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North Idaho Teaching mission Group
Topics: Circuits, Systems, True Love Speaks Volumes, Confidence.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Michael, Elyon.

February 3, 2008

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): [Greetings] ...my energy signature to have deduced that
for yourselves. I would share some observations with you from my perspective.
First I would share with you that, had you thought in advance to turn on a
recording device and capture this joyful and spiritual exchange that I have just
witnessed and then had the opportunity to see it freshly expressed in ink and paper as a
transcript, I believe it would be a worthy and valid contribution to the pile of
transcripts that you so reverently generate each week with regard to what ones of my
stature have to offer to you. You have indeed embraced spiritual principles; and you are
indeed manifesting these spiritual principles. And if you would only see yourselves as
trustworthy as we see you, you would appreciate that you are in command of these great
truths and that you do possess authority over that which is within your realms of
awareness. Whereas you look to your unseen associates to grant authority, others will be
looking to you and grant you with authority of one who knows, of one who has a greater
awareness, and this is a simple matter of fact.
You mentioned several points worthy of bringing to the fore, and I will attempt to
weave just a few together. You mentioned the formation of a variety of circuitries,
systems, loops of energy, if you will, and the more of these systems that you are
connected to and incircuited with, the more you are plugged into all the different
frequencies available. You are growing good at forming these circuits at will and
infusing them with life, supporting them with your intention, and then wielding the
energies at will. This is part of your learning to build system upon system much as your
structure goes upon your foundation and eventually it rises.
You also mentioned in your discussion that simply the living of the principles,
manifesting the gospel, being the truths that you know, and this is yet again another
example of a system or a circuit that you would uphold and support. When enough sign on
to this system, it will become pervasive throughout. You mentioned the hundredth monkey
syndrome and your faith that when enough sign on there will be a flip, and you are
correct in your assessment that this is so. I would simply point out that if you are the
twentieth monkey it may appear to you that it takes a long time to reach this critical
mass. If you are the sixtieth monkey it won’t take as long, and if you are the ninety-
ninth monkey it will seem as though it was instantaneous. But all along there has been
this continuum, this buildup, to this point of critical mass, as you indicate.
You also mentioned that there is both uncertainty and certainty that provide you
the contrast to make these choices in your lives. You are growing in awareness that both
of these aspects have useful components to your growth and evolution. You may choose to
utilize your conviction that you are watched over by your divine parents and that your
survival is assured and your journey will be a success. You may utilize this conviction
that you possess to transform all of your earthly experiences; for, if you know that you
will ultimately succeed, that you will ultimately survive, that there is really no
potential to not survive, not succeed; if you are earnest and sincere in your efforts,
then each individual episode in life becomes transformed by this simple awareness that
this is so. You then can bring a peace to the journey that can only be brought with the
certainty or the conviction, the awareness, that this is so.
So many wonderful, useful, tools and analogies are brought into the arena today
that it is almost as if no lesson needed to be delivered by an unseen personality. So
rich was the content of your sharing that you are currently unable with any true
perspective to see your advanced stages of spiritual awareness objectively. But I can.
I do. And I bring you this assurance that this is so so that you can know that you are
certainly one of the monkeys in position, being steadfast and sincere in your position.
With trust and faith you await with certainty what the Father’s plan will unfold for you.
I honor you and respect you for being the Van of your time, ones who will stand fast to
that which you know to be certain to you. Well done.
I now will withdraw to allow this platform for the use by others. Thank you.

Mary: I invite you to straighten your spines, take a couple of deep breaths to
assist in opening a channel. Be mindful of your beautiful connection within this group.
I feel that I can speak for Michael and that he would like to have a word with us.

* Michael (Mary): Gather round, my children, I am your father but I am also your
brother, and I speak to you now as my brothers and sisters. I speak to not only you, my
mortal children of Urantia, but all of my brothers and sisters of light from all
quadrants of the universe who are present in effort to manifest light.
My friends, our purpose the grand and noble purpose, the achievement of that
purpose is achieved in a very simple manner. As we bring forth into our lives, into our
actions, into our choices, the principles of love and light, as we live the gospel, it is
the sincerity of our kindness will touch others. The true love in our hearts speaks
volumes. Our words may be but simple words, but the truth and love behind them gives
them the eloquence that reaches the very soul of another person.
I tell you that you have very powerful gifts, and I thank you for bringing these
gifts into your lives through your choices. The power of our message of love can move
mountains as the breath of wind can move the heaviest of vehicles across parking lots at
Lowe’s! The power of love is astounding, and you will experience it the more you take it
to action in sincerity and trust. I encourage you to be about the Father’s business.
You are beautiful children of the universe. I love you so much. Carry on in my
name, and you shall turn the tide .... Thank you.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. It is with great joy that I assemble
with Michael and Monjoronson today and be with you as well, my associates in the
upliftment of Urantia.
You have spoken and discussed such human situations as uncertainty and certainty,
security and insecurity, and I will bring into the discussion another word: confidence.
It may be perceived as like certainty, but today I wish to stress the aspect of
confidence as loyalty.
Imagine yourself in a small boat; uncertainty and certainty are like two paddles.
If you only paddle on the left with, say, uncertainty, you veer constantly to one side.
Likewise from the other side of your craft. In the course of time and the gathering of
experience this occurrence is something you will become quite confident in its
transpiration. In your maturity you learn to work both sides of the craft to move
yourself in the direction of your choosing and your search. Thereby you are less
paralyzed by the fear of progress when you encounter uncertainty, for you can
counterbalance that with certainties that are attained. In the realm of spiritual
advancement truth is one of your boats wherein you place your confidence. Sometimes you
are blessed with the experiences of rightness, but at other times you are also faced with
error. But both will assist you in your advancement when you balance these encounters in
the light of the overarching eternal truth.
We have offered to you in years past the imagery of a compass, and you can with
confidence know that the needle ever points north, even if you spin the compass around
and make it read south. This would be like error against good, or uncertainty confusing
certitude. But in confidence, in the light of truth, it nonetheless faces north.
Nothing can be done to change it; only your orientation in degrees, minutes, and seconds
can adjust and be altered.
You know deep within yourselves of the reality of God’s presence and of your value
in the family of God. Many things about you change; these are the various paddles that
steer your boat. Michael has assured you today of the forever buoyancy of your craft in
his love and his support. Confidence is a transcending element of your spiritual makeup
that orchestrates and balances all the variables of your life.
Michael said to come to him all who are weary and he will give you rest. This rest
is confidence. Again, it is a loyalty to what is above and overshadows all. You may
open the palm of your hand and make a fist with your other and pound it into the open
palm. You hear a sound; you feel pressure, but soon that passes. Even your decision to
make such a gesture passes. But you know who you are; you know of the episode and the
details. Therein is where confidence lies while all else changes.
This orientation is the very power used by Jesus when he marched straight into
Jerusalem in spite of the foes and powers that stood against him and the events on earth
appeared to turn so poorly against his cause. But he knew beyond all outcome where he
stood under the goodness of God. He was confident even in the darkest hours.
I will draw one more image of the two who were with him on the cross, one in great
doubt and one who rose in great faith; two human souls in balance, one on each side of
the pillar of stability, our Michael Son.
I end my presentation here that you might reflect further in your own understanding
upon the meanings that you will derive. Thank you.

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