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Subject: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series 2010-02-11

Teachers: The Voice Within, Monjoronson

T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Henry: Welcome, I am going to present an actual situation which will portray
how one works with the Inner Voice and how this brings us into a sense of
fellowship that is tremendously dynamic. I will begin by explaining that a
couple of years ago I was really fired up. This community I live in is
predominately a fundamentalist conservative Christian community. There is a
representation of just about every Christian sect/church you can imagine in
this little town I live in. I got fired up with this notion of xeroxing all
of the excerpts from the religion papers in the Urantia Book and anonymously
presenting them to those in charge of these churches and see where that
would get me.

In that process I was directed or told by my Inner Voice that I was going to
waste my time and I was not going to get anywhere in actuality in
confronting the Christian community, that I would come under tremendous
rebuke and have a difficult time accessing an inroad to this community. So I
told Father that if I was to work in this Christian community, you're going
to have to present an inroad for me to work and that way I will know I'm
supposed to work within this situation and condition in which I find myself
in this small town.

For the past year and a half I have been taking guitar lessons and my
teacher goes to one of these churches and participates in a grand way,
involving himself in the community. My music teacher is not tremendously
connected into the spirit of what is happening. So in the process of
learning the guitar I meet this gentlemen in a situation in which we are
performing, playing this Christian music and was impressed with this person
because he seemed tremendously real and his manner was extremely pleasant to
the point where it sort of caught my attention. This summer is saw him a
little more playing at a couple of other public events which I attended and
found he was working with my music teacher with this mens group playing
Christian worship music.

I would say hi but never really got to engage with him. About a week and a
half ago he comes into a restaurant which I frequent and sat at my table and
presented a kind of open space and we began to talk. One thing led to
another and I get invited to participate in a mens group service that he is
doing playing music. I attended this mens group at Ponderosa Pizza parlor at
8-am on saturday and there about 40 grown men in work clothes from all
different denominations, with their Bibles. My teacher is there, Bill,
another bass player, myself and we're chatting. We open with a prayer and
then we go into this worship music and then a gentleman comes up from the
back and presents a talk from scripture. He gives an interesting
interpretation about it and I was open to experience it at that level in

Continuing talking with this gentleman we began to see each other on a
regular daily basis and I get invited to attend a Bible study that he
started last monday. A week before he asked me about this I began to sense
that something was beginning to shift. I didn't to know what was to shift
but sensed that I would have to be open to what was happening and felt
pulled into this Christian community. I told Father that this is really
sudden and I'm a little apprehensive about going here. This is tremendously
challenging on one level intellectually, that this may be a really wonderful
thing if I succeed in it but on another, psychological level, I'm
apprehensive about it because of my nature. My nature is very straight
forward, matter of fact, in fact blunt.

Father tells me, all you have to do is gently blow on their embers of truth
until those embers combust and begin to burn away their log of confusion,
their fear, their lethargy, their separation, etc. Those words were
tremendous in being equipped with the proper tool to go in and accomplish a
task or to do a job. In this case I felt like I was being presented a
challenging opportunity to work within the Christian community.

So I went to this Bible study and was given 2 Bibles. One was the
conservative and basic version, the King James version, because that is the
one mostly used in my town and then I was given the most progressive Bible,
the paraphrased Bible, which is sort of written in more modern
understandable language. Going to this class with about 8 gentlemen the next
day, things began to shift not only within me but around me. I'm noticing
things like; spirit is beginning to come through my words and by me backing
off and feeling this clarity that I'm able to distinctly discern spirit
prompts, knowing when to speak and when not to.

This has been playing out for 4-5 days now and I meet every morning with
Kiko and we discuss things. Though he is open minded in a spiritual sense,
God is showing me through spiritual eyes things that I never ever imagined
in the Biblical thing. Part of what I want to share is that I never have
really been attracted to the Biblical interpretation and the Bible itself
even though I have periodically had to deal with it but God began to show me
that unlike the Urantia Book which is a book from the spirit world using a
spiritual perspective, the Bible is a human book and it's a human
progression of human religious and spiritual history that is full of
humanness, the way in which humans perceive the truth and reality. It was
like a paradigm shift for me. So the things that are important in my
presentation are ones that I was quite specific in asking for a situation to
be presented to me and spirit taking a year and a half to bring me into this
situation when all of the right elements were aligned, tremendous
synchronicity in terms of how I perceive.

So I thank you for allowing me to share this. I have anticipations or
expectations about this. I feel completely led and guided and trust 150%
that something will unfold and generate. We are living in times where it is
tremendously important to go a little beyond our differences to work
together. I think we're going to be approaching challenging times where it
will become necessary for people to begin to work together. In my sense of
this I am offering up myself, my time, my experience and my life to work
with the Lord to walk my talk and go the second mile and like God, meet
mankind where mankind is. I cannot expect mankind to step up to where I
might be in my intellect but I can meet man where he is wherever that may
be, wherever I may be guided or led.

So I will turn this over to one whose insight is much greater than mine.
Thank you.

The Voice: [Henry] Greetings, I am the Voice from within. What you have
heard this evening and myself having the honor and privilege through such a
one to enter into the work to which he has undertaken. There are times when
all of you will be challenged to transform within your thinking, the notion
and idea that spirit desires complete cooperation with humans, that they may
be further guided into the inner workings of the divine plan, especially the
divine plans for your world and its people. I truly love all of my children,
I truly wish for all to step up and into the place where I am, that I may
the more surely give them the joy and love which they truly desire in their

God working with man requires mans participation, mans cooperation and mans
steadfast faith and trust to be guided and led. All growth is challenging,
it matters not in what direction the growth takes one but that one
experiences life and growth in oneself. A parent learns more from their
children than they do from each other. Trusting within the human mind,
spirit presence is a tremendous augment and dynamic within the human
personality to begin to discern beyond a shadow of a doubt that what man is
being led to do is real. It possesses meaning and purpose whether you are
presented with your career tasks, your marriage relationship, the rearing of
your children, the working within your community.

Spirit truly desires to lead the way, to create an opening for you, to lead
you into an exercise of greater insight, greater understanding, to have you
access the courage which is within you, to begin to trust other men that
they are also guided in their own way even though they may be extremely
different from the way you are guided. At some point man will begin to
discern a greater way to interact with each other that promotes peace,
patience, security, progress, and success. I do truly desire all good things
for my children.

In times upon you it will become more and more obvious to your inner
guidance to listen more carefully, to speak with caution, to help where it
is needed. Begin to put yourself aside for the greater good of mankind and
for those of you who have more to give others, you will be guided into
situations where you will be challenged to give more, to help more, to begin
to understand the joy in spirit working within the difficult and challenging
arena of the human social relationship which are now evident on your planet,
in your society and your country. The dissemination of truth is a
tremendously subtle practice. The most assured way to demonstrate truth is
through ones own person, the way in which you are yourself. People will know
you from the fruits of the spirit which speak a certain truth.

Like my son, who lived on your planet, was not concerned or overly anxious
whether people got it right or not, He consistently and single-mindedly
showed them acknowledgement, recognition, respect, [and] love. He revealed
the Father in Paradise and He revealed the condition to establishing the
Kingdom of Heaven on earth within the hearts and minds of men and women by
loving one another, by helping with their needs. The human conditions on
your planet have not progressed very much since My Son visited. There is
still no lasting peace on your world, people still don't totally love one
another. There is no greater work anywhere else in the universe in which you
live than on this apostate planet upon which you live.

In my talking to you this evening it is not my intention to berate, preach,
but to share with you a greater understanding of priority and importance of
working with spirit and how spirit works within man and for mankind. As an
Adjuster, it is tremendous to work within one with whom resides recognition
and acknowledgement of spirit, one who is not afraid to directly communicate
with spirit. The opportunities exist for all to begin to define the realm
and scope of your activities, to be led and shown the way in which you can
be of greater service to both spirit and yourself and humanity. The winds of
change are beginning to gather their strength to rearrange your planet.
These days it is important to begin to also gather strength and begin to
change the way you are thinking and acting. Begin to become more focused,
more real. Begin to set an example, begin to live as if God truly lives
within you.

I thank you for the situation to allow me to present these ideas to you. Go
with my love and peace, to your lives, your homes, your family, your
friends, and your community and truly attempt to begin to make a difference.
Begin in the most simplest of tasks, showing forth grace with my love. I
thank you and now step aside that others may come to witness their truth.
Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings, I am in attendance here in this group as
well, I am Monjoronson here to offer an alternate perspective to ad to the
greater understanding. You have just been reminded by a most reliable source
that you are indeed in communion with a great source of understanding,
strength, wisdom, peace, and love for when you are engaged in this pursuit
of commingling with that divine component of yourself, all those
characteristics and aspects may be found, enjoyed, and as has been
suggested, shared to all the others. You have also been reminded that there
will present itself great opportunities for changing and altering the course
of awareness and I would make a gesture this evening to remind each and
every one of you that this sojourning with this divine component of the self
makes one an island of stability when all things seem to shift and as such
an island of stability you become positioned to have a great impact and
effect on the pattern of shift that occurs around you.

I remind you that it takes a very small quantity of yeast to have a great
affect on a loaf of bread. I would remind you that truth is many many times
more powerful than misunderstanding or misinterpretation or even lies. I
would remind you that it takes very little light to change the affect of
darkness and virtually no struggle to overcome it. In ways such as these
images illustrate, you may stand firm as that island of stability knowing
that you have that little bit of yeast to offer, that little bit of light to
shed, that little bit of truth to share. And though it may not seem as a
grand act at the time you are engaged in offering these treasures, I assure
you, the impact, having been offered will be multiplied many times and in
this way you may simply concentrate and focus on taking the small step on
transferring your understanding into action, on transforming your awareness
into action, knowing that the results are certainly God's while the act has
been your pleasure and privilege.

You will not be called upon to do grand and heroic "parting of the seas,"
rather you will be asked to simply shine your light, to be your truth, to
act as a yeast to rise the loaf. These are simple acts, basic acts and acts
that you may perform readily and easily when you are functioning as this
island of stability in connection with the Source of all that is; then will
a small act be multiplied and a small gesture be raised to a grand level.

Thank you very much for allowing this opportunity for the presentation of
these thoughts. They have just been transformed from thoughts now into words
where you have all taken them in. The final step of embracing them and
making these thoughts and words into deeds is your privilege, is your
purpose, is your honor. It is with great gratitude that your Divine Parents
will accept these gestures on your behalf and on theirs. Let it be so and I
observe it is so even now. I now withdraw in humble respect for the
positions you hold, the roles you play, the station that you occupy in this
grand scheme that we both are employed in. Go now in peace and spread this
love and acknowledge this grace and in so doing it becomes real and evident
and a true testimonial to the reality of your spiritual connection. Let us
make this so. Thank you, farewell.

Mark: Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace.

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