[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 03/16/08

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Thu Mar 20 10:52:35 PDT 2008

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Moving in Fast Forward, Reach Into The Depths Of Your Heart, Your Are Part Of The
Network, Service Project, Brilliant Evening Stars, Put Away The Thought Of Your Distance.
Teachers: Machiventa, Tomas, Monjoronson, Michael.

March 16, 2008

* Machiventa (Mark TR): Greetings. I respond to your welcome, I am Machiventa
Melchizedek and as well I offer you my welcome; I welcome you all to, as you called it,
the new earth, the new paradigm.
It is wonderful that you have had the chance to express thought-streams that may be
utilized in my effort to communicate to you the significance of your perception of this
circuitry that has been established in an attempt to gather all the similar thought
patterns together and harness the energy inherent in such an activity.
I would use your observations as a springboard to affirm for you that it is indeed
true that such activities of combining energy and intentions and purpose have great power
inherent in their combination. When you discuss the potentials and the possibilities
that surround such activities you will only vaguely glimpse the depth of these potentials
and possibilities, but I am here to affirm for you that such activities are of top
priority now as I welcome you into the stage I will call “fast forward”.
You all have glimpsed the notion, have perceived of your own accord, that there
appears to be the quickening of the pace, the acceleration of the growth, and the
subsequent awareness, and you are correct in this perception. We will all come to
recognize these days as the stage of acceleration, as the stage of fast forward, if you
will. Time as you reckon it will appear to accelerate, but in reality it is you that are
accelerating, each one, with your advancement in awareness, and you will begin to take
more control of your time to channel your efforts more effectively. Therefore you will
make greater use of this time in fostering your growth and awareness.
So it will appear to you and to all others that time is moving faster, for more is
happening. Changes are occurring more rapidly, and the time interlude between your
exposure to truths and your embrace of these truths will shorten as your awareness can
accommodate such growth. So it is that we enter this stage of which you have been
previously notified of acceleration. Those like yourselves who have taken it upon
themselves to embrace this new stage will greatly benefit from the energies at hand to be
used in this process.
The time between asking and receiving will be shortened. The space between
desiring the truth and embracing the truth will be diminished, and you will find
yourselves in more rapid procession. This is yet another stage as we advance toward our
ultimate destination of Light and Light even on this world.
We must accelerate the progress and advance the collective consciousness in order
to prepare ourselves for the embrace of all that is to come. Maintain your desire to
facilitate this purpose. Notice opportunities that arise before you and avail yourselves
of any and all approaches and techniques that resonate with you, for this is a new
dawning, a new awakening, and you are the ones who are creating the success of this
undertaking. You are choosing, you are manifesting, you are becoming the new light.
So it is my pleasure and my privilege to make this announcement to you, to seed
this thought more firmly in your perception that you may grow this seedling of awareness
into a robust flowering plant.
I would thank you all for the effort you have contributed thus far to bring you to
this place, and I am assured by your efforts and your sincerity of your guaranteed
success. I only bring you my words of encouragement to facilitate your processes and
encourage and stimulate your motivations. I step back now as there are many others who
are in observation an surely would relish an opportunity to speak at this podium. Thank

* Tomas (Rob): Greetings, my friends. This is an old friend, Tomas, joining you
again. I am so glad to be where with such company. Many more you have gathered
Little do you know the plenitude of support that surrounds each of you in your
endeavors, and yet in the silence of your heart you discern this truth, and it is you who
translates this beauty, this abundance that is unspeakable, into the terms that are
meaningful to you and your fellows upon the plain of your own playing fields. During
your exchanges with others oftentimes unbeknownst to you and because of your explicit
desire to be of service you can and do so much more than you may credit yourselves with
such capability. You are making our love for you in this world as it is in so many
others who have never known the darkness of rebellion, who have never felt the torture of
alienation, who have never experienced the pain of witnessing your creator killed by
those who would not receive him in the abundance of love that he manifests in and through
you even now.
So I say along with our Prince Machiventa and in the confidence of our unanimity
that we are indeed moving forward in a manner that to many could be dizzying,
disorienting, and it is upon you that we depend to balance this tendency to make it
possible for all to proceed or at least as many as will to do so. Reach into the depths
of your heart. In these moments of stillness which defy all words, in which there is no
need for such symbols, dwell deeply in these places and be confident that, as you proceed
from them, you are extending this light in everything that you do.
I love you and what a joy to visit again!

* Monjoronson (Jonathan): As you welcome me I welcome you. I am here by request and
wish to engage with you as one not superior, as one not who hails from Paradise, but as
one who is a comrade, a cooperative partaker in this project of advancement on Urantia.
I am Monjoronson.
We have newly arrived here an increased presence of Brilliant Evening Stars, and
they will be of great assistance to me in bringing about the changes that Urantia needs
to undergo to become the beautiful orb of Michael’s bestowal world. Again I remind you
of the importance of your belonging in this undertaking; it is not foreign to you, and we
have relayed often how much your activities make all that we do actually come to pass.
You have heard me speak of applying pressure from above. My friends, that is really all
we can do and be within the Father’s will of your sovereignty of volition. If you push
back we will release that pressure. If you accept we will press forward.
There are many who are in this classroom who are miles apart, and you each yet
connect and experience the spiritual bonding that exists regardless of space. I
encourage you all to draw upon that collective energy source regardless of where you are,
for the dimensions of up-down, back-forth, are only physical and in the realm of the
spiritual brotherhood you are all in the same room together. There is a great potential
to exchange support of energy when you remember this is the condition, and as events
unfold you can immediately be nourished by one another’s energy output. There is no lone
soldier in this undertaking; you are truly a team. But you do not lose the importance
and value of your own individuality, for as we have spoken of circuitry, not only is
there interconnection, there are the nodes, the elements wherein the circuits
interchange, and this is where the real work is done. Energy may pass from one to
another, and that is good. But when it arrives at a particular location, then actual
actions are undertaken and work is accomplished and results flow therefrom. You each
become energy “redirectionators”. One powerful current can be distributed into many
channels; they can be attenuated to be more readily received by another who can only take
on so much power at once. They can also be boosted to those who need a direct and
powerful injection.
Do accept your importance in the network that is not merely a static orientation of
each one of you but a living, dynamic, growing organism. This is where the teaching of
circuitry can come against shortcomings, for you are not inanimate objects; you
metamorphose, and that change is a critical aspect to our program, for as you were in
your initial stages you were valuable and powerful. But as you are now in your current
stage you are valuable and powerful in a manner by which you were unable in the past.
Where you are now, the stability you develop in yourself is not fixating, for it will
take you to a point of power in the future that will at this time amaze you, though then
you will be quite accustomed to that new status, that new attainment.
It is my pleasure at this time to take questions, as I have been summoned to
provide responses. I now give that floor over.

Mark: I ask for clarification regarding a project which I spoke of in this group.
I see a service project I want to engage in which you are involved in. How may we best
utilize this opportunity together? I thought to turn this over to you but your lesson
this morning points that we are partners in any such process. Will you join me, join us
in such a process? Can we be of service to you and would you be of service to us? Can
we do this together? Will you provide direction and guidance as we offer what we have to
give in this process? Help us to accept our responsibility as partners in this process.
Will you speak to this? Thank you.

* Monjoronson: You have my support and I would have asked, “would you support me?”
but I take your expression as dedication to our undertaking. There will be efforts made
across the globe to foster the interconnection of truth seekers by way of the media of
communications you have at hand in your current century. We know that to educate the
minds of human beings it is not always best to infuse directly into the mind a vision, a
dream, or an auditory experience, for not all accept or deal with the occurrence well.
So we do also approach you through means regarded external. This is a far more
comfortable approach for a majority of individuals on your world. There is where your
support comes in, for we are not the ones who will run the equipment; it is you who can
do those tasks.
There are those on my side who will do the work necessary to infuse into the
interest-stream of truth seekers a desire to come to an exposure of the overcontrol and
interconnected undertaking of the celestial beings on this world. It is observed that
the races of mankind are weary of a rudderless approach to life on this world. While you
have been hurt in ages past by organizational powers that have used the goodwill of
mankind, you still long for leadership and one that is infused with love and compassion
and mercy, that you may take the hand of guidance and with complete trust go forward. It
is our pledge to do that, to be the caring older brother and sister who will assist you
in learning and growing. You have my pledge of participation, and I accept your

Mark: Okay. Would you have any desire to institute a name to denote this
movement? Perhaps you would grace us with a direction to go either now or as we move
forward in this process.

* Monjoronson: I am somewhat hesitant to provide a name, for I wish not to foster a
sense of my leading and others following and would rather the council associated with our
efforts develop that label. I will, though, give you a theme that I would like to see
promoted initially, and that is “the calling”. This is the hailing of those who are
willing, the all-on-board, the train is pulling out. Our first chapter is the
invitation. I hope this will assist you.

Mark: Thank you.

Rob: You mentioned Brilliant Evening Stars recently joining your effort here. I’m
mindful of the presence of the Trinity Teacher Sons and how they depend on the Brilliant
Evening Stars to help them work with us. Midwayers have an analogous function to
facilitate our communication with you and others outside our range of vision. Could you
elaborate on how we might embrace this additional infusion more readily and how to
position our minds and hearts to enjoin their unique signatures of light?

* Monjoronson: Human beings are quite familiar with the frustration in the attempt
to make contact with what you would call “that which lies beyond”. We know in reality
that that is not a “beyond”; it is a presence all about you. But even those you would
perceive as beyond your perceptive range, the midwayers for instance, also have
difficulty perceiving those who are apparently beyond them. These Evening Stars are, as
you say, capable of bridging those gaps.
We have often emphasized the importance of your role in this mission, but I also
remind you of the plethora of beings who are present, for Urantia has adjustments to be
made in many fields, in many categories, that you might call mundane or... [you may not
see the value now] ...but it is of great value in attaining Light and Life...
... may be likened to a movement in a great symphony. The Daynal order, they are
the ones who conduct the entire score. So there is a time such as now when we will
function perhaps as the violin section while the others are at rest. It is of great
importance what we do now; we do it not for our own elevation, for we know that in the
entire piece we are a small part. But without it the whole expression is disrupted.
Many are going to come to this world and be engaged in assignments, some for quite
a short duration and others, as your homeroom teacher Elyon said, will be here for the
long haul.
You have been educated to the presence of the Inspired Spirits, and I draw them to
your attention now to illustrate the gradation of spirituality in beings throughout the
universe and how important for intervening orders to bridge those gaps.
Everyone of you today is also bridging a gap, assisting your world in growing
familiar and comfortable with making contact beyond that which you can see.

* Michael (Rob): Greetings and good day. What a fine moment. You have gathered
here in this midst from the most vast periphery of creation into the very heart of our
Father. This blending of the center and circumference, the finite and infinite, the
human and divine, is what my life has revealed and is now continuing to reveal in and
through you.
Put away from your minds the thought of distance, whether those terms relate to
spacial or temporal dimensions. You are manifesting the reality of Paradise that I am
and we are together. Be confident as you extend our love that you are doing so from the
depths of my heart that I pour upon you as my beloved children to as many as would
receive it.
This is indeed a time of decision, a time of change, a time of accelerated motion.
Yet all of this transpires about this very center that we are even now.
My peace is always with you; my blessings are upon you, your projects, proceeding
as they do from your own hearts that are an extension of mine. I love you. Be

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