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Mark: Tonight I'm going to do something a little different. I have an issue
I would like The Voice to address. I have been getting for some weeks now
this phrase repeated over and over again and I would like to get some
clarification about the phrase " it is time to activate the transition
team". That is what I have been getting and my mind has different
interpretations of what that means. I have attempted to discern this on my
own but since I feel there is more power, more depth in the circuit we form
together I want to harness that and see where this might lead.

Prayer: Divine parents, we come before you once again to receive that which
you would bring to us through whatever means you would make available at
this time. Allow this forum gathered together in this hour to approach you
with the sincerity of intention and the openness to receive that which you
would bring to us. Please help to position me in this process as an
instrument of your peace. It is my greatest desire to fulfill this function
and help to maintain this connection as free as is possible from my own
personal interference in the process. I realize that I am part of this
process but it is my desire to be merely a conduit, merely an instrument to
be played. It is my desire that your message, your intentions be the song
which is played on the instrument.

To the degree that it may be accomplished in this hour, that is my personal
petition, that this be so. I speak for the rest of us as well that we would
all treasure that which we would receive and so help us to open our hearts
to receive in this hour. I am aware that the most effective way for me to
come to this moment is to bring my focus onto the very breath that I take in
this moment and to bring my intention and my purpose into the taking and the
releasing of this breath as if it were the only thing that mattered in this
moment. When I breathe in I breathe all that you would bring to me, all that
mother earth has for me in this process. When I breathe out I release and I
let go of all that is no longer necessary in this moment, not part of what
needs to be here in this moment.

In this way I create this exchange of bringing in this moment, bringing in
the now, releasing the past, the notions that flow of the anticipations of
the future, letting those release on the breath. I am only beginning in this
process to grasp the significance that can be harnessed in this practice of
the breath but I sense that it is profound, it is my surest and quickest
path back to the moment, back to the space of spirit that has been created
in moments such as this. Thank you for such a simple process, so simple that
it can be overlooked every moment, every breath we take. When we bring our
attention and our focus it brings us back to our center, to this moment of
our center where all is contained. Thank you for this simplicity.

The Voice: I bring my greetings to this group, I am this ones voice and as
this ones individual voice I also am reflective of The First Source and
Center and the collective assembly of all the individual voices. I accept
your offer to be part of this forum that you create for this purpose. It is
quite true as you have stated that this forum is in service to a great many
more than those who are assembled here in this hour but rather to a large
number who may reference such materials in their own time and gain from
these sessions their own contact and insights that are part of hooking up to
this circuitry. This process is not conditioned by a particular time or
space in which you must be present to receive the energy transferred in
these moments but rather you will notice when you revisit these words put
down onto paper or on your computer screen that they carry with them
additional ways of transferring this connection to this circuitry that is
formed so that it becomes possible for you to access this circuitry that is
created in this moment, at any moment you should choose.

It happens when you expose yourselves to the written form of the transcript
but it also may happen by your sheer act of will to revisit this moment, to
reconnect with the spirit which is contained in this moment. You may be
anywhere at any time and you may choose to shift your focus and your
awareness to a different time, a different moment that you can revisit. This
is the power of your mind to reassemble the memories of times and places and
conditions and how they felt to you. Every one of you can reassemble
thousands of memories that carry with them impressions of sights, sounds,
smells, tastes and feelings. You can recall what it feels like to walk on a
sandy beach and if you can allow yourselves enough focus and intention you
can recreate the very memory of sensations that occurred while revisiting
this episode in your past down to the level of recreating the smell of the
surf next to the beach, the sound of the waves on the shore and the birds
that fly overhead, the feeling of the sand between your toes and perhaps the
shock of the water as it laps up against your feet.

You can recreate this experience by simply choosing to replay the
experience that your mind has retained as a memory. In the same way, using
the same techniques you can transfer yourselves to your memory of how and
where and when and under what circumstances you last enjoyed spiritual
connection. You can in this way in a moments time transfer your awareness
from where you happen to find yourself to where you would project yourself.
You can revisit where you would rather be and each time you do this it
becomes easier, it becomes a more full experience, has richer textures to
it, feels deeper each time. This is how you can always come back and find
your center. Using some simple technique such as the breath as your vehicle
to revisit these stored feelings and memories you may find yourselves
instantly back in your parlor of spirit.

This technique can be exceedingly serviceable to you when you find yourself
buffeted about by life's challenges.Simply create a pathway, use the breath,
it is always there in every moment. It is only your attention to it that is
absent at any one time. Once you bring your attention and your intention to
this avenue of the breath you may project yourself easily and readily to
your safe place of spirit. If you learn to harness the minds ability to
recreate atmospheres for you at will you will have the key to your peace at
any moment for if you do not like where you find yourself you may project
yourself somewhere else with a simple act of will. And so it is that you may
also choose to be back in a place of receptivity such as in this moment. You
may return here at will, anytime and find yourselves in this open and safe
place of receptivity, and having purposely brought yourself here you may
expect to find that which you came seeking.

I would address the question offered earlier and comment on the statement
that "it is time to activate the transition team". I would affirm that
this is a statement of significance at this time and that the team that is
referred to is in part assembled in this hour. All those who have been
exposed to the teachings and the lessons, all those who have been prompted
to seek and who find in the process are all active members of this team. You
all here tonight are the members of the team present in this moment but
there are many other members who join the ranks of those needed to usher in
the new age. The act of participation in this team has already been
initiated and the term activation implies that there is another level of
instigation that is currently manifesting. Many who have wondered what
their role in all this might be are now finding the answers that they seek,
they are being activated.

This is happening both individually and collectively. There is a movement
to expand the awareness that we are all on the same team. All your various
efforts under different banners and titles are in fact all acting under the
same motivations from on high and you will all come to see that your various
unique perspectives are all part of the overall plan to be about this
process of upliftment and that all avenues that are employed are useful and
proper. There may be books written, there may be groups such as this one who
are forging the new patterns for universal broadcasts. There will be
individuals prompted to act in certain capacities. There will be groups who
come together under certain ideals and eventually there will be unity in all
these different approaches.

There is no wrong approach -if your desire is to serve; then will your
contribution be valid and appreciated. There is a great yearning to know
what to do at this time as so much seems in flux and to that I would just
advise that you follow your heart and if it leads you to join a group whose
ideals you would uphold, then so be it. If it leads you to simply offer
kindness to another then so be it. If it leads you to provide for yourself
your own space to grow and to nurture your own being then so be it. All of
these avenues are proper and an infinite number more. Trust that you are
part of this grand team and that there is great transition that is being
ushered in and that you are all in position to be in service in some
capacity. Therefore do I refer to you as members of the transition team and
in fact you all are quite privileged in that you have some sense of what is
transpiring and your particular relationship and role to play in all that is

There are many who lack any awareness of these spiritual matters and their
relationship to this process that is transpiring and so you may be valuable
guides in this process for many who lack your experience. That is one
definition of the statement that "it is time to activate the transition
team". It is time to authorize all the members of the team to act with
authority in these matters. Accept that you have attained an awareness and
act accordingly. Don't wait for another to fill these roles, you are in
place, you have had the training and it will be your privilege to find
yourselves in service. It will take every contribution that we may assemble
as there will be vast amounts of opportunities to be in service. There are
so many different approaches for you to utilize your desires to be in

I would conclude my remarks with the affirmation that you are ultimately
capable and worthy of such a designation. This can be ascribed to you with
the certainty of one who knows whereof they speak. Even if you remain
uncertain as to the validity of that statement; regardless it is true. I
will relinquish my connection at this time to open this forum up to others
as I perceive this is still yet a struggle to do in real time in this very
moment but I affirm that it is getting easier as my companion practices the
pathway to this place. I take my leave, farewell.

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. I come to uphold the ideal that you are
pursuing in attempting to develop these patterns and to gain this access. It
is understood that this practice that you undergo is a bit of a stretch for
you and your species. You are forming new networks that are not automatic in
your composition but rather are being grown as a result of your own desires
to grow them. You know this is an experimental world and that we are
experimenting even in this hour, discovering what the limitations are and
how to navigate around them in this process that we observe. There is a
requirement that we try to push the envelope in order to see what is
possible in this paradigm that we are operating in and so you may trust that
when you engage in this experiment with us, every effort is made to
accommodate the process to you; that is, we will make every attempt to meet
you more than half way if you will offer yourselves as the instruments of a
new and promising process.

Surely you will all allow that you have gained through the willingness of
those who would extend themselves out beyond their comfort zones and make
such a connection as we enjoy in this moment. Each one of you will find ways
in your lives to reach out beyond your comfort zones and gain the rewards of
these extensions. More and more as time goes on will you feel comfortable
making such explorations until they too will become as common and normal and
natural to you. In the meantime it is understood that it is difficult for
you to push yourselves into those areas of uncertainty, much as I have just
observed my companion here endure the discomfort of uncertainty in voicing
such close and intimate communication as are a part of the human and inner
voice relationship. But each time there is this extension of faith, each
time there is this practice of process it becomes closer and easier, much as
you have just been reminded of how much easier it gets when you practice
returning to your sanctuary of spirit.

In general life tends to get easier with practice and so it is that you
continually return to this forum practicing each time how it feels again and
how quickly you may reassemble those characteristics and traits of these
times spent in spirit. I would have no more formal remarks and would open
this forum once again or perhaps this has been enough for the evening. The
choice is yours. There are others present as well who might field your
questions or observations at your request. I will turn it over to my
associate to push the proper buttons in an attempt to open up this forum at
this time. I have enjoyed once again the opportunity that you create for us
to join together, members of the same spirit team as we look forward to our
opportunities to act in service during these times of transition.

Q: When you say you want to activate the transition, I want to serve, I got
my hand up, there's me and there's love and energy. I suppose there's great
curiosity on both sides, both on the seen and unseen world of spiritual
matters and truth. I feel it and say bring it on. Is there some special
flavor you would pass on as we foresee how to grasp that spiritual
connection between people, perhaps an adjuster to adjuster thing but perhaps
new ministrations available for that sort of thing.

Monjoronson: If you ask for a flavor or a tone I would encourage you to
"take the tack", to use the "flavor", or the "spice" or the "tone" if you
would of joy in this process. The element of joy would be most welcome to
many who may find themselves in this time of transition in doubt and
uncertainty. They may walk a fine line when they are in that position and
can be tipped easily, the one side into fear and the negative emotions
associated with that or into hope and love and joy. If there is one thing
that it may be your privilege to do in service to this mission it would be
to be there to tip them to the side of light and love and joy and peace.
These are what they are seeking and in a time of darkness and uncertainty in
their lives they may stumble and falter and be taken up in darkness. But if
you are there shining your light out brightly and they see your countenance
and they observe your joy then surely they will be tipped in your direction.
This would be the greatest single flavor or tone that you might bring to the
equation when all may doubt, let them see you shine. Where there is
darkness, let them see your light.

Q: That adds a lot of extra umph to it, so thanks Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Thank you my friend, you are a member of the team and we all
are in position to play our roles as they are brought to us.

I recognize that it may be quite enough for one evening and I have enjoyed
sharing even the stillness with you, as we grow in awareness of each other
and our team and so I would take my leave and allow you to return to your
affairs of the day. Remember that you may reassemble these moments at any
time and once you avail yourselves of this technique of reassembly then you
will be able to revisit even this sense of relationship that we enjoy and I
will join you in return to the sanctuary of spirit. Thank you and farewell.

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