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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Harmony, Unison, Stress on Species.
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Nebadonia.

April 13, 2008

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is 
Elyon.  I will speak some regarding the notion of 
harmony.  It is a form of relationship which is 
other than a simple coexistence.  Nor is it simply 
a general acceptance of one another, but it is 
truly a cooperative interaction wherein the 
efforts of one are supported by the efforts of 
another, and again not in any way at the expense 
of the individual supporting the other, for it is 
reciprocal and compounding in its support one for 
the other.
	Harmony musically is a relationship of tones 
that complement, but they are intricately linked 
with melody, the forward direction and movement of 
the piece.  In spiritual harmony the same 
principle applies; each personality is a tone, and 
all of us progress down the melodic path to attain 
our Father in heaven.
	Every effort you make towards self 
improvement is a contribution toward universe 
growth, and every realization in yourself of a 
higher truth is an opening door for those who 
follow, just as your realization was through a 
door opened by one who went before.  Harmony isn’t 
only the simultaneous interrelationship; it is 
also the relationship over a span of time.  Those 
who have gone before you and those who will follow 
also are interrelated and create the beautiful 
overtones of spiritual unity.
	Herein lies the truth that, when you assist 
even the lowly among you, you are serving the 
Sovereign Son of Nebadon.  There is no task more 
important; they all are equal in their 
contribution to the forward movement of goodness 
in the Supreme.
	The melodic course of Urantia is on a 
crescendo, and this planet is increasing in its 
harmonious expressions.  It appears chaotic to you 
at this interval of time only because the upswing 
is tumultuous and the turn around from the 
condensing phase that this planet has recently 
passed through.  You are among those who are 
hearing the cosmic tones of your celestial 
brothers and sisters and realizing that you do 
have an interaction that is beautiful and is 
helpful to all who have the ears to hear.  So, my 
friends, sing, express your soul, and discover the 
beauty of the harmony of your interrelationships.  
I thank you for listening.

	Jada:  Can you explain what you meant by 
“the condensing phase” that we recently passed 

*	Elyon:  This is the phase wherein the 
pursuit of individuality at the expense of others 
causes the contraction of harmony in the spiritual 
energy on the world, and it creates a silence 
across the spectrum of spirit contact.  I speak of 
it as a general long term condensation, but there 
have been intervals of expansion throughout this 
cycle just as in the phase ahead there will be 
contractions during the expansion in the general, 
overall upward trend.
	In order for Urantia to swing into alignment 
with the other worlds in Satania that are on the 
normal course of the unfoldment of Supremacy it 
will be of great importance to better realize 
harmonious living and care for one another.  It is 
a turning towards your fellows to care for each 
other, not at the expense of your own self 
unfoldment, but not in a competitive sense against 
one another but hand in hand.  This is the change 
I speak of.

*	Monjoronson (Mark):  Hello.  I greet you 
now, I am Monjoronson here to follow Elyon’s lead 
and take another journey through the mind’s eye.
	If you would picture a school of fish or 
even a flock of birds you will notice that when 
they are together they are demonstrating harmony 
between each other, that is, no two individuals 
follow the same exact path, but they maintain a 
constant relationship to each other, and they do 
this with extraordinary precision and ability, so 
much so that when observed as a whole they appear 
to act in total unison, where the entire school or 
flock moves as one, this way or that way together, 
maintaining their harmonic relationship to each 
other but yet moving as if in a direction of 
	This same phenomenon can be transferred to 
understand how it is that evolving mortals of the 
realm first come to act in harmony with each other 
and form a relationship with each other and then 
are seen to move as a body, as a whole, in this 
direction or that.  So you may at once be in 
harmony and acting in unison, creating the ideal 
state of functioning in unity almost as one while 
maintaining your individual harmonic relationship.
	You have referred to the phenomenon of the 
hundredth monkey and how at some point 
consciousness seems to take off in its own 
direction after having gathered to itself enough 
participants.  This is another example as if 
humanity were a school of fish or a flock of 
birds; when gathered together under a unified 
purpose there is indeed a group consciousness 
which dictates the movement of the entire 
collection.  This is yet another example of how 
you function on a variety of levels 
simultaneously, your individual ascension and 
growth, your relationship to others who have an 
individual course to take, and as well your group 
dynamics which occurs as a result of you 
establishing these harmonic relationships.  All 
this transpires simultaneously, and you are 
beginning to see that you play a role in each of 
these dynamics, and this may be extrapolated on 
out to include your entire species, even your 
entire universe.  There will come a point where 
you establish this harmonic relationship 
throughout all these patterns as well.  And one 
day you may realize that you are swimming with a 
bigger school and you are acting together as one 
voice, as one movement, in unison.
	It is always my pleasure to address this 
audience.  I now withdraw to all this forum’s use 
by others.  Thank you.

	Jonathan:  Thank you for that imagery.  I 
will make an effort to see life that way.  
Sometimes humanity seems like a swarm of gnats 
with no coordinated effort.  At times I get the 
feeling we are all a swarm of mosquitoes ready to 
bite each other.  I’ll make an effort to change my 
perspective to that cooperative direction that we 
all work together.

*	Monjoronson:  My friend, let’s use your 
imagery and take this a step further.  You all are 
aware of a beehive or a bees’ nest.  At one point 
you may observe this to be a well oiled machine of 
cooperation where all the members are content, 
peaceful, and working together for one cause, to 
support the organism of the nest.  This same 
scenario of a beehive or nest may be observed to 
be quite different when it is disturbed, when 
there has been a stick thrown into the nest or the 
wind has shaken the hive loose.  Then you will 
observe that there is chaos or what appears to be 
chaos as the members all struggle to reorganize 
the nest into some pattern that is serviceable.  
These are the same members involved in both 
scenarios.  Under peaceful conditions they most 
readily function in cooperative service without 
any need or desire to go on the attack, but having 
been threatened or damaged the response is quite 
different.  One should be well aware not to 
approach such a condition.
	Such is the condition we find our collective 
nest in at this time.  The wind is shaking 
vigorously and disturbing the peace that the 
members cherish and would have.  This triggers the 
automatic defensive response, and there appears to 
be disorder and chaos as the members struggle to 
maintain their environment.  This too shall pass 
as when the wind subsides and the members of the 
colony become at ease once again.  We will see 
eventual cooperation, coordination, even unity 
among the members, but there will require the 
calming after the storm before they will return to 
a state of peace.
	Thank you for bringing an analogy to the 
table so serviceable.

	Tom:  To take the analogy further, of late 
there’s been a disease among the bees.  In China 
they’re having to pollinate the trees by hand in 
some areas.  Could you speak to that?

*	Monjoronson:  What you refer to is an 
imbalance in the very, very complex organism, that 
is the organism of life on this planet.  Mankind 
is just awakening to the interdependence of all 
forms of life on this world and realizing, 
sometimes too late in the case of extinct species, 
that all these lifeforms are interdependent on 
each other for their survival.  It is no different 
for the organism that comprises your physical 
body.  There are a number of systems all operating 
simultaneously and dependent upon each other for 
the survival of the organism as a whole.  When any 
one of these systems suffers stress or damage the 
entire vehicle is impacted, perhaps even 
terminated.  Such is the case with your global 
life; your frogs are showing the signs of your 
planetary stress.  Your bees are alerting you to 
the fact of imbalance.  Your birds suffer greatly 
with the advent of your pesticides.  These are all 
your signals to alert you to the fact of the 
interdependence of life on your world.  Sometimes 
these signals are too little, too late, and 
species are lost.  Sometimes there is an 
awakening, and you forsake the use of pesticides 
and narrowly avert the extinction of your birds.
	There are many changes afoot happening very 
rapidly.  Some of what you will hear about will 
not give you time to respond as a species.  You 
will simply have to witness the effects of the 
dis-ease of the system.  You may however have a 
personal positive impact in your personal prayers.  
This is where one who feels isolated from the 
grand total may have a direct impact.  Petition 
love and light and health, healing, just as you 
would for one another, to your world, to all the 
species that inhabit your world.  In this way you 
may directly contribute to the direction that the 
school of fishes swim.  Even now your scientists 
have yet to define what determines the direction 
of any school of fishes or flock of birds in any 
one instance.  This collective consciousness has 
not been defined.  But you have learned in these 
years of training that it is a matter of your 
creation, that you are involved in determining the 
way forward, the direction ahead.  This is your 
golden opportunity before you.  Put your intention 
to where you would see this flock of birds go, and 
it will have an impact on the consciousness of the 
entire group.

*	Nebadonia (Jonathan):  This is Mother 
Spirit.  I am also a part of the harmony of all of 
us.  You look to Michael as the conductor of this 
great symphony that is our family of Nebadon, and, 
when he indicates, you make your expressions.  So 
the flow of life moves on by the conductor’s wand.
	I am one who tends to the concert hall.  I 
enhance your expression through reverberations, 
the absorptive and the reflective qualities.  The 
entire environment I can adjust through the means 
of my mind spirits and even through the 
adjustments of the physical energies.  You sit in 
your seat and play your tune as you look to 
Michael for the course, and I enfold you and 
surround you and enhance you at every expression.

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