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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Trophy of Spiritual Experience and the
Pedestal of Support.
Teachers: Norson

September 2, 2007

* Norson (Jonathan TR): One does not hide
one’s light under a basket but rather puts it upon
a stand for all to see. I am Norson, a
melchizedek. This light is the radiance of
spiritual experience, the witness thereof is the
knowledge of connection between the human self and
God. This experience is a trophy in life, and you
know that trophies are often placed upon
pedestals; the reward of the experience is thereby
displayed. In the acquirement of this experience
which is ongoing, always occurring, there
naturally develops the support structure, the
pedestal, which manifests as philosophy and even
religious theology. Belief, concept, affinity,
propensity, are among the many things that
comprise this pedestal, be it an individual or
greater social structure. Though ornate it may
become, it is the trophy upon it which is of
greatest value, the spiritual experience.
One may have an experience that is
monumental, and it is good for one to have a peace
that passes all understanding, to have a feeling
which lies too deep for words, to, as they say,
blow out the candle and leave the description
behind. This is good in itself, but you know also
that you are to be in this world even while not
being of this world. You know that you are to go
forth and teach the truths of spirit reality. So
there of necessity is a pedestal, a structure, for
connection, your feet on the earth.
If your experience is grand and your
pedestal is feeble you will not be able to cope
with the integration of the profound experience
with your ordinary life, and it will be of no use
in your fellows’ struggles to come into their
light. We, the teachers of this mission, come to
help you develop that pedestal, what you have been
told many times, your foundation. But I also
caution you about having an experience which is
too minuscule. Imagine with humor percieving a
pedestal enormous in size, intricate in design,
miles wide and high, with merely a beebee sitting
upon it!
You are encouraged in stillness, for it
develops that light, the trophy of spiritual
encounter. Then you appropriate a pedestal to
accommodate your level of attainment.
You have been taught and know that it is
quite well to alter, to change, your structure of
support as your experience unfolds. This light
upon the stand is a light of combination. It is
the combustion, the fusing, of your human self
with the divine Presence. In this luminosity it
cannot be seen the distinction, and each
individual shines brightly, and each one has its
own pedestal, a diversity of expression, of
description. Keep your mind open to this
diversity, for it is the description of the unique
character of each personality and its interface
with God. You will likewise express your
relationship. You will also cross fertilize each
other, and in this socialization you will each
brighten your spiritual experience, your divine
Allowing for this variable experience of
each individual with the divine removes the
blindness which is much like, as you look to your
lunar orb, it appears to always look the same.
But you know, as you have advanced in knowledge,
that that sphere has many sides unseen by the
human, earthly, orientation. So communion and
fellowship with one another allows you to perceive
the very many aspects of the divine presence.
Jesus would go into the hills that he might
be alone and commune with the Father, even for
weeks at a time, even for a month. But he always
returned that he may share, perhaps not the direct
experiences of that retreat but the rewards, the
values. While he would take some with him at
times that they may gain an inkling of what he
endeavored to accomplish in such retreats to
stillness, he knew his retreat would never be
theirs and often taught the value of each one
going apart to be alone with the Father. I cannot
stress enough the importance of this direct
encounter. But I also encourage you to be
creative in your outward expression of this inward
experience, the pedestal upon which this trophy is
placed. Let yours be unique and let it be sound
and stable but beautiful and descriptive of the
higher encounter. Others will enjoy your
expression and each of you will assist one
another, will encourage each other into further
communion and worship.
When you are weary you may take your light
and put it under a basket, for you may need to
block the harsh winds that seek to put out your
flame. Let it rekindle; let it renew, but when
you are again aglow, remove that protective
covering and place yourself again back on that
stand for all to see, to let your light so shine.
The world will be transformed when it is
clearly understood the distinction between the
structures of change which are formulaic and
secondary to the prime, direct, experience of
truth -- and I mean truth as a spirit reality.
This will put to peace divergent approaches to
change and will allow for the entrance into the
development of a coordinated harmony, a goal,
which requires differing approaches just as when
you build a structure you have carpenters,
plumbers, electricians, painters; each one
different, altogether the structure is complete.
This is how your world will develop. Have your
experience which lies too deep for words, then
place that light upon that pedestal that all may
Thank you for granting me your audience. I
would be pleased to receive your feedback, your
questions, or your observations. Thank you.

Tom: You asked us to see truth as a
spiritual reality. The Urantia Book states that
truth is the greatest representation of our view
of mercy and love, which are the two greatest
realities, as contrasted with the duality which
is, “She’s right; I’m wrong”, “They’re wrong”, and

* Norson: Where truth is the description of
love and mercy, there is also the description of
truth, and this is to which I orient you in my
comment. I will use an example that moisture and
water are similar, perhaps indistinguishable, but
is water the reality and moisture the observation?
Truth directly experienced is water; truths is
moisture. When the human soul experiences truth
it becomes the moisture which is from the water of
love and mercy.
Thank you for your comment.

Kathy: Thank you for your description of
rekindling our light when we find ourselves
buffeted by strong winds and aren’t feeling quite
up to shining, to take a moment, rekindle, and
come back renewed.

* Norson: Indeed, many a soul who is dutiful
in the outworking of the command to go forth and
proclaim the gospel has exhausted itself. You
know and have experienced the effect upon a candle
in a windy situation, how fast the fuel is spent,
not so much to feed the flame, but wasted away and
fallen beneath. You are serving your fellows to
retreat and to refresh, that you may glow longer
with the fuel you have, to preserve your
storehouse. While the image of the candle is
finite, in spiritual refreshment, the vat into
which you may dip is infinite.
Salutations to Michael and Mother Spirit.
We give honor to the cause that is Nebadon, that
the revelation of the Paradise Father may be
beheld in our realm. May we each be likewise a
reflection of that brilliance of truth, beauty,
and goodness, that love, that light. May it be
Thank you, my friends, for sitting with me
today. I take my leave. Farewell.

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