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Andover, MN TeaM

February 15, 2007

Session #48

Teacher (T/R): Monjoronson, Serena, Tomas, Oleana (Leoma)

Topics: The light grows, and we connect more easily

Compassionately entering the feelings of another

Teaching Mission groups growing in energy awareness

We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

= = = = = = =

Prayer: Father we come to you, we call to you to open us to your faithful servants who we can now feel are connecting with us. We send our love to all of them. They are our dear friends. Father give us patience, understanding, courage, forbearance to be kind, courteous to others, compassionate, loving. We drink these gifts in, Father. Now we wait to hear the guidance of our teachers. We thank you for their presence here.

Leoma: I sense so many here with us tonight: Mother, Michael, Tomas, Serena, a new one that I have not met before in the circle with us. Simone. I'm not familiar with Simone. (We welcome you all.)

Monjoronson: It is I, your brother Monjoronson. Good evening. It is good to be in this gathering once again in your living room. Indeed, you find light here in this room now. You have dedicated it to that purpose. You have brought light into this room and this community, anchoring it to be connected with the great web of light, continually expanding and connecting more intricately around this planet, even as we speak.

I am here to tell you that the light grows. It grows exponentially. It is a beautiful sight. One day you will see it with your own eyes, but even now you are experiencing the reality of its existence, or we would not be able to communicate with you so clearly now. You would not be able to connect as readily as you now do. You are quite astute in your observations that you connect more easily, with less effort, more continually without having to take much thought of it. It is indeed growing within you, this capacity for continual connection, and you are reaching that point where being somewhat less connected is noticed much more quickly and is rectified much more quickly. It will not be long now until the connection is rarely broken. This is good news to you. You have been observing and feeling it; now you've heard that it is indeed true.

We also want to confirm for you that this pattern is growing around the entire planet, where more are connecting more easily than they could before. There are still many, of course, who have not found the light switch yet, but more and more are being added to the number every day, every hour. As we see these little lights blinking on, it is a marvelous sight indeed. If you so wish, you can connect through the circuits and engender a feeling of this reality within your own body. You can feel, discern for yourself, this is true.

You are now better prepared to enter into the true feelings of another, no matter how distant, no matter how well acquainted you are with that other being, or not acquainted at all. In order to effectively pray for another, you can now enter into that realm where you may, in a sense, enter into their thoughts and feelings. A deeper sense of compassion will ensue and develop from such a practice. When you can connect with another's feelings, you can open that circuit for them to be connected with healing, with the Father's love, with whatever it is they need in that moment. This is the idea of creating circuitry, of creating connection or a conduit from you to another. Then with your intention, your prayer, to connect them with this great web, this circuitry of light, love and healing. When a planet is in the full throes of Light and Life, there is no longer a web; it is all light. Everyone is always connected to this reality. All know their Creator with certainty and confidence in the abundance that connection provides. All things, indeed, become possible in that realm of existence.

My dear ones, you are making progress in that direction. Yes, it is still a long way off, and there is much work to be done, but the progress is most encouraging indeed.

We are soon entering a time now when the exponential numbers will reach a critical point and light will flood in very quickly to wash away the remaining darkness. You will see. You will see great changes in your own lifetime. You are indeed discerning them now, as they are beginning to creep into the consciousness of your collectivity that is humankind.

I would give this over now to another. It has been good to be here, speaking with you once again.

Serena: Good evening, friends, this is Serena. I am pleased to be given voice here once again. It has been awhile in your time reckoning, only a moment in mine. We observe as you have observed yourselves, that you are progressing in the ways of energy that are at this point somewhat beyond your rational understanding, beyond what you are consciously aware of or able to articulate. This is quite natural. This is happening with many of your Teaching Mission groups right now. Much is taking place that the human intellect is scarcely aware of, for it is taking place at a higher level than where the intellect operates. If you have the feeling of not being present at times, this is most likely what is taking place within you; up stepping, ramping up if you will the frequencies and the information that is being operationally fed into your circuitry.

You have invited this with your openness and your intention to grow and to serve Monjoronson, and to cooperate with Michael's Correcting Time. All of this is connected, of course; it is all one thing. So when you so willingly and trustingly open yourselves to what needs to be done, one must be ready to accept that you may not be fully conscious of what you have opened yourselves to. Do you accept this, and are you comfortable with this idea? (Yes.)

Then we shall continue this work with you. Take a few moments of stillness now while we in a more concentrated form work with you a few moments this evening. Simply relax and allow, disengaging the rational mind which seeks to understand or analyze it. Let that go for now. [Long pause]

Tomas: Good evening, this is Tomas. It is good to be with you again. It has been awhile. I have not been inert..

Personal messages from Tomas and Oleana not transcribed.
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