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Prayer: Divine Parents. It is my intention and I believe it is the intention
of all of us gathered here tonight to receive from You that which You would
bring to us in this hour through your devoted emissaries of light. May we
lean on You in this time, may we trust in You, may we exercise our faith
that this is ours to take, ours to receive in this hour. We bring you our
devotion and our love and our intention as our signal to you that we are
prepared and trusting and open to receive what You would bring to us. Help
us to increase our capacity of reception that we may not only hear with the
ears of the flesh, but we perceive with the ears of spirit. Help us to be
closer to You in this hour as we reach for You, the children of yours that
we are, longing for your embrace.

Michael: Greetings my dear children of light, I am your Father who hears
your calls. It is my pleasure and privilege to respond to these calls. I
hear your spirit voices call out for my contact and I rush to bring my
presence to you each one and surround you with my spiritual presence. Each
one of you who calls to me, your voice is heard, I recognize each and every
voice. Your distinct tones ring out to me throughout a vast universe and
beckon me to be by your side. It is my desire to respond to your calling to
be by your side. As you reach out most certainly I reach back and I even
grasp you and take your hand and lift you up.

I am so proud and so pleased to have you ask for me, to have you petition to
be close to me. Your Mother and I rejoice to be recognized by you. We have
nurtured you and brought you to this place and now you do us the honor of
desiring our company of approaching us and bringing us your affection and
your love. Any parent has their heart warmed when their child reaches for
them with affection and love. Truly it completes the cycle of satisfaction
of having created you, having given you life, having supported you and
seeing you mature that you turn to us with such eagerness and anticipation
for the love that we continually bestow upon you.

You are my dear ones in whom I am so well pleased for you are responding to
my call as well. You are led by my tones much as the shepherd calls out to
the flock and they respond, so here do you respond and assemble at my call.
It is my desire that we grow this relationship collectively as we are in
this moment and individually each the one with the other. I know each one of
you, where you are at all times, what you are doing and I desire to be more
fully embraced by you as we are in this together. You see yourselves as
alone in the world, perhaps incomplete, perhaps waiting to rise to a certain
level before you are fulfilled for your journey has brought you ultimate
satisfaction but I tell you that every step of the way, every turn of the
path is a cherished experience that we share when you invite me to be with

And should you be uncertain as to which fork in the trail to take you need
but ask and I will most certainly respond to your call. You cannot fully
understand or appreciate how it is that I can be in touch with each of you,
all of you simultaneously but I assure you this is so and that it is not a
burden to me to be asked by my children to be with them but rather the
delight of my heart. I cherish what your experiences are day by day, hour by
hour because your experiences are a unique aspect of a gigantic living
organism that we are. And when you invite me in I can experience the more
fully, every aspect that is and eventually all aspects that are.

In this way does my experience grow with yours, even those conditions you
consider distasteful or unworthy of my recognition, they are as well part of
our experiential process. They may simply be there to provide contrast; they
may arise to provide opportunities for choice or for service and always for
love. So think not that anything that you are engaged in is unworthy of
inviting me in to join you with for inviting me in brings into the equation
another dimension which alters the very circumstance and what appears to you
to be ugly and out of place, even evil or forsaken by God, can be seen
through my eyes if you would but ask for a new perspective.

The student cannot be held accountable for what they do not know, for their
lack of experience in the process and likewise you my children are not held
accountable for your lack of awareness or understanding at any time. Rather
is it the goal to seek to expand these capacities, this pool of wisdom and
awareness that is accumulating within each of you. Many times I observe that
my children suffer from feeling separation and then they encounter a feeling
of inadequacy and doubt as to their worthiness to call in their divine
parents. They see themselves as unworthy and desire to keep to themselves
when they are in a state of uncleanness but my dear ones it is not proper in
any family of loved ones for you to only show your best side, your most
triumphant moments, you must bring all aspects of your experience into the
family to be shared.

And I and Your Mother will help you to see your experience from a higher
perspective. From our vantage point things look quite different and you
simply lack experience and wisdom that would grant you a larger vantage
point. But we are ever willing to share with you what we can see that you
may not and in the most egregious of situations has contained within it
elements that can be used to manifest divine qualities. Even you have seen
in your own lives that tragedy has contained within it opportunities for
service and growth and that apparent darkness brings with it opportunities
to bring the light. Without these opportunities you would not have proper
appreciation of the contrast that is present and that you will observe in
your experiential process.

Trust, each one of you, that I know you, that I love you always without
condition no matter where you are, no matter what you are engaged in and no
matter what you think about your worthiness or your vision of yourself
falling short of your highest vision. I am not burdened with any of these
restrictions. I see you as you truly are without the limitations of time or
space, I see who you are becoming, I see who you have been, I see your true
self. You are of Me and of your Mother. I recognize you as you recognize Me.
We are a family and I treasure your bringing your experiences, positive and
not so positive and sharing them, even asking for counsel when you are

This is the gift that you give to Me. Of all things that you have, this one
gift of including Me in your lives is the most precious of all for this ties
us together as the family that we are. This binds us in this journey
together and you are never alone save when you choose to isolate yourselves
and reject all outside influence. I even grant you this choice as contrast
as well. Short of your decision to reject Me and your Mother we are always
seeking contact with you, our spiritual hands are always extended in your
direction reaching for you and we delight when you turn your gaze in our
direction and acknowledge our presence, though unseen, we know it is most
certainly felt.

And now my dear ones, before I relinquish this cherished opportunity to
address you in this manner I would leave you with the words, you are well,
you are safe, you are protected. Your Mother and I will let nothing bad
happen to you. There may be many challenges that arise but these will not be
bad, they will simply be opportunities to make choices to follow your
inclinations, perhaps even your leadings that we will provide you with but
there is nothing that can happen out there to affect the certainty that you
are safe in here, that is from your internal dwelling place of spirit. That
is where we are right now, that's where we meet, that's where our family
gathers and this place is quite secure, quite safe from all outside

We must remember that we can meet here whenever we desire, individually or
collectively, we can simply make the choice to meet, to get together, to
come closer to each other. That simple act of choosing signifies our
choosing and puts into motion the very thing that we desire. It frees up our
souls from the limitations of time, of space, of material flesh and
manifestation and brings us to a different place, a higher place, a place we
choose and we create together, this place. Look around you in your mind's
eye. Feel this place this very moment. We have created this meeting place
and at any time we may revisit this sanctuary, this safe place and at all
times whether or not you are able to understand, all is well, all is as it
should be.

All will be well and all will be as it should be. Fear not my dear ones, I
have you each in my embrace and I will not let go of you now that I have
found you and you have found Me. I pledge to you to hold fast, to lead the
way and I trust you hear my voice as I hear yours and you will follow where
I lead and this brings Me such great joy, such profound happiness, such
affection for each of you who will join Me in this process. thank you my
dear ones for creating the space to entertain Me in your life, in your
journeys. I will be ever watchful for your invitation for Me to share more
closely your seemingly everyday mundane activities which I view as
spectacular opportunities for growth and enhancement of spiritual awareness.

I withdraw from you now only in words. I am with you always and even more
closely when you petition My presence. I leave you My peace. Take it out and
spread [it] to all the others; there is more where that came from so be
generous with the others in giving away this peace and this love. It is our
privilege to do so, thank you.

Monjoronson: I am respectful and hesitant to disrupt your basking in the
glow of your divine parent but I would seize this opportunity to have a
short discourse with you. I am Monjoronson and I would not leave a question
go unanswered in this forum. The question was, as to the degree of spiritual
influence upon your world at this time in relation to other times and I will
speak as plainly about this as possible.

As you know all things have cycles and all things ebb and flow. Some cycles
finish, other cycles begin and we find ourselves now together at quite a
juncture, a crossroads if you will. One age, the age of materialism, the age
of darkness, the age of uncertainty, the age of unawareness about who you
even are, the age of fear, the age of doubts and the use of this fear to
control and manipulate, this age has run it's course. You have been provided
with enough contrast. There is enough darkness that you can perceive the
contrast between this state and the state of light that you yearn for.

Every age runs it's course and then the objective of the age is reached and
a new age dawns and is inaugurated. We are at this time, this dawning and
inauguration of a new age of a different time. This age will be
characterized by the opposites of the characteristics of the previous age.
This will be an age of light, an age of understanding, an age of awareness,
an age of creativity, an age where love reigns supreme and as a result all
human activities will reflect these new values. Therefore this necessitates
much change in the current working scenario.

First and foremost you all must be reminded of who you are. You are children
of light; you have divine parents who have created you to be divine beings.
They have accommodated you with a material experience and manifestation of
materialism and you have tasted darkness, doubts, fears and uncertainties.
These are one side of the spectrum of possibilities but you have not been
properly shown the other side of the spectrum. You have not seen truly the
light; you have not experienced completely the love. Your awareness does not
include the very reality that you are divine co creators each one. You have
assumed that you are helpless, that you are but a mere speck of
insignificance in the cosmos, that you are forsaken and forgotten and
therefore powerless and under the thumb of those who wield the control.

This is all going to change swiftly and soon. This requires that you each
one wake up and realize that you are a spiritual being merely having a
material experience and that you are of divine lineage. Your parents are
limitless creators and you are growing up to be such as them. Your destiny
is completely under your control although you do not fully know that yet;
likewise your planets destiny is as well yours to be created and not some
events that are thrust upon you. But until you recognize this connection,
until you can be made aware of this alternate reality it is not held against
you that you do not know what you do not know. That, my friends, is where we
find ourselves at this juncture.

It is my mission, my mandate, to change this scenario; to raise your
awareness, to elevate your understanding of these most basic principles and
to expose you to the other end of the spectrum so that you may see who you
really are, you may see the light, you may feel the love. Once you do, all
things in your lives are changed, nothing can possibly remain the same,
remain untouched because you will be so changed, you will be so raised up
by this new awareness that it will infuse new meaning into everything, even
your most material of pursuits. When this happens collectively on a large
scale we will see magnificent changes happen everywhere even to your
environment that you have seen as so stable and predictable.

Everything will change but as your Father has just told you it matters not
to those who are born of the spirit and who know that their unchanging
aspect is quite safe, quite protected, quite nurtured from on high. This
should help you be bold when the dominos begin to fall very shortly and you
perceive many changes around you that appear to be harsh or forced. Reflect
what your Father just told you that contained within all circumstance there
is the potential for divinity. We will ride out this wave together and you
will one day consider it fortunate beyond description that you were here at
this time to experience such a wealth of experiences as you will encounter
as we make this flip together.

It will be quite a ride for those who are unaware that such cosmic cycles
are shifting but that is where your opportunities for service will come in.
You can bring to all the others your conviction, your certainty that all
will be well. Your faith in your divine parents that this is only process,
that it is not punishment or wrath but simply process of evolution and
change. Knowing this should bring you comfort and this comfort, this peace
is your calling, is your mission, it is your opportunity to be an expression
of this peace to the others. Let them see you maintain your composure, let
them witness you strong in your faith; let them find you bold in your
assertion that all is well.

You know this deep within; you are merely being awakened to this calling.
Each one of you is a new center, a new hub and all those around you will see
your peace. They will perceive your grace and they will be drawn to you to
ask where is it that you find such strength, such peace, such grace even in
the face of such change and you will report to them that you have found this
within, you have found your connection to your divine parents, you have
found who you are and what your mission is, what your opportunity is and in
so doing you will be a beacon to all, a lighthouse in their storm and they
will seek you out, they will find you and when they find you let them find
their family, their parents that you know.

You share the same parents; let them find them through you. Truly all is
well my dear ones and in this hour all is spectacular. Hold fast to the
memory of this spiritual encounter and petition such an encounter at any
time you so desire. Do not hesitate to call upon myself or your parents or
your indwelling fragments, the representative of The Father of all. Do not
hesitate to call for any of us if you stumble or if you merely need
reassurance or comfort. We are ever ready to swoop in and surround you with
our presence and literally raise your vibration level.

I am in deep gratitude that you have provided opportunity for this exchange
and like your parents I await your gesture to invite me in and we may
commune, we may share in this fashion. I sense that we are at about the
normal duration of time but I would before leaving ask if there would be
anyone who would desire to interface and use this circuitry that you have
created in this hour.

Q: I'd like to thank Michael for allowing me to fall asleep on His shoulder
and reawaken and I'd like to thank the unseen members of our group here
tonight who have cleansed my circuit. I don't know what that means; I simply
believe the fact that I'm being up stepped. I don't want my mind to limit my
reception but I get this distinct visual mental image that I am benefiting
from welcoming the cleansing of my circuit, thank you.

Monjoronson: My dear one let's drink the cup of your imagery. Few things are
more precious than the cuddling of the child. The falling asleep of the
child in the arms of the parent represents the surrender to the peace and
the accepting of the love, the child feels safe and loved. I thank you for
bringing that image forward because that truly represents the desire that we
have when we spiritually embrace you, that you feel the love, that you may
relax and let it wrap around you and comfort you to the point where you will
release, let go and surrender to the love. Likewise does the child grow in
complete ignorance and unawareness of the process of their growth?

They know not how muscles and bones and physical structures grow and change.
They simply out of necessity must surrender to the process. Similarly you
are each one children in the spiritual realm and you are growing even though
you are ignorant and unaware of how this happens, of what this means, of the
exact process involved, you do perceive that you are growing. The child does
recognize when he puts on a shirt from last year that it is no longer
suitable and he recognizes that there has been growth although he was
unaware in the interim; likewise, you as spiritual children find yourselves
reflecting back on a previous time and registering that you now have more

You are bigger, your souls are greater, there is [more] that is contained
within you and you never saw it coming. You barely registered that it was
going on and it is not until you look back from time to time and see where
you were that you can appreciate where you are. But this is as it should be.
It is not serviceable to be preoccupied at the process of growth but merely
to be involved in it. I thank you for your comments; this imagery is quite
serviceable to our attempt to communicate these principles. Thank you.

Q: Thank you so much.

Monjoronson: If there are no other contributions then I would simply join
you all in basking in the glow, the warmth that we have created; this place
that we meet has the characteristic of safety and warmth and nurturing and
love. When we come here we bring these things and we share them and so I
drink this cup with you, I share this moment in time where we gathered,
where we communed, where we brought the best and the highest of ourselves to
be shared. What an incredible opportunity it is and I am thankful that we
are able in these times to access such means as this together. You have my
affection as well as my respect for the process that has brought you to this

I know that it has involved your direct efforts, your choices, your
decisions along the way and so I honor that effort that you have put out to
bring you here and I trust that you have received that which you came for;
to be nurtured and loved, to be acknowledged and supported for that is what
any family comes together to do, to nurture, to love, to acknowledge and
support, and so it is that we enjoy this in this moment. Thank you my dear
ones, I will release this t/r but I remain in observance of such a
spectacular gathering as you form and I look forward to our next
opportunity at an encounter such as this. So for tonight I bid you farewell.

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