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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual Flow Of Energy, The Real Treasure Within The Package, A
Life Situation Is Possible For All, Lifting Burdens With Light.
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Unidentified, Light.

March 22, 2009

* Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Elyon here to join with you in this
effort to be
in awareness. I would follow your lead at this time and follow this thread
that has been
offered of the flow of elements as so well illustrated in your observation
of the rain as
it comes from on high, and as it comes down it touches all things, flows
across and
through all things, cleansing, nourishing, sustaining. As everything
becomes cleansed
and saturated this moisture eventually finds its way back to the source from
which it
came, ending up in your rivers, lakes, and eventually your oceans where it
is reunited
the part with the whole and may begin this cycle again. You have many
indicators of such flow of energy. Your daylight bathes the planet, touches
all things,
is instrumental in evaporating your oceans and turning it back into the
cleansing rain.

You are beginning to understand as spiritual beings that all these different
of energy are constantly following and in flux; they come to you, they
literally pass
through you, and then in so doing they provide you with this cleansing and
nourishment that is so vital to your material existence. Likewise there are
the unseen
elements, the spiritual flow of energy that is not so easily discerned as
watching the
rain fall but nonetheless comes to you, flows through you, and may flow out
from you,
being focused and directed just as the energies of your sunlight have been
into the nourishment of your food. This coupled with the flow of water has
been focused
into your material being and may then be directed out from you as this
energy literally
moves through you.

In this energy exercise that you were just engaged in of projecting your
to a brother, you are the focal lens bringing all this energy which has been
focused for
your very being and directing this focus outward to another. As you know,
the body
itself is constantly flowing and has rivers of its own which are constantly
bringing this
energy to all the different aspects of the vehicle. So there is a great
flow within each
one of you, and in fact there are a number of flows within each one of you.
There are a
number of systems functioning simultaneously within your vehicle and, were
it not for the
flow of vital fluids and the focused energy they contain, your vehicle would
seriously compromised. Such different energy systems, while serving
different specific
purposes, are all nonetheless a microcosm of the overall principle of the
universal flow
of energy.

In this specific case that you refer to one of these systems of energy flow
become compromised and, in reference to your desires to focus your
intentions as
specifically as possible, I offer you this suggestion: Visualize if you
would in your
mind’s eye the network of separate systems within the body: the blood
flowing with its
nourishment and with its antibodies and repairing qualities circulating
throughout, your
lymph system carrying toxins away from the vehicle to the vital cleansing
organs, and as
well there is another system which encompasses your nervous system, and it
continues its
own flow of vital life energies through its fluids. Envision bathing all of
systems in light and seeing the cleansing of each individual system.

This is no dramatically hard pursuit for masters of intention such as
Whether it be the welfare of the many systems on a planet or the welfare of
the many
systems inherent in a specific individual’s vehicle, the principle remains
the same. See
with your mind’s eye balance restored, the flooding of light as you would
intend it and
envision it, the purification of the flow of energy. And see in advance
the health and
healing of your projected intention.

This same principle may be applied to any individual, to every individual,
as well
as much larger points of focus such as countries, peoples, and planets. All
operating under the same basic principles of allowing these life energies to
flow to them
and flow through them as nourishment and sustenance and then even to flow
from them as
intention and purpose.

I thank you all for expressing your intention and desire to focus and once
practice your skills of manifestation and creation. Truly they are
effective, which may
be difficult at times for you to perceive, for these energies that you
project are not
seen as the rain is seen, but know that they are indeed registered and felt
by all the
participants. Thank you for this opportunity to join you in this focused
session. I now
allow for others.

* Monjoronson: I am here as well, I am Monjoronson here to join in the
once again. I would bring a reminder to this equation.

You have been told a number of times that you are much more than your body,
your vehicle, and that this vehicle is more properly seen as your package.
What is seen
from the outside may begin over time to register to you as the reality of
your being, but
in truth you are far more than the packaging that you have come with in this
life, and as
spiritual beings you now have sensed this and have complete conviction of
this truth.
Nevertheless it is easy to be subject to great concern over the condition of
package and to see that it has been damaged. It is of natural concern that
you apply
your intentions to the restoration of this packaging whether that be through
the mode of
worrying about their package or whether that be through the mode of directed
and focused
prayerful intention as we have just witnessed.

I would bring the constant reminder that the real goods within the packaging
never been damaged and that, no matter what may transpire to the exterior
throughout this material life, there is no direct reflection or damage that
results to
the real treasure within the package. But consider that in passing through
this life it
is as though each one of you has been shipped to many locations and that the
box that was
yours to start this journey will undoubtedly sustain some abrasions, some
damage, as a
result of the simple act of moving through this environment in the material

Seldom do you receive a parcel that has traveled to you that is completely
free of
marring or scarring. It is to be expected that in this process of
materially getting
from point A to point B you will be subject to certain stresses. Your
packaging, some
may go through this shipping process rather unscathed and, after having
arrived at your
final destination, may be opened up to free the real treasure within,
feeling perhaps
fortunate that their journey has been relatively smooth as is evidenced by
the condition
of their package. Others having been through more trying circumstances may
find their
package damaged in a number of locations and may suffer from the abuse of
the process to
a greater degree.

But nevertheless the package delivers them to the ultimate destination, and
similarly their tattered package is opened; to great relief the treasure
within is sound
and well, and there is great rejoicing that even though the process of
travel through
your material existence may have been rough, that the packaging was done so
well that the
inner treasure has not been harmed but rather has even benefited from this
journey. Yes, it is true that even the most battered and tattered packaging
serves the
purpose to bring you safely to your destination, and that you are well cared
for in this
is quite evident, for all are handled with care; the one whose package has
been lucky
enough to make the journey relatively unscathed and as well the one who has
been damaged
has had special attention and has been resecured or readdressed as per its

I hope this serves to illustrate where your real treasures are, and this
registers with you that there will be all sorts and conditions that people’s
will be in, and one must not run to judgment as to any harm that has come to
the treasure
within the package, for indeed this treasure is quite secure although the
package will be
discarded when it is of no further use.

Thank you for this opportunity to join you at this time and to throw in my
cents’ worth. Farewell.

* unidentified (Kathy): In the everyday experiences of life are
opportunities to
uplift our world during these turbulent times. As the social and economic
forms on
Urantia evolve and fluctuate you can be sure that all proceeds to the
pattern established
for the transition toward Light and Life.

Many on this world will follow their inner guidance to bring this world to a
position where all will have the support for life necessities. A
sustainable life
situation is possible for all without hardship for any. As materialism
loses its grip on
the minds of the planet’s inhabitants the true plan will come forward to
form a true
brotherhood of man. In this effort you can rely on our continued support.
Although the
surface chaos of present systems may seem overpowering, in truth all is
under divine
control, and all things are proceeding to the good of all.

If you are tempted to focus on fear and change instead focus on your
foundation of
love and trust in our Creator. As was mentioned last week, in all this
situation of
change, it is for you to live confidently as a child of God, bringing the
truth you know
to the world around you. Bring your light to each situation as you find it,
and power
will follow in the direction of your intention.

* Light (Mark): Hello, my friends, I am Light. I would offer a few words
about light
once again.

In consideration of this discussion here today I observe that there is great
for the burden being encountered by a fellow, and this burden appears to be
weighty and
heavy and appears to apply great weight to the situation. It is here that
it may be most
beneficial for you to project light best into the equation, that is, to
project a sense
of lightening this burden, of making it lighter and therefore easier to

When a burden is seen as great it tends to bring with it a great weight of
oppression, and this weight of oppression is what is referred to when you
say there is a
great burden to bear; it is literally seen and felt as a weight. So let us
project that
this load be lightened, that this burden be seen in a different light, that
the weight of
such a burden be lifted. In this way we may utilize our visualization
techniques and
focus our intentions on making this burden lighter and by so doing it will
not be so
oppressive and so weighty to all those involved.

Lean on your awareness and understanding of the flow of energy and of the
perspective on the packaging, and breathe light into the situation such that
you attempt
to lift the oppressive nature of such a burden. This action can then allow
the natural
flow of energies, of healing energies, to better restore balance. To one
who is faced
with an illness it can seem very heavy, the load seeming like an incredible
Perhaps the most useful and beneficial thing you can do would be to lift
some of this
burden from them and to lighten their load so that they can apply their
energies to
health and healing rather than to holding up this heavy burden. Though I
encourage you
to consider focusing your energies not only to bathe them in light but to
visualize their
burdens lightening and becoming not so heavy and oppressive. They will
directly benefit
from your efforts. You must trust that this is so, and then apply
yourselves as if you
know that this is so, and it certainly will be so.

Thank you, my dear ones, for accepting me into your midst and allowing me to
you yet another perspective on light. As well I encourage you to turn this
focus on
yourselves and see your burdens as becoming lightened as well, for no one in
material paradigm is without some oppressive burden that they carry. See
yourselves as
lightening up your load and allowing this leverage of light to ease your
journey as well,
for this is needed by all who are in this material paradigm. Let us be of
light. Thank
you. I wish you all peace. Farewell.

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