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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Honor to Mother Spirit; Stillness - Deep Mind, High Mind.
Teachers: Michael, Monjoronson, Elyon

May 13, 2007

* Michael (Mark TR): Greetings once again I am pleased to accept your willingness to
have me, and I desire your presence as I come among you to bring you words of comfort and
to share with you your sentiment, to express your gratitude to your mother, sustainer of
all life.
You do well to acknowledge the greatness of your mother in this fashion. She
provides and sustains you with all that is necessary so that you may be about this
business of developing your being. For the most part you are so conditioned to her
nurturing that you simply are surrounded by her love to the degree that you no longer
even attempt to distinguish her presence from yours, as it is in fact all around you,
even within you as the breath that you take. Your mother provides all this down to the
beating of your heart without any requirement of you that you supplicate yourself to even
one single requirement.
Like the Father, she allows your complete freewill choice to reign supreme;
therefore like the Father are we all overjoyed when you turn your gaze of recognition in
our direction and desire to find us. We see that in your eyes, in your gaze, that you
glance in our direction. It is in these cherished times that we make more evident, make
more clear, our relationship, the one to the other, the parent to the child, the parents
to the family of humans, for not only do we do this service for you individually, we do
it for all, and in this way we truly are acting as a family.
There is no more fitting sentiment on this day you reckon as Mother’s Day than to
attribute the growing success of the sensation of family to Mother. She is the central
figure in the material manifestation, and it is her that you call home. She provides the
foundation, the basis, wherein you may grow and develop and, just as with any good home,
one day you may embark upon a search to find an even greater abode, but you will always
fondly remember the times that were spent in the good loving nurturing home as you have
enjoyed with Mother.
I share your gratitude as your father for the services of such a good mother, a
caring and devoted parent in the extreme. I ask that you pray with me for Mother. She
is currently quite challenged and plagued by those who are unaware of this relationship
and who, through their unawareness, have caused significant impact on the home. Mother
can use your thoughts and your prayers. She can use your dedication of intention as well
in her process of redefining into a more divine pattern. This is where you can be of
direct assistance to your mother. Pray for her. Pray with her. Commit your intentions
that she may use them to the highest good. Not merely today, my dear ones, in the
service of Mother, but let us strive to bring her into our thoughts and prayers every
day, every opportunity, every chance. She has been in selfless service and could surely
use your soothing words of comfort and love that you would give to your material parent.
Do this in honor and in service to the one who provides you all, and I will join you in
this exercise, as this represents my intention as well.
Even now, Mother, we come to you in this moment together to honor and respect you,
to bring you our love, to offer you our devotion. We know that you are the mother of our
earthly family, and we would recognize you and raise you up. We would thank the Father
above for all that you are and all that you do for us. We would recognize your tireless
ministry on our behalf, and we would offer you our thanks and gratitude for what we have,
incredible, beautiful lives that we have. We owe these to you. Thank you for your
support which allows us to develop into spiritual and material beings. We cherish this
opportunity in our development, and we would offer you the gift of our experience of a
good life lived.
Drink this cup with us; this is our tribute to all that you have made possible. We
offer up our lives as proof of your greatness. Without you nothing would be. With you
all things are possible. We thank you beyond words, beyond intention, beyond thought.
We thank you from the core of our being with our love.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I will greet you as well briefly. I am Monjoronson. I
hesitate to even break the spell of such intimate contact as you enjoy with your parents.
I come to witness to you that these moments are morontia moments that you experience.
You are in fact experiencing episodes which are above your earthly descriptions such as
this moment represents. Such are part of the morontia experience, but quite seldom have
they been manifested in the material realm.
I point this out to you as another demonstration of the shifting time that we find
ourselves in. Many things are becoming possible that were only dreamed of. And many
things that were never dreamed of will be made actual. That is what makes these times
exciting ahead. There are so many new options and opportunities rising out of the
implementation of the full force of the Correcting Time. And we are lucky enough to find
ourselves here at this juncture together.
It was my intention to come here once again and share energy with you, each one,
today. We have developed a relationship that it is my desire to maintain. And while I
am respectful and allow for what the desires of the moment may manifest, as well I wanted
to get some of my desire in too. And that is to maintain and develop our relationships,
even our partnerships, as the times approaching will be laden with opportunities and
options for service and for working in partnership.
I too share your sentiment of the day, the appreciation for such a loving and
nurturing environment to be reared in and raised in. Truly, when you recall your Urantia
experience you will recall the sensation of Urantia is mother. All that you know to be
your experience of Urantia you will recall as your mother. Therefore do you hold a
special place in your hearts, and literally your hearts are comprised of your mother.
There is a special bond and affection that you will always have with the place of your
birth, the first center of your ascension career, your beginning point in eternity. I
join you in your appreciation of such a magnificent display of grace. Certainly miracles
abound when you can reflect on the many factors involved in the balance, in the
sustaining of life.
Thank you, each one, for your contribution for that which we have built, this
relationship between us. It is your allowing and acceptance, even your participation,
that combine to form all the factors necessary for us to come together in this way. And
I recognize that your control over these factors is great, and therefore is your choosing
to create in this manner a splendid display of your intentions to seek the highest
principles and the greatest values that you are aware of.
I honor you and respect you for all that you have done and have brought you to this
place, and I look forward to our working together as things unfold before us. You are
our ground crew. It is your boots that will be on the ground in all that we do, and so
are you valued for your essential and unique contribution that you can make.
Thank you for allowing me just to be with you in this manner and share energies
back and forth once again. I allow that the hour grows long and will leave you with my
love and my pledge to be looking for opportunities to work together with you. Thank you
and farewell.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon here. I also honor our Mother. I pledge my ministry and
service, all derived from her grace.
I will address stillness in two aspects. When you enter into silence you have two
directions in which you may proceed. One is into what may be termed "deep mind", an
experience of quietude, free of longing, of agitation. Still. It is the root from which
all of your conscious projections are derived. Your awareness is centered therein. It
is the “I am” of human personality. It is your truly solo zone, a place of peace and
rest. Here is where accumulates the wisdom from your experience. Wisdom is truly a
possession of your own. In no way is it shared; it is uniquely your own. When you go
into stillness in this manner you rest in your wisdom, you rest in peace.
The other is the undertaking of what I will term "high mind", the elevation of your
awareness above your human being into the transitional zone of pure spirit and your
consciousness. Here is the scintillating experience of divine light and love. It is the
shared realm of worship. Here you are benefited by the nourishment of your Father and
Mother. Here you are supercharged in the experience of togetherness. You become infused
with energy from your Creator parent. Each approach is of benefit to the soul, and I
encourage you to seek each of them, to do so in a time period devoted only to one for its
full benefit and singular attention.
I will be with you again. Farewell.

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