growth of
character. Important in this discussion is the clearing of space for growth
to happen. All systems require that resources be allocated to an intention
in order for a response to be available. It is as if you put a seed in a
crowded rock filled place and expect for the seed to thrive. It may gather
energy to itself in the attempt to expand but upon breaking forth, the small
growing plant is met with such unfavorable circumstances that it finds no
nourishment, no sustaining resources.

The farmer softens the field by tilling it and enhances the nourishment of
the soil. The seed is given room to expand after its initial unfolding from
the nourishing coat. All aspects are needed for growth and expansion. In the
same way, each of you has the ability to propagate new aspects of your
spiritual growth. Environment is key in your ability to encourage your
spiritual growth. Your inner strength is derived from our nurturing energy.
We continue to pour forth love and light on our children. We are available
to clear out the negative energy that act as weeds in your growth.

You are responsible for creating the space, the time, the intention for your
own growth. You are responsible for the situations you encounter during your
days on this world. You have the ability to enhance the growth by the
energies and personalities you bring into your sphere. You have the ability
to access the nourishment we send your way. Process of growth is an active
one. You each are involved in the promotion of your growth by the choices
you make in each day. Truly you have the ability to enter each day with the
intention of growth and we are available to aid you in this effort.

Monjoronson: Hello this morning, I am Monjoronson here to add a few words in
promotion of the concepts offered here this morning about the very most
basic composition of your being, being affected by your intelligence. I am
referring to the topic of cellular and chemical impact which are being
discovered to have an impact on your being, particularly discussed in
relationship to aspects of your dna. It has been observed by your scientists
that there are literal chemical and physical changes which are observed in
the internal garden which is your physical being. It has been observed that
if one is exposed to events which are traumatic, then such balance of
chemicals is shifted and altered and resides in your chemical being.

Likewise it has been observed through experimentation that exposing yourself
to the positive impacts of directed positive thought likewise has a residual
effect within your being. If you can begin to see your own selves, your own
physical aspects of yourself as being a vast interconnected physical,
chemical, and electrical garden, then you may begin to see where just as in
your vegetable garden, to bring intelligence into the natural process
invariably alters the equation. If you could apply the same principles of
promoting wellness and providing the proper conditions for peace and
wellness to exist in your own individual personal garden of self, then you
can expect the natural processes of universal growth and progression to
provide the reliable mechanism for you to change and grow a more desired
state within.

In the same manner as through your applied intelligence, you are able to
master the techniques of gardening, so can you as a master gardener of your
own individual garden, design and execute a more ideal state wherein the
seeds that you choose to plant, the ideals that you would transplant into
your prepared beds will have adequate room to take root and adequate
conditions to foster their growth. Likewise, you may be about this process
of actively and intentionally rooting out those aspects in your internal
garden which you discern as un-beneficial to the overall garden.

If you were to see this internal tending of your fields as every bit as
significant as your taking the action to go out and put shovel into earth,
then will you truly realize the significance of the impact you have within,
just as you so readily witness the significance of the impact that you have
without as you tend your garden soil. Look to be master gardeners within
just as you have come to understand and appreciate your role as gardener in
partnership with your Divine Parent, so are you in partnership with your
Divine Parent when you garden within.

This awareness, this perception of such a partnership and capability, surely
should make one eager to rise in the morning, to be about the rolling up of
your sleeves, to apply your intelligence through your efforts, through your
willingness and to bring this intention to bear, to assist what is a natural
and normal process with your willingness to work and to build towards a
process of greater fruition.

I feel we have had enough words about working the soil and tending the
crops. Let us do this as we are so led both within and without. Let us be in
appreciation for this process which is here to be utilized and expanded and
counted on as a universal truth that we may learn to co-ordinate with to
bring about spiritual fruits as well as material vegetables.

Thank you for your attention this morning. I bid you all have a good day and
a good week ahead with all the promise and potential that spring signifies.
Farewell and good day.

Light: [Cathy] This is Light coming on this special day of recognition for
parents, for mothers. I bring you my love and appreciation for the role that
you play in my creation. I am most happy to share with you in love and
light. You have been most important in supporting my continuing growth and
happiness. I embrace you all in love and gratitude.

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