[tmtranscripts] FW: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2009-11-05

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Thu Nov 12 18:03:20 PST 2009

Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2009-11-05

Teachers: The Voice, Monjoronson, Machiventa

T/R: Mark Rogers

Mark: I'd like to welcome the internet crowd. Tonight in the moment here, we
gather under the premise that we are establishing a secure place to
investigate and explore and promote the uncovering and the increasing
awareness of that aspect of ourselves that I have denoted in my experience,
my "Inner Voice" and so as the Voice series we take these every other
thursdays to gather in support of the promotion of this aspect of ourselves.
There was some very limited discussion before this as to a possible
direction for the night and I'm taking the cue that having no direction
other than to be in the moment.

So lets go with that theme. Let's be totally in this moment, not thinking
about anything else, anywhere else, other things on our list, other demands
that people make on us, commitments we've given. All that stuff is out
there, it's all "out there," it's not "in here" in this moment that we're
in. None of that stuff exists in this moment unless we drag it in and bring
it into this moment to occupy this moment. But this moment here, if we
approach it properly, can be completely free, can be unlimited, can be so
full of potential that we can be in a state of amazement about what this
very moment can bring if we'll only relax into it and shed the
preconception, the ideas, the frameworks that we tote around with us
everywhere we go and into every other minute.

But if we can picture ourselves taking those things off like we would take
off a backpack and setting those ideas and notions and theories and knowings
and projections about what we think we know down. If we could see ourselves
as setting all that aside and going for the full experience of this moment.
What then is the potential in this moment?

Sometimes in my mind I picture sitting in a classroom and there are many
blackboards at the front of the classroom and they are all filled up with
the lessons of the day, the things we're supposed to remember and do and be
and I visualize the erasing of all those blackboard up front, the conscious
act of removing all the scribbles and writing and going with the blank slate
because on that blank slate of course, is unlimited potential. Anything can
go up there. So sometimes in my effort to get into "the space" and find the
morsel of the moment I try to put down my backpack as I enter that classroom
and then to see the blackboards free of any preconceived ideas. Then I am in
that state of suspended not knowing of what the next moment brings.

That's when it can happen, at least for me, that's when that crack in the
armor of my life happens and something new can come in to my scope. So I
feel like I have set the stage for this entering of this sacred moment. I
would ask you all to join me in this sacred moment here, forsaking all

Prayer: I would make an open petition to the forces of the universe to once
again work with us as we prepare ourselves to the openness that this moment
can bring; to help us have the capacity to accept what this moment can
bring, what this new experience in our lives can mean to us, to help us
align ourselves with our spiritual compass that keeps us ever facing in your
direction, Divine Parents, awaiting what you will bring into our classroom
of experience. We are eager to know what may get written on the blackboard
today in this moment. We arrive ready and prepared for what you would bring
to us and we are extending in faith and with conviction and certainty that
you are engaged with us in this desire that we have, in this petition that
we offer. Thank you Divine Parents for the moment, for the life, for the
classroom, for the teacher and for the will to learn and be with you in this
process. It is all a gift of your grace. May we accept this gift of grace
with our own humble grace as well. Thank you.

Now I would make vocal petition to 'allow' and encourage my Inner Voice to
come to the forefront and rise to the head of the class at this time. I
would, in as much as is possible, position myself as the student and allow
my vehicle to be used for my Inner Voice to instruct at this time. I believe
that this is possible in this moment by the grace of our Divine Parents. Let
it be so.

The Voice: I accept this invitation offered to be a guest speaker at this
time and I marvel at the ability to create a classroom such as now exists
out of thin air. Truly the principles of creation are being utilized at
times like this when through the simple acts of the thought, the word and
the deed it is done and made real in your experience and in the greater
scope of reality. You may not necessarily grasp at this point in your growth
cycle, the significance of such seemingly simple principles put into play
but I assure you they are the foundation and the building blocks and the
keys to your navigating your way through your ascension career with greater
and greater command over your circumstances.

You are becoming aware of the great affect you have, not only on your
environment and your immediate circumstances, but even on the larger
circumstances of your collective experience as well. Truly this is a key to
be taken up by all of you; this notion that it really is a very simple
thing, a basic process, not encumbered by great mystery or shrouded in
misconception but rather simple basic truths that you all have encountered
in your mortal experience are indeed the basic ingredients and building
blocks and tools to be used as you work through your entire ascension

This process of coming to this realization over a period of time and
approaching this realization through a process of slow steps is the glorious
experience of your mortal career. This gift of grace is designed to bring
you a wealth of experience as you put the pieces of the puzzle together and
construct a basis for your understanding and mastering of the art of living.
One day, after significant time has passed in this process, you will look
back with great fondness over these times when there was a lack of
understanding, a gap in your awareness, some distance that needed to be
traversed before you arrived at a place of more complete awareness for these
are the times that are so filled with potential for you do not know what is
going to transpire next.

Referring back to the preamble offered about appreciation for the moment at
hand; that is what this life is right now, your opportunity to appreciate
this moment in your eternal existence, this one chance for you to be a
mortal of the realm seeking to reconnect with the Creator and going through
a process moment by moment, hour by hour, of discovery where truly each
moment is filled with potential and every hour is a treasured part of this
experience. Your Master said that all who would enter the kingdom should
enter with the attitude of a child. This does not imply an attitude of
childishness but rather the attitude of a child willing to learn who is
fully aware that they do not know all the answers. They are there to learn
them and in this way they embrace every moment as an unknown and as a
potential learning experience.

Those who are born of the spirit are said to be "born again" and be as
children in the eyes of the Father, ready to learn again what it is like to
be a child of God, ready to accept spiritual principles and spiritual ideals
as if they were there to learn them in the classroom. As mortals of the
realm, if you are fortunate enough to have a long life, if may become a real
challenge for you to maintain this sense of youthful exuberance for
learning. The more information that you gather in this life, it is a human
tendency to feel at some point as though you've got it, that no more
information is necessary for you to make your determination and judge your
circumstances but the Master always carries the attitude of the student
within. There is always an eagerness to experience what is around the next
corner or in the next moment with the appreciation (delete-for, insert- and)
the eyes of a child.

And so I applaud this thought pattern of appreciating each and every moment
for all that it has to offer for if you really do prepare yourself for
life's moments then the meanings and values that are present within each and
every experience can lodge in your individual experience and you will find
yourselves coming away each and every day from your life as though you have
just been to school and learned a great many new things. For as much as you
may think at any one given moment of time that you have something figured
out, there is always more information and new and greater insights to be
harvested from the sincere willingness to expand your experiential base.

I am honored to have been requested to be a guest speaker in this classroom
of your making. It demonstrates your intentions to create a space for
learning, a space where you can freely embrace truths as they may be
presented to the very extent that your capacity to embrace them allows you.
The process that has been mentioned before where one can increase their
capacity is in this process of preparation before you enter into the
classroom of life, the preparing yourself by the process of stillness,
prayer, worship, meditation, even the flexing and stretching of the body;
all of these steps make the student keen when the lessons are delivered.

These steps taken in preparation are truly a significant part of the
learning experience. It is much like a college student who does not allow
adequate time for sleep and rest will not have the capacity to assimilate
all that is passed before them, so they will be fatigued and unable to grasp
all that is presented to them. If the student receives adequate rest and
nourishment and exercise they are far better prepared when the lessons are
delivered to assimilate them, embrace them and incorporate them as is the
desire of the learned student.

So it is necessary for the student to take care of themselves so that the
learning may be more successful. It is not all about simply showing up for
class and being prepared to embrace the moment but it is also about showing
up to class rested, prepared and positioned to make the most out of the
learning experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to address you in this fashion today. It is
truly an exercise that pushes the boundaries of perception to new limits but
that is what good students arrive at a place of learning for, to be
challenged and presented and stretched to the limits of their understanding
and awareness. I now step back to allow this classroom of dedicated students
to be accessed by another. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here once again because I like this
whole concept of schooling and learning as you may well know. This idea of
classes and schoolrooms and teachers and students is so well applicable to
all that we do here in these sessions that these analogies work so well
because all of the mortals of this realm are familiar with what it is like
to attend school, be in class, become distracted, become focused, do well,
achieve, falter and receive grades that are less than they desire as a
result of their position relative to the class.

So let's go back and re-examine some of these circumstances from a spiritual
perspective. Most humans have encountered the experience of entering a
classroom and immediately feeling at home. This does not necessarily mean
that they have complete command over the materials offered and presented but
they recognize that their previous instruction, their patterns of thinking
and their ways of navigating the requirements are all familiar to them and
therefore they can immediately discern that they will be compatible with
this class and probably do quite well. After making this determination it is
almost always that they do quite well because they relax into the routine,
they accept the challenges before them, they undertake the steps necessary
and execute the requirements and as expected they receive the rewards of
their efforts and are pleased with the results.

Most mortals also are familiar with the circumstance of entering into the
classroom where the material appears foreign to you. You grow immediately
uncomfortable not recognizing the signs and signals, you are unsure that you
will be able to excel and function in this class and so your trepidation may
arise about your standing within the class and your eventual grade may not
be as you would desire. After having made this determination, you carry with
you into that class every time that you enter, a fear, a doubt, an
unknowingness and these conditions that you bring to class with you each day
make it very difficult for you to objectively gain access to the material
because you may be so concerned that you might not get it that this concern
now is one of your largest obstacles to getting it.

Now it may not be that the materials presented in either of these two
classes are that significantly different in scale or scope but what may be
different and what is worth noticing is what you bring to class in each of
these different cases. In one class you have already judged that you will do
well, it will be a success. The class may even turn joyful and fun for you
because you already see the end result as having been achieved in a capacity
that is acceptable to you. In the class that you don't like or you don't
understand, every day when you arrive there, there is a cloud of gloom that
you bring, the fear of not understanding, of not making the cut or getting
the grade looms over this classroom and true to form, your expectations may
very well be met and your grade may certainly reflect these expectations.

What you bring to class everyday is of paramount importance. If you show up
with a positive attitude, ready to learn and eager to embrace what this
class will bring you then that class will be a success regardless of the
merits of any grades that may be given. It will be a success because you are
there to embrace these new truths and incorporate them into your lives
willingly and wanting this experience. If you show up to class with dread or
fear or doubts and wish you weren't there, only permitting yourself to be
there in body but not really in spirit then that class, no matter what
subject is being presented, no matter what instructor may be at hand, no
matter what is required of you in that course, will not be successful
because you are resisting, you are fearful, doubting and unable to be open
enough to embrace what the class has to offer. Instead you struggle with it
and your struggling fails to produce any adequate results. It was what you
brought to class that made the class a failure, not the material or the
instructor or the time or place but rather the baggage that you brought to

So I would refer back to the preamble given when this classroom was created,
if you could see yourselves as putting down your excess baggage, putting
down and letting go of all unnecessary things for you to be in class at this
time and approach your classroom of life with this same open attitude of
joyful expectation then every class, every experience, everything that comes
before you is transformed not from on high but from within your own being.
You do the transforming by what you bring to class or by what you don't
bring to class. You can transform your entire life experience to be packed
full of meaning and value, of joy and love and peace or you can show up to
class everyday with an attitude of struggling and just simply getting
through, just putting in your time hoping that this is just a pass/fail
course and that you will show up enough to simply pass.

The many values and meanings that are contained in the experience will not
be able to be harvested with an attitude like that. This whole life
experience does not come down to a pass/fail course. You get out of this
experience what you put into it and if you simply bother to show up as you
have here this evening you come away with meaning and value that you could
not have gotten any other way. So take this analogy out into the classroom
of life and remember to show up every day, well rested, prepared with an
attitude of eager acceptance for what life and the classroom of the moment
has to offer you and everyday will be a success, a joyful experience because
you know you are working your way through this glorious gift of learning
called your ascension career.

It's been a pleasure to access this forum here this evening. I have no more
remarks to offer but I would entertain any questions or dialog at this time.

Mark: I remind the listening audience on the phone, you must press *6 to get
back into the forum.

Monjoronson: I will wait to see if there is any response... Having no
response from the students I would offer this forum to another to access
this evening. Thank you for your attention, farewell.

Machiventa: Greetings to all of the students, I am Machiventa Melchizedek.
All this talk of school and classrooms keeps my attention too because I see
this whole planet as one gigantic classroom and I am always keenly
interested in having plenty of material to stimulate the eager students. So
it is that I arrive on scene here today with a few more words of
encouragement for the devoted seekers who attend a classroom such as this.

Try to remember in your daily lives that truly this world is created as one
gigantic experiential arena, a classroom of the largest order. True enough,
this experience gets separated and compartmentalized into various groupings
of age, of country, of gender, of classes of citizens but the entire process
is all one gigantic learning curve. On worlds that are established in the
condition that you know of as Light and Life there is this awareness from
the beginning of existence on such a world that this is so, that this
experience of learning and growing is the universal constant but on a world
such as this I witness that many many mortals of the realm are unaware of
this vast learning potential and merely view their life experiences as a set
of challenges and obstacles to be overcome. Rather than seeing the many
potentials that are brought before them to experience as tools for growth,
they may look at these experiences as bad luck or another indication to them
that life is uncertain, unfair, even cruel.

But to those who are born of the spirit there is an awareness that all that
life brings is part of this grand universal constant of growth and learning
and that the many circumstances before us are the tools necessary to
accomplish such growth. That is what is so thrilling about coming into a
classroom such as this. The feeling of desiring to grow and learn and
achieve is exhilarating and it draws those such as myself to be a part of
any such wave of movement as is present here. You have had many good
ingredients brought into the classroom today to be assembled and explored
and experimented with. Truly these are exciting times where such universal
truths and principles may be so plainly brought forward to those with ears
to hear.

I am in humble gratitude for the grace in this process which allows us to
both be here at this time and to enjoy this moment as special and
significant. Thank you all for this opportunity that you provide and thank
you all for the potential that you are. This whole plan rests on this basic
truth. You are the potential that will be actualized to bring even a wayward
planet such as this into the light. The Father so trusts you and I so trust
you because I see how the Father's grace works and I am convinced beyond a
shadow of a doubt that His goodness, peace and love will prevail. I see it
in each of you, the eager students who are here at their own individual
bidding and I know that this plan of bringing Michael's world into the
stages of settled and developed spiritual awareness are at hand. I am
privileged to join you at this time, at this moment in this planet's history
to make it so together with you. But I am only here to guide and help and
instruct and promote. I do not have boots to put on the ground as you do. I
cannot take the material and mortal steps that need to be taken to make this
truth real in your world. That is your job, your task, your honor, it is
your privilege.

I stand before you in humble recognition of the role that you play in this
process and honor you for stepping up to accept this role and fulfill this
destiny. Thank you Michael for this world and all of your children which are
so beautiful and which have so much potential and who desire to approach you
and to do your will. I am in awe of this miracle as it unfolds. I desire
only to serve in the implementation of your will and I believe that these,
your children, have this desire as well. Together we will work in your name
and for this purpose to succeed in this mission. Let it be so with your
blessing and your grace upon us. And so it will be and so you will be, each

Thank you all for hearing my words this evening. I now will draw this class
to a close. I pray these lessons and words find a home in your beings. Thank
you and farewell.

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