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Center for Christ Consciousness

Meeting in Novato, California

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

Topics: Earth changes and how to deal with predictions and speculation; doing vs. being

June 26, 2008

Good evening, my brethren. This is Machiventa Melchizedek who addresses you tonight. I am pleased to be with you this evening to help you make peace and understanding with what you witness occurring on your beloved sphere. As you have been discussing these climatic changes and environmental shifts, it is not intended to disorient you or to give you reason to be fearful or anxious. These changes are a natural repercussion of the years of misuse of your land and sea resources. In time, your scientific community will fully appreciate the impact of what your culture of greed has manifested. For now, most of your scientists look at this situation with somewhat of a skeptical eye because it is not yet fully formed in their consciousness as a collective body of individuals that this is truly the natural recourse that has fomented these events. You are now witnessing them in a way that you have never before truly experienced.

Global change has occurred over the course of this planet's evolution but it was not able to be witnessed with such a wide variety of resources that were able to report this in more immediate manner. Now you are living in a time when information is shared minute to minute, moment by moment, so you see these events transpiring on your world in what you might consider to be a snapshot of time. It is as if all of the plagues that you have anticipated in the Bible are being unleashed upon Urantia. But I wish to assure you that this is not the case. The world is changing and that which no longer serves the greater good of humanity and that which is no longer of usefulness in this time of correction will be laid by the wayside in order to inaugurate a new era of human growth and understanding into the ways of nature and into the laws of reality. These are the repercussions of a culture that has refused stubbornly to see the signs and to awaken to the greater good that is now growing on Urantia.

You, who know the truth and have not only awakened to it but have stepped up to be the leaders and forbearers of this new era, need to be fully grounded in Michael's peace that you may carry this essential commodity with you to share with your brethren to help them make sense of this time that is so crucial to the unfolding of the new ways that will be heralded in the near future.

I know you have many questions, and I know that many times your hearts feel heavy with the toll of human suffering. We certainly understand and appreciate your human emotions at this time. You feel this tug of compassion, concern, pity, and even sadness at what some of your brothers and sisters undergo, but let this be only a fleeting momentary feeling as you focus on the good that is transpiring upon Urantia during this time. You know that from the fires of destruction that new growth can spurt. You know that from the shifting tectonic plates of the earth that new earth can be formed and new life can spring forth. You know that from the floods of destruction that the cleansing is creating new ways and new means of life. Yet, as you witness these destructive events of nature, it is so important for you not to gravitate into the mire of human sadness, but to lift your gaze toward Michael and to see the greater good that is soon to spring forth from these events that appear to be cataclysmic in your perception.

What man has created must come to its eventual conclusion and in doing so will be a deeper appreciation of the laws of nature that are consistent with the reality of your universe in which you live and growth and explore as children of Michael and Nebadonia. How long will these times last is still very much to be anticipated. We predict an era of change somewhere in the vicinity of 20-40 years, but it could be longer or it could be alleviated the more humans who awaken to the call of Spirit within.

Please appreciate the reality that Michael has given permission for even greater numbers of helpers to flock to this world to help in the time of change and transition. It is not something that you must endure for a very long period of time in the universe scheme of things, although from your human perspective it may seem to be unendurable and something that strikes at the heart of each individual in a way that triggers more compassion and awareness. You are being uplifted in many ways that you still do not yet appreciate. There are many vibratory changes still to come to Urantia to help it become encircuited in those connections that were severed during the time of the rebellion.

What your role is is entirely up to you, but we encourage you to grow in your love and trust of Michael and to appreciate as much as you can that this is a necessary part of the corrective mechanism that is a product of the natural laws of the universe. These laws, as you may call them, are being accelerated. By this I am referring to the timeframe in which this is able to occur. We are, you might say, from our ends speeding up the element of time to help your world undergo these changes so as not to cause so much disturbance and turmoil. There will be isolated places where this occurs, but we are making every effort to keep the disruption as minimal as possible to ensure that there is stability as these new ideas are able to be implanted into your minds, into your hearts, into your ability to trust that something good is indeed occurring.

I will entertain your questions now for a time, and there will be others to lead you into prayer for your brethren of this world who need the upliftment into the awareness of Michael and of the universe of Nebadon to help them during this time of change. Who is interested to begin? R, I know you are the individual who has the most questions, so if you have anything to address me, I will be happy to entertain your questions now.

Student: Thank you for this opportunity. I hope that's not a problem as I have a lot of questions.

MM: No, of course not!

Student: I have observed that there are those who predict events. I have observed that several times we've been told that these predictions are a result of human ego. But this most recent prediction of this period.this third week of June.really struck me because it resonated even in my own searching for truth, it resonated. Yet what is happening now and what's happened throughout the world in this month is entirely different from what we had anticipated what was coming. I'm trying to get a better understanding of how to deal with these predictions. Do we just ignore them; do we do what we did this time? I just tried to look within and get some confirmation. What is happening here in California is rather unnerving and devastating, but what we were expecting to happen-large earthquakes, sudden dramatic shift-has not occurred. I'm trying to get a better understanding of how to balance these predictions. There are so many coming from so many different areas. This most recent one came from a very well trusted T/R, and if we can't trust in the information coming from our best at this time, what do we trust?

MM: You have answered that already.

Student: The Indwelling Father, but even with my own inquiries within, I was told that "yes, there are to be occurrences during this month." I guess our expectations were of what we thought was occurring that's were the disillusionment lies. I have answered in saying that those who do these predictions as a result of the human ego?

MM: My brother, I truly appreciate your concern. You must remember that I too shared the human habiliment that you now wear. I walked on your earth. I slept under the stars. I know what it is like to be in your human skin, and to experience the wind in my face and the fire that warms. But you must be very cautious in putting overmuch stock in the predictions of the human mind. You know not the distinction in certain individual's minds of what is true and what is pure speculation. These are not predictions that you can fully entrust because they are speculative at certain levels. Even those that you have placed your trust in as experienced transmitters are still subject to the limitations of their own mind and sometimes there is a distinct blending of what is their own thought and what is the information that we wish to convey through you.

How many times have we cautioned you to not delve into this area of speculation but to continue to go to your Indwelling Father Fragment, to stay close to Michael, to keep yourself open to your Mother whose Spirit within you, as it grows within your mind, can offer you a larger perspective in which to view your reality. How many times have we shared this information with you, and yet you still put overmuch stock in these speculations. You know that your world is undergoing change. You know that there will be repercussions of the misuse of your knowledge about the natural workings of your planet. You know this now, and yet you still have questions about what is to occur.

We understand this and as much as possible we endeavor to help you clarify your thinking so that you will not fall prey to these speculative concerns of things that may or may not occur. The important consideration is to take anything that you hear or read or view into the stillness and to spend asking for the truth, to not just do this one or two times, but to do this many times until you feel secure within your heart of the answer that you are perceiving. How many times have you been induced or encouraged to take this matters into stillness? This will never change. This will always be the primal reality to seek.

You are all being encouraged as a human species to develop that internal connection with your Divine Source. Do you think that we will be changing course in our instruction because you are undergoing changes at the physical level? No! This will always be the same. This is the fundamental activity that you can engage in now and in the future irrespective of what is occurring at the physical level as you move through life.

You are now in the midst of a time of perception change: to increasingly develop this method of communication with your Indwelling Spirit that will keep you anchored and stable in those emotions and insights you need to help you walk through this time of change undaunted, and even to the point of fearlessness where you are praising God in all His glory for what is transpiring on earth. Is this not the fundamental message that we have been sharing with you these long years of training?

Student: Yes, and I do understand this fundamental message. I have to the best of my ability put it to practice, and I will continue to grow in this ability, I'm sure, through practice. But the question, and forgive me if I'm a bit thick, that yet remains is do individuals actually get some form of guidance in the way of a warning that something is going to occur and to be alerted to this., such as what appeared to happen with this particular transmitter, although he may have misinterpreted the message. It appeared that he did get some sort of warning of some calamities to occur just from what has happened over this month's period. Do these warnings come, and if they do, what use are they? Because obviously he was reluctant to put this out to the whole group. So if he does get these warnings, what use are they? I'm just trying to understand this. Is this wholly human made or are we getting some sort of guidance in the way of warnings?

MM: You perceive these as warnings. We wish to encourage you to view them as notices of what may occur, and to continue to foster your abilities to change things through the means of communication that you have through the idea of prayer. Prayer, as you have conceived it, is a method by which you invoke the divine will into a particular situation. Do you, as a group of individuals, for instance, within the Teaching Mission, gather together to pray for the upliftment for your world? Do you as a group come together as a unified mind and ask for Michael's stabilization of Urantia to take root in the deepest recesses of human thought, in the human psyche, in the collective mentality to stabilize this?

There are many ways in which you can use this information, but so much of your reactions are instinctively fear-based. You almost immediately hit the panic button and say "what do I do? What should I do? I don't understand what is happening!" Here is where you lose ground. You are all being encouraged to stay anchored in your Father and in His peace. Within that lies your power. Here is where you can have the greatest impact by coming together in intention as one mind and to ask for the stabilization of those places. But how much effort have you really put forth as a group? In terms of what you can do and why these messages are being shared with you: it is to see how you will respond. We observe that many times you instinctively turn to those fear reactions which are so natural instead of resorting to prayer and praise and asking for the Father's will to be manifested upon the earth. Does this answer your question?

Student: You speak with great clarity. Yes, it does; it helps tremendously. I really felt what you were trying to convey there. I have another area.as you know there is a group of us who are passionate about bringing some better sources of energy forward to market. Recently I heard something through the Teaching Mission that the types of energy that are actually being exploring would not be allowed quite yet because as a race we are not ready for them because they carry the potential for destruction as well as the potential for free energy for the world. This was a bit discouraging to me because I feel we are in such great need now for these energies. I'm talking about electro-magnetic energies, spinning objects that create their own gravity field, energies of intention. I'm trying to get a better understanding.do we continue to move forward, and if so, if the world's not ready for this yet, I'm trying to not lose encouragement.

MM: Well, the world may not be ready for this yet, but there are pockets of individuals who are receptive to these ideas. It is important that you keep your eyes focused on the tasks at hand and be less concerned about who is ready for this information. Remember that you are not collaborating with only your human brethren at this time, but there is this network of celestial support that is connecting like-minded individuals around the world.

There is a time when these technologies need to be incubated and developed in an environment of more or less stability where there is not a lot of human awareness or collaboration with a large number of individuals. There are various reasons for this, and one that you well know is that most people would not be able to understand or appreciate this, and there are those people who actually wish to suppress this because their own self-interests would be curtailed.

In all of your endeavors, follow the guidance of you Indwelling Monitors, and your angels and your teachers. Allow the time and the environment to be of less concern as you focus on the tasks at hand. You are being guided to direct your energies and attention in certain areas, yet if you are to project into the future who is this for and how this will manifest you squander your precious mental energies that can be much better used to be focused on the task that you are trying to complete and the product you are trying to achieve. Does this put this into a better context for you?

Student: Yes, it does. It gives me encouragement to continue to move forward with what we are doing and to work closely with our guidance and tap into it in whatever way we can both individually and as a group.

MM: Much of what you are undergoing has not only to do with becoming more aligned with your guidance that is coming through you, but to allow the old habits and patterns of projecting the future activities and actions that need to be taken to diminish. You are being encouraged to stay focused in the moment and to only stay apprised on what you are doing now. It is very challenging to take these human trains of thought that have largely been allowed to run rampant like a like runaway locomotive barreling down a track. You have much mental energy but do you truly know how to use this.how to harness this immense power that lives within you?

Harness your thoughts. Stay focused on the present. Stay attuned to the desire to be about the Father's business and to achieve His will in your day to day activities. I say this to all of you, if you can do this, if you make this fundamental desire of your day to day activities, then you will have advanced your abilities quite far as you will have given your Father Fragments more opportunity to reach you in your conscious mind to share with you that which you need to know to complete the tasks successfully, and then you will be allowed to take the next logical step in what needs to occur.

This is such a great departure from the way most humans think that it will not only take time for this settle into your thoughts but for it to become a living reality in the way you live each moment. Is this not what your beloved Master demonstrated to you when he was living on earth? You not only have the mind of Michael in which to use to understand and to master this, but you can also make the appeal to Him as your elder brother and to use the agency of his Personalized Adjuster to help you in this as well. We do not expect you to be perfect at these things at this stage of your development, but this is the Correcting Time and you are coming into a deeper appreciation of these ideas and the encouragement to use them to become then and to become habitual and masterful at them. Do you understand my meaning here?

Student: Yes, I do. Your words resonate very strongly. I've heard it before and it never hurts to hear it again and again. Thank you.

MM: We will never tire of helping you achieve these understandings as we truly appreciate the constraints within your being because of the two cataclysmic events that occurred here. As we lovingly, compassionately, tolerantly, patiently understand you, please use this for yourselves and to keep you more focused on the fact that you are still very young in your understanding of the laws of the universe and how to truly implement them on a planet that has been turned so strikingly against these ways. We see the good that you are attempting. We applaud and honor that. You must always seek this for yourselves-that you are the beginning of a long chain of evolutionary events that will ultimately culminate in the establishment of Light and Life on your world. Are there any other questions this evening?

Student: This might be a little bit hazy, if you want to make any observations on how we get stuck a lot on doing vs. being. You've even made some mention of R's being. If you'd care to say a little about this, because Paul has so focused Christianity on doing rather than being, that would be great.

MM: Before you can do the will of the Father allow yourselves to be in that love relationship with Him to fuel yourself with that presence and that environment of love that bathes your mind and body at all times. While it is true that it is important to follow the Father's will and to enact it all phases of your life, how are you able to do or portray the Father's will if you do not experience the profound love and devotion and compassion that your Divine Source has for you? How is it possible that you can make these striking changes in your world without this underlying foundation of feeling so valued and purposeful in who you are in your sense of self? Your self-concept must be so rooted in the awareness of who you are as a divine son of the Paradise Father.

>From this perspective, from this experience you are able to enact or portray great feats of love and healing and building a new society. The doing follows the being, you might say. We have encouraged you to sit in the stillness and to receive your Father's love. From this place, in conjunction with your divine guidance, you will know what to do. You must be filled and full and fueled in order to enact this.

If it is true that the teachings of this apostle have made an impact upon the world and there have been many wonderful acts of loving service that have come forth from this very idea of doing, then it is also true that are times when people feel they must do things because they feel it is the will of God and not because they are motivated within their own heart. If so, then this is a false motivation even though it has its roots in desiring to do the Father's will. But would the Father want you to do anything because you felt it was right or righteous or what was expected of you? Think about this.

The Father wishes you to do His bidding because you love Him and you know this is the best way in which to enact something of great value, not only for yourself but for your entire world and all of its inhabitants. This idea that we share with you about being in the Father's love and living in love is not just a pleasant sentiment or an ideal that is so highly placed on a pedestal that you cannot reach, but a living reality that you can portray in your every day life when you are full of the divine grace that comes from accepting the love that you have coming to you just because you are a child of the Father, just because you exist.

We encourage you to fill yourself up in this as much as you need, and from that place your actions will be natural, spontaneous, so charming and disarming and grace-filled that people will know truly you are a child of light; truly God's son. Does this help you, my brother?

Student: Yes, that was sure beautiful! Thank you.

MM: One day you will look back upon these times and truly marvel and laugh at what you went through as part of this challenging time of correction on Urantia. Do you have any idea of how many of your celestial brothers and sisters are, what you might consider, to be chomping at the bit to trade places with you? I know this may seem quite unusual or funny for you to perceive, but these are the times that create the great characters. Your personalities are all gifts of the Father, but the characteristics-the traits-that you exhibit are forged through the experiences you live through each day.

Look at these times as times to relish because you will be growing in so many wonderful attributes of courage, perseverance, strength, faith, hope, and above all love and understanding. You see your life from this material sphere and yet you know you have a long ascension career ahead of you. Look at this as the primary school of training and that you are all still very young. Perhaps you might even consider this to be pre-school for some because they have not yet opened to the larger reality that encompasses the master universe.

We are here to walk with you, to encourage you, to inspire you, and to cheer you on. You are the true heroes and heroines of your age because you are willing to open yourselves up to a greater reality and to try to understand your world in this larger perspective. Keep your eyes focused on Michael, keep your hearts open to your Adjusters, and know that there are many around you who will guide you through this time. You will always be given the resources and tools of spirit that you need to make the gains and successes for yourselves and for your world.

There are others who will speak to you tonight so I will take my leave. I take my leave of you and hope you will ponder these words in the coming days to further stabilize in the peace of Michael. Good evening, my brethren.

Meeting moved into prayer and no further transmissions were given.
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