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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2010-03-21

Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, Michael

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Elyon: Greetings this morning my friends, this is Elyon here once again to
participate with you in this interactive forum. First I will observe that
many times, "for the record" so to speak, you and your higher conversations
are so entirely full of spirit and spiritual awareness and spiritual
perception that they act as prayers to the heavens because when you state
openly to each other, your convictions and perception of spirit and witness
to each other about your personal experiences and such, it is the testimony
that the universe craves. It is the successful result of the experiment at
hand. It is a direct portrayal of the fruits of the spirit and one day, my
friends, you will understand, individually, that those very things you seek
when you come to a meeting such as we create together, you also bring to any
meeting that you choose to join, that what you all crave in spiritual
presence and exposure you in fact represent as part of your individual
spiritual process.

Nevertheless, I will continue to join you in the standardized format that we
have adopted and accepted, but as you may have observed, more and more I am
inclined to draw from you for the topics, for the threads of discussion,
because in so many cases you have so well stated these principles that it is
my desire simply to get them into the formalized record of this meeting. So
once again I will borrow from you and extract a few gems that we may
together place on our adornment.

Among the phrases I would bring forward is the idea of this benign virus of
love, as you refer to it, how such a small amount of this virus is required
to have such a great impact as it has such growth potential when contracted
by another especially when this virus has been intentionally nurtured and
developed so that it may be spread about to its maximum effect. This is what
you do in your service projects. You cultivate this ideal of propagating
this seed of love and then you find a delivery system, a form, in which you
can activate your desire and intentionally make available and deliver this
benign virus so that it may infect all those around you with this grand
value. It is significant that you will do this with intention, with the
realization that such a virus is easily caught and spread. In the days of
your ancestors, they were unaware of the effects of passing on illnesses by
not being aware of how they were transferred from one to the other; but you
in your spiritual ascension have grown not only into the awareness of how
this is transferred but into the active propagation of this transfer.

I would also bring forward another phrase worthy of entering into the record
and that is the one that is: Nothing that is real can be threatened, and
nothing that is unreal truly exists. As you all have witnessed in your
discussion, adopting such an attitude as this frees you from the innate
concern as to whether you should worry about this or that, whether you
should invest yourself in this or that; simply trusting that all that is
real and good and true and beautiful will be maintained and upheld and all
that is other than these things simply is in a state of non-reality destined
to wither away and cease to exist as soon as all those involved come to this
awareness and choose it not. It is as simple as that.

This awareness enables you to choose easily and predictably those things
which you see portray the qualities of truth, beauty, and goodness, while
simply deciding to passively choose 'not' those things which you deem do not
uphold these principles. It is not a matter of actively protesting or
somehow attempting to differentiate yourself in clear terms, rather it is
simply a matter of forsaking that option with the easy course of deciding
not to choose it. It is not required to oppose it, it is simply your choice
to be made whether or not you will choose it. Every choice that you make you
have come to understand, defines you and directs you in your course.

There may come a time in these meetings that we have together, where you
will value your own spiritual observation and perception even as I do and
decide that they are worthy of sharing with your brethren as well. In the
meantime I am honored as your guest speaker to bring forward a number of the
ideas that you present to be used in these forums.

One more topic worthy of public record would be the idea that it takes so
very few to bring true inspiration and direction to so very many. If you
consider your history, many names immediately pop into your mind as key
individuals, those who had unique inspiration and were willing to stand up
and raise their flag of inspiration and simply see who saluted and who
joined in their ideas, perhaps even in their ideals; and to their surprise
and the surprise of great many, these ideas that were offered to be
considered take great root in a great number of individuals and can be used
if not directly, to build upon as a foundation for a position to be taken, a
perspective to be adopted, a route to be determined by this perspective, all
of which naturally proceed out of this original 'seed' thought.

So knowing that the individuals in your past or your nations past that have
made a significant difference are quite few and you might even be able to
name most of them. Realize that millions upon millions of other Americans,
for instance, have lived and died their lives simply choosing or not
choosing what other of their brethren's ideas they either liked or disliked,
not coming up with ideas of their own but simply relying on leaders or
inspired individuals to present options from which they would choose or not.

This is the power of the individual to bring divine inspiration into your
sphere of influence for when you are the one to initiate a choice filled
with the properties of truth, goody, and beautness then it becomes available
to be chosen by any or all. Had no choice been offered, had no options been
made available, then entropy is the force that dominates, doing the same old
thing with the same old pattern that you have adopted before without any
great thought or emphasis on modifying the pattern to address your current
state of awareness.

This is the privilege and the honor you all have in simply having a voice
and being able to offer your perspective, your opinion, your ideal as to how
some situation should proceed or some circumstance should evolve. If left to
its own ways, the course of action is rather predictable as you have all
seen patterns repeat over and over in your lives. But you are coming to the
point of awareness that there is this fulcrum point where an old pattern may
be stopped in its process and reevaluated and tweaked as you say, to bring
about entirely new results. That is where you as free willed creatures stand
at this fulcrum point, to inject your spiritual awareness and appreciation
of divine values into this ongoing set of repeating patterns. In so doing
they are changed and flavored by your influence, by your different
perspective. This is how incrementally, patterns are evolved just as
individuals are evolved, through the active taking command of your point in
this chain of circumstance and being willing to inject your voice into the
ongoing process.

Thank you for bringing these gems forward into this discussion prior to this
recorded portion. I hope and trust that you do not mind me taking from you
the key elements of our lessons as more and more you are the ones guiding
this pattern and influencing this very course. Thank you for your active
participation in this. I now would open the floor for use by any other
contributors at this time. My love to you all, farewell.

Monjoronson: Hello again my friends, I am Monjoronson as you may well know,
here once again to take advantage of this opportunity that you provide. You
may not be fully aware that in such an apparently simple act that you do of
gathering at meetings such as this, you are in fact acting as those few who
are the facilitators or the ones who offer an alternate reality that then
may be chosen. It is seemingly so simple and natural to proceed in this
manner that you may be wholly unaware that what we do here between us which
may feel so intimate and personal, we also do for a great number of others
who will contact this material subsequent to our meeting and it will have a
significant impact on their spiritual growth just as it may have on yours in
this hour.

So this principle of a significant starting point we do on a regular basis
and yet we here now do not consider this to be in any way a grand thing but
more of even a personal service gathering here to enjoy each others
spiritual presence; returning to a group of friends, sharing spiritual
insights and personal growth attainment, seemingly so innocent, normal, and
natural activities, are at the same time significant contributions to be
made into the vast pool of reality that exists. Simply living your life
under the principles of wanting to honor truth, beauty, and goodness can be
apparently so small or personal and yet if done with the sincerest of
intention, no greater act may be offered as a mortal of the realm. It is not
required that you go about doing profound work but it is your privilege to
make your work profound, to make your actions a tribute to your values and
your values then may influence and flavor the world around you, in fact may
be chosen by others because they have been presented.

So there are very few among you who will rise to the podium of popularity
such as your Martin Luther Kings but there are innumerable ones of you who
will rise to a position of magnitude within your own circles in a very
passive way of rising to this level. This is how it happens, this is how it
naturally evolves. Evolution is never a forced thing. It is a passive choice
made, then chosen, then realized, then promoted, that eventually becomes
reality and then all too soon will stand in need of its own revision with
respect to those individuals involved.

This is how truth may be seen to be so relative as it is ever changing or
being modified as you interpret differently the results based upon those
who are doing the interpreting. The facts themselves may be relatively
stable but as you have witnessed in your discussions, the interpretation of
these facts varies widely and therefore no strict definition of the truth
that may be derived from such facts may be easily had. The truth is
invariably tied to the one who is the observer and what they consider to be
real and truthful in their observation.

This relativeness of the process is what enables you to inject your own
version of this relative truth, offer to others, the world, your perspective
on the same set of circumstance but tinged with your own level of spiritual
awareness; you will come to a different outcome of what you consider to be
the truth of the circumstance. Then your version of truth, your
interpretation of reality may be seen and chosen by others or may be added
to the collective pool, to all the different fragments of truth that are in
this gigantic pool of wisdom.

I hope my reference to your early offerings helps to bring more fully in the
consciousness stream, this idea which is so worthy of individual
consideration. Thank you for the opportunity to join you this morning. It is
always my pleasure and my great privilege to access this sacred environment
that you create and provide for this purpose. This represents my
contribution for today. I am in attendance should there be any questions or
comments. Thank you and farewell.

Michael: [Cathy] Love is indeed the answer to many of the raging conflicts
of our time. It is love that brings the gentle words to turn the point in a
fiery discussion. It is love that opens a listeners heart to the motivation
of a nearby speaker. It is love that makes each one step back from their own
point of view in order for a widening of perspective that enables the
bringing together of diverse ideas. In all things, love is an action, a
verb, a way of lifting all participants into a community of relationship.
Every moment acts as a new opportunity to open both ourselves and others to
the influence of love and righteous action. Every moment is a new
opportunity for a new way of thinking and living together. In this, each one
has many openings for injections of love. The seed of love can be spread
freely and lead to a magnificent harvest. My children, be joyful in the
spreading of this seed. Go forth in joy to bring love to every situation
that you encounter. I am always with you, you only need to ask.

Cathy: I'd like to take just a minute for us to focus sending love to our

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