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Monjoronson - Q&A - Is There Control from Spirit of Transmitters - Whereabouts of Caligastia - Nov 18, 2008 - Audio Session #28

Subject: Monjoronson.com Session #28
T/R: Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mary Rogers
November 18, 2008
Questions Answered This Session

1 - Is There Bodily Control of the Transmitter when Connected to a Teacher?
2 - Where is Caligastia?
Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we invite you into this act of creation that we engage in in this moment and we invite you to participate with us as we align ourselves in this process of seeking and finding. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have this time together and to join together in this pursuit of establishing this connection and growing this awareness. We come together once again to honor our commitment to be here in this process as partners with Monjoronson in this outreach effort that we have established together and now we ask once again with full confidence that we establish this connection that we have developed and bring it into this service arena for the question and answer portion of Monjoronson.com. Thank you in advance for all that we have come to cherish in this process and in this service that we do together.

Monjoronson: Greetings once again, I am Monjoronson here to appreciate your part of the partnership as well. Truly we both volunteer our efforts to undertake a project such as this and truly we both rely on the other one to uphold and support this ideal that is nothing more than a vision made real by our choosing to make it so. And so when we come together under circumstances like this, it is truly a dual effort, material and spiritual, both coming together to bridge the gap and make the connection. And as this connection has now been established, I join you in offering my services as well to this process. Let us be about this service opportunity, thank you.

1 - Is There Bodily Control of the Transmitter when Connected to a Teacher?

Question #1: [Mary] Good evening Monjoronson, the first question tonight is with regard to the T/R process. The question is that if it was the will of the T/R, could you fully control the body of the T/R as you are walking temporarily on earth and communicate? Thank you.

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson, thank you for offering this question. It is a good springboard to use to discuss for a few moments this process that has just been referred to and is now the subject of this question. I will attempt to minimize the amount of mystery surrounding this process that we are using in this moment referred to as the Transmitting/Receiving process. The overall component of this process is a partnership that is engaged in, in this case by myself and a willing partner who has the particular arrangement of willingness and receptivity to allow for such a circuit to be utilized in this process.

As was referred to in the opening prayer offering, this coming together of spirit and material realms is accomplished with the full consent and awareness of both parties. As such, each party in such a partnership brings into the equation their characteristics, their personality, their traits, their levels of awareness, and they bring them to this meeting of partners. Each makes available to the pool of resources what they have to offer and this includes on the mortal side of the equation, the basic understanding and awareness of the material realm and whatever information, facts or understandings, the mortal may possess.

This portal is quite restricted in that the mortal of the realm must have a most basic recognition of the subject matter in discussion and as well must be unattached to their understanding of it enough to allow for the divine overlay of superior pattern. So, in this way the true connection results in the mortal awareness and contribution of spiritual truths and principles, and somewhere in this combination, in this partnership, there is reached a common zone of overlap.

Make no mistake that one who is acting in the capacity of Transmitter/Receiver is not at all absent personally from the equation; rather, we are drawing on their basic awareness and understanding, their vocabulary, and their willingness to be open to that which may not be within their sphere of awareness. The mortal understanding may be used as a springboard to reach a more spiritualized awareness, but it is required that there be a willingness, a partnership between the two in order for this transformation to occur.

This is why any transmitter/receiver will carry with them a signature of personality that will be prevalent in all partnerships that they are present in. Likewise do individuals such as myself or Michael or any of the other celestial personalities whom you may be in contact with, have their own personality signatures which will be present regardless of who the transmitter/receiver partner may be at any time.

This is a point well made because one needs to be discerning of the characteristics of the different energy signatures and grow to identify the personality signatures and distinguish them from the personality signatures of the individual Transmitter/Receivers. I must make it clear that under no circumstances, at any time, does a celestial personality commandeer even a willing partner to override the freewill of any individual. This is simply not within the mandate or parameters of this process.

The material body remains under the jurisdiction of the mortal who is inhabiting that body. They may become altered or transformed as a result of their contact with spirit personalities and as a result they may do things differently or act differently than previously observed but this is in no way as a result of demands made on the mortal by the spiritual partner. Such demands simply do not exist. Your free will reigns supreme throughout the universe and throughout all eternity.

You should know this is sacred and will never be abused in any way when dealing with the higher spiritual personalities. The only time your free will will ever be infringed upon is in this material life if you are unfortunate enough to be under the jurisdiction of others who would take away your free will, your rights as you refer to them, and impose their ways upon you in the mortal realm. That is the only way that your free will may be impinged upon at any time.

It simply cannot happen from a spiritual perspective, because it is well known throughout the spiritual realm that this gift of the Father, this free-will choice is supreme in value and never to be infringed upon by another who is in awareness that this is the case. I hope this serves to clarify somewhat your desire to understand this unique and apparently mysterious process known as Transmitting/Receiving, thank you.

2 - Where is Caligastia?

Question #2: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. The next question is from a person who thanks you for the replies that you give and wants to know where is Caligastia? Is it true that he was executed with Lucifer and Satan in the mid nineteen eighties?

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson and I warmly acknowledge gratitude for our services here to field your questions. I suppose from your perspective it is quite natural for you to be curious about such things although it is a little bit difficult to understand what this has to do with you, the questioner or you, the race of humans at this time, but I will acknowledge that we have undergone a significant shift in our reckoning of time frames on your world and such shifts will reverberate throughout all of this, even the material realm.

Your ancestors lived for thousands of years before the Sovereign Son appeared on your world in great fear of evil spirits or evil forces that were observed to have malicious intentions and appeared to be quite powerful and dominating at times. And so for generations there was in the culture a great fear of spirit as well as a great awe of it. This is part of the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion as defined in your Urantia text.

There was great conflict and great struggle between the forces of good and the forces of darkness and so it is quite natural that there remains in your genetic memory this paradigm of being concerned over the evil forces around you. But I tell you plainly, that since the time of Michael and His sojourn on your world, that era of rebellious spiritual personalities has been adjudicated and there has been merciful reckoning of the many wayward personalities including the likes of Caligastia.

It is as though Michael seized command of the playground of all of His children and removed the renegade bullies from the playground to be reckoned with in the principal's office. So in your generation, in this time, here and now there is a need to re-pattern your genetic code, to reposition yourselves so that you are no longer wary of the dark side of spirit, but rather look to spirit and find the light, find the beauty and the goodness, for that is what your Creator has decided you will find when you find spirit.

And so it is not a thing to be uncertain of or afraid of, but rather a thing to welcome and to seek in your experience. I would offer you encouragement to be unafraid of malevolent influences and be unafraid of the jurisdiction of the likes of Caligastia for all of these malevolent influences have been brought under the jurisdiction of Michael and all things are to be made to serve the purpose of good, of truth, and of beauty.

So in essence, what you ask about is so very far removed from your experience as to be insignificant. There is nothing to be feared or be concerned about when you consider any of these previous personalities. The more one is aligned with the will of the First Source and Center, the more real one becomes. The less aligned with these spiritual truths and the First Source and Center, the less real they become. Those having made choices which take them further and further away from the reality of the First Source and Center, they may at some point, cease to be real and therefore cease to exist.

But even this is not a forceful process of spirit, no extermination or violent act, merely the results of repeated choices taking an individual either closer to or further away from reality. I hope this serves to bring some light to your question.

Mary: Thank you so much for your reply Monjoronson, that is all the questions we have this evening.

Monjoronson: Then I would take this opportunity to once again thank the members of this team, the partners in this project for all coming together to support and uphold this ideal. This very act creates the means for it to happen. It is the intention, it is the desire and the free will choice of those involved which gives life to this process and makes it real. Without these factors this could not transpire, it simply would not be real enough to transpire. But with these factors in place and the willing intentions of the individuals, all the gaps may be bridged and the connection may be made. I hope this truth is self evident.

I now bring a close to this meeting in gratitude for all, thank you.

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