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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2009-11-08

Teachers: Michael, Machiventa, Nebadonia, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for this world which is such a
study in contrasts. What a glorious experience this is to witness the
diversity that is possible on such a planet as this. Help us to find you
present in all things that we observe and witness in this life for we know
they would not, could not exist if they did not spring from you, our
Creators. So help us to look for the element that is you within everything
and everyone we see. Help us to be patient and tolerant with those who
believe so differently than we do. We are all just young students trying our
best with the sense that we have but in our uncertainty, let us always lean
heavily on the security we feel in knowing you and approaching you in our
lives. This provides us with our stability, our security and our bearings
with which we can then look out and observe this wonderful garden of
contrasts before us. Thank you.

Michael: Greetings to my beloved children, I am Michael. I welcome the
opportunity to join in your circle of understanding this morning. There have
been many good threads of thought that may be utilized to further
understanding this morning and I will play with a couple of them.

There is this whole idea that has been observed and batted around in your
discussion of the different takes or perception on truth and whether truth
is a relative phenomenon while on this world of contrasts. Certainly from
your perspective I can see when you look out on all the diversity that
surrounds you and come to the conclusion that life was so diverse that it
almost could be random. There almost could be this great element of chance
involved where the 'soup' was being stirred and everything is in play and
therefore there are no real constants in such an environment as this.

I grant you that from your perspective, everything does appear in motion and
unsettled and certainly there is an uncertainty about how it will settle out
and what is the final direction of all this that appears to be swirling
about you. I could not fault any of my children while living on such a world
in such flux as this for truly doubting that anything was constant and
secure and ultimately real as the perception of a mortal of the realm with
such limited time might very well draw such conclusions of all that
transpires around them.

But to those of my children who are spirit born and who have pursued and
therefore earned this additional sense of awareness, they begin to realize
that there are certain underlying principles involved; for instance there is
a 'soup' on the front burner that is being lovingly stirred by a hand from
on high and that the base of this soup is a constant of love, truth, beauty
and goodness. The various additives to this soup are certainly acquired in
the moment of time and space, if you will, much as my example of so long ago
of needing to feed the masses and having at hand but a few loaves and

On a world such as this it is required that you work with what you have at
the time and while you may observe the great many contrasts of all of my
children, you do discern that there are underlying universal truths that may
be found in every divergent point of view and so it is quite true that all
these differences of perception and awareness and conclusion are all pieces
to the gigantic mosaic which is under construction on this world. As you
leave this world and embark on your career through the mansion worlds and
beyond, there becomes more and more a universal acceptance of the basic
principles at play and as a result there exists less and less divergence
from the all encompassing plan underneath the purpose of your ascension
career until having traversed quite a distance down your ascension path
there gets to be a universal acceptance of such basic premises as truth,
beauty, goodness and love and an eagerness to witness how these universal
traits are manifest and made real by the interpretations of the individuals.

So even in this place of beginnings and stark contrasts there are still the
truths, the ones of which I spoke which have not changed and which have
indeed taken root on this world, even taken root in your own lives and these
truths that I spoke of were so many years ago and have been open to such
diverse interpretation since then that they have fragmented out into so many
belief systems. Nevertheless, they are the core truths and they will survive
this test of time and space. Just as importantly as I spoke these truths
these thousands of years ago, it is your turn to speak these truths as you
interpret them in this time for they are still applicable and will remain
applicable for an eternity to come.

So never doubt that these truths and messages will not be lost or overcome
by alternate truths or shadow realities because these core truths and
principles will dominate the experiential awareness of this planet just as
has been the case on so many others. Hold fast to the truths that you
believe and share them with all those who are willing and be unconcerned as
you observe the wide variety of perception and experiences in your brethren.
As you have well stated, there are no accidents in this grand plan and even
those who appear to be afar off from certain understandings are not as far
as you may think. They are within the flock and those who wander too far
astray from the flock, I will go seek them and find them as well.

So fear not that the overall direction of this world is in the direction of
pursuit of these underlying principles. It may take some time for us to come
together under the basic awareness that this is so but that is no concern of
one such as myself for time is only another aspect of the equation which is
at this point beyond your comprehension. So to repeat a phrase offered
earlier, even though things may appear in such stark contrast or even in
turmoil, it is all good, it will be turned to the good and this process of
turning it to the good will be made that much easier if you all who are born
of the spirit will remind yourselves to be in the spirit in every moment
that life is going by you.

This idea of being present is your most powerful tool for navigating all
these contrasts and maintaining your spiritual heading. Simply ask to be
connected and pursue this with intention and it will be so for it is so easy
to let this life go by just as you would watch a movie or read a book,
simple passing by of experience, but when you are engaged with your brothers
and sisters particularly, each moment is a golden moment. Every moment can
be a divine moment if you know and you act as if you know that you are in
liaison with not only the mortal who stands before you but with the evolving
soul of such a child of God.

See every exchange as this divine opportunity for simply sharing. It is not
required that you assume the role of instructor or student or anything in
particular but rather the simple act of sharing, sharing acts of kindness,
sharing acts of significance in your lives, sharing ideals and desires. This
is how reality unfolds, these seemingly insignificant acts may set the stage
and form the pattern for what transpires next. But you all are learning this
universal principle and are doing extraordinary things with activating it.

I just bring these words of encouragement and these gentle reminders to
endorse these thought patterns and promote the ideals that they attempt to
portray. The words thank you, my dear ones, simply fall short of expressing
my gratitude to you for your earnest efforts at your own personal individual
spiritual growth, at your group level of growth where you so dedicatedly
learn and teach each other and as well for your efforts at creating this
arena where your growth and learning may be compounded and multiplied to
include so many of which you have no knowledge of through the use of these
recorded messages. It is truly my honor and privilege to work with you and I
would leave you all with my fond embrace. Be at peace and go with God,

Machiventa: Greetings to you all, I am Machiventa honored to receive such an
invitation once again to address the students. As one who had the
extraordinary experience of incarnating on your world, I can truly relate to
your observation of such diverse points of view when it comes to spiritual
truths and reality. Remember when I provided my service to your world even
before the time of your Master there was such divergence that there was no
common understanding of one God. Truly it seemed then as though the fabric
of knowledge on this world was becoming unravelled and so it was my
privilege and honor to make my personal attempt to bring to this world one
simple basic truth; that there was but One Creator, One Divine Source, One
who was ultimately responsible and that these erroneous depictions of many
gods were but fragmentations of this original truth.

It was an uphill battle because there had been great ideologies built up
around the various gods, mostly arising out of peoples perception of natural
events. After a generation or two of this it was very well fully engrained
in much of the population that this was now truth. There were temples built
and celebrations evolved around what were misconceptions of truth and when I
arrived it seemed a daunting task to try to get out the message that these
trains of thought were inconsistent with the bigger truth.

But, as you will all witness, even the contribution of one who was in the
form of man at the time could, if sincerely devoted to the cause, bring
about some change in the belief system of a people. My efforts did in fact
have enduring qualities and were necessary for the next generation of truth
if you will, the coming of Michael as Jesus, to be built upon. So in your
despair when you look out today on this world with its seemingly endless
diversity of opinion and understanding and awareness, realize it does not
take monumental impact to this world to have lasting change, and that
diversity is inherent in a world where you are gaining experience and the
resulting wisdom by interaction with this diverse environment.

I understand that there may arise concern as to the pace or speed of the
spiritual evolution on a world such as this but the bigger picture would
clearly put your minds at ease when you are able to discern that out on the
playground of first grade there does appear to be chaos quite frequently but
there is a method to the program and surely and certainly the rowdy and
thoughtless immature individuals grow up and become aware and in the end
they finally do get it, get the lessons that life is trying to bring to
them. But in the meantime, they are all over the field in every area to be
imagined, of thought and experience and perspective.

But all of this is part of the grand plan for having actual experiential
awareness of every aspect of mortal material life for those individuals you
would judge to be afar off from your understanding of the truth are
certainly adding and completing this gigantic mosaic that is a gift to the
Supreme. Simply hold fast to your spiritual compass heading and allow that
everyone else is where they should be, doing what they should be doing to
acquire their experience to enlarge their awareness and to change their
perspective as yours is constantly changing with your addition of your
spiritual lessons.

It is all good. It may be misunderstood or misinterpreted or misapplied but
it is all good and to borrow a phrase, "it just keeps getting better." That
is the plan, that is the direction and that is the result of this plan. It
is working and it will get better but even as it is, it is a glorious
miracle to behold. Thank you for hearing my words today. I appreciate
working with you as this project of bringing this world into spiritual
enlightenment moves forward. Farewell.

Nebadonia: [Cathy] I am also with you. This is your Mother. I uphold your
efforts to share perceptions with others you are in relationship with. I am
always available to enhance such encounters between my children. I embrace
you in your journey of growth and transformation. In every contact you make
with another brother or sister, I and my associates reach out to connect you
at deeper levels to enhance your sharing and increase your perceptions of
basic shared truth. In this way we will work together to advance the planet
towards a cohesive universal concept needed in the creation of Light and
LIfe. It is advancing steadily at even this moment where you all may have a
sense of conflict and confusion. All spiritual pressure is increasing
exponentially and bringing the inhabitants of Urantia to an understanding of
the commonalities in all life. It is a far reaching plan that is progressing
satisfactorily. We encourage you to make these sharing contacts at every
opportunity knowing that we are there to aid you. We hold you always in our
loving care. Bless you my children in all your attempts. These baby steps
are rapidly progressing into a larger stride. Soon, we will be learning to
dance to a universal tune.

Cathy: I'd like to take a moment to focus on increasing the spiritual
pressure on our world and the growth of understanding.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greeting my friends, I am Monjoronson. I've been asked
to make a contribution and I am most willing to do so. Having been honored
by the presence of Michael and Machiventa I am humbled to be here with you
now. I am the next one to be provided with this extraordinary opportunity to
bring further change to a beloved world. I would not be here now if I were
not standing on the accomplishments of both Machiventa and Michael and their
dedicated efforts to bring truth to this world.

When I reflect on the challenges that were present when these two selfless
servants arrived on this world, I am humbled that they were so undaunted by
the task. They appeared to eagerly accept the challenge and be about this
business of planting truth, planting the seeds of truth that it may sprout
for generations, even thousands of years to come. Now I am fortunate enough
to arrive on the scene in a whole new age and day on this world. I hear and
witness your present day perspective on the challenges to be overcome and
the many many apparent obstacles before us in overcoming such obstacles and

But I arrive with a different view. I see so much potential before us that
it literally overshadows all obstacles and challenges that present
themselves but I am riding a great wave of spiritual pressure to this world
and I have the directed resources of those who came before me in the
capacity of service. I have the focus of the universe of universes directed
at this cause that I undertake. So knowing all this as I do and being firmly
seated in the conviction that such a project with such a plan and such
resources surely has no chance of failure, I am here eager to roll up my
sleeves and get to work.

I do not mean to belittle your perspective of such change as being of a
magnitude that you cannot fully embrace for you are completely entitled to
your perspective based upon your life experience, but I call you to witness
that even as mortals of the realm you have a certain awareness and
knowingness that there are great things afoot and that you are in your lives
going to witness monumental shifts and changes. So even you have a sense of
security in the outworking of such a vast plan but you lack the individual
experience of how such a grand plan would be realized in your lives and on
this world.

To those concerns I would say, leave all such details to those in charge of
such details, myself, Michael and Machiventa. We are the head staff and
administrators of the how and the where and the when. You are merely the
players on the field who can sense all the swirling that is going on around
you that is creating the soup. Trust that the soup is being stirred by a
divine hand, that the ingredients are of pure truth, beauty and goodness and
that the eventual final recipe will in fact be of divine ministry and
making. Simply play your part. Be ready any moment and every moment to be a
conduit for the love, truth, beauty and goodness as you understand them and
as you have command of these concepts in your own framework.

Other than that it is all good, it is getting better and it is by the grace
of God that you are aware that this is so. Act in your lives as though you
are aware that this is so and become that conduit for flavoring the soup
with your highest concepts of truth, beauty and goodness. This is your
privilege and your honor to do as you are chef assistants as this soup is
created. You are at hand and ready to be of service in the construction of
this recipe. So be ever attentive to the nod from the chef that something
could be added and then be prepared in that moment to add it.

I cherish the opportunity to be in alliance with these great masters and
with you in this process. I truly see myself as having the honor of liaison
and I will hold true to my charge. I am certain we will both grow quite a
bit while involved in this process and such is again, more grace from on
high for us all. My friends, it is my pleasure to address you and draw this
meeting to a close. Know that you are loved and integral as a part in this
evolving plan that is before us and a part of our destiny together. Thank
you and have a good week, farewell.

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