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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Divine Gift, Access Spirit in the Present Moment, Managing Growth.
Teachers: Malvantra, Michael, Elyon.

December 16, 2007

* Malvantra (Jonathan TR): I am Malvantra, greetings to you. I will speak about the
divine gift, that being the indwelling presence of God within each of you.
This gift appears miraculous to many and unfathomably unbelievable to others, for
such an entity contained within a finite creature is quite mysterious. How can one so
magnificently grand reside within such a limited being as a human? But these
descriptions are of the nature of three dimensional orientation. This divine gift is a
divine connection and need not be in any specific locality. It is the spirit presence by
which you are aware of the divine presence of God.
When you travel your globe the Inner Presence does not travel to stay with you, for
it is always everywhere that you are to be. Your fables speak of searching the world for
wisdom, for truth, and for what is real only to find those treasures at home, that you
need not have left to have found them. This is true with the divine gift within. What
God gives He does not give away or give up or give over. The hand which offers the gift
that you receive remains connected, and as you receive you complete the connection and
make the gift truly an action and not an object.
So there is a reciprocal aspect to this divine gift, and that is your reaching up,
reaching in, to make the connection yourself. In doing so you assimilate and become one
with the Divine Spirit. Your human form may be likened to the wrapping paper to that
gift. It gives this indescribable luminosity a form, a coloration, a presentation. This
unique combination is the Father’s desire to experience as many of these combinations as
possible throughout time and space. What good is a gift if given and set upon a shelf
and let sit? So you who seek higher wisdom, deeper enlightenment, have learned to unwrap
the gift, to put it to use, to make it worthwhile. It is that light set upon a lampstand
and not hidden under a bushel.
While each mortal seeks to become more like God, ever remember that God is seeking
to become more like you. I ask you to not let the up-rush of all your shortcomings and
frailties describe who you are but the beautiful human qualities of yourself through
which the divine light seeks to radiate and to give love and to give it abundantly.
When you give from sister to brother, brother to sister, you also are making a
connection, and the giver does not need to give up or give away. But rather give unto and
give with. Giving is, in a sense, a spiritual kiss, a touch of tenderness, an expression
of vulnerability and acceptance. It is the desire to make equal; a true gift is not one
that resolves the action with a sense of superiority over those in need. It is a lifting
up to oneness. When you sit in the chamber of your soul to commune with spirit, do so in
the knowledge of your equality, that you share by way of the gift of the Divine Presence,
the God of all. And you, the tiny one, embraced in wholeness, you are as valuable to God
as God is to you.
I now give this time over to others who will speak.

* Michael (Kathy): Awareness of the present in the moment is possible at any moment.
You are able to access spirit in the small moments between words that are spoken. This
ability to place yourself in a posture of stillness is an expanding capacity that can be
developed through conscious focus on spirit in the regular course of your daily
Be confident that you have the ability to be present with me at any moment. I want
to participate with you in the fullness of your contact with this world and its
activities. I can, my children, be with you at any time you invite me. Together we can
expand your spirit and its capacities. You always can access my help merely by
requesting my presence. It is my pleasure to act with you in the present moment.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Hello to you all, this is Elyon.
When the hammer strikes the anvil moments, in fractions, later a spark is seen and
even later a sound is heard, but the impact preceded both manifestations. In your growth
you often look to the manifestations as witness to yourself that you are making progress,
that the light and sound are verifiable in your actions and proof of your connection.
While you are taught that growth is unconscious and you often assess that growth in
hindsight, it does not mean that you cannot be aware in your growing and deliberate in
your course of growth.
To sit in stillness is to make the hammer meet the anvil. The more you do so, the
more you become aware of the point of impact, of the meeting of the embrace, and the
manifestations become merely subsequent actions that follow. You will be at your leading
edge of growth and less dependent upon assessing the manifestations that follow in order
to verify your progress.
I will use another visualization. It is also like one at the helm of a speedboat
who looks over the bow rather than back over the wake to determine how fast and to where
that one is going. As you grow you will find that your wakes compound and ripple on and
on, and there are times in your growth that you encounter those repercussions in a new
cycle, growth compounding on itself. These are the episodes in your life when you feel
like you are making great advances, as for instance your early struggles to quiet your
mind later on give to profound silence in divine embrace.
Up until the point the hammer meets the anvil there appears to be no event, but at
the point of impact there is an explosive energy to the event. Subsequently all is
quiet. You speak of being in the present. That is the point of great importance; that
is when the work occurs. Yes, one cannot ignore the prior travels of the hammer nor is
one able to deny the subsequent manifestations of light, sound, even heat. But why?
What is the purpose? It is the meeting of the two at that singular point of impact.
This applies to your stillness. This applies to your waking, walking life.
Jesus spoke of taking no thought for tomorrow, for it will take care of itself,
that the birds of the field know where their sustenance will be with no worry, no
concern. They know that the hammer is traveling and the impact will be as needed.
I encourage you to be captains of your growth, authors. Manage your progress.
Chart your destinies and do so in communion with the divine Presence. You will witness
the manifestations, and they will speak of your progress, but you have taken the reins in
your hands. Life, while it will offer you unexpected alterations in your course, will
not be such a toss and turn affair. You will be deliberately managing your way through
the events.
I wish to hear from you, and so I will encourage you to make a comment or address
me with a question if you have one to express.

Evelyn: I appreciate Malvantra’s comments on giving. We were talking the other
night about being more than happy to teach but approaching it from a position of waiting
for the person who wants to learn something to come to us. Giving involves reaching out
to give as well as to receive.

* Elyon: Teaching is an act of giving and is a great example of giving without
giving up, for the instructor still knows what is taught even when the student learns it.
All the teachers in this mission in the course of training learn how to reach
toward the human mind to make themselves known. When the human ear or other sensibility
detected the teacher and the connection occurred, lessons could begin. It is, as you
speak, a twofold exchange.

Tom: I’m reminded of the phrase: All you have is what you give away. Not only do
you give it away but you experientially take that with you, which is a gift to yourself.
If all you take to the morontia worlds is your own experience, that would be a gift.

* Elyon: Jesus sent the apostles out to teach the lessons he had taught them. While
some were uncertain as to their grasp of his teachings and even felt unworthy to
represent those teachings, and some of his apostles were overly confident they knew
precisely what he meant, all of them grew as a result of having to compose and re-present
those teachings in their own words to others unlike themselves and to others who were
even antagonistic or leery of such teachings. They did prove to themselves that they
understood and could express. They also exposed to themselves their weaknesses that they
may return to their teacher and strengthen those and gain greater grasp of the teachings.
So it is true that by giving you gain.

Jael: Thank you for all the gifts you have placed in our toolboxes.

* Elyon: You are most welcome. I have received the gift of witnessing your
application of what I have offered. I have had that compounded by your creative
contributions, your amplifications, and your adjustments and representations. Sometimes
I have taught and wondered how will you apply? I have been thrilled and amazed to see
how you will incorporate my thoughts into your situations. It has at times been
surprising how you have applied them and has expanded my sense of the impact of what I
say. I often do not have a certainty of how you will find what I may offer as relevant.
The power of you being an association, a group, of willing personalities expands the
impact of what is said by me or any other teacher and each one of your sharing with one
another. Therefrom arises a lesson that no one of us teaches. This is the Supreme
teaching that we share in, a cooperative exchange. That is why, even though I come to
you as a teacher to students, I also call you my friends and associates.

Mark T.: Your exquisite gift for poetry makes sure that those lessons hit home.
You say you are not sure how they will be taken, but the way you teach assures that the
truth, we will get it, thanks to how you present it.
Take us back; when we try to teach this sacred wisdom as The Urantia Book says,
friendship with God through faith, to a novice, someone with no knowledge of what we are
talking about, childlike, what would be the steps, how does one present these lessons? I
read alot but until my child explained to me how she was learning to read only then did I
remember how I could possibly teach someone to read. How does one teach this wisdom that
we are so immersed in?

* Elyon: You speak to the essence of sagacity. Your demeanor will speak first to
the soul of another. It will circumvent the pathway of the intellect and even the field
of emotions, for the soul, even a fledging soul, recognizes one of its own by your
composure, your presence. I will wander again into imagery and use your seasonal
Christmas tree as an example.
You speak of sharing or bringing to the forefront of knowledge ... acquire your
tree. It is as yet not a Christmas tree. As you adorn it with lights and ornaments it
appears to take on the form of a Christmas tree. All the composite parts begin to define
it. Yet one says, “Let us go out and get our Christmas tree today.” Though it has no
ornaments or lights as well. It resides in the mind as a reality in spite of its
physical presentation.
One says, “Let’s take down the Christmas tree”, but when it is torn apart, where is
the tree? So in order to bring about the awareness, the sacred wisdom, one must
patiently present various elements and let the one who is accumulating organize them into
their own philosophic orientation, their own spiritual perspective. They will decorate
their own tree, and it will look in its own unique way.
So, I give you two steps: One, the presentation of your own being, and two, the
offering of a variety of teachings, of thoughts, ideas, and concepts which may be
acquired by another.
The third element is the presence of the God of all within that person who is the
master of arrangement that truth may be revealed, not so much from the outside, but from
within, just as you know that when you have a Christmas tree, in spite of all the
elements that make it up.

Tom: I have a quote from Michael, 1994 that begs to be spoken:
How is it in your experience that you can go forth and proclaim the word and make
it known? By being that word, not by speaking or telling another, but by seeing your
sister and your brother in the complete accentuation of your attitude and personality, to
take them up and embrace them with all that you are in such a manner that does not
proscribe uncertainty but which makes them secure in the knowledge that they are welcome
with you, that they are loved by you, and that you are a spokesman for the great I AM and
his son; I am He.
And then he said:
Before you can teach the kingdom you must believe in the absolute unity of the
kingdom, and then they will see it. Before you can teach love you must believe in the
complete and satisfying reality of that very energy, and then they will see it. Believe
in yourself, each of you, that you are wanted and desired and that you have the capacity
to accept the living gospel and ... beyond your tendency for formalization that you can
represent and be that gospel by all that you do.

* Elyon: My friend, I will walk in the gardens of Edentia today and ponder such
profound truths, for it applies even to me in my level of progress.
Thank you everyone. I will draw close at this time. Walk with Michael, run with
Michael, and sit with Michael. Farewell.
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