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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2009-09-13/20

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson

T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

There was a short discussion concerning the different perspectives on ego in
some of the newer "revealed texts" including a passage in the Urantia Book
mentioning the "praying ego."

Monjoronson: [Cathy] I am glad to speak about the ego and prayer. As I
mentioned before, the ego is essential to the functioning in the mortal
realm. The problem presents itself when the mortal becomes focused on ego to
the exclusion of guidance by others and the Adjuster. The action of the ego
is important in the intention to initiate prayer and worship. The conflict
exists when the ego overrides the impulse of the personality to proceed to a
higher level of spiritual contact. The one thing you are able to do to
facilitate the move to spiritual action is to spend time in stillness
contacting your Adjuster and the Father. Regular time spent in stillness
with the Father is still the key to enhancing your abilities and increasing
your capacities. Help is always available to you.

Prayer: [Cathy] I'd like to take a minute to send healing thoughts to our
world and light to those dark places in conflict.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am Elyon here with you once again and
in this moment joining with you to send my intention and energy out with you
for the healing of this world and for the illumination in the areas of
darkness. I would like to discuss with you this morning or rather extend the
discussion you have been having on this aspect of apples and oranges. In the
discussion prior to this recorded discussion it was noted that in
observation and interaction with your fellows out there in the real world
you have noticed that there are distinct and different approaches that
individuals utilize in determining their reality and what is truth for them,
what is good to them and even what is beautiful to them.

As has been noted many times before, you are a being of multi-dimensions.
You know most commonly of your triad configurations - of your mind, your
body and your spirit and you are aware that each of these aspects of your
being has a different mode of operation and that these different modes may
support each other but they are not necessarily utilized from time to time
to cross-fertilize each other: that is, many times it is observed that one
of these legs of your stool is relied heavily upon and perhaps overdeveloped
while other of these legs of your tripod do not receive the same attention
or consideration as do the others. In these cases it is fairly easy to
observe that there is an imbalance. Whenever you have legs of varying
lengths and degrees you end up with a lopsided tripod and if this is too
lopsided it is very difficult to stand upright by yourself. Therefore it
should be observed that the most well balanced and well positioned
individuals have some awareness of the three different aspects of their
being and some consideration for the health and welfare of each of these
three aspects in some moderate amounts of balance.

There are those who are drawn to their physical component and find their
most peaceful state to be had while climbing the highest peaks or running
the longest marathon. There are others who find their comfort zone in the
linear thinking described earlier and grow so accustomed to the use of mind
in determining reality that they lean on this aspect so heavily as to
disregard input from any other aspects. Then you may have all observed those
who are so spiritually connected that they seem not to have firm footing in
the "reality" of linear thinking and are referred to as "space cadets" or
"airy" thinkers. These examples all illustrate the emphasis on one of the
three legs of the triad that compose the human ascender in this dimension of
material reality.

Having observed this multi-faceted nature of the human, it would be wise to
broaden your scope of perspective to include not only the necessity of all
three aspects of your being but the value inherent within these aspects.
There are a great many values that may be harvested from the experience of a
material being and a mortal existence. As well there are a great many values
inherent in your process of assembling wisdom through the linear process
that your mind provides for you and as well there are great values to be
harvested by exercising your spiritual component, also referred to as your
"heart" approach to gain the experience which is only attained through this
avenue of your being.

The goal in this life, obviously, is to strike a balance and to reach a
harmony between all three aspects of your being. It is not healthy for you
to forsake your mortal and material complement for it is your temporary
address and necessary for your hand to be played in this game. Likewise it
is not striking a balance to not use the powers of your mind to construct to
the best of your ability, pieces of the puzzle fit together to bring about a
picture for you to utilize as to what reality is.

Likewise you would be greatly shortchanging yourself in this life if you
were to never access that spiritual component of yourself which is able to
know by experience without being encumbered with rationale or proof of any
kind. The combination of these aspects of yourself is what it is to be human
and striking the balance of mind, body, spirit is the greatest attainment a
human can make; to not only realize that there are these different aspects
of self, but to value them and be in awareness of the need for balance and
the growth that may be attained in utilizing all aspects of your being.

In this way I refer to this discussion of apples, oranges and plums, they
are all distinctly different. They are not directly transferrable the one to
the other for they are a different mode but all are fruit and all when
combined together will make a lovely combination and it is never to be
thought that one is of more value than the others, rather they are all
equally valued and cherished for the different dimension that they offer. If
life were all oranges, one would tire easily and be disinclined to eat their
fruit. With the options available, one can enjoy the freshness of
encountering the different types of fruit and appreciating the differences
that they offer.

Realizing that there are these differences, it is perhaps easier to
determine where your fellows are when you are in discussion about life's
basic issues. You may determine that they are a person of linear thought
whose thought construct does not permit or allow for the knowing of spirit.
Likewise you may discern that they are spiritually fixed and do not allow
for honest and sincere thought to cloud their experience of spirit. Then you
will discover that there are those who would rather approach life through
the physical manifestation of life and the opportunities for service as
their best means to approach reality. All of these approaches are valid and
real and purposeful, they all simply are part of the whole and can be
combined by those who have sufficient wisdom to accept that there is truth
and reality and beauty and goodness contained within all these distinctly
different aspects of the human state.

I hope these words have brought some of the strands of this discussion
together and perhaps woven them into a cord of understanding which may cross
the line between this experience in the moment of spiritual awareness and
the truth that the mind may grab and find and hold to as well; thus we have
cross-fertilized two of the components that we have been discussing. I would
point out as well, that your positioning your physical vehicles to be in a
quiet state, one approaching stillness and prayer and worship brings the
third leg of your triangle into a unified purpose. Now you have mind, body
and spirit acting for a common purpose - growth and increased awareness,
expanded capacity and appreciation for your connection to the whole. All of
this brings together the apples, oranges and plums to become a glorious
fruit salad to be enjoyed. Thank you for the opportunity to share these
thoughts, word forms and images with you at this time. I will now allow this
platform for others.

Monjoronson: Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson to pick up the ball and run
a little further down the field with a concept I will refer to as a "rose by
any other name." It was offered in the prior discussion, the observation
that some acts of human desire such as the willingness to worship or even
honor some figure is the same act whether it is done under one religion or
another faith or even a faithless act. When an individual positions
them-self in this attitude of gratitude and worship, they may pray to the
God of their choice, to the politician of their choice, to the leader that
they envision holds authority and sway over the condition they choose to
influence; all of these acts are the same "rose" and they certainly carry
the same fragrance of worship and gratitude. One cannot blame the
kindergartner for being in awe and reverence of his teacher and so there may
be an attitude of great reverence bordering on worship by this kindergartner
for this authority figure and that is not held against the kindergartner
that they see this authority figure as worthy of worship for they are just
observing their world and who is in charge and in turning their thoughts of
gratitude or their petition for consideration towards this individual they
are in fact instigating the same universal pattern and technique as are
those who are highly aware of who they are praying to and worshiping.

As was mentioned, the tribes which believe in their witch doctors have no
less faith and are no less sincere in their intention than are the ones who
are privileged enough to have a personal relationship with their Creator
Father Michael. In fact, these are all the same children, they merely may be
misguided as to who to direct their petition to or their gratitude to. But
this is never held against the individual for not knowing or for partially
knowing. There is great latitude given to all the mortals of the realm to
have plenty of time to discover and embrace who the real authorities are and
what the proper relationship to them might be.

If they are misguided by their tribal leaders or church leaders or
government leaders, then this is not held as a charge against them
individually. They are as the kindergartner who believes what they are told
and who acts accordingly. Some day the kindergartner grows up to determine
that there is a principal, one greater than his teacher. He grows up further
to understand that there are school boards and administrators even greater
than the principal and grows further to determine that there are governments
in charge of the entire educational program who are greater than the
administrators. Likewise at each turn there is this expansion of awareness
which creates greater opportunity for appreciation of grander and grander

So it is with mortals of the realm about this practice they refer to as
religion, this coming together under a common desire to find this
relationship of the part to the whole and define it in terms that their
linear thinking pattern can embrace and in so doing they are dutifully
following and doing as they are told. Many times these clubs, these
religions that they join turn out to be limiting factors in their
experience. They find that their desire to seek and find may outpace the
answers provided in any given context and they may grow to be disillusioned
at being a member of this or that club, organization or religion. But to the
degree that it serves them and brings them the peace of mind that they seek
and the feeling of connection, then they will utilize the construct of
understanding to its maximum benefit. Then many will find themselves growing
beyond a given construct and looking for more answers and more experience
that brings them closer to what they are seeking and they may finally learn
that all they seek may be found individually by themselves and they may be
shocked to find that they are not dependent on a group, an organization, a
set of teachings or a well worn path to get them to where they would like to

But all this is part of the learning process and it is easy to observe there
are individuals positioned at all these stations along the way. They are
there for good reason, there is something where they are that is designed
for them and so they are tarrying at these stations while they glean the
values and the lessons that are inherent at that station. But all of the
entire process is the same process, this process of growth, this journey of
ascension and that journey of ascension may be seen to be a myriad of colors
of the same "rose," all to be enjoyed for what they offer and bring to the
bouquet before you but all are part of the gigantic gardener's plan that has
been thoughtfully and carefully nurtured and placed there to be harvested
when you arrive, to be enjoyed for its fragrance, appreciated for its
beauty, tolerated for its distinction and celebrated for its unique
contribution and yet so many different colors are what makes the garden so
beautiful to behold. Which one is truth? They all are truth. Which one is
beauty? Every single one. Which one is goodness? Each and every one and
altogether they are goodness. In this way we are privileged to stop and
smell the roses at whatever station we may find ourselves.

Thank you for providing this thought stream which I have taken advantage of
in this hour to bring you even more images to contemplate as you experience
the sense and as your mind assembles the truths. It has been a pleasure to
serve up this bouquet this morning. Thank you.

Mark: In this discussion of roses it floods into my mind the third leg of
the triangle. Without our body, we cannot smell the roses, we cannot truly
appreciate the manifestation of truth, beauty and goodness fully and
completely in this life without the beautiful contribution that our vehicle
makes to the equation. I am grateful as I am for the other two legs, for
this leg of the triangle.

Mary: I pause in a prayer for the increase in the capacity for our people to
enjoy the experience of diversity and to increase our insight and
understanding into the beauty and truth that resides in anothers position
and grateful to all of the pieces of the puzzle, all of the personalities in
this group, all of the books that cross each and every one of our paths, the
words in print, in transcripts, how those fertilize our seedbed of thoughts
and ideas and there it fruits to spark our imagination of the meaning and
value of all of these positions. So, just a moment of gratitude and
inspiration and love for the process with all of you.

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