[tmtranscripts] FW: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series 2008-09-25

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series 2008-09-25

Teachers: Mark Rogers, The Voice, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers

Mark: I'd like to open with a prayer, but this is one that came across my
desk on the internet today and I'm going to share it because it sounded good
to me and it might sound good to you too. It is called the Lord's prayer, a
translation from Aramaic or some [tradition] but it rings rather true.

Oh cosmic birther of all radiance and vibration, soften the ground of our
being and carve out a space within us where we can abide. Fill us with your
creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruits in accordance with
our desire. Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being
needs to flourish. Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us as we
release others from the entanglements of past mistakes. Do not let us be
seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose but illuminate
the opportunities of the present moment for you are the ground and the
fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment as all is gathered and
made whole once again.

Mark: This is Mark and I'm going to set the tone here with a little aha
moment I had this morning on my meditation hike having to do with the power
of the thought coupled with the act. It came to me regarding the thought,
the word and the deed as a means of creation and manifestation, that what is
really happening in that principle there, that for some reason made its way
into my consciousness, is that we create when these things happen:

1: When we engage in this process of having a creative thought which
originates with us.[The Thought]
2: When there is the interim step we utilize as I just did with this prayer
to invoke these creative thoughts into our presence as words
which then serve to focus our attention. [The Word]
3: When the attention becomes focused we're then poised to add the last
ingredient and that is to act in faith. [The Deed]

When these components line up together we are in fact taking command of our
material realm because we are creating with the thought, we are projecting
with the word and we're manifesting with the deed. It came to me that any of
these ingredients or necessary components are or can be totally impotent if
unaided by any of the other components; that is, a creative thought can
simply stop within and end as a creative thought. Without the act to make it
real it doesn't manifest and become real.

Likewise, words or deeds may be rote and meaningless if they are just
repeated or utilized without creative thought, but by coupling creative
thought and the manifestation of the deed we're engaging the two aspects of
ourselves, our eternal, infinite, creative potential channeled down and
through our material vehicles which them can manifest these ideals which we
have and in so doing we bring spirit into the material realm. We do this of
course all the time without the consciousness that this is precisely what we
are doing but it dawned on me this morning how simple and profound the
statement: first there was the thought, there was the word and then there
was the deed.

We discussed and touched upon this before but somehow it had a new and
deeper resonance with the critical aspect of combining these ingredients to
bring to fruition anything, anything of significance I suppose. I thought I
would share that and now turn right around and do it. So I have expressed to
you all the ideal that we're able to bring this spirit connection even here
and now in this moment, down. I have used words to make this ideal present
in our environment that we may all join in to the ideal and then as we have
become familiar in doing, we will simply add the deed, add the work and act
in faith.

In combining these ingredients, we have all come to have some conviction
that this universal principle is in fact regular and dependable to us. So it
is even now. So now I would make a more detailed, further petition of a
creative idea and that is to open this forum up to celestial personalities
and even to that fragment of Divine Spirit that is attached to me which I
refer to as my inner Voice. Once again, having had the thought, having
spoken the word I now step forward to manifest the deed.

The Voice: And so it is and so it shall be, as a direct result of your
command over this universe principle. I am here, this ones Voice, to offer
you assurance that indeed this thought pattern is on the right track. You
may put it to the test yourselves, anytime, every time and you will discover
that it is universally true and that you are the originators of this
creative potential. It begins with you and can be enhanced from on high, can
be inspired from other sources, can be projected out as a vision or an ideal
or even a dream and having been birthed as this original thought or idea it
can be accepted, fostered, nurtured, and presented to others and if there is
as well the final act of action to bring to completion this cycle of
manifestation, then this universal principle that has been stated most
certainly will hold true and the manifestation of thought and word through
action will be made real in your experience.

This principle and this dynamic are just now being discovered by the family
of man although this principle has been in play always, most of the time it
was accessed by accident or incident but without much awareness or command
over the causes and effects of such a principle. You who have been studying
these concepts are gaining more and more command over your abilities to take
this principle and use it thereby demonstrating your command over your
awareness of this principle.

So having come to this point of awareness about how to manifest in your
world, one should make every attempt to choose wisely those things that you
would see as part of your manifestation or have as part of your future for
this principle knows no limitation and will bring to you that which you
don't want as easily and readily as that which you think that you do want.
There is where it is important to have command over your mind and its
tendency to follow erroneous thought patterns as easily as divine and
inspired ones.

But this experience of a mortal of the realm is designed to bring you the
awareness of this contrast. You have this wonderful mind which you may
utilize to form thoughts, to focus intentions and to direct deeds. So what
will you ask this accomplished mind of yours to do? Will it be always to
choose your highest and best ideas, to foster and create and nurture and
support or will you allow erroneous thought patterns to take you in
alternate directions and to bring you things that you did not intend to
create in your experience but you gave the same energy and intention to them

One of your greatest challenges as mortals in this dimension is certainly to
harness the power that is your mind. You can suffer greatly at the hand of
where your mind would take you which may act as a distraction to where your
higher self would choose to go but you will be continually confronted with
these contrasts so that you may be given repeated opportunities to choose
and by repeatedly exercising your choice in any given direction, you
reinforce this line of thought, this chain of thought pattern and it becomes
easier and easier to revisit that and reconstruct it and bring it back into
your experience.

So I encourage you to choose well which thought patterns you will reenforce
and revisit. Are they helpful to you, are they your highest choice, are they
simply habit, routine or distraction? It is good and well that you are
learning of the power and potential of this universal principle of
manifestation and as well it is good and well that you are learning of the
significance of the direction of this manifestation and that is controlled
by the choosing and the application of your mind.

It is greatly encouraging to see thought patterns such as these elevated
into your levels of awareness for they may be fostered, encouraged and
revisited as well. It is true, the more they are encouraged and revisited,
the stronger they become and the easier it is to identify with them. They
can literally crowd out the lesser thoughts and this is your key to changing
your internal environment. Choose your highest thoughts and there is little
or no room left for the material distractions, your negative thoughts, your
doubts or your fears.

Simply choose truth, beauty and goodness, love and light and all of the
negative counterparts to those things have no more room to exist. I know
this sounds simple but I am aware of life in the trenches as a mortal on
Urantia and I know that it may take an entire life of conditioning and
trying and trying again before you are successful at mastering this servant
of yours, this mind. Many times it may appear as though the roles are
reversed and you have little to say about what your mind is doing to you,
but I assure you, your mind is your servant, it is your tool, it is a
component of your greater self and it can be brought under your jurisdiction
and be made to serve your wishes every time and each time.

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to be given this unique
opportunity and this opportunity exists as a direct result of your powerful
co-creative potentials. And so even in this hour we see once again the truth
of this universal principle and we in these discussions seek ways to gain
even more mastery over our interface with these universe principles. And so
it is and so it shall be, ask and you shall receive. Another universal
principle which we are seeing manifested right here, right now once again.

Thank you for granting me this opportunity and for granting yourselves this
opportunity as well. It is an answer to your petition or as others would
say, an answer to your prayers. I take my leave now to allow room for others
in this forum, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings once again, I am Monjoronson here to foster this
ideal, to promote this concept and with you, to act to bring about its
manifestation. Certainly we join together in this process of creating this
portal between us else it would not be so, so I work with you to activate
this universe principle that has been discussed and bring about this
manifestation of the moment.

I understand there was a question offered about the significance of the
family of man growing to the point of awareness about their cosmic
relationship to others who are "off world" from Urantia. It was stated that
most of mankind is ignorant of this truth and there have been predictions
that soon the veil will be lifted and it will be an incontrovertible
observation that the family of man in fact does not reside alone in the
universe. To those of you who have been engaged in these spiritual pursuits
for some time, you have entertained these thought patterns before and
somewhere within your own selves you have a feeling that you are not alone,
that such a grand set of Divine Parents probably did not create simply you
and this family and man throughout all the vast starry universes.

This feeling of being a part of something larger is certainly a valid one.
You also may be aware if you have studied history on your world that there
have been numerous civilizations and individuals who have reported being
contacted by "off world" beings and have claimed interactions with them and
an expansion of their awareness as a result of having had these encounters.

In fact these encounters have been going on on this planet for a very long
time but we have never been in the age of mass media until now and these
stories of encounters have echoed through the collective consciousness of
mankind but have been suppressed and ignored because of the implications of
such contact, because after it becomes part of your normal reality that you
are in fact not only citizens of your continent, your country, your earth,
but citizens of the cosmos as well, having other parts of your family
existing in other parts of the universe created by the same Divine Parents,
[that] you are all part of the same family but you, having been isolated
here on this world have not properly been educated that this is so. But
whether or not you are aware of this reality has no bearing on the fact of
this reality.

Just because you do not understand the nature and layout of the vast cosmos
has no bearing on the nature and reality of the vast cosmos. And so it is
that you are now going to be exposed in a way that cannot be covered up,
denied or misconstrued that indeed there are others from off your world who
will arrive to make their presence known. It is not as though they have not
existed until now but your consciousness and awareness has not been
sufficient to allow for their existence until now. But the time has come as
part of this Magisterial Mission for the veil to be lifted and for you to
see in plain sight, clearly that there are material brothers and sisters who
simply reside in other places of this universe but are nonetheless children
of the First Source and Center as you are and in this way, your cosmic
brothers and sisters.

In a way, this is like your current family discovering that they have
relatives they didn't know in another country, on another continent. It's
not that they weren't there and they weren't part of the family, it was
simply that they may have been unknown until this point. But I assure you,
very shortly there will be no room for doubt because this is part of the
creation of this new circuitry which allows for this communication, which
allows for this awareness and permits many many who have volunteered to be
of service to your world because they already are aware that you are their
brothers and sisters.

They would offer to serve to bring you out of this unawareness and bring you
into the fold of the greater family. No longer will you see yourselves as
divided by borders, nations, currencies, leaders, where you will be earthly
citizens now in relationship to a greater cosmic family and this quantum
leap in your awareness is what is currently to transpire. I speak plainly
and with authority about this as a direct result of your seeking and as a
response to your finding for you have formulated these thoughts, you have
commanded your mind to go down this thought pattern, you are sincere in your
desires to know, you put forth your inquiry with intention and sincerity and
then you can expect that the principle will be enacted and you will be
brought an answer to your petition, you will find that which you seek.

It may not be as you envision or expect or would like but there is always a
response to your petition. I encourage you all, when these events begin to
occur to be islands of stability to all those around you who will not
understand that this is the coming together of the greater family. They will
be shaken when the veil is lifted and they see that they are literally
surrounded by volunteers, friends, family. I encourage you each one to stand
firm in your awareness that these are as you are, children of the same First
Source and Center, seekers and finders, peace loving individuals as
yourselves whose only desire is to act in service on your behalf and on
behalf of all the family of man who have been so isolated as to not know
their connection to the greater family.

So to the degree that it is possible, bring joy to this equation, bring
gratitude and thanks for indeed the cavalry is riding over the hill. They
come to lift you up, to remind you of the great co-creative beings that you
are, to demonstrate that there is a vast universe to which you are connected
and to manifest their ideals of service to bring you this awareness. To that
end I would invite you to join me in an expression of gratitude for all that

Divine Parents, First Source and Center, we are so very grateful for the
many many ways that you provide for all of us, that you bring all that we
need to this life in so many ways that we marvel at all the different
techniques and approaches and styles that are part of this endowment of your
grace. Let us receive them with joy and with peace and with love for they
are your gifts to us, each one. Let us see them as such and embrace them as
having been gifted to us by you. You bring so much help from outside and as
well you furnish help from the inside so that we are not only surrounded by
your grace without, we are nourished by your grace from within.

Let us relax into your peace and embrace this grace. Help us to be creative
in our manifestations and to choose wisely in our projections and in
everything we do, may it be pleasing in your sight, this represents our
greatest petition. We are certain that you hear this petition and will help
us in every way possible to manifest this. Thank you for these thoughts,
these words and these deeds in this hour and in the hours to come. May we
follow your lead and embrace your inspiration and make it so even as we
manifest in the material plane. Thank you for all we receive, we would offer
in return our intention to follow you and to be pleasing in your sight in
all that we would do. This is ours to give and we offer it freely, please
accept it as we would accept your grace. Let is be so.

I see we have been served much at this banquet this evening and there is
much on our plates that we must digest and I will take my leave at this time
to allow for this to settle in and nourish every cell of your being. Thank
you for furnishing this forum and this opportunity we have shared in this
moment. I cherish it and I perceive you do as well. Let us now bask in the
glow of our intentions having become real in this moment, farewell.

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