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Subject: No. Idaho Team

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, among all the things we have to be grateful for in
this life, this notion of growing a soul brings with it such gratitude. The
enormity and the scope of this project is so vast that we most certainly
cannot comprehend the implications but we can from time to time look back
over our shoulder and appreciate that growth has occurred and distance has
been covered. When we do this it brings us such gratitude for the process,
for the manner in which all this takes place, slowly and effectively. We
welcome you in our efforts to pursue this soul growth, to be with us in this
process, to join us by holding our hand so to speak in this process because
you are well aware that it is our desire to do this and to pursue this goal
of growing our soul. We have trust and faith that you bring us all that we
need to fulfill this desire of our hearts which I believe is the desire of
your heart as well. So help us to make this so, in no hurry with no haste
but rather to help us enjoy the sweetness of this accumulation of soul
growth and help us to share it with you and to present it as our gift to the
First Source and Center as we so devotedly attain and accumulate this
growth. Let it be so. Thank you.

Elyon: Greetings once again, it is your friend Elyon here to be with you to
foster more discussion and subsequent understanding of this whole notion
that you are here to grow that eternal aspect of yourself that we are
referring to as the soul. You all, having lived a mortal life are well aware
of the nature of growth on your world where everything has a beginning point
and from that beginning point which appears almost insignificant at times
there occurs great transformation. The tiny seed may sprout at first just
two leaves to show that it is willing to participate in the whole growth
opportunity and if conditions are right and permit and there is the inherent
desire within to pursue growth, then what begins as a small seedling will
eventually in time turn into the mighty oak tree.

When it is young there is much that can impact the survival of this tree. It
has all the potential to be the great oak but it is contained within the
small seedling and it must necessarily navigate many episodes in its
existence in order to survive the rains, the snows, the hail, the drought
and all other conditions imposed upon it but if there is a certain
determination and a certain condition then you are able even in your short
lifetimes to witness this grand set of transformation that occurs as the
seedling turns into a young tree, season after season, cycle after cycle
gains to it more of itself and becomes more of a tree that was inherent in
the seedling.

After many seasons you grow to witness that the tree is very strong and the
temporary circumstances of life no longer have the impact that they once had
on the little tree. The snows are well held up by the strong branches, the
rains may come and go but the roots run so deep so as not to impact greatly
the great tree. This growing of the self gains more and more to itself until
there is a real and true strength to be found. Likewise do you go about this
very same process of transformation and re-transformation over and over
again. Each season that passes or season that goes by brings to you deeper
roots and stronger limbs and you are able to withstand the storms of life
with more certainty and security.

This life here on this world is but your first example of experiencing these
cycles of growth which may not be all that apparent to you from where you
stand at any moment; the oak tree may not remember being the seedling. It is
only with the benefit of your memory, your pictures, your writings that you
can with any sense of accuracy look back on your growth perhaps side by side
standing next to the oak tree to realize that you both have grown, that you
both have achieved a certain mastery over this life that you have developed
a sturdy base and a strong mechanism in your life for navigating your way
through the temporary storms that pass. You have even become wise enough to
understand that all storms do pass and that you need just stand firm and
allow this to happen.

This is an example of soul growth. You are no longer gripped with fear or
doubt or uncertainty about your existence, your purpose, the circumstances
around your life which may impose an impact upon you because your wisdom
that you have accumulated, your firm base, gives you the strength and the
certainty to withstand these temporal assaults with complete conviction and
security as to your position, your purpose, your role in this ever changing,
ever growing paradigm you find yourself in.

But like the growth of the great tree, time is required for you to reach
this level. It is not possible for the seedling in one season to be the
great tree. Many seasons are required, many experiences are gathered before
you can fully bloom and develop into the potential that is within you even
as you are born a babe in this realm. Unlike the great tree which can be
admired for having stood fast against the many temporal circumstances, your
destiny is different. You are destined to go well beyond the scope of this
material world and take with you this soul that you have grown in this life
only to be replanted into the next life so that it may be grown further and
further. In fact this seedling that is you is eternal and shall be
transplanted innumerable times into new and different environments but it
will never cease to grow. Your internal desire to pursue growth is the
greatest factor in the health and well being of this soul that you are

You have all heard of the condition and seen it in your lives where certain
growing things exhibit what is called a failure to thrive and there appears
to be no will within to go forward and put the effort necessary into growth
and you may attempt to fertilize or nurture or support these cases where you
detect there is a failure to thrive but in the end it is an internal
component which is either present or it is not. The same is true with your
spiritual soul growth. All of you contain a great drive to grow and to
foster this growth that you are seeking, carefully nurturing your seedling
along the way to provide the most conducive environment and characteristics
necessary and so you may be well assured that as you move forward from this
back yard of experience into your next set of experiences and you desire to
transplant your seedling and continue its growth that it will indeed respond
to your efforts and growth will most certainly be part of its future.

If there are any who desire not the ways of spiritual growth, then they will
not have much of a seedling to go with them into the next fertile yard to be
planted and this is entirely within the scope of potential for any
individual to decide for themselves. If they love not the way of spirit and
the way of spiritual growth they are not required to participate. There will
be then this failure to survive and they will be allowed to nurture or not
their individual soul seedling. But all those who desire the way of spirit
and the growth that this way brings, are assured that their seedling will
one day grow into the mighty tree as even now your roots are spreading deep
and your foundations are becoming quite firm and stable.

I hope this metaphor helps to provide some imagery for this topic of soul
growth. As Monjoronson has stated, it is your primary objective in this
life, all else that you do or attempt to do hinges on your success at this
effort for in order to be useful as a seedling or even a young tree, you
must be well nourished, well cared for so that you are strong and can
provide the shade that you would offer as service to others because you have
tended to the needs of the self and fostered this soul growth with

Thank you for the opportunity to join you in this mornings discussion. I bid
you all farewell.

Monjoronson: I would greet you as well, I am Monjoronson here to return
Elyons serve and make my serve to attempt to alleviate any concerns that are
encountered in this process of growing the individual soul. Regarding the
idea I witness in participants from time to time that somehow or another
they may not be engaged properly in this pursuit of soul growth or that they
may be somehow doing it wrong or inappropriately, I would like to dispel
these notions that this process can be done incorrectly for there are
innumerable ways to foster this process and always, every way will be
utilized for the greatest benefit of all.

Some are concerned that they could make a misstep in this journey and
perhaps tangent off away from the main path but I am here to assure you that
all tangent paths lead as well to the destination of your desire. There are
of course well worn paths that may be observed and followed by those
individuals who deem them appropriate and right. There are writings which
may help in this regard, there are teachers which may be very useful in
pointing out the way and in showing the signposts but in the final analysis,
every spiritual seeker must take their own steps in what is in essence their
own direction and on their own path.

Therefore it may be easy for one who has blazed a certain new trail to
wonder if they are on some wild tangent and becoming separated from the way
you are supposed to grow your own soul, in fact these adventurers who go out
and blaze new trails in the direction of spiritual growth are quite
necessary and valuable to expand the options available and harvest new and
unknown experiences and ways in which to accomplish the same goal. As the
Master said when He was with His apostles, "It is not desired that all think
alike or act alike, do alike or be alike, it is preferred that all have
their own unique experiences and all are valid and cherished by the Creator
who has developed all options to be chosen."

So I invite you, especially all of you who may come in contact with this
material, to relieve yourselves of any thoughts that you could somehow do
this journey incorrectly for that is not an option to one who is pursuing
spiritual growth and attaining this soul development. You will all have
different paths, you will all have different rates of traveling down these
paths and all of this is as it should be. Fear not that you can be derailed
or behind or somehow inappropriate if it is your desire to move forward with
your personal ascension career.

No step is a misstep. Every step is an action which brings with it its own
results and rewards and as you have heard the statement: "The journey of a
thousand miles begins with one step." If you simply focus on one step and
then the next step and the step after you will arrive at your destination of
a thousand mile journey but if you consider the entire scope of the project
it may be too much to consider that you could accomplish it or that every
step would be totally well placed. But know that you are destined to arrive
at your "destination of a thousand miles" by simply occupying yourself with
the step of the moment, the step of the hour, the steps taken during the day
and rest in assurance and comfort that all these have been steps in the
right direction, in the desires of your hearts and the longing of your soul.

Be at peace with having taken your step of the moment or your steps of the
day. They are as critical to your journey as any other and necessary to
tomorrows steps. So make every attempt to be not overwhelmed by the scope
and magnitude of all that is before you but simply focus on the moment, the
step, the action, the deed, the thought, the word, all these are what is
critical at the juncture you are in. The rest will have to come as it will
but it will hinge on what you do in this moment, with this next step, with
this next decision. But all will be well, in fact all is well and your
efforts most certainly are rewarded.

So knowing this is the case, every step should be a cause for joy and
celebration because each step is part of this grand journey and so each step
is a certain accomplishment towards your ultimate goal and destination and
each step is absolutely required to bring you to a place where you can take
the next one. These steps happen so slowly that you don't necessarily
realize that distance has been covered until you gaze back over your
shoulder and realize there have been a number of steps taken, many of which
have been with your awareness and many of which have not been, but simply
natural steps for you to take. But all of these steps have brought you to
the place you are now where you can gaze back in appreciation over having
traveled some distance.

And so it is with your spiritual growth throughout your entire ascension
career, it is a gradual morphing and many times you will not realize in the
moment of taking the step that you are making progress and covering ground
until a few more steps have been taken and you can more easily see the
distance between where you were and where you now stand. Trust in the
process and in yourselves as part of the process and let the journey be one
filled with joy because you bring awareness to it and this awareness allows
you to celebrate each step as significant, some as monumental in your desire
to cover the distance.

Thank you all very much for extending this platform to me today. I always
treasure this opportunity that you provide and like you I desire to make
every step count and you bring me such assurance every time we meet as I
witness you embrace these truths and incorporate them into your next few
steps. That is how I know we are covering distance, that is also how you
know we are covering distance. Looking forward to traveling down the trail
with you even further. I now bid you all have a good week and farewell.

Light: Greetings dear friends, I accept the invitation provided to join you
briefly as well, I am Light. I would offer one more set of imagery to
enlighten your discussion. You have an expression on this world when you are
undergoing a circumstance or a trial or tribulation that at some point you
recognize there is a light at the end of the tunnel or the pursuit or the
journey. The recognition that this light is there spurs you on with the
realization that you can accomplish your task or your mission because you
can see the goal and you will eventually make it to the light and see
through the darkness for you can foretaste it in time having glimpsed it at
the end of the tunnel.

Once glimpsed there is the exhilaration of knowing that it is there and that
you can make it as well as the dissolution of doubt and fear and uncertainty
that you are merely grinding away in the dark and uncertain as to how much
further you have to go. To those who are spirit born, they all have a light
at the end of their tunnel, they all can see that they are merely traveling
through this temporary state of darkness and are destined to emerge into the
light of awareness so they have more conviction and more stamina to engage
the process knowing and depending in faith that they are progressing towards
this light at the end.

So it is with all of you. I witness that the struggles of this material
mortal world are becoming less and less oppressive on you because of your
realization that there is a light at the end of your tunnel and it brings
you strength and gives you the conviction to progress forward through the
darkness in certainty that you are making progress even though it may be
very difficult to discern in the darkened tunnel. However you know you are
taking steps because you are applying the action and with intention, taking
step after step and although these steps may be in darkness and you may be
uncertain that they have moved you, you still act in faith that each step is
needed to bring you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

You all witness that as you take these steps you grow closer and closer yet
the distance cannot be measured through the tunnel, it is too dark to see.
You merely focus on the light at the end and eventually, step by step passes
and you are growing closer and closer to emerging in the light. Your
destination draws nearer and nearer with each step and yet if you were to
turn back and look over your shoulder it may be impossible for you to notice
that you have traversed some great distance within this tunnel unless
perchance this tunnel enables you to see light at both ends and then you can
realize that you have left one end and have significantly moved through
towards the other end.

But this whole act of taking the next step and proceeding forward eventually
yields you the results you desire and you emerge from the darkness into the
light. Peering beck into the darkness of the tunnel you realize that you
have just traversed through the darkness of materialism and entered into the
light of spiritual awareness and somehow the darkness does not seem as
frightening, as uncertain and as unknown for you have just traversed it step
by step even though you are unable to fully grasp what it was you were
traversing. Nevertheless you have crossed it of your own accord and by your
own efforts and you have gained the goal of emerging into the light.

I hope this imagery helps you put some perspective into the common phrase,
there is a light at the end of your tunnel. I am always honored to be able
to come among you in this way and demonstrate to you that we are always here
along with you although many steps may seem as though they are taken
completely individually and that you are alone somehow running this race.
You are never truly alone. There are always those who are ever in attention
and even available to participate with you should you so desire.

Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to being with you again. I
leave you now and bid you all have a very productive week in bringing
awareness into all the steps that you are taking and realizing that distance
is being covered by each and everyone in the direction of your hearts
desire. Thank you all and goodbye.

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