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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Relationship of Celestial Beings to You, Midwayers and Mortals, The Chain Of
Command, Morontia Vision, We All Are One Spiritual Team, Give Thanks To The God Of Light
And Love.
Teachers: Darid, United Midwayers, Stephen, Sharmon, Monjoronson, Michael.

February 17, 2008

* Darid (Jonathan TR): I am glad to be with you, my name is Darid. I have the
assignment of explaining some of the relationships of celestial beings to your personal
situation. I will use the analogy of a theater and performing arts.
Most performers have an agent which is the interface with other agencies on your
behalf. This role shields you from certain decisions and scheduling to be made and allows
a trusted expert to guide your career. In this Teaching Mission, with many functions to
perform, your personal teacher becomes like your agent, one who knows you well enough and
also knows well the processes being undertaken in this mission to be able to speak for
you as to your readiness and also to be alert to your well-being should a task be not
appropriate for you to undertake.
Some have questioned whether or not a personal teacher is relevant when every
mortal with freewill choice has guardian angels. Guardian angels take on functions which
an agent would not, for they more rightly work for the producer who, in this case, is
your Thought Adjuster, and work out the mechanisms and events that make it possible for
the show to go on the road. They set the groundwork; they set the theater into readiness
for your life experiences which are to be contributing to your growth. They make sure
everything is appropriately prepared. To make clear the context, you who choose, the
sovereign will personality, are the director of the play; you are the one who calls when
Act One or Act Two begins and ends. You are the one who positions the “personalities” on
the stage. But these actors, they are your emotions, your understanding, your
inclinations and propensities, your genetic makeup, all of which are unique and make your
act different from another. What unfolds is the story of the soul.
You have spoken about midwayers today. In some ways they are like the set
designers who do the painting, who decide how the lights should show, how loud should the
volume be of the orchestra. This is how they impact your life. They have an ability to
keep the set from falling over and hitting you when you are engaged in a performance.
But it is not as simple as this. What I have expressed is an internal performance,
for you know you are social creatures, so there is an interaction of all these elements
with everyone else’s elements, and this makes for a true cosmic play.
My parting word is that you who conduct can trust the complications and
interweavings of all that goes on that makes a production to the producer, the Thought
Adjuster, the God Indwelling, for the overall perspective resides within the Thought
Adjuster. Pursue your life with the skills and the expertise you have now. Apply them
diligently, and you couple that with trust of all those other personalities, celestial
and otherwise, who are integrated in coordinating with you that your soul experience will
be beautiful and good and will have a harmonious interaction with others. I thank you.

* a midwayer (Kathy): We of the United Midwayers are always involved in the
connection between you and the teachers. It is our pleasure to serve you in this way.
It is our hope that this contribution will enable the planet of Urantia to become more
involved in the affairs of the universe administration and able to progress to Light and
Life. As your cousins on this world, we are always looking for opportunities to connect
with mortals and to bring about increased awareness of universe values and objectives.
For many long years we have been in waiting for the changes that are even now
occurring here. It is our delight to be a part of this process and to participate in
your group. Be assured that we will make the effort to participate with you in the
process of growth and expansion of consciousness on this planet. This is our privilege
to work with you to advance our mutual home world.

* Steven (Mark): I bring you my greetings today, I am Steven, this one’s personal
teacher, and I would carry on the thought pattern offered by Darid and speak of the chain
of command and the delegation of authority as it relates to the scenario put forward.
As with any major undertaking there runs through the entire scenario the underlying
thread of what it is the organization or undertaking is there to promote and uphold.
This organization of necessity is delineated into a variety of categories of structure,
and all these are necessary to undertaking the vastness of such an enterprise. However,
the underlying thrust of the project is continuous throughout from the ones who are at
the top of the authority ladder all the way down and through those who are subsequent in
this order and who are about following the command structure and upholding the message.
In the previous scenario there are ones who are overseeing the bigger picture and many
underneath who are overseeing the manifestation of the many details necessary to
accommodate the bigger picture. And finally there are the ones who are visible in the
portrayal of this effort out to the others.
When one observes the portrayal of a role well played it is easy to overlook the
fact that there were scores of supporting roles that enabled the message to be delivered
in its grace. Likewise this is the nature of spiritual growth and ascension. There are
universal underlying principles and truths, and there are many roles to be filled in
support of these principles and truths and much authority that is delegated throughout
this process. If there are no actors then the screenplay will simply fail to manifest.
Yet without the direction and intention of the screenplay the actors would not have
purpose. So it is that you in your awareness and understanding have glimpsed that there
is structure and there is delegation in all that transpires in the spiritual realm.
You have glimpsed that the truths spoken, whether they are uttered by personalities
you deem to be in higher authority or in greater position are faithfully supported and
upheld by all those who have had such authority delegated to them even such as myself in
this moment, even such as yourselves in the moment that you find yourselves being called
upon to be a messenger of such grand principles. You are merely acting as a delegated
authority to greater truths. Just as I am honored and privileged to present to you at
this moment as one who has been delegated to, so you may see yourselves when the time
arises for you to be the one who has had the authority delegated to them. In this chain
of command we are all privileged to uphold the values presented, and it is not necessary
that we attempt to claim any great responsibility for being asked to play these roles,
rather we should see this as our privilege and honor to be asked to join this line of
delegated authority and be one to uphold our position in faithfulness and with the
assurance that we are to the best of our capabilities portraying the underlying message
that we speak for the entire production crew when asked to portray the meaning and the
value behind what we are attempting to portray.
So it is that we have the support of the entire production crew when it falls to us
to oversee our sector of the production. All hands are necessary on deck to navigate the
vessel, to pull off the production, and therefore should you always keep in mind the
significance of the role you play.
That is what I would share with you today. It has been my honor to step forward
and act in this capacity. Thank you.

* Sharmon (Jonathan): This is Sharmon. Hi. We have for long co-inhabited this
world. Though you each individually pass through so quickly, your human race has been
here for a great period of time, even so much than longer than we midwayers. We have
grown to love our world, and it is a joyful experience we share in the recognition of the
increased awareness of our human cousins in their interconnectedness with the cosmic
You are developing a morontia vision which overlays your earthly undertakings, and
this perspective guides your choices, shapes your values, and determines how much better
this world will be while you visit here. We midwayers are first educated in the morontia
vision I speak of; it is our orientation and helps us understand our purpose on Urantia.
Much of what our order of being was created to engage in was one time disrupted. While
we did flounder for lack of direction some time ago, we found our identity within
ourselves, and as a body stood before the Almighty God and pledged to be about the
Father’s business. This self discovery is shared with all you human brothers and
sisters, for you too have gone from the darkness of unknowing into the light of faith and
did so, much under your own efforts. Yes, many about you would point the way, but so
much that exists on the world in the form of teaching is convoluted and a tangle to work
through to discover the content within. But emerging within you is that morontia insight
or, as Steven said, an oversight. That makes everyone of us joyful. We are drawing
closer together, and, though it may not be this age, in ages to come we will have even
greater interface with the human race.
I give you my thanks for your pioneering efforts, and I encourage you to encourage

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, I am Monjoronson. I simply cannot resist the
opportunity to commingle energies with you. I would offer a bold statement designed to
trigger your thinking, and that is that I am no more endowed with spiritual truths than
are any of the others that you might consider. We are as one in the spiritual realm. We
seek as one, and this differs greatly from your system of thinking on your world where
some have been granted greater authority than others. Your judges have been granted
greater credibility than your street sweepers, and therefore there is a different level
of trust and different degree of comfort when one speaks over the other. As you have
just witnessed today, spiritual truth is spiritual truth whether it is brought to you on
the energy signature of a personal teacher or of a midwayer or of one of my stature who
you might inadvertently grant more authority. I declare to you that we all are of one
spiritual team. We are all upholding one spiritual production, and whether it is my
honor and privilege to address you or whether it is delegated to another in my realm, we
will universally uphold the spiritual principles regardless of perceived stature.
Many times those who come at your request to share with you spiritual truths are of
your choosing, are of your desire, because you are comfortable with specific
personalities or energy signatures. But in the overall picture the individuals involved
are only the messengers of the moment; they are not the custodians of this undertaking;
they are merely the participants of the moment. As was mentioned, you are on this team
as well, and you may be the participants of the moment at any time. Realize that you too
have access to these universal principles and truths through both your efforts at
gleaning this information, and as well you have a Divine Fragment within to help you in
this process and to maintain this connection to the gigantic enterprise that you are
engaged in. Therefore you may speak as one who has authority as you have been installed
as one who is a delegate of such authority. You do not own this truth that you portray;
it is not your original design, but you are nevertheless in the role of one who is
portraying the message of the moment and the larger reality as you are aware of it.
Thank you for hearing my words and this connection that you create and offer to be
utilized in this way. Truly you have signed onto the grand undertaking, and you are one
of the ones who will be listed in the credits as supporting factors. Thank you.

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