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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Part and The Whole,
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon

June 10, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings once again. I am Monjoronson, pleased to join in
your circle of light, the energy field that you create with your sheer force of will. It
is a pleasure not only to contribute to this circuitry of understanding but to merely
witness your offerings to the pool of wisdom that you make for the benefit of yourselves
and each other in this process. Likewise I will throw in my contribution to this pool of
wisdom we are forming. I will seize upon the principle stated earlier of identification
and will discuss the many levels that this may apply to you and perhaps give you
something to consider as you merrily go along your way.
It was mentioned the distinction between identifying yourself with the part and
identifying yourself with the whole. Herein is your great opportunity. Herein is your
journey of discovery. You all begin in rather full realization that you are a fragment,
a piece, a part, an individual unto yourself, and you are correct; there is no other
individual exactly like you. Your journey is an individual journey. Your experience is
individual specifically to you. Having experienced this being afloat in your own boat so
to speak since your earliest memory, it is easy for you to assume that you will forever
be steering your own little ship and be ultimately contained in your paradigm of thinking
to the experiences involving you as an individual, separate from all others. But your
spiritual growth to this point has brought you into the awareness that as well you are a
part of a much larger creation, that you are a fragment of something, a piece of a
gigantic puzzle, a component of the whole. In your exploration to discover your
relationship to the big mother ship you are confronted with this idea of separation and
Your posture in living your lives is largely geared around maintaining your
individual vessel and navigating your individual journey, but you are learning that your
journey is bringing you to, not only the realization, but the acceptance that are you are
as well a fragment of the whole, part of the whole. This represents a major shift in
your awareness and consciousness when you can begin to let go of the concept that for
eternity you are destined to go it alone in favor of the concept that you are journeying
toward unification and being reunited with the great First Source and Center of all.
To the degree that you can embrace this reality you can access the bigger picture;
you can in fact manifest attributes of the divine if you will but allow yourselves to
realize your connection to the divine. The divine is where you came from; it is where
you are returning to. You are on but a separate side journey gathering experience all
the while, growing your individual souls and navigating your way back to the whole.
Now, as a part of the whole, do you have connection to the whole? Do you have
access to the whole? Do you have resources that are parts of the whole? These are your
questions to consider. Do you allow yourselves to be in awareness that, as a part of the
whole, you manifest qualities of the whole? Or do you consider that are so far apart and
distinct that you cannot, by virtue of your separation, manifest attributes of the
divine, of the whole? I tell you that you will all most certainly find your connection,
uncover your ties that bind you, the part to the whole, and in so doing you then may
begin to manifest wherever you may find yourselves the characteristics and nature of the
First Source and Center of which you are a part and to which you will return.
But this journey that you take now is one of experience to gather all the
experience of what it means to be separate, inferior, incomplete; to experience the
feeling of separation and aloneness so that you may choose the opposite, so that you may
access of your own free will your connection to the whole, not being content with your
experiences of materialism and isolation. That is what this initial journey is designed
to provide for you, the contrast, the realization that you are, yes, a part, an
incomplete fragment, but that you do belong to the complete whole. You are also part of
that and as such you are entitled to the manifestation of the nature and character of the
This plan seems simple to outline, but as you know there are many great challenges
along the way, many opportunities for you to choose and rechoose your orientation, your
spiritual posture, your identification of your relationship to your divine parents and
the First Source and Center. Every time you make a spiritualized choice that brings you
closer to the whole there is less separation; there is less distinction, there is
certainly less doubt and uncertainty. Taking these steps little by little you travel in
your journey back home, and you bring with you vast contextual experiences which are
treasured in the experience of the Supreme. Yes, you are a part, a piece of the puzzle,
a fragment of the divine, but you are a part of the divine.
If you truly consider what this means you will realize that as a part you have
access to the whole, that you are developing to be divine; you are growing in this
awareness of this divine relationship, and you are coming closer by degree to your divine
parents and to the First Source and Center of all. Therefore I encourage you to shift
your seat of observation. What if you were not bobbing alone by yourselves? What if you
were part of a great fleet, part of a gigantic undertaking? Just one of many involved in
the same experiences, the same encounters with choice. More like the member of a
gigantic organization where is you belong to this organization ....
If you are a soldier your commanders know and provide you with support wherever
your assignment may be. Likewise are you all members of a gigantic organization who are
lovingly cared for and whose superiors know where you are and can provide you with great
support from the whole. This should provide you with a sense of belonging, an attitude
of inclusiveness that not only are you a member of this gigantic, loving, organization
but all those around you who are navigating their vessels and perhaps bumping into each
other and bumping into you along the way are also attempting this navigation back home
with you, that you all have this in common even among yourselves. There is nothing that
you can conceive of which is outside of this connection, of this belonging, of this
We are all together in this; we are all of God. All that happens is of God. We
are discovering this day by day and embracing this hour by hour as we begin to establish
greater and greater connections with the mother ship, with the source of all. We lose
our fear of going it alone, of uncertainty and doubts that cannot be answered, and rather
we signal to our Parents our desire to know the way, and they unerringly will provide us
with direction.
But there are many who do not understand this connection, who do not have this
communication to establish that they are as well related to the whole and to those who
have yet to discover who they are and their ... with the Supreme. They will feel
isolated and partial and incomplete and lacking. That is their experience and a
necessary aspect of their growth. It is those feelings that will drive them to seek
connection, to find their relationship to the whole, that they may be secure in being a
part, just as all of you are feeling more and more secure even though you are in your
individual vessels. You now have the support of the mother ship, and this provides you
with some sense of security and peace.
Likewise will all of your brothers and sisters who have yet to find this connection
and foster it eventually come about and turn their direction towards the journey back
home, the reunification of the part with the whole.
So it is and so it shall be, and it is a pleasure to be along with you for the
ride. I will conclude my remarks to allow space that there might be others. I leave you
with my deep gratitude for this opportunity to be with you. Farewell.

* Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. I am intrigued by the analogies of the
individual vessels and the mother ship. I would steer slightly to one direction and in
response to the question: Are the you the part or are you the whole? I would say, my
friends, you are both. You are the whole made manifest as the part. The attributes and
nature of the whole are contained within you as the part. The part is reflective of the
whole. The part has the same nature as the whole. When you consider that you are simply
out there on your own, consider that you are a manifestation of the divine in that
moment, in that place. Consider that you are God incarnate as mortal of the realm. It
is but a fraction but it is of the same nature and substance.
The child grows up to resemble the parents; likewise does the fragment return home
and reunite and become one with the whole. You are not nearly so separate as you
consider yourselves to be because, as you are coming to understand the whole concept of
manifestation and subsequent materialization, you are coming to understand that there is
no time necessary in this equation, no particular space required; that these principles
are unbound by your considerations of the when, the how, and the where. So it is that
you can be a reflection of the divine where you are at any moment, at any place. So it
is that the divine can be reflected through all the many fragments. So it is the desire
of the First Source and Center that you be a point of reflection of the whole out into
the fragmented world of materialism and manifestation.
You are each one little receiving crystals that can tune into the vibration sent
out by the First Source and Center and, receiving these signals, you may then project
them out into your “real” world. In this way you are reflectors of the divine. It
passes through you; it is tinged with your color, your nature, your hue, and then
radiates out to others as a reflection of the divine.
If you will only assume this role with more intention, more direction of your will,
then you can indeed act as a lens which can focus and direct these beams which you
receive from on high. Each one of you is a focal point for the divine to be infused out
to all the world. And at some point in your process of realization you will assume this
role with much more intention and purpose, and you will indeed shine and direct the
Father’s love, the Father’s light, out to all the world where those who are in darkness
will see it and respond to your signal. They will want to know where you get this light.
They will come and ask you, “How is it that you have this light? Where did you get it?”
And you as a knowing child of God will say, “This light comes from God of which I am a
piece, and you are as well. And we may direct this light out through us because we are
attached, we are part of something magnificent of a great whole who provides us with this
light.” And you may even begin to act as if you are connected to this whole and in so
acting so you shall be.
There is no real distance, there is no time required, there is no place you need to
be, there is no set of circumstances that needs to be just right. All that is necessary
is your willingness, your desire to identify with the whole and relinquish your idea of
separatism that you are only the part. You are both, my friends, experiencing this life
as the part, but as well you are comprised of the whole. You have access to the whole at
any time you so choose. It is where you will decide to project yourself from. Are you
projecting yourself as the fragment separate and incomplete? Or do you choose to project
yourself as part of the grandness and totality of the whole? You may do either. The
choice is yours, and the experience along the way is what you are gaining; it is what is
of value in this journey; it is what you will keep throughout this exercise.
So navigate your individual vessels as you so choose and as you so desire. Point
in whatever direction you deem fit for your journey to benefit. But realize that you are
as well part of a gigantic organization, that your coordinates are known to your
superiors. You are part of a big puzzle whose pieces may be spread about, but those in
charge are well aware of where they are and their significance to the whole.
I so much enjoyed these images of navigation, of bobbing about pointing your
vessel, of receiving your orders from the mother ship, of developing your connection to
the larger project. They are interesting to consider given the implications of the
vessel that you are in in this very moment.
I appreciate your attention and will withdraw from this forum leaving you with my
admiration for your process of discovery that I observe even in this hour. Thank you.

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