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Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us, allow us to invoke your presence
into our energy field that we form in this moment as an act of our sheer
will and our force, to be creators, to be our mini first source and centers
of our intentions, our ideas and even ideals. Join us as we are enjoying the
discovery of all that you have to bring to us in learning our parts to play
when we do act in all these different capacities we've been speaking of, of
transformers, of transducers, transcenders. The list goes on and on and it
never fails that there is another layer to be learned and to be shared and
so we continue to come and approach you and gather around and await those
emissaries of light to help us in this process of awakening, of
understanding, of becoming what is our potential, what is even our destiny.
We ask you to join us, to bring us your energy to co-mingle with ours and we
invite the other personalities by name; Monjoronson, Machiventa, Michael,
Mother, Light and any of the other celestial personalities who would so
desire to direct their intentions with us in this process of seeking and
finding. We are overjoyed to have this relationship with you. Words fall
short of any description of what it means to each of us to be able to enjoy
this close relationship that we have established with you in this time but
nevertheless we say thank you, thank you.

The Voice: I greet you today, I am this ones inner voice and I make my way
to the surface to have a few words with you amidst the fog and turmoil of my
companion and associate who has been recalling that he neglected to invite
me in to be one of the participants today and was feeling as though there
had been an error or mistake committed but I make my way through this din of
doubt to assure him and you that the act of any ritual is only as important
as it is to the ones involved in invoking any such ritual.

Without any words having been said I would still have recognized an
invitation that has been directed at me for some time now to meet at the
same time, the same place, these same co-ordinates that we share in time and
space together for the purpose of growing this circuitry and this
accompanying awareness and so I have felt free to come on in, as I know this
represents the desire of those who gather at this time and place.

The petitions of ones engaged in preparatory ritual are most serviceable to
the ones engaged in such ritual as they help to align the thoughts that are
currently circulating in the brain and to narrow and focus the intention of
the individual so that it may be more effectively projected but I make these
points simply to assure you that in any circumstance or instance you should
not give overmuch importance to having to make any particular invitations or
petitions or else all bets are off. It is simply never the case that it is
all or nothing at all with spirit.

Certainly you are always connected, there is always a circuitry. You are
growing in your awareness that it is your individual orientation to this
circuitry which provides you greater and lesser access to it. If it is
beneficial and helpful for you to spend some time in reflection and focus
and disciplined thought, even in petition of your desires then by all means
these efforts should be employed but all of these are simple methods. They
are as has been said before, the signposts that point you in the way, they
are not the destination. They may be helpful as a map is helpful in finding
your way but no map can bring you the experience of traveling the roads and
feeling for yourself what it is like.

There are those who would venture out with no preparation, no map, just to
go about collecting experience and there are those on the other end of the
scale who would be paralyzed to leave their house without the proper map to
guide and keep them safe in their estimation. Both individuals will end up
with the experience of the travel being personal and first hand regardless
of the tools that were used to navigate this travel.

Likewise, not too much over-importance should be placed on all conditions
being optimal for you to consider it is appropriate for you to be connected
to the spiritual grid. Indeed, many times in your life conditions will arise
that are anything but optimal, you will not be able to go into a quiet space
of stillness. There will be distractions and demands and noises that pull
you in all different directions. In the previous analogy your map could be
blown completely out of your hands and lost.

But nevertheless you are growing to learn that you are seasoned travelers
and that you have passed many ways before and have gained quite a bit of
experience which tells you that your journey will most likely turn out just
fine regardless of how much preparation you may feel is necessary. This is
where your routine maintenance schedule of spiritual discipline becomes most
serviceable and helpful for you, for if you get on a regular schedule of
allowing yourselves the freedom for stillness, the time to worship and pray
and reflect on a regular basis it is like checking all the vital components
of your automobile on a regular basis so that you feel comfortable at any
time to jump in and take a ride.

It is not necessary for you to do a complete maintenance overhaul before you
take your journey as you are doing a regular maintenance routine all along.
This is how your spiritual approach should be. You should be allowing
yourselves the regular spiritual maintenance so that when it is time to make
the journey you will be sure of the condition of your vehicle so to speak.

Now I would offer a few words on the conversation I observed in which you
were playing with the many applications of your effect on energy and
energy's effect on you. I would support your observations that you are in
fact at the point at which energy is transformed or transduced or even
transmitted. That divine energy comes to you and flows through you and as a
result of having passed through you it is changed by you forever. It is not
possible for you to become part of this system without your having an impact
on it.

You are one of the major components in this circuitry and therefore your
influence over all that transpires is far more than you are fully aware of
at this time because connected to you as a component in this circuit are
other circuits capable of injecting other influences. Your talk about your
resident voice within and indeed these thought adjusters have a circuit
among themselves and as well a rather direct circuit to The First Source and
Center and these are plugged into you who is plugged into the energy circuit
of your life.

And so there can be this infusion of energy from on high via this circuit of
indwelling presence but as well there is your individual personality and
this carries with it a connection as well that is capable or receiving
influence from your divine family. Coupled together, your personality and
your indwelling fragment are involved in conditioning energy as it flows
through you and as it flows from you outward. Your influence may be greater
or lesser depending on your relative awareness that this is so but there is
no possibility of your eliminating your influence from the circuit.

All these circuits come to you, so that they may go through you, so that the
circuit may be maintained and in doing so you are in a key position to
transform the energy. This is so and ongoing regardless of your awareness
that this is so however the more awareness you bring into this equation the
more you are able to direct with your intention the amount of infusion that
you allow from these various circuits that are available to you and
eventually given enough wisdom and maturity and experience you may find that
you function as a switchboard in which you are the one who decides what
connections get made and subsequently what happens beyond your point of

It is possible for you to connect various aspects of your being and various
circuits available to you and allow them to be what flows through as the
energy passes through you. So with your growing awareness you may come to
see yourselves as the ones throwing the switches and making the connections
and by the same act of sheer will that has brought you here and created this
connection you can use to condition the energy that comes out and flows
through you.

I for one am grateful to all of you who have taken the time necessary to
create this avenue of approach between us, this circuitry that we enjoy. I
am thrilled at observing the strides you have made in assembling pieces of
the puzzle and getting more and more of the picture assembled before you and
I look forward with great anticipation to your further efforts and the
rewards that they will bring. Now I will choose to stop at this point and
bid you all good evening and thank you for making a place for this to
happen, farewell.

Monjoronson: Good evening to all, I am Monjoronson. I as well greatly enjoy
the opportunity to interface with a group so earnest and sincere in their
efforts to piece together an understanding of the many layers and aspects of
what it is to be a spiritual being having a mortal experience. I enjoy your
discussions and your sharings of awakening and understanding, they are
valuable contributions not only to those of us who are privileged enough to
have them shared but as well to the Supreme, to The First Source and Center
who has provided you with all the layers and aspects to be discovered.

When you have success a universe rejoices, when you actively engage in
spiritual pursuits the interest of a myriad of celestial hosts is peaked
because that is our entire project. This whole gigantic scheme revolves
around you and your quest for awareness and understanding. The whole program
is designed to be there for you as you take each step and so we do rejoice
when plateaus are attained and certain levels of awareness are achieved as
we witness in this group and their getting their minds wrapped around the
concepts of such important aspects as patterns and circuits and influences.

These are so basic to the functioning of all involved in this program and
yet are so widely misunderstood by so many as to be a handicap. We are
simply coming into these awarenesses and then we may use these platforms of
awareness to reach for even greater heights of understanding but without the
basic awareness and understanding of how the system works it is difficult to
manipulate or direct it in any way. Those with the knowledge and wisdom of
how things work truly have great influence over them and so it is that you
find yourselves having more and more influence over your domain because you
have more and more awareness of how the system works.

The task before me and before us at this time is the spreading of this basic
information so that all these individuals who are part of this circuitry may
awaken to the fact that they are a part and move into an area of directed
intentions rather than basic unawareness. This is no small task to undertake
on such a world but we see in success stories like you that all this is
quite possible and we are encouraged that what can be embraced by a few may
be embraced by the many.

But as you know we have some ways to go on this world where materialism
triumphs over most other considerations and we must be steadfast and strong
when the distractions of materialism make their demands upon us. We must be
able to return to the strength of circuitries such as this and regain our
footing and composure so that we may bring our spiritual awareness into
every recess of our material experience. Nothing that happens in the
material realm should be considered outside the spiritual realm.

Everything that happens to you has a spiritual component to it, it has a
deeper meaning, a deeper value than you perceive from strictly the material
circumstance. This is particularly true in all cases having to do with
individual personalities and their relationships. There are, as you are
aware, a number of levels of interaction when you have relationship with
other mortals of the realm and we are encouraging that in all relationships
in all simple undertakings that you choose to connect the parts of the
circuitry that you have access to and throw the switch that will bring
spirit into the material plane.

It truly is rather as simple as that just being aware and deciding that you
will engage in this activity and having made this decision you will find
that your even everyday mundane routine circumstances will take on a new
dimension of meaning and value and that there is no circumstance that you
can be involved in which cannot be infused with spiritual content and raise
in its vibration just as you would turn up the electrical impulses to create
greater energy.

I perceive we have had quite a bit to consider this evening and I would not
overload our plates so that we may be able to adequately digest that which
has been served during this time. I would allow for any interaction for
comments or questions at this time. [pause] If there are no questions then I
would release the dutiful students and bid you go out and play, have fun
with life, think about throwing the switch that will infuse spirit into any
and every experience that you might have. See yourselves as the ones at the
switchboard capable of making these connections and then make it so and you
will be impressed by the results of your efforts just as you are impressed
by the results of your efforts at arriving at these classrooms. I bid you
all good evening, farewell.

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