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DATE: September 17, 2009

LOCATION: Light Line

T/R: Diana

TEACHERS: Monjoronson; Unidentified Teacher

TOPICS: A New Tide of Change; Encouragement

Diana: I want to ask everyone, if you are not already there, to go into a place of quiet and stillness. It really would really help me to get focused if everyone would focus and slow down and come together as a circle as a group, in your heart, where the divine resonates within you.

"Mother and Father, You bring us here today to hear the words of wisdom of Your Teachers, those who are bringing new levels of consciousness into our minds and to our planet. Thank You for this opportunity to serve you through our will aligned with Yours. Thank you."

MONJORONSON: I am Monjoronson who speaks. I am here to begin a new tide of understanding, of learning, growth and development. It is with our high hopes that these new efforts of those who are willing to endeavor to serve our Father in his efforts to bring about significant change on your planet, to serve us now in a higher capacity, to serve our father with a higher consciousness, and to begin to understand that there is even more to learn.

We are embracing a tide of change on Urantia. Significant energies are now being circulated to help those of you, those of your brothers and sisters who are open to understanding, forgiveness and tolerance and love, those who are willing to embrace the will of our Father to bring about certain change here on the planet.

There is nothing more important, more significant now than to begin to perceive the light upon the planet. There is so much that all of you can do if you choose to become imbued with the light and love that the Father emanates. This is truly one of the most significant choices that you will make upon your journey to Paradise, for it is certainly not an easy one. Urantia is currently filled with many tides of darkness that seem to swallow your culture, that perhaps even pervade your thinking, or your body perhaps feels the darkness through intention, pain, and suffering.

There are many levels which each of you must learn to commit more strongly for the darkness pervades so deeply, so strongly right now as the light becomes stronger. Your world will reach the beginnings of Light and Life soon. There are many changes occurring currently that lead us to believe that there can be significant changes in the years to come. However, it will only take place with the up-stepping of your consciousness and of your choices to solely follow the will of Our Father.

What I say may seem foreign to you. You may believe that you are already choosing to follow Father's path. However, I am challenging each and every one of you to look deeper. No one is perfect. No one has been able to reach the level of mastery of Jesus upon your world but there are opportunities for growth beyond your imagining. There are opportunities to serve beyond your comprehension, but none of this is possible without an open mind and heart to do the will of God.

It takes great stamina, great faith, trust, and a determination to open yourself to the possibilities of new understanding and new learnings through your own commitment and to being in relationship with your Father fragment and being led through each challenge you are presented with to find your home, your peace, your reservoir of the still waters that Father provides. It is all there for you to relish, to savor, and to enjoy.

Following Father's will is not an act of hardship, no. It is truly a blessing, a blessing which so few are willing to recognize. Only those with a strong determination to get to the bottom of why a particular challenge is now before you and what the divine perspective holds can you truly comprehend the magnificence of Father's true intent. I will pause and allow others to speak.

TEACHER: It is my great pleasure to be here this evening. My name is unimportant. It is not for me to become a standout here, no but it is with a joyful heart that I join you, for it is through my words that I hope to bring you clarity and to give you a boost of hope. Times are tough here, yes; there is no doubt about that. Times can be so arduous, so strenuous; it seems that nothing can be accomplished whatsoever, that even taking out the garbage seems like a trying task, but when you think about all the massive gains that have been bathed upon your planet, how can you be sad, tired, or out of breath.

There is so much to be thankful for and cheerful about that I hope you will find it in your abilities to look toward another viewpoint. If you feel uncomfortable then why is it so? Perhaps by asking your celestial contacts or personal teacher or even addressing our Father Himself can you find the answers within. Perhaps you are lonely and need companionship. Perhaps you are looking for a few more dollars to make your rent, but always is there a higher perspective to glean from.

I know it can be very arduous during your daily lives to think upon the Father and his plan, but truly it is the will of our Father to do so. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to find your true enjoyment in everyday tasks and challenges. He wants you to become more light-filled, more joyful, and more serene, moment to moment as you go about your daily life. And these things that you can accomplish, these are things that are possible here right now upon Urantia.

It is entirely up to you and upon your shoulders to achieve. We can help. Of course, we can assist you, but it is up to you to do the work. You must challenge yourself to think upon challenges with a cheerful eye, with a raised perspective. It is through these challenges that you truly become a social achievement here, for once you become more light-filled then will you emanate this throughout your life -- to your partner, to your community, to your nation, to your planet.

We cannot do this for you, no. Sadly, we can only look on and try and give you cheerful words such as these to help you. But know that you will always have assistance, always have friends. There are those among you who are willing to assist you, even those who are in the flesh right now among you, humans who have determinedly made these changes and are filling your world with light. You will know them by the way you feel around them. You will know them.

Do not be afraid to seek them out for assistance and of course there are always your celestial contacts who are willing to assist you. Just ask. There is always a mountain, a wealth of opportunities that we wish to provide to you, to assist you in making yourself more comfortable, more peaceful, tolerant, and accepting of your place upon Urantia.

I am so glad, so happy to be here with all of you tonight and I hope to come back soon. Good day to you all.

MONJORONSON: I am Monjoronson with you again. I understand that many here have questions for me, but I ask that this evening we may postpone these questions in order to allow our T/R to gain confidence before she is bombarded with your questions. When she is ready, we will have plenty of time for them.

With that, I will conclude for this evening. I hope that these messages have been helpful to you, and I wish to engage all of you now in a prayer.

"Mother and Father, we ask that Your children gathered here this evening will become imbued with Your divine light and carry it with them wherever they travel. They are so young, but yet they are so capable to move in service throughout Your world. Uplift them, move them into a new beginning, a new desire for not only greater self-reflection and self-mastery, but also for greater service, to be out in the community doing Your will. I ask that each individual here tonight receive Your blessing upon them; fill their minds, hearts and bodies with Your peace for they truly are the light in the world. Amen."

MONJORONSON: Thank you. It has truly been my pleasure to be among you all this evening and I hope to return many times again. Be good to one another.

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