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DATE: January 6, 2008
LOCATION: Rio Rancho Raspberries
T/R: Gerdean O'Dell-Bowen

TEACHERS: Merium, Melchizedek, Andromadeus
TOPIC: Seraphic Planetary Government
Q&A: 1. Will Teachers Materialize
2. How Do They See Us?
3. Why Are They Not Female?

Music and Prayer

MERIUM: This is Merium and that's my cue!
Group: Hi, Merium. Welcome!

MERIUM: Hi everybody. How great to be back with you after our absence, during which the holidays prevailed. I see everyone has survived and, as is your inclination at this time of year, you are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in anticipation of new adventures ahead. I am, at least, in an anticipatory mood. I have guests today to bring in, and the group has new formatting to polish, so let's be about the business of this classroom and see what the future holds for us today. One moment.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: I am Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince. How wonderful to have you gathering still, after these many years. It is always gratifying to us who are cultivating the mortal connection to see how you stick with it. Some come and go; and some graduate to Mansonia; but those of you who endure provide the bulwark of the mission as undertaken by the Teacher Corps under the jurisdiction of myself in conjunction with Christ Michael, whose Mission it is truly to help bring you into an awareness of your place in the universe and the friends and associates you may claim as your helpers in your ascent into consciousness and spirit reality.

It is often difficult for us to assess your real capacities, since mortals are such creatures of habit and cultural conditioning. We see the light within you shine, but we also see how easy it is for that light to flicker when your faith is tested or when the effort of your up-reach is thwarted by the pull of your human condition. But we trust that while we may not always succeed, we will surely fail if we do not at least make the effort. And so it is in that light that I am happy to introduce another character to your Cast of Characters in this unfolding Teaching Mission, and that is one who has visited before in private converse, but who we feel certain will be well received, especially as you pursue your course of study and understanding of the body of helpers, such as the seraphim, in planetary government and ministry throughout your world and other worlds of time and space. And that would be Andromadeus.

Andromadeus you may regard as perhaps the Mayor or the Governor. He is not the King; he is not the Supreme Court Justice, but he is an official in universe government. Let me let Andromadeus speak for himself, but before I do that, I will take the opportunity to impose an immediate assignment upon you, and that is to read from the text from the Paper on Seraphic Planetary Government about the divisions of labor that Andromadeus will speak about . not only today but possibly over the course of many seasons.

I will put this session in recess until you have had an opportunity to review the material that will help you understand who your new Teacher will be and what he will be presenting. And before I close off for this recess, let me once more convey to you how much we appreciate those of you who do stay the course, and who stay awake, and those who, like us, anticipate the next adventure in the unfolding of the cosmic consciousness of Urantia. Shalom.

Group: Thank you!

[Recess, as Reneau reads about
The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision,
>From Paper 114, Seraphic Planetary Government.]

Gerdean: Let's let Andromadeus introduce himself and see if he will take questions. He has never allowed questions before.

ANDROMADEUS: I beg your indulgence. I am Andromadeus, a Most High Observer assigned to this critical time in your planet's development. I also oversee the rehabilitation and re-encircuitment of the other worlds in this System, which were isolated at the time of the rebellion. Thus Machiventa's description of me as a Mayor is somewhat cavalier, but I will not differ with him, my comrade.

The connection here with this T/R is far from optimum, but as is often the case, as we spend time with each other, our energies are able to harmonize as I reach down and the instrument reaches up. At that time we have as good a connection as can be had under these primitive circumstances. Even so, it is a great thrill to us all to be engaged in such an experiential adventure as you have been introduced to, the Teaching Mission. And although it is evident that this term and this phase in planetary development is far from clear, it is nonetheless gratifying to see how many of you reach for the light, who seek this connection, and who yearn to reflect divine light into the darkness.

Your industry in this regard is endearing, even when it is fraught with error. We have seen such error on your world; yours by comparison are, as I said, "endearing."

I am honored and gladdened to be urged to step forward to receive the sanction of Prince Melchizedek who oversees your university curriculum. Much time has been spent in the cultivation of your reality, learning about your place in the universe and the very real connection that exists - personally, energetically, and spiritually, even emotionally - between you and others, human and divine. And we can clearly see your ambition to be about the Father's business in ways that will make your mark on the history of your humble beginnings as a mortal on this world. Often it seems you are eager to win the race, and in your enthusiasm you charge out of the gate as if you know where you are going, as if you know the goal before you even know the direction in which to head. But I assure you we can utilize those drives, that urge. As the Father lures you forward, we come along behind and beside you, attempting to guide your steps and in this we are a vast array of workers. Indeed, this is the seraphic planetary government at work.

While this government is indeed vast and far-reaching into all the worlds of time and space, it is my peculiar privilege to represent you who have been isolated for the efforts we engage in with you here are altogether new and different from the seraphic planetary government of other worlds which have been functioning fruitfully from their beginning. Yours has only recently begun, with the advent of the Spirit of Truth, at the time of Michael's departure from this world and assumption of sovereignty. In many regards we are a new group of workers and while our categories are classified, the opportunities are unique and varied.

I would like, over time, for you to gain a greater understanding of these divisions and as you are able to ponder them each individually, you will be able then to perceive how they are at work in your world. It will not suffice for me to simply say what they do, although I will help you understand, for your task as the student is to research and discover how they work and for you to bring this knowledge into the class room to share and compare with your fellows so that you have a true education, a genuine knowledge of how the universe works, even beginning here in your humble existence as a mortal of the realm -- one only now beginning to emerge out of quarantine.

I know there will be questions, and yet I would like to instill some direction. I do not want to take over your classroom completely. Merium has other fun and games for you, other stories to tell, other visitors to bring in and Tomas, of course, maintains his relationship with you as a primary influence, but I have been given time on the docket, as it were, and so I intend to take full advantage of that opportunity. Perhaps you could discuss among yourselves which one of these divisions you would like to focus on first.

I hesitate to open the floor for questions, but at the risk of my composure, I will nonetheless open the floor to you. Be gentle.

Elena: Well, I would just like to understand .
ANDROMADEUS: And you are.?
Elena: I am Elena.

Elena: Greetings. And I'm glad to have you here and I'm thinking along the beginning of the New Year and your visit to our group is really wonderful. I've just been a little uncertain about who you are, though, and why are you here? To better understand the angels and how they work in our world, I guess. But I don't quite understand who you are. I'm not meaning to be disrespectful, I'm just trying to understand who you are.

ANDROMADEUS: I am an official. There is no comparison in your local government, your local finite government. I have been compared before as a Mayor to indicate that I serve over the City Council, and in this case the City Counsel would be the Counsel of 24 on Jerusem --

Reneau: I have a general question.

ANDROMADEUS: -- as well as the twelve divisions of planetary seraphic helpers, and so my purview is quite large, but it is not as large as, say, Gabriel's or Michael's. I only bring it up because I know you are interested in hierarchy and who is more important and who carries more weight and who identifies with you more closely, and so forth. If you were to read the entire Paper, you would have a better idea of who the Most Highs are and I am one of those. I come from the Constellation level, the capital of which is Norlatiadek.

You have heard it said many times that the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men, and yet I have heard many complaints of late that we are not doing our job very well because there are so many wars and rumors of war, and so there is this accusatory attitude that we must not be doing our job that well if war is still a pattern here. Perhaps if you understand what we do do, you will have less criticism about what we don't do. It is my privilege to attempt to educate you and to cultivate within you a greater understanding of how it is that the Most Highs work. And I am an Observer. I observe, notate, report and counsel in my job. I do not direct and tell people what to do. I report to others.

Elena: Actually, I wasn't asking about hierarchy or who is higher, I was just trying to get a better idea about what we might be learning from you, is really why I asked the question. It wasn't any criticism whatsoever.

ANDROMADEUS: You are not being reprimanded, child. When I address a group, I am addressing a far larger field than this immediate assembly.

Elena: Thank you.

ANDROMADEUS: And again, after you have chosen one of the twelve divisions, then we can focus on that so that you can begin to gain a better understanding of what it is that I observe, for you then will observe it also.

Reneau: Well, then can I ask a question?
ANDROMADEUS: And you are.?
Reneau: Reneau.

Reneau: Hi. "The angels of health. . assigned to the assistance of those mortal agencies dedicated to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. The present corps is the sixth group to serve during this dispensation." Since I work in the field of health, that area interests me a great deal, and I've seen great advances happen over just the past 50 years (much less 2,000) -- disease prevention and health promotion and I think that's marvelous. We've come a long way, just in simple things like washing our food and washing our hands. And sanitary conditions and how one person can influence a whole culture. For example, Florence Nightingale introduced cleanliness into hospitals and field medicine in trying to get surgeons to wash their hands before they operate. The present corps is the sixth group. One of my questions is, how often or what decides when another group or corps will come into a specific industry, home, religion, enlightenment, those different subdivisions that we read about?

ANDROMADEUS: Let me ask you then, since you are in this field, how long have you been in health?

Reneau: Thirty-two years.
ANDROMADEUS: And how many times have you changed over?

Reneau: Several. Well, in a general form, only a couple of times. I started off being a hospital nurse and I pretty much did that for about 30 years, so I guess you could say that only twice. Well, generally. Different hospitals, but still hospitals.

ANDROMADEUS: So different hospitals and different formats. Why would you change?
Reneau: Uh . to go to another place, change climate, change environment.

ANDROMADEUS: And do you see where that might be the reason for the changeover as referenced in planetary government? Your world has experienced a lot more disease than necessary, had your Material Son and Daughter followed through with the original plan for racial upliftment, many of the diseases Urantia experiences today would not exist. This creates much more work and deplorable conditions. It stands to reason, then, that these workers would, like you, grow weary of the deplorable conditions and rather than run the risk of cosmic burnout, their job assignments change. Not just from one hospital to another, but from one area of focus to another. Is that helpful?

Reneau: Yes. Yes, very much.

ANDROMADEUS: Already, now, you see, you have a greater understanding of how it is that the most highs work in the kingdoms of men. And when you hear people complain that the Most Highs aren't doing a very good job, since there is still cancer and AIDS and any number of other infirmities that have not been mastered, cured and dispensed with, can point out that whereas this may be true, small pox is virtually eliminated, as is polio and breech birth and a number of other things that were common even 100 years ago. Does this help?

Reneau: Yes.

ANDROMADEUS: That being said, then, let us let that field be the first one we undertake to consider. Perhaps for the month of January (your time) you can take a look. Allow yourself to program yourself to be open to impressions and guidance that come to you through and about the field of medicine and health. Read that description one more time for the record:

Reneau: "8. The angels of health. These are the seraphic ministers assigned to the assistance of those mortal agencies dedicated to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. The present corps is the sixth group to serve during this dispensation."

ANDROMADEUS: So they serve the doctors, the nurses, the administrators, the researchers, the scientists, the patients, and those that are engaged in improving and maintaining the health of the creatures of Urantia. Yes, let us not overlook the veterinarians and those other fields that contribute to this essential element of effort.

It has been my pleasure to be with you today. I look forward to meeting with you again next month to learn more about seraphic planetary government. Farewell.

Group: Thank you. Farewell. [Tape turned; group discussion, off the record.]

MERIUM: Merium here, all enlivened as a result of your conversations in the wake of the most invigorating visit from Andromadeus and as always it is wonderful to feel the presence of Machiventa. And I understand that we have yet more on the agenda, even as time is slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. I would like to be able to accommodate those who submit questions, and since we have the platform available, let's see if we can make hay while the sun shines. What is the first question presented?

Elena: The first question is: "Will the Teacher Corps materialize on our world as the Prince's staff, such as the Caligastia 100 of Dalamatia?"

MERIUM: Let me see if there is anyone here in the peanut gallery who would like to take that on. One moment. (Pause) No one wants to handle that. I'll take it. I'll "field that question," as they say, and I'm going to refer this right back to your discussions, your interim discussions stimulated by Andromadeus' visit, and say, No they are not going to materialize. You are here to act for them. You will not become Tomas or Merium or Rayson or Daniel or Elyon or Jarel. You are becoming you and effective as you, as you yearn to be. The tendency is and has always been to look for those outside yourselves to fix it, or to show the way, or to pave the way, and wanting to have someone finite to follow, like the pied piper. That is what is different about this situation we enjoy here with you, we in the Teacher Corps. We are teaching you how to be teacher. not simply academic teachers sitting around pontificating about what you learned, no, but actually rolling up your sleeves and wading into the ditch, there to dig until you do the dirty work of pulling your world up by the bootstraps, and this is truly the fun stuff.

I know you might not think so, especially as you view it from your mortal perspective, but as your perspective grows and as you set aside your concern that you are too old, too weak, too poor, or too disinterested to be helpful, remember that no job is too small, no effort is insignificant. In fact, it is the small efforts of groups of forward-thinking individuals that will change the world, and this is what our work is. Do not wait for materialization of any beings, but rather be about the Father's business now. If and when others come along, they will come along in their own time and with their own purpose, and we can all delight in the reactions and responses that come about as a result of such visitations, but let's not waste our energy anticipating that which is not scheduled to happen, and certainly over which we have no control.

Student: Very good.
Elena: The second question is: "How do they see us?"
MERIUM: How do "they" see us?
Elena: I don't know who 'they' are.

MERIUM: I suppose that question means how to I see you. Well, I see you first as an energy field, and when the energy field is focused, I perceive your light. Most of the time, however, I don't see a thing.

You know, I can perceive through the eyes of my T/R, and so I can paint pictures based upon the imagery that I have access to through the mind of -- in this case, Gerdean. And I can see the road before me, on a hot summer day, as it projects the heat from the highway up into the atmosphere, creating a dizzying sensation of energy -- almost nulling and voiding the clear definition between the road and the air above it. This is how you appear to me most of the time, you humans. I simply see atmospheric conditions based on your heat. And that's not much to see, but it does provide enough of a focus that I can delve into the source of that pattern and as we have painstakingly cultivated here in this group and over the course of time through the Teaching Mission, those of you who are willing to sit still and commit yourself to the relationship that is possible to be developed in a forum such as we have here in what you call the Rio Rancho Teacher Base, after I corral your energies and we establish a pattern for exchange, then it is like Andromadeus said, as I focus my energy on you and you focus yours upward into the invisible realms, your faith reach hears my intent and there is a connection. That connection then is like when you blow on the coals of a dying fire. The flames lick up and become something that I can actually see.

Now, some of you are a steady glowing flame. You are already established as an eternal flame. And those of you I can see as you might see lightening bugs. I realize that my description leaves much to be desired, and almost conveys to you, your insignificance, but this is not the case; it is simply the fact that I do not have physical eyes and you do not have spiritual eyes and so we must depend upon this translation, if you will.

The midwayers, being closer to you, are more readily able to follow your activities, and the Father of course (I would presume), indwelling you, would know himself within you. Indeed, he knows the end from the beginning. But I, as a representative of that vast array of interim personalities, see you first as energy, and then as you advance your reality, as your soul takes on its own life, you are indeed seen as a light. Do I see the color of your hair? No. Do I see the arrangement of furniture in your room? No. I can only see that as I am able to borrow upon the eyes of my transmitter, and that is a temporary loan and one which I will not, do not undertake to use unless I have your permission.

Thoroah: So much for getting dressed up for the sessions.
Group: Chuckles.
Elena: Are we ready for the third question?

MERIUM: Does anyone here have any questions about my response to that question that was submitted?

Men-O-Pah: I've seen what I though was . I call it their aura.
Elena: People?
Men-O-Pah: Yes. Shining around them.
Men-O-Pah: But not everybody. Just some few.
MERIUM: This is a representation of their spirit life.

Men-O-Pah: I'm wondering, you know, how do you ratchet up that energy so that your little light shines?

Reneau: So it shines brighter. So you can see us better.

Thoroah: I would suggest that it's felt over that it's seen, like the human will. That if you are one of those people that are pumping out the high energy, and then a great aura, that it's probably something that's felt by those around you more than is seen. And that's probably more important than what can be seen.

MERIUM: There are those who can see auras, and that is the spirit luminosity that is given off by those individuals who are securely held within the light, the divine light. Not everyone can see that, but in this I am talking about how you perceive us, not how we see you.

Elena: Are you ready for the third question?
MERIUM: I am ready for the third question.

Elena: Okay. Why is God the Father the First Source and Center and not Mother Spirit Nebadonia? Why does God always send his Son and not his Daughter? Why are Melchizedek, Jesus and Monjoronson not female?

MERIUM: This question was obviously submitted by someone from a sex planet, where you see one another as male and female, just as in the former question you see each other as a body. In spirit reality, gender is not an issue at all. As your scripture states, the angels neither marry nor are given in marriage. There is no need to delineate which ones are male and which ones are female. God the Father is the same as God the Mother. God the Mother is the same as God the Father. In one parent combined, they are the Creator of all that is. In conjunction with Trinity, that provides Thought, Word and Deed. Thought, Word and Deed can be experienced by either males or females. It does not matter. The Urantia Papers, understanding that this is a sex planet, put these concepts into terms that you could understand for your edification. Do not marry yourself to these definitions.

Michael is denoted a Creator Son and Nebadonia is denoted a Creator Daughter, a Divine Minister, but you may be assured that Nebadonia is also a Son of God, and Michael is a Daughter of God, inasmuch as both of them are the offspring of the original Parent. When you insist upon bringing divinity down to your level in every context, you deprive yourself of the overall grandeur of creative energy and spirit light. Exercise yourself by trying role reversals -- not in terms of your gender behavior, but in terms of your energy.

You fellows, are you not also sensitive? DO you not also nurture life? And you ladies, do you not also have authority? Do you not also know something about discipline and supervision? Do not limit your perspective on your soul's potential by definitions presented solely for the purpose of enabling you to perceive the greatness of your Universal Father and Mother. Personalizing it thus is for your benefit, not for you to use as a tool to force them to your mold. Think of Monjoronson as a female. Does she have less influence over you? Think of Lanaforge as a female. Does your System Sovereign command less respect?

This tendency to segregate, separate, even alienate one another archetypically by gender is most unfortunate, once you have gone beyond the level of procreation of the mortal species, for even in your ascent you will be able to reproduce through trinitization, and this does not require gender. It requires only spirit. Descending Sons are Descending Daughters. Ascending Sons are Ascending Daughters. Women are not appendages of men. They are not made from Adam's rib. One cannot live without the other. Neither is superior to the other. And in the spirit, they are truly equal. Since you will not be sex creatures beyond this life, you will not be troubled in the hereafter by such limitations.

It would behoove you to begin now to recognize certain basic truths, one of which is that while you are all sons of God, you are all daughters of divinity as well.

Reneau: And angels don't have breasts.
Elena: Or gender.

MERIUM: That definition is provided for your understanding, just as that which is all taking place at the same time is set out to you in linear fashion so that you can understand it. Once you understand the concept, you can let go of the limitations.

Well, you've had a work-out this afternoon, and I have enjoyed an opportunity to not only meet with you, but to address questions that have been submitted from the greater community, and it was such great fun to observe you today expressing yourselves after the stimuli of our visitors. I am heartened by the new format, and look forward to the new agenda. I look forward to meeting with you in different environments again, as well, for this, too, keeps the energy up and perceptions open. I'd hate to find myself asking for a transfer like the seraphic corps of workers who got burned out on one level of service at such an early point in my assignment. Lively ones, you are loved. And now before I sign off before I sign off, let me do what we normally do well in advance and that is ask you if you have any questions.

Men-O-Pah: We were discussing this very same idea this morning in our Sunday School class, about why is it that we always refer to God as "He"? And I think that we have been taught since our youth. We have this word that God is omniscient and we understand that word means all things. And so God is our Mother and our Sister. I think that this business of always referring to God as "He" is a limitation imposed upon us by our language.

Renault: And it's habit.
Men-O-Pah: Yeah. It is.
Elena: It's tradition.
Group: (Everybody talking at once.)
Men-O-Pah: And I suspect -- honestly -- we know better.

MERIUM: There is much now to think about in the time ahead of us, as God is our Mother, having created the universes of time and space, and overseeing their development as well as those areas wherein the seraphim are engaged in uplifting Mother's health and the health of her children. Those seem to be two great realms of appreciation for the month of January . or at least for the next couple of weeks. Blessings on you, friends and loved ones. Bye-bye.

Group: Thank you, Merium. And the others, too!
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