[tmtranscripts] FW: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series 11-06-08

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Fri Nov 7 13:57:30 PST 2008

Subject: Lightline Teleconference-Adjuster Series 11-06-08

Teachers: The Voice, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, please join with us as we marvel of your grace which
surrounds us and brings us all that we have need of in our life's journey
and in our eternal ascension career. We marvel at the many ways you provide
for our growth, our learning, our nurturing, our comfort and our peace. Help
us to accept all that you bring into our equation with the peace and grace
that we are capable of and help us grow, each one, and become masters in our
awareness so that we may work hand in hand with you in this process that you
provide and release struggle in favor of cooperation. Help us to allow that
which is, that which you would provide to us and even more, help us to
partner with you to manifest the goodness that is the result of this
partnership. Let us join with you as we petition you join with us and let us
be as close to one as is possible from where we stand. Thank you Divine
Parents, beyond words, thank you.

The Voice: I would accept the invitation that was created by the grace of
your meeting here at this time to invite me into your presence. I am this
ones inner Voice but as you are coming to understand, I represent all of the
other inner Voices and as well, the whole of which I am a part. I join with
you today in recognition of the accomplishments of the mortal of the realm
and the partnership of such a mortal with his inner Voice because as we have
just witnessed together, this story that was offered was relayed as a purely
personal encounter and experience and yet it was also clearly evident that
there were influences and tendencies that were of divine origin and nature.

And so once again we have been given examples of this combination being.
Surely the steps were taken and the words were spoken by the mortal
counterpart but it was not solely a mortal experience for intertwined in
this experience were tinges of more than mortal awareness. But here is the
potential to misinterpret this situation because of the difficulty in
drawing any line of distinction between where the mortal tendency and
inherent capacity left off and where the divine influence and ideal desires
took over.

Because you see, both are part of the same combination creature, both are
part of you and it is ever a tendency of the mortal to want to clearly
define what is them, as being the lesser of those involved in this
combination and attribute anything above that to their higher component. But
my dear friends, you fail to grasp that you are both. You have your human
tendency, perhaps you see them as faults or frailties but as well you have
your divine inspiration and your desire to pursue divine ideals.

Both are part of your composition but very often you refuse to accept that
this is so, you see your higher aspirations and your loftier inspiration as
separate and apart from what you know so well as your more material and
grounded self. You will come to understand that a story such as you have
just heard illustrates that it is not merely mortal interacting with the
divine, but that the two are in fact intertwined and as one.

But many times you fail to grant yourself such significance or such
authority, even considering this to be blasphemous, after all there is but
one God, there is but one Source of grace and divinity and anyone who has
claims to have connection to this source and speak for this source is
clearly mistaken because they are obviously of mortal origin and quite
clearly cannot be both. This thought pattern is your greatest obstacle to
overcome and it may take more than this life for you to fully embrace the
idea that you are not only able to embrace God as you embrace the part of
God that is within you but you are designed to do so, encouraged to do so
and that this is what this entire ascension career is designed to

And so you are far more comfortable telling the story from the standpoint of
a mortal of the realm, simply one of the common people who something perhaps
extraordinary has happened to when in fact you are one of the common
brothers and sisters who are all connected to divinity, all parts of this
chain of grace and that it is your destiny to embrace this relationship and
become masters of functioning in this capacity.

So take as long as you require, speak of yourself in such terms as long as
you need, even referring yourself in the third person if necessary to
distance yourself from the reality that you are divine beings and that it is
you who functions in this capacity. It is not something thrust upon you or
that happens to you from the outside, it happens to you from the inside. And
so experiences such as this are your assurance and confirmation that this
connection has been made and that this awareness is being attained.

There will come a time where you will look back at these times of
uncertainty and unknowingness and be impressed with how you could have not
known, how you could have been so separate while encountering experiences of
such interconnectedness but this is by design my dear ones because you are
now experiencing the contrast of feeling without, feeling lacking, feeling
distinct and perhaps even undeserving of all the grace.

This contrast is there for you so that when you fully embrace and experience
the feeling of knowing, the feeling of connectedness, the feeling of
certainty it will ring out as such a stark contrast that then and only then
will you have choice, true choice because you will know of a certainty the
degree of contrast. For now, each opportunity that you have to brush against
experiences which make you stop and consider what just happened here, and
who was involved?

These experiences are your beginning to true knowing, they are just waking
you up to the potentials that lie ahead. This is as it should be, a slow and
steady but certain process. There is much to be gained in the experience and
so there is no hurry to arrive at some destination but rather to glean all
that life has to bring to you from such experiences, such skirmishes with
spirit. So for now, these tastes that you get are there to whet your
appetite, are there to make you want more, to make you hungry for all that
is out there for you.

Through your process of wanting more and pursuing more and finding more it
is as though there were a trail of bread crumbs for you to follow, one
little experience, one nourishing encounter at a time. If you persist in
following this trail you will most surely reach your destination of the
banquet which awaits you in this process and all along the way you will have
been provided all that you have needed to sustain you on your journey. In
the meantime, your gratitude for each bread crumb is your most certain
method of pointing yourself in the right direction so that you will indeed
find the next breadcrumb and it will indeed nourish you as you continue in
your pursuits.

It is a joy to be with you throughout your journey and I speak for all of
your inner voices, it is a joy to be with you throughout this journey. Know
that we are in this together, we encounter everything together, there is no
separation of your experience and mine.

There is only one experience- ours, and so it is with great gratitude that I
join you in our experience and share with you this gift from on high, this
grace that bestows both of us here and now to become one and to gather up
all these experiences on the way back to the First Source and Center who has
granted them to us. I now withdraw to allow this sacred space that you
create to be accessed by another. I share your sentiments and I thank you
beyond words, farewell.

Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation as well. Truly
it is marvelous to join you in witnessing the unfolding of the plans of the
First Source and Center as we go about this process of being and doing, of
learning and growing, of serving and of being served. Like you I remain in
humble respect for all the grace that I perceive which abounds around us,
through us, between us and even within us.

It is ever true that maintaining this attitude of gratitude positions us to
be open for the next act of grace and be ever willing to see it as such and
therefore to ride this wave of grace that we see coming and we perpetuate
with our gratitude and our intention to maximize this wave. It is ever true
that the more you look for grace, the more you find it and how is that so?
It is because you are more attuned to see it because it is alway there, it
always is present in the equation, it is merely our perception of it that
varies by degree.

So if we position ourselves more and more to expect grace, to receive grace,
to accept grace and to promote grace, then we begin to realize it is
everywhere and that we are simply tuning ourselves into the frequency of
this grace. The ones who becomes adept at this process are considered
masters because they are not uncertain about this grace, they have enduring
faith that it is so, always, in all times, under all circumstances, grace is

Whether we can see it or whether we are blinded to it by our preconceptions
or our unwillingness to accept it, nevertheless it is present and as you are
coming to understand, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to make a
judgement or assessment as to whether anything that occurs in your lives can
be ruled a good thing or a bad thing because you realize your limited field
of perception is too small for you to make an accurate assessment.

Rather the true master proceeds from the basic awareness that all things are
filled with grace, that grace is present everywhere, all the time, in all
things and therefore must be present in the here and the now of any
situation or circumstance. When one enters into the observation of the
details of any circumstance from this perspective having been tuned in to
the wavelength of grace, it becomes apparent and evident and one can easily
ride the wave.

So you are all becoming masters, day by day, hour by hour you are growing in
your awareness that all things contain grace all the time and you begin to
expect it, see it, look for it and find it. In this way your ordinary life
experiences may be transformed and your very reality may begin to revolve
around this principle of accepting grace and working within the framework of
faith about such grace. So you are mastering this art of living and of
finding the grace everywhere, even of discovering that you can project this
grace because of your faith, out ahead of you and you are discovering it
will be there when you arrive.

Many of you have been involved for quite some time in the pursuit of the
tools and the lessons and the techniques to master this art of living and
you have gained many valuable tools, had many valuable lessons and
accumulated many worthy experiences and all these have provided for you this
foundation of the basic awareness of the grace that abounds and your
connection to it for anything that has been created from the Father,
anything that comes from the First Source and Center cannot be separated
from Him.

So you are connected and you are much closer than you think by virtue of the
fragment of Him that resides within you. So in these ways and as your
experience has shown you, you are connected to your Divine Parents and to
Divinity and you are merely gathering to yourselves the many experiences
that only a mortal of the realm can have while they are still in this early
phase of unknowing and uncertainty.

Many of you are nearing the end of this phase of unknowing and once you have
fully crossed over and have had the necessary experiences to bring you to
this point of crossing over, there will be no more use for such experiences
inherent in the mortal career so I encourage you to stop and smell the
roses, the roses here on Urantia in this life, in this journey, in this set
of experiences that you have been graced with and that you have undertaken
as a soul journeying merrily down the stream.

My it be gentle, may it be easy, may it be peaceful, may you have the chance
to experience the fragrance of all the beautiful flowers and experience the
circumstance of what it is like to live a life in such a material capacity,
for the rest of your ascension career will not be able to provide you with
these unique and cherished experiences. Only now, only here and while you
are in hot pursuit of your spiritual destiny, you should as well enjoy the
ride that you get only here and now.

There will be plenty of other rides, plenty of other experiences that await
you along your trail of breadcrumbs, but for now these are your fertile
grounds for experience and you should sow many seeds and raise many fine
crops as your seasons permit, knowing that this experience is a once in a
universal career experience. Be in good cheer, be of great joy because the
journey you are on is filled with excitement beyond your wildest dream and
though there is uncertainty and unknowingness at this stage of your journey,
these too will be treasured experiences for you as one day they will not be
part of your routine experience.

So even enjoy the uncertainty, enjoy the not knowing because when you know,
there will be no more purpose in this experience, no more value to be

Thank you for you for your diligent attention to these lessons and to my
words. To all who hear these words or to read them, my words of
encouragement are meant for you. Keep following this trail that has been
left for you, keep pursuing and you will certainly arrive at the destination
you so devoutly seek but do not bypass any opportunities or experiences
along the way. Rather take the small detours, the scenic routes and stop to
smell the flowers whenever you can.

These will be retained by you and be your gift to the Supreme. The unique
combination of your experiences and your choices is what you have to give to
the First Source and Center who has provided you with all the options to
choose and experiences to have. Thank you and farewell this evening.

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