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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Seeing with Human Eyes, Seeing with Spiritual Eyes; Spiritual Hearing.
Teachers: Nebadonia, Lantarnek, Monjoronson, Michael.

September 16, 2007

* Nebadonia (Sheila): My children, I am your Mother. My children, I get such joy,
such pleasure, in your gathering, in your sharing. My personal relationship with each
one of you has been a very personal relationship each time you breathe me in, each time
you thirst for me or nourish yourselves through the food that I provide, that I am. This
I will say to you is my commitment. Each time you acknowledge me, you return your love,
you establish our relationship within your own experience, your own feelings, your own
I would like for you to let seeing with your human eyes dismiss the idea that you
are not seeing with your morontia eyes. It is indeed your feelings. The moment you take
that breath and feel you can move forward, the aah after a drink of water, your sleepy
relaxation after a big meal, this is you and I. This does not need to be seen; this is
felt. This is when our relationship joins together. I acknowledge these moments in
times when you may not have. It is reported in your colors, in your tone, in your
records every moment you related back to me.
In this grand mission of Michael’s you were not necessarily asked to keep record of
such moments, for they are the naturalness of you. You have simply come to a point in
your experience that you desire to acknowledge every divine moment you have. You don’t
want to let one of them pass by. Just like a child who doesn’t want to take a nap for
fear they will miss something; this is how I see you.
When you think of me receive the joy that I am; receive the nurturing that I am.
Receive yourself as I permeate you. Know that in one way or another I am relating to
you. I am to you that which the Father desires. Breathe me in and quench your thirst.
Fill your bodies with light.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): Love to our Mother Spirit, I am Lantarnek. You discussed
the phrase, seeing with spiritual eyes, I will also comment.
Seeing is a twofold endeavor, for one must be receptive to receive vision, and one
must be active to look and focus. To be receptive I will change the word “eyes” to
“ayes”, to illustrate willingness, to become like the little child and receive from
spirit, to go forth and proclaim the gospel. The action of seeing with spiritual eyes is
the action of whatever you do for the least among you, you do for Michael. It is praying
for those who persecute you. It is having faith that will move mountains, a faith as
small as a mustard seed that grows into an enormous tree. Seeing with spiritual eyes is
turning the other cheek and forgiving those before they even think to ask. It is to be
in this world but not of this world. It is knowing that you are a child of God though
you be born of man and woman. It is the removal of the delineation between a spirit
reality and a physical life, the infusion and ever present state of a consciousness as
Christ and a practical, functional lifestyle.
My last comment is to change the “eyes” to “I” plural, your higher self and your
human self, two “I”s together. In this view you see.
Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, Monjoronson here to play with the ball that is
being tossed back and forth about seeing the spiritual vision. As you know one may see
something with the eyes of the flesh, but one may have vision about things which are
beyond the perception of the eyes of the flesh. It is calling into force another sense
that you possess and using it to overlay what your eyes of the flesh may take in. It
allows you to know the bigger picture. Where your eyes of the flesh may behold a brother
or a sister before you, your eyes of spirit discern that this is a child of God with a
fragment of divinity within.
This sense of knowing and feeling, this very truth causes you to act differently
when you engage with this one who is before you, because you bring an added dimension of
sight, even a dimension of insight, when you allow yourselves to be shown the
circumstances with your eyes of the spirit. Likewise when you gaze out upon your world
and all that transpires in your lives, you gaze out through your physical eyes which
provide you with information regarding your surroundings, but you also gaze out on the
world and all that transpires with a sense of knowing, of relationship, of purpose, of
context, of understanding, even of wisdom. These things are derived from the use of your
spiritual perspective. To one who only uses their eyes of the flesh the circumstances
surrounding your lives may appear quite random or shallow or disjointed. But to one who
brings with them the larger sense of knowing the use of your spiritual vision to see, you
begin to notice that all things that surround you are existing in various dimensions.
There is the material plane and the actual existence of matter before you, and as
well there is a component of spirit which indwells all, and that is the aspect that you
are awakening to with your spiritual senses. Everything that happens to you, everything
you come in contact with, has multiple facets to its reality. Viewing these
circumstances and individuals only through the eyes of the flesh means you do not have an
accurate picture of all that transpires. But developing this sense of spiritual vision
you are able to discern far more that is inherent in your situations than is evident on
the surface.
All of you have been engaged for some time in developing your spiritual sense of
awareness, your spiritual vision. More and more you come to easily slide into that arena
of perception, and before long they will be so intertwined that you will not be in
discussion about what it is to use your spiritual eyes. You will simply be acting as you
are understanding the nature and function of using this spiritual vision. For as you all
know, very much that is out there in the world is not as appears, and without some deeper
sense of awareness you may be misled or misguided by the simple material manifestations.
Thank you for this opportunity to join you. It’s been a pleasure while bobbing
about to join this group this morning. Thank you. Farewell.

* Michael: Greetings, it is Michael with a short exercise and illustration of the
point that has just been discussed. In this moment do you consider that you are hearing
me with only the ears of the flesh? Or in my communication with you is there more? Is
there a sense of feeling? Is there a place of awareness, or are these merely word
symbols that ramble through satellites and echo back and enter your ear passages and
vibrate tiny bones and eardrums which are transformed into signals which then your brain
can then assimilate? All these things are indeed transpiring in this very moment. And
yet there is more; my presence is there on these carrier waves we call words. It is this
sense we are discussing when you attempt to define your spiritual senses.
Just like with your eyes of the flesh, there is vision that occurs distinct from
what your eyes may perceive that is in front of them. Similarly these words contain a
carrier wave of my energy that is attached to the very vibrations that you discern
through you ears in this moment. Allow that all that comes to you is more than you may
witness with only your available senses. There are always other frequencies, other
tones, more contained than you are able to perceive with your limited senses of the
flesh. But as you grow in your awareness everything has more dimension, more meaning,
more to be understood as you have the senses to take it in. It is difficult to describe
to you how limited your senses are, for you have never known any other way.
When your eyes are awakened on the morontia realm you instantly will know of your
own experience a great distinction in quality and quantity of the senses that are
available to you by virtue of your vehicles. But all the while you are growing spiritual
senses which are far deeper and far transcend any vibrational impulses that may impact
your vehicle.
My peace and my love once again I bring and share with you that you may share it
with the others. My love always surrounds you, and my desire to be with you is as
pervasive as that. Farewell, my dear ones, until next time. Be at peace.
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