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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Advance The Way Of Truth, Expand The Awareness Of Others, Spirit Is With You,
Teachers: Machiventa, Unidentified, Monjoronson, Elyon.

February 10, 2008

* Machiventa (Jonathan TR): Machiventa here.
This planet you are on is of great and special importance to me. You know and have
read of my assignments here and the roles I play to assist Michael in bringing Urantia to
the height of its potentials. I was once assigned in order to prepare the way for his
appearance on your world, and I took that assignment with great anticipation and with a
sense of honor. But then your world was only among many worlds, just an evolutionary
sphere that had run into trouble with its celestial administration. Having actually
taken on the likeness of human form, I gained a greater appreciation for the condition of
human living.
Now this planet has many unique designations such as the headquarters of the
archangels, and we have witnessed the successful outworking of an alternate celestial
administration for conducting the spiritual affairs of this planet. It is, while being
organized without prior trials and experiments, unfolding quite well. The twenty-four
counselors who you know are one-time mortals or associated with living on your planet,
have proven to greatly enhance the oversight to bring to the plans for progress insights
not readily gleaned from the higher universities of experience.
I speak thus to you today because I have full intention to encourage you to forge
ahead, to advance the way of truth. I found great success on my sojourn here in doing
so, but my success wasn’t all my own effort; it was the many who followed in my footsteps
who spread the teachings. While I and the many who followed me were not entered into the
annals of history, they nonetheless made great effect in the areas of the world in which
they taught.
Many a curious mind and searching soul will adventurously seek the unknown to reach
for higher ways of being. But still many more are hesitant to do so and would rather
have one teach to them the way, that they may feel assured that the mistakes that they
could make would be prevented by the previous experiences of someone who had gone before
them. The more a path is tread the more obvious becomes the path. But the first few who
walk thereupon must do the ground clearing that the path becomes apparent.
Michael spoke of the “narrow way”, and he meant it in the sense that your own
spiritual progress is the only path you can take. All others must follow their single
path as well. But in so doing you reflect to one another the knowledge gained, the
experiences encountered, and the joys of success. Such reflections are motivating to
another individual to also go in that same manner. There will come times when you are
greatly uncertain as to what direction to lay your path, for you do not foresee the next
destination or resting point. But you are able to draw on your past experience and
realize that, even while you may have taken circuitous routes, you did, by the guidance
of the Divine Spirit, attain your next station and that sometimes these roundabout ways
have brought to you blessings, have deepened your insight, have exposed you to much that
you might have missed in a more direct trajectory. These very wide swings also have had
in them the opportunity to engage with other souls that you might not have encountered
otherwise. And these experiences are mutually enriching.
The greater your insight into living, into the realities that define life, the more
effective you become in ministry, and sometimes this ministry is not a direct expression
of comfort or assistance to another but is a solitary demonstration of a way of being, as
you present yourself as who you are, a spiritual child. Such an example can prevent the
need for lengthy discussions of universal truths in the forms of words and concepts.
Those are filled in subsequent to the witness of the way of being of your truth-presence.
It is over time that another seeker will accumulate the explanations that describe that
experience. Those who follow often are desirous of accumulating the descriptions and
expressions first before attaining the experience, but those who lead are often the ones
who pursue the experience and leave the explanations to hindsight. So you do have
individuals like my beloved Abraham who would charge off in a fury seeking to spread the
truth of my teachings. While he often did things that were not spiritually fragrant, he
laid the foundation for a great development in human religious perspective.
So you today are also pressing ahead, and you will likewise develop new approaches.
Eventually these approaches will be systematized by others, and they will then stand
there as indicators of where to go in the spiritual search. The mistakes you made will
be beneficial to you in the experiential sense, for they enhance your wisdom. And the
ones who look to the results of all the paths blazed by all of you will be able to sort
and sift for an efficient secondary following.
Urantia as a world has also undertaken an unfoldment of the same manner that I
indicate each of you is doing individually. It now stands as an example to all of
Nebadon of a world that can still unfold the Father’s will in spite of all that has
Be brave. Be faithful and above all trust the divine guidance within you. I, a
melchizedek, don’t have that residing gift of the Father that you do, though I have
experienced that indwelling when on your world, and I know directly how beneficial that
is to your orientation and direction in soul growth. Trust it deeply and know that
myself and the many who work with me are pledged to be of assistance to you, for the
world unfolds and attains Light and Life by your very actions. You are part of a
composite development in evolution, and that implies that each one of you be unique, that
your contribution is yours. Go forward, my friends, live for Michael. Uplift this
world. Deepen your connection with the presence of God.

* unidentified (Kathy): Be aware of the truth and beauty you manifest in your daily
life. It is an opportunity to expand the awareness of others. Each time you focus your
energy in this way, it touches others and increases their awareness. The Father is
always expanding awareness of these aspects of life as mortals. If you touch others in
love and with graciousness they are better able to appreciate these dimensions when they
are encountered in their daily lives. Always are goodness and beauty surrounding your
world, but many pass by without recognition of the joy it can add to their lives. You
are able to be a touch-point that brings them into awareness and into manifesting truth,
beauty, and goodness in their own lives.

* Monjoronson (Jonathan): This is Monjoronson. I engage with you, and I wish to
address the one among you who spoke of working with an energy field.
I will call attention to the hierarchy of the three aspects of one reality, and
that is the spiritual, mental, and physical. It is spirit that activates mind and mind
that energizes your physical form. You are all quite aware of how readily you can
contact one another through means physical. But spirit is all pervasive and mind is
nearly so, only defined and delineated by levels of mind, where spirit is one. This
energy field is not so much a physical energy as it is a configuration of force and power
in the spiritual and mental arenas. As you become familiar through the exercise you have
undertaken, you will begin to perceive an ability within yourself to make contact with
others in the realm of the mind and spirit that is independent of physical presence.
This ability is perfectly executed in the all-pervading presence of the Spirit of Truth,
and this spirit is with you and becomes the means whereby you also can experience an
expanded presence.
I have spoken much of the intertwining of our energy signatures. This manner of
speaking addresses the fluidity of our beings and how we can merge with one another in
fellowship and communion and experience love without definitions and boundaries. It also
calls to attention how we can be together even if I be stationed on another world but yet
in contact.
Your physical form has coordinates in space, but your personality presence is much
larger than the area that your body occupies. You have often termed such awareness as
“vibrations”. When you come to know how to control or perhaps how to work with this
energy, your spirit presence, you will be able to effect greater change on the world on
which you live. That is my purpose here in this Magisterial Mission, to upstep the
energies, not that the energies are weak now, but that the awareness of working with
those energies is weak. The more that each of you develops your conscious ability, the
faster we will move forward into the new dispensation, and the writing of the next
chapter of the history of Urantia will unfold. That will be those who knowingly go
forward and do so in the orientation of the primacy of spirit, the association of mind,
and the following of physical actions.

* Elyon: This is Elyon and I am here to encourage you to engage with the teachers.
I am also enjoying not having to present a lesson. It is a pleasure to be in audience
and to receive guidance. Please share your insights or express a question if you have

Tom: The exercise of recognizing yourself as an energy field, while it follows the
pattern of following others, a well beaten path, actually was refreshing because it led
me on the path. After practicing it I can apply it in whatever direction I want. I
would appreciate any exercises you might offer that we might practice and, depending on
our diligence, we would forge ahead on the other end. Like learning to play an
instrument, we follow a well beaten path at one point but we end up playing.

* Elyon: I will first comment on the well beaten path. While it has been emphasized
today the value of you establishing a path, it was for the purpose of assisting others to
begin the journey. So you can go down a well tread path and thereby become capable of
taking a fork in the road and blazing your own trail. So, to adopt an exercise by
another can be of great value.
To become more familiar with this field of being I can offer you a suggestion, that
is, to learn to develop an erasure of boundary. You have spoken of the experiences of
being out of body, and this is undertaken by those who are able to break the sense of
boundary that is being in body.
You are respiratory creatures and so you can use our your breath to become aware of
boundary and lack of boundary. When you inhale, perceive yourself enlarging and, with
the imagination of your mind, expand your sense of presence as far in all directions as
you can. In your exhale contract to as infinitesimal a point as you can imagine.
The expanded sense is the soul of the Supreme, and the contracted infinitesimal
point is the presence of God, and you can occupy all of the ranges in between. This will
redefine your personal boundary and help you to become more sensitive to that presence of
being that is more than your physical form.

Tom: Thank you for tying that exercise into the stillness.

Kathy: I once read in a transcript that we are capable of expanding beyond our
bodies as much as a mile. We are more than our physical presence. Would you say there’s
not a small limit to what we are capable of doing?

* Elyon: Yes, indeed. Even a mile is a limitation, but it is better conceivable by
a human being to have an expression of distance. You have a popular phrase wording today
called a “footprint” that you apply to many things. That is, in a sense, what we speak
of when we talk about your energy presence. I referred to the Spirit of Truth, and it is
your interassociation with this spirit presence that can give you an extension into all
of Nebadon, though practically speaking the human mind cannot fathom such a reach of
presence. You are better able to sense the presence of Michael by way of this spirit.
When he says he takes you in his arms, it is this Spirit of Truth engagement with you
that is the embracing ....
I will also take this opportunity to bring back up our previous teachings about
being a light anchor, for we have today spoken of extension of our presence and expansion
of your presence. You can pull that power all together into one point as a light anchor
and intensify that spiritual reality of being just as does a magnifying glass with light,
just as does a welding tool do with electrical power. So, focus is as beneficial to your
spiritual capabilities as the ability to expand.
I will draw close at this time and thank you for your attention to our melchizedek
son and our Magisterial son. I appreciate your interaction with us. We are a team, and
it is in our collectivity that we have great support and can draw great power. Also
realize the wonderful love that is everywhere present waiting to be shared and
recognized. Farewell.

# The exercise goes something like: While in meditation, imagine yourself slowly rolling
as far as you can to your left then watching your physical self. Try to experience what
that would be like. Then do the same thing on the other side. Do it forward, backward,
up, and down.

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