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Subject: Lightline Teleconference-Adjuster Series 2008-12-18

Teacher: The Voice, Monjoronson, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we invite you in to join with us as we
try to join with you. We would circle up and gather our intentions together
and unify our purpose to approach you in this time. In so doing many times
we may feel comfortable in approaching you through one of your emmisaries of
light, one of the faithful stewards that you have graced us with and so we
might invoke the name of a teacher or even sacred connection of the Voice
within. In all these attempts, in all these avenues of approach it is you we
seek and it is you we find through each and every avenue. So now once
again--that this is so and that our intentions serve to make this so. Bring
us the grace that you would have us enjoy in whatever form. We will
recognize your influence obtained in all the forms and we will be forever

The Voice: Greetings to all, I now step forward at the invitation of my
partner to take the lead in this moment, in this interaction. There is a
real dichotomy at times such as this and that is this effort is seen to be
so forced and uncomfortable, even unnatural and at the same very moment
exists the reality that this is the most common and natural thing that
happens. So the question is, what changes in this dynamic, why does one
become uncomfortable when asked to access their highest self and act as if
you have in fact done so?

Such an act seems bold and forward, perhaps even egotistical to assume that
one can connect with their higher self and that this connection provides
guidance and direction that may be directed outward but in fact your entire
lives, at least all of your lives that you can remember you have been acting
in partnership with your higher self, you have been reflecting on inspired
messages, you have been feeling this sense of spiritual connection.

You have been relying on these connections all along but you have
established zones of influence and much of the time you function in the zone
where your personality is the prominent player and you react to the subtlety
of these connections and all that happens appears to be just you when in
fact there has always been this partnership and the only difference is the
perspective of your zone of the moment because you have another zone of
comfort which is more connected to your onboard partner and you seldom
consider the option of inviting this partner to play a forward role but they
are there nonetheless.

And so there is this dance and who will lead and most of the time it is you,
your personality who leads the dance and may listen to the whispers of your
partner about the proper steps but you are the one seen to be in the lead.
This is as it should be and by design. You are not designed to be programmed
or told what to do, rather it is part of the plan for you to be the one
doing the choosing and exercising your freewill and expressing your
individual personality.

But the Father has sent you a helper, a dance partner who will always be
ready to let you lead but will also be ready to whisper sweet nothings in
your ear. I hope that you can look at this life that you lead as a dance.
You don't go through it alone, you have a partner at all times and you and
this partner will determine the graciousness with which you will navigate
the dance floor of life.

And so I encourage you to embrace your partner, to welcome this relationship
more fully into your consciousness and then to be about this business of
choosing and creating and manifesting your unique personality. My dear ones,
this life is but a dance, it is short, it is sweet. It does no good to sit
on the sidelines, it will be over all too soon. So embrace your partner, get
out on the dance floor, move about and express yourself. When you are in
motion you can be guided, your partner can help direct your motions but if
you are sitting on the sidelines waiting for life and you are not in motion
and cannot be guided.

As we enter this holiday season try to remember to dance your way through
with joy and happiness and confidence in the relationship you have with your
partner. You have danced with them your whole life, they know your every
move. They are devoted to you as no other so why not accept the chance to
dance? I bid you all a happy years end and I extend my gratitude for your
offering me this opportunity to be with you in this way.

I appreciate your braving the awkwardness and the uncomfortableness to
create this opportunity of chance. As you have just seen my friends, we have
just danced the dance, even now. I am grateful. I now withdraw to allow this
precious opportunity to others who are as well grateful for this chance to

Monjoronson: Greetings this is Monjoronson. As I too am grateful for this
opportunity that you so graciously provide for us to communicate in this
fashion I will make a few comments on this idea of the dance. When you are
preparing to go to the dance, oftentimes you will take great pains and
extend much effort to prepare yourself for the event and this preparation
that you do before you have even left for the dance is likened to your
aligning yourselves to spirit, preparing yourselves to be properly outfitted
for the event.

Then you go to the dance with great expectations of the joy to be had and
the good times before you. So even before you have arrived at the dance you
are creating your reality of enjoying yourselves and having a good time.
Likewise, all the other participants are preparing themselves or aligning
themselves of projecting their intentions of good times to be had by all and
are investing themselves of the effort it takes to transport themselves to a
chosen point to get together for this dance.

And true to form, once everyone is assembled the mood is light, the dance is
joyful because all the participants have prepared themselves for a joyful
event, they have projected before them a joyful event and so what else can
happen but a joyful event. In so doing there have been a collective energy
which was elevated each step of the way, this creation of a joyful event
because it was not just one individual preparing and anticipating and
investing the effort to make it happen but everyone there has likewise gone
through these steps and now there is a collective energy that is overarching
all the participants.

They all have created this energy field as a result of their combined
intentions, their preparations and their actions to make it so. As a result
such a dance, such a meeting of friends, such a gathering as we enjoy here
in this moment it is impressed deeply into the consciousness of all those
who have participated to make it so, they have each one received the rewards
of their efforts and everyone is touched by the magnitude of this individual
and collective effort, all focused, channeled and projected.

And so it has been all these meetings we have had together, we all have come
away touched by the results of our individual efforts to invest ourselves in
forming this group, this energy field together. We all have grown in our
awareness of this connection throughout this process. These are the rewards
of our effort, we have forged these connections and made them real in our

My friends this has been an extraordinary experiment and it is a joy to have
been with you through this entire process. I have gained so much and I trust
you share my sentiments. We have forged a new path and now can be followed
by others. Our efforts here will serve to break down the barriers of what is
proper about relating to your higher self. Each of you may proceed to write
your chapter in the book of what is proper for you in relationship to your
partnership that you have and it is possible, it is not necessarily the goal
but it is possible every once in a while for you to step back and ask your
partner to lead for a few minutes.

Just this basic awareness will change humanity and we have begun this change
here and we will stop at nothing to empower every human who will listen but
they too have a divine partner who they have been dancing with their entire
life and who may be leaned upon when insight is needed or direction is
lacking. Thank you my friends for the role that you each play in blooming
where you are planted and then anchoring the light wherever you are.

These are the opportunities you so willingly accept and embrace and these
are exactly the things which are so vital to the grounding of the spiritual
energy to this world. And while the scope of the project at hand may be seen
as enormous, your individual role, each one are not. You simply try and try
again and each time your attempts will be more and more perfect. I extend my
warm holiday greetings to all and ask you to consider all that goes into the

Be in peace and in joy and in complete conviction that all is well, that you
are cared for and loved beyond your wildest imagination, farewell.

Michael: My dear ones, I am your Brother and I am your Father. I come to you
on this occasion because I can. We are close enough to touch in this way and
so I seize this opportunity to be this close to you so that you might hear
my words and know of my deep affection for you. In this season, many
individuals will cast their eyes to remember the service that I offered this
world and express their gratitude for having done so and I accept all
gestures of gratitude for all that I so willingly have given to all my

I will never fail to hear your call. You are my children in whom I am well
pleased and I desire nothing more than that you know this of a certainty,
that my peace I always bring to you, that my love always is with you, even
surrounds you. I am always touched when you gaze in my direction and
whenever you seek me I am there closer than you can imagine. And so I might
ask of you during this season of the remembrance of me and throughout all
time, I might ask if you would offer to dance with me.

I will be a most willing partner and perhaps this is another avenue we may
use to express our desires to be closer to each other. All this talk of
dancing and partnership prompts me to let you know that I am at the dance
with you always. I am as close to you as your desire to be with me and I
would welcome the opportunity to be invited to dance at any time. But know
that you are with me always, we are not separate and far apart from each

We are family and will always be family and I am grateful to the Father for
the opportunity to have a family with you. Surely we are both in gratitude
for such grace. I will never tire of communicating with you my deep
affection. I am honored to have this opportunity to do so, it is truly a
cherished opportunity. Once again, my love I leave with you, my peace is
upon you and I desire that you dance in joy and with peace and with love
throughout your opportunities to dance. I now withdraw but I never really
leave you, farewell.

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