[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 4/4/08

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Tapestries of Reality, Order and Orderliness, Advancing Connections, Individual
Teachers: Michael, Elyon, Unidentified, Monjoronson.

May 4, 2008

* Michael (Mark TR): Greetings, again, I come to be among you. I am your father; I
am your brother; I am your comrade, and while you may associate me by designation
Michael, you as well have developed a personal association, an intimate relationship,
with me and my presence that I bring to share with you.
I welcome this opportunity to gather you around me today and to acknowledge the
validity and beauty of your efforts to weave together so many different threads of
understanding into this masterful tapestry of awareness. Each one who makes a
contribution to this weaving brings to the project their own colors and tones to be
added, and the result is a beautiful mosaic of influence where your individual
contributions are plainly discernible as individual threads and yet clearly complementary
as part of the grand mosaic. This is how it is that we all might be as one. This is how
it works for us to weave ourselves into the gigantic tapestry of life. We have our own
shade of color that we bring, and it is not necessary or desirable that any two of us
share the same tones of color, but rather it makes for a wonderfully diverse and splendid
accomplishment when we are able to weave these diverse shades and tones together to
create this work of art that we call life.
I do so very much enjoy and appreciate coming among you in your arena to add my
tone as well. But I most certainly recognize that all the different and various
contributions are necessary to ensure a complete project, a finished work of art. So it
is that we will work in these correcting times to make allowance for all threads, all
contributions from all different perspectives. We will work to weave these different
levels of awareness and different perspectives and points of view together to create a
I do understand that from the human perspective this seems a rather daunting task.
You tend to function in groups of like-minded individuals with much in common, and many
of your tones are only slight variations in shade from each other. But it will be
necessary in these times to come to bring in the diverse variety and to weave into this
tapestry of reality the ones who might be considered too diverse to be acceptable. I
assure you they are not, for as you know they are all my children. They are all your
brothers and sisters. As you have heard repeatedly we are all one in this gigantic
I applaud your recognition that there is a thread which runs through all of these
different and varied players, and this thread of the Thought Adjuster may be used to find
these realities of relationship and to come together under an even larger umbrella.
While now you may see yourselves as part of this distinct group or that distinct club or
country or hemisphere, there will, with aid of this broad Thought Adjuster circuit, come
the ability to expand your awareness to include brothers and sisters who are quite
different than yourselves and are nevertheless engaged in weaving their own tapestries to
understanding. My Father’s house is large and many tapestries are needed to spread
around to enjoy the diversity. So while we are engaged in designing and executing a work
of art to present to the Father, likewise are many others involved in their projects of
weaving together threads of understanding into tapestries of awareness.
Right now you observe that there is a wide array of perception regarding the
mission or even the very existence of my brother Monjoronson. But even such wide
opinions and perspectives will be woven together in the end to bring about a tapestry of
understanding about the nature and purpose of all that will transpire. Some will
believe, accept, and join in this particular dimension of awareness, while others may
take some convincing, while still others may reject entirely upon hearing of this
dimension of reality, and still others will for some time remain in complete ignorance.
Nevertheless all these threads will be woven together; all these different perspectives
will be united. We are bringing together all these loose ends and bring them into a most
serviceable cord.
You have cited this very day that you may find your peace, you may find your
strength, you may find your direction in me, and I encourage you to avail yourselves of
this truth. You may find your heart in my heart; you may trade your mind for my mind,
and you may feel my presence as you so petitioned in your lives and as you go about your
daily activities. I am your strength. Your mother and I have always been so. It is
only now that we are coming to your awareness as such. So once again I petition you to
follow me, and in so doing we may work together, even side by side, as you are confronted
with life’s opportunities and challenges. I am personally calling you to go about and
.... I bring you my peace always, and once again I leave it with you now that you may
have it and share it.

Paul: ... directly hear you, sometimes I ... with you ... lost and don’t know what
it is that I should be, how I can connect with you in my, how do I go about that more

* Michael: If you would retrace your steps to a time such as now when you feel my
presence, when you are aware of my energy, I am with you. I would guide you, be it
subtly, I am ... for your approach.

Paul: I didn’t hear the last thing you said.

* Michael: I am ever willing to take your direction. You must allow space of course
for this to happen. You may create such space by your petition that this be so,
prayerful contemplation. Then, my friend, expect to be guided. This is where most of my
children experience the greatest difficulty in ... my response. You feel somehow
distance and unworthy, but I assure you you are not. And you erase the distance with
your petition to be close to me. When you have done such, then simply to allow my
influence; it is the critical step to feel as though you have received it. It is part of
the equation. If you ask then you must be prepared to receive. And there need be no
doubt of this reality, for I have told you that when you knock I will answer. Ye who
seek will find, that it is my desire to do this with you and for you. All of these are
true statements. When you come to the well you should expect to drink. Even if this
feeling to experience is simply one of peace and grace, then know that this is my
response. Other times you may experience inspiration as to how to further navigate your
circumstance. My response to you may be delayed by your ... of awareness, but

Paul: My what?

* Michael: but doubt not that any sincere petitions you make to me will elicit a
response. Practice makes perfect, my friend. I would encourage you to try and try
again, realizing that you are assured of your success. It is only your position and
ability to register the response that is what you are practicing.
Do these comments register with you, my friend?

Paul: Yes, I will continue to try the petitions, try to be more aware of your
response. Sometimes it seems there is no response, but perhaps that’s my inability to
hear you. I just wish to hear you much more clearly than I do. I wish to be a beacon of
the light.

* Michael: My friend, all of my children may echo your same sentiment. Even the
most “proficient” at hearing from me still desire more, and certainly all those who
follow me desire to shine the light out, as you say. It is part of human dynamic at this
point where as an agondonter you must reach out in faith, that is, you do not get to see;
and you only get to hear with the ears of the flesh in treasured moments like this one.
It is necessary for you to act in faith that you can hear within and that you can see
with the eyes of spirit a spiritual presence. These conditions do not satisfy your
mortal desires to see with the eyes of the flesh or hear with the ears of flesh. This is
your current challenge and opportunity to proceed forward in faith and to develop these
other senses, the ears and eyes of spirit. I know this seems like a burden for you to
bear, perhaps an insurmountable challenge, but my friends, I assure you that this status
you enjoy as agondonters is soon to be eclipsed by the new age, and for all the
difficulties that you might experience at this time, these will be seen as treasured
times for you to develop these additional senses. For once this planet is no longer
considered a sphere of agondonters, there will not be this opportunity so prevalent to
inspire you and encourage you to develop your senses within, for when a Magisterial Son
may be clearly evident and his path nearly obvious, there will be no more required of you
that you act strictly through faith, but you will be reacting to your material
So while it is difficult for you to perceive at this time, I encourage you to
cherish these opportunities of development that are yours here and now and to utilize
these factors to glean from this life what it is to be an agondonter, a faith son. And I
would as well tell you that I observe, even if you do not, the progress that you have
made. I observe how you have grown in your awareness and your understanding. It may not
be sufficient enough in terms of your progress for you to be at peace with your growth
rate, but from my perspective all that you desire is transpiring even in this moment, and
it is a successful application of your efforts, highly fruitful even, although you may
want more and desire greater signs. I am aware that there are many signs which
demonstrate your growth, and perhaps one day looking back may have a greater appreciation
for all the steps already made in this process.
I would open this forum for any others.

Paul: Thank you very much.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is your friend Elyon.
It is a worthy trait of humankind to be orderly, and in such a tendency there is
the desire to find order everywhere. So arises the difficulty in understanding the
direction of the Teaching Mission or the plans and procedures of the Magisterial Mission.
You do well in mowing your lawns and trimming your hedges. You make your pathways. You
do not park your car in the bedroom or sleep in the driveway. This orderliness allows
you to find your keys in the purse, to locate the blanket on the shelf, to get the
screwdriver from the toolbox. But when you look beyond your orderliness to discern the
greater order, when you look beyond your property line that has the “Welcome” sign at the
front and “No Trespassing” on the fence all around, you find what appears to be a random
force, but it is deep in order. Even the things that seem to be disastrous contribute to
the order. The fire that gives way to grasses, followed by shrubs and then the giant
trees, and all along the animals and insects change. What makes for a rock slide in one
area and a grassy knoll in another? And then a century later it is different. This
order is part of the organic quality of life. There isn’t a destination to reach; there
is only a becoming that is undertaken.
Light and Life is a stage of complete balance, and though you may seek to find
orderliness in that order by listing many ideals that would define this stage of human
development, it will still be beyond your conception.
When you see a flock of birds on the ground and you wave your hand, they take to
the air. This you have done when you initiated your spiritual growth; it took to the
air. But try to bring those birds back to the ground. You will find it virtually
impossible. So when you began your spiritual growth it took to the air, and it has
changed over the time, and what you perceived early as your goal has changed. We spoke
recently of how well a flock of birds maintain their order. This is how you grow and
this is how the mission unfolds; it is initiated and takes to the air. It will require
patience and observation on your part in order to comprehend the manner by which our
celestial influence will unfold among you. We wave our hands and you take to flight, and
this is how Urantia will advance.
The fire of rebellion ran through your world, but the balance is being restored.
Not only have your religions advanced but so have your sciences and the other key
ingredients to order. While you develop your doctrines and your theorems, because of
your tendency towards orderliness, the grander picture, the broader order, is the
interconnectedness of all these branches. I understand the tendency to desire the big
picture, to have a grasp of the entire process before or early in the journey to get
there. But even I do not see the big picture; I perhaps see a larger picture, but it is
our ongoing discovery that is enriching to our lives, more so than having a delineated
recipe to follow. I am not in any way discouraging you developing a recipe, but as goes
a recipe for a meal, in order for another meal to be different, it requires a different
recipe. So while you seek to understand what Monjoronson is up to, remember you are only
reading one little recipe in the big cookbook.
I will close by saying, take up your utensils and become a chef and join with us in
the creation of a masterpiece.

* unidentified (Kathy): In the acceptance of the individuals that you meet, you are
opening yourselves to their needs and ideas. You are more effective in helping someone
when you are able to understand their view of the situation. Always will there be help
available to bridge the gap between your understanding and theirs. You can be confident
that all systems are in support of your efforts to contact those in your surroundings.
All of creation is bringing forward help to advance the connection between individuals on
this world. You can proceed confident in your efforts to bring others into your sphere
of influence. Be alert for situations where ... may occur. Your active participation is
encouraged at all times. Bless your efforts to advance these connections. You will
always have assistance available.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, I am Monjoronson here feeling welcome to
participate as I have been cited in a couple of discussions. I will take this thread of
recipes and chefs one step further.
As you know, with any good restaurant there are a number of items on the menu.
Each item on the menu will appeal to a different sector of individuals. The head chef in
the kitchen is one who will oversee the many assistant chefs, and it is these individual
chefs who are the ones stirring the pots, slicing and dicing the ingredients, and
combining them in appropriate proportions to achieve the desired results. I am acting as
the head chef. You all are the individual assistant chefs; you are determining the
recipes that are most suited to your skills and abilities. You are taking the effort to
assemble and combine the necessary ingredients to provide something that can be chosen,
some item on the menu in this grand kitchen. And your individual contributions represent
your desires, your talents, your skills, and your choices combined into a dish that you
are then able to present.
As head chef I merely go around the kitchen and acknowledge the various
contributions, oversee the addition of spirit infusion into the various recipes and offer
suggestions as to variations in combinations or collections that will bring about even
more new recipes to be offered. But you are the hands in the kitchen; you are the ones
who literally are doing the work of creating these grand recipes, for as you know, the
recipes do not make themselves; it is required that one supply the necessary effort and
energy to take what may be a splendid combination of ingredients listed in a book and
turn them into something real and palatable to be chosen by others. Then these others
may enjoy the fruits of these efforts and be nourished by these efforts of the chefs.
So it is with each of your individual roles; you are experts in your own fields,
and you most earnestly apply yourselves to combining your skills and talents into a
worthy contribution to the menu. But any restaurant has a theme, has a tone, has a level
of undertaking, and as a team we are united in this desire that our items on the menu be
rich in spiritual nourishment. So it is that we will choose the proper ingredients to
assure that this is so. We will conduct ourselves in the proper manner so that this is
so. We will bring our awareness into the kitchen and make this so. We are united in
providing this service in our operation of the functioning of this kitchen. Thank you,
each one, for your willingness to sharpen your knives, put on your aprons, roll up your
sleeves, and get to work to feed the masses the spiritual nourishment that we would
provide. I look forward to working in such a harmonious kitchen with you for a long time
to come. There are many souls to feed and many to bring to a greater appreciation of
this nourishment. So this will be our pleasure and our privilege to act as the ones who
would make palatable these principles and truths and provide them to whomever will
present themselves.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to simply share energy signatures and bond
ever closer together. Farewell.

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