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Prayer: Please join me in a centering prayer if it is your desire as well.
Divine Parents, once again we return to the well. We come back to have our
cups filled with truth, with beauty, with goodness so that we may drink to
the full of this experience. We appreciate the efforts to bring us the
emmisaries of light, yourselves, Monjoronson, Light, the others who have
volunteered so generously to assist us in this process of upliftment. May we
arrive at this place with a cup ready to be filled, with a willingness to
receive into our cup and with an intention to take it in and embrace that
which you would serve us in this process. We ask that you join us, that you
too drink of this cup with us and be with us in this moment, in this hour as
we circle up together and then remain with us close enough that we can feel
your presence in our lives. We come before you this evening and we would ask
Monjoronson, Light or any other celestial personality who would wish to
address these questions. We are certain you hear our petitions, please help
us be certain in positioning ourselves to receive your responses. Let it be
so, let us make it so together even now.

Michael: Greetings my dear ones, it is I, your Father, your Brother and even
your friend to address you. I am aware that there was a question offered as
to the differentiation between my presence with you in this forum we both
enjoy in this moment and my presence within you as the Spirit of Truth that
I have bestowed upon you and I will endeavor to make such a distinction. My
Spirit of Truth which is a free gift to all sentient beings who are involved
in the ascension career is freely broadcast out to all, even I might add, to
those who are not with us on this world but who reside on other of my worlds
as well.

This Spirit of Truth or affirmation is my desire that you each and every one
has a means whereby you can receive my affirmation directly and internally
unencumbered by translation, time or space, and so I bestow this Spirit of
Truth upon you each one that you may have within you a means to validate and
check up on the relative truth of all that you interpret in your external
world. If you will practice stillness you will find Me there awaiting your
gaze and seeking your attention and in this place that we will share
together, I will bring you the affirmation of the convictions of your heart
and if there arises inconsistencies or incongruities in your interpretations
of external or even internal factors, I may as well provide you with
inspiration and bring you perhaps a different perspective to see the
equation from.

This I do individually and directly so as to avoid all other avenues of
approach. Their need not be any third party involved in this circuitry, you
need not ask another or rely upon anothers connection but rather simply look
to develop the one which I assure you we have. This stands in contrast to
what you are observing in this moment. In this moment I have developed a
partnership with an individual whose skills provide Me with the means
whereby we may establish this rather crude connection; that is, there are
many factors involved in this connection and working in partnership always
means compromise but I am eager to engage in such partnerships because life
necessitates relationship and partnership and I will gladly accept the
limitations of my partners at any time if they will choose to willingly
engage with me in such a partnership.

But you well know that anything that is of human nature or of human source
is by its very definition limited, and so since I utilize this human in this
moment as my partner, I gratefully accept the limitations inherent in this
partnership for the chance to have this partnership and for the chance to
reach to you in such a way, limited as it is. We must be content to work
within the parameters we have at any given time and we must be willing to
use whatever means are at our disposal to make this connection but recall, I
have said I can bring you the needed affirmation internally to discern the
appropriateness of any given interaction for you as an individual. So while
a technique such as we use in this moment may be employed, there is as well
the back up safety, if you will, of my Spirit of Truth to verify the
authenticity of any given message.

So in this way we enjoy two distinct avenues of approach, one intimate and
internal, and one external and laden with the human element but you are
certainly wise enough to discern that this element is present and to take
that into consideration as we do the best that we can to establish this
spiritual/mortal liaison. It was said that I have the ability to be
everywhere and anywhere, even all at once and most certainly I heard your
petition and was drawn to your sincere quest for understanding and I will
always respond to your sincere request for interface, for understanding, for
a simple sharing between us.

If you originate this request you can be most certain that I will receive
your message and as I have promised many times before, I will respond. When
you knock I shall open the door, when you seek I shall be there to help you
find. Do not hesitate to seek, do not hesitate to knock, do not hesitate to
call on me for there are no illegitimate reasons for such actions. Thank you
for your thought pattern which provided me the opportunity to interface with
you even now.

I will stick around with you and we will talk about other issues I heard you
mention. There was the question about the relationship of healing and
healers and we will discuss this for a moment. As you all know you have
witnessed in your lives, certain individuals have raised their relative
skill level and awareness levels to a point where they command some control
over the various energy circuits which are part of your overall combined
being to the degree that they are able to exercise some influence over

You have health practitioners of all sorts who specialize in this energy
circuit or that energy field or in your medical profession who specialize in
causes and effects and symptoms and diagnosis. It is quite true that there
are individuals [who] with earnest application become known as healers
because they have enough mastery over enough of the involved energies to be
able to manipulate certain energy patterns and fields and restore to an
individual a sense of balance and wellness. But you also know that no one
can be healed against their will and likewise, for those who have enormous
faith, they can be healed of almost anything.

So when you observe the influence that the individual has over the equation
you must come to reconcile that they are as much an active participant in
the equation as is any external force or healer. So therefore you are
growing in realization to embrace the reality that there are a number of
different levels of involvement going on by perhaps different individuals
and this combination of influences tends to show up for you in either a
healing that is successful of not based upon your perception of it. You are
indeed growing in your awareness that this is a complicated equation because
of the number of factors involved and that the primary factor of all, the
free will choice of the individual seeking healing, reigns supreme
throughout the entire equation.

You are severely limited in the scope of your perception when you make
judgements as to whether healing was successful or not based upon your
limited perception of the results of these efforts for there are bigger and
bigger pictures to see this equation through and greater and greater
perspectives to be used to witness the many many factors at play and what
you might perceive from the outside as a less than successful result for
your efforts at attempting healing may in fact be exactly what the universe
has ordered to accomplish a greater healing that you are unable to perceive.

To you it may appear as though the entire program is contained in the simple
operation of relative wellness of the individual but as you migrate up the
ladder of perspective you can discern that many of the factors at play are
not discernible in the time/space realm that you inhabit and so what you
would pray for or hope for may in fact not be what is needed or what is in
the best interest of the individual. But it does not hurt you to pray and
hope and try to the best of your awareness level but in the end the only
real prayer of significance is not one of the details of any given case but
of the overall will of the divine being implemented.

So you would do well in your efforts to counsel others and to engage in
healing petitions to simply petition for divine will to take over and bring
the necessary aspects to the equation because frankly, from your
perspective, it is not possible for you to see what those might be. But your
very act of engaging in this process is a potent force for change, albeit
you may not appreciate the change at any given time but time and greater
perspective will provide you with the ability to look back in hindsight and
see that in fact all exercises that are extensions of faith, such as these,
meet with certain success even if that success is not apparent to you in any
given moment.

As to this notion that mankind seems to hold on to that they need those
others who are deemed healers to assist them in this process, great progress
needs to be made in these realms to free individuals from these bonds of
thinking and allow them to embrace that they are self contained when it
comes to the same connections to spirit and healing forces as are others who
they deem to be healers. In this way mankind certainly does need to take
more responsibility for their own welfare and well being. It is not healthy
to always assume that you need anothers assistance to be made right. But in
so far as this is helpful, it can be utilized, as imperfect a process as it
is but it is strictly not necessary from the higher perspective that I offer
you now.

I thank you for your consideration of these matters. I am able to witness
the unfolding of your awareness as the petals of the flower greet the sun
and it is truly a joy to witness this as you have sprung up from the fertile
soil of time and space and are now in the process of unfolding yourselves
into this dimension in full glory. I would conclude my remarks there but I
cherish these opportunities to be with you in whichever fashion we may
utilize. Know that I am there with you always, awaiting your glance and your
gaze in my direction. I am as well, within you to be consulted as this
Spirit of Truth that you refer to and in so many ways I look for these
avenues of approach between us and when you look as well we may find them
together and utilize them. So continue to knock and I shall continue to open
the door, farewell.

Monjoronson: I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson. Like you I enjoy basking
in the glow of the Creator Son. Truly we are all blessed to be basking in
each others glow of spirit and peace and love together. I would accept this
invitation to join you this evening and I would bring forward another
question or petition for further discussion on the influence of time and the
material experience and in perhaps an unusual turn of events I will ask my
partner, my mortal associate at this time to step forward and share some
personal observations that were made as a result of a previous discussion on
this interface of the mortal time/space continuum.

Mark: Okay, this is Mark. I accept the invitation as well. I recognize that
I am a partner in this process and so I assume my role as such now and step
forward. I was struck with Monjoronson's analogy of the time capsule and how
the individual within the time capsule can project with his time capsule in
the direction of their choosing and wherever they get out or stop on their
individual time line they arrive there and that location where they are,
where their consciousness is, is in fact where they are.

I went through some mental exercises trying to reconcile this truth and was
afforded a series of experiences in which for instance; in consideration of
this aspect of where I was in relationship to myself, my physical vehicle, I
was at once triggered into a memory thought pattern, an experience I had
with a neighbor some years ago and I my experience was so vivid and real
that all of a sudden I found myself being jarred or snapped back into my
physical being and realizing that I had not been present where my body was.
I had not been there observing, I was in fact in the past, I was in fact
observing a past experience and my consciousness was fully there in
observation of that experience.

I was in fact reliving that and when I was suddenly catapulted back into my
body it was a jarring experience to realize that I had not been there, I had
been someplace else. I had another experience where Mary and I had hiked out
to a nice outcropping. We had a wonderful meditation sitting side by side
and in this experience I was so into a meditative experience and state that
I was completely unaware that a small plane had flown directly overhead and
any other time I would have been interrupted, perhaps annoyed by the
disturbance of the force.

Mary sitting next to me realized this had happened and, she had one
experience. When I came out of this meditation she informed me that this
plane had flown right over us and I had not heard a thing, I wasn't there, I
was gone. It was again a jarring experience to realize that I had been
somewhere. I think we all have had this experience, we call it spacing out
or projecting perhaps into the future or and event which may or may not
happen but we have lived it, gone there and been observers which may have
been in the past, maybe in the future but that is where we were, where our
consciousness was, not where our body happened to be in that moment.

This opened up a whole area where I thought, now I'm starting to get it. We
can project ourselves either way on our time line and as long as that is the
focus of our consciousness then literally we are there. We have transcended
time in this way to be there and we all know this when we go backwards in
time and we are encapsulated in a memory that it seems to be so real, it
seems to be right there just like it was when in fact when we come back to
our present location we realize that was a memory of a past event that has
already happened yet somehow or other we were there.

So I share these observations and I welcome Monjoronson's interpretation or
any comments he might make to these observations.

Monjoronson: Thank you for accepting my invitation and so graciously
providing of your personal intimate introspections about your growing
awareness of your interface with time. There was purpose in my asking you to
come forward and share. You are involved in the human thought pattern stream
and so where your mind goes is part of the material realm. That is why it is
a potent force when you between you and among you share your individual
thought patterns because they are of your realm, your dimension in time and
space and materialism.

They are easily adopted and accessed by others who are in your realm and are
utilizing the mortal thought stream as you are. These observations are well
substantiated by all who can recognize the truth of these statements, of
having feeling of being out of the office as it were, being away from your
physical homeroom and out and about either in dreams, in fantasies, in
memories and in projections of your desire such as prayer or the casting
forward of your intentions. When you are engaged in these activities it is
quite literally true that you are flirting with the time continuum.

Certainly your vehicle, your homeroom, your body is firmly established to
the material realm and its condition of time but you are understanding more
and more that there is an aspect of you which may travel abroad if you will,
and indulge in revisiting memories which may indulge in wishful thinking and
planning for the future, which may engage as well in the attempt to bring
all these conditions into the present moment. It is an act of your intention
and will to choose where your consciousness is at any given moment and so
you may be fully present in this moment and in the next moment you may be
somewhere else.

In your prayers you may be somewhere else, in the visualization of your
desires for the future you are there and in your revisiting the events of
your past experiences you can project yourself there as well. So you are as
one who has access to a time capsule of sorts. This time capsule is your
consciousness which is able to climb aboard and choose another spot on your
timeline to emerge and experience. This is why it is so significant for you
to master your manifesting potential of intention because you can literally
create what you will encounter by going there first with an act of your
intention and paving the way so that when time catches up with you you have
already seen the future, in fact, created the future.

So, if you are powerful enough to create your future and to influence your
timeline, what will you choose? Will your choices reflect your highest
ideals and your grandest hopes and visions of the future or will you engage
in condemning your future to a less than desirable state? This is the
significance of your choice for whatever you do choose will be as the seeds
of your intention that you project out and sow before you so that when you
get there they will be in flower and in bloom. So choose well the seeds you
will sow in your future and resist in engaging in limiting yourselves by
less than ideal conditioning.

I perceive we venture out far onto the diving board with such a topic. This
truly is morontia level thought pattern. It may not be compatible for all
who are exposed to it but since you ask, since you seek, you are provided
with that which you seek. So I hope this is helpful in your efforts to piece
together an understanding of this whole puzzle before you. I will contain my
remarks there so as to not deluge you with too much at one time. I honor
your efforts to explore these principles and to master them, even as a
mortal of the realm and I assure you if you continue to pursue mastery of
such principles, this will be
your destiny.

In the meantime I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity to utilize
this interface we enjoy in this moment and I sense your gratitude as well. I
withdraw in humble appreciation to The Father for such grace as we both
experience, thank you and farewell.

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