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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Resurrection from Fear and Anger, Communion: The Common Meal, You are Activated,
Allow and Trust, Your Spiritual Abode
Teachers: Michael, Elyon, Mojoronson, Nebadonia, Light.

April 8, 2007

* Michael (Daniel TR): It is wise to test the waters with your toes before you jump
in. But know that the experience of swimming in the water, providing aid to those who
are less able to swim than you, will require you at some point to stop testing the water,
go past the wading pool, and into the deep end.
You are my beloved children. You are my sons and daughters, and you are also my
friends and apostles. That which you are also anxiously awaiting to happen will indeed
happen because it is the will of our heavenly Father, and it is my will as well. Each of
you is very important to this process of preparing, but you must put yourselves into it
fully in order to have the greatest impact. You do not need to test the water any more;
you are all strong and excellent swimmers in this water of life. You are more likely to
entice people into the water by showing them the joys and thrills of being in the water
and playing and swimming freely than you would be standing on the shoreline helping them
to get their toes wet.
I celebrate this day with you all and with you each. It is an anniversary of my
return to the higher realm after I lived my life among you. It is a joyful day truly for
not only you but our whole universe.
Take a little time in the days ahead of you to ponder your own resurrection from
the fear and anger that is in the world to the light and the life that you have come to
know is your true estate. If I have told you once I have told you a thousand times fear
not, my little ones. Fear will gain you nothing. It is more likely to hold you back
from doing that which you know is your destiny and your purpose.
Know that I am with you always, not simply at gatherings like this. Truly I am
available to help you with the pouring forth of our Father’s love to His creatures and to
his myriads of children. The Father loves you. I love you. It is time for you to love
you as well. Step forward with the faith that you possess and allow it to show forth the
fruits of the relationship that you share with me. You need hold back no longer, my dear
ones. You are dearly loved and I will now step to the side for others who also wish to
address you on this wonderful day of celebration. You all know who I am, but for the
record, this is your father/brother Michael.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. I have a few words. I am always
honored to be in the presence of our Sovereign Son Michael. You have come to know him as
have I, and, while your relationship appears young to one like myself who spans
millennia, know that in quality you have precisely the same relationship. With your
engagement in him there is no time, there is even no development; there is connection
through and through. Your only sense of striving for deepening this connection is your
personal sense of lack of worth, and if you can dispense with that, your relationship
will be recognized as whole and complete.
Recall that he taught while among your apostolic ancestors that you are to partake
in a common meal and remember him. There are several components to such a meal; there is
aroma; there is savoriness, and there is nutritional content. The recognition of a
spiritual peace and joy, these are the aromas of communion. The nutritional content is
what instills in you the recognition of the one and only God and of course the family of
brothers and sisters in spirit, not just your mortal friends, but those like myself, your
angels, all ministering spirits. This nutrition gives the soul the essential elements
for a sound spiritual standing. As ingested you discover the ability to grow, to enlarge
your being, to function in this common family effectively even for the sake of your
I spoke of savoriness. These are the seasonings of this deeper nutrition. On a
balanced planet all religions, even all ideologies, are recognized as only seasonings,
that some seek the sweet and others spicy. They are just the ornaments of the essence of
spirit. You come together in a common meal, and that commonness is the sharing of
similar perspectives, conceptual orientations, and the exchange of the feelings of heart.
Some will dance and some will sit in complete silence, and communion is had.
Recognize as well the recipe of the meal. All scriptures are recipes, but you may
write your own recipe, develop your own doctrine. Every chef enjoys such a development
and exploration. Partake in that meal with Michael. Recognize the variety but hold your
mind toward the essential important content: the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of
all beings.
Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I am Monjoronson here as well to join your celebration, to
rejoice with you in all that has transpired in your personal resurrection that has
brought you to this place. I am here to announce that it is done, it has been
accomplished, that you who are here have been activated as the yeast that will be used
and spread about to leaven the entire loaf of your race. We have been developing this
ingredient, you, each one, to be vigorous and active, and you each have accepted this
opportunity before you to be charged with spirit, to be infused with light, to embrace
your relationship to spirit and to the mission for Michael as you see it. You have even
accommodated your energies to facilitate what it is you imagine my mission might ask of
you. So it is you have schooled yourselves, fostered your understandings, elevated your
awarenesses, and truly you have become the most active of the ingredients we will use to
mix together in this recipe. This does not mean that you are, of course, finished with
anything, but rather you are now in the proper condition to be most useful and helpful in
the recipes that we will stir up among you, with you. You will be our active ingredients
waiting to be simply mixed in with the other ingredients where you may come alive with
all that you have been in training for. We anticipate many good batches as we stir
together one recipe after another. No two will turn out exactly the same, but they will
all share the sweet fragrance, they will all have the elements of nourishment, and you
each one will provide your individual spice to the batch. Therefore do we have the
ingredients necessary to begin the baking process.
As you are aware there is an element of this mixing and stirring and even forceful
kneading that occurs in the process before all elements are blended thoroughly, and if
you recall that step in the process takes some effort and some force and may appear even
harsh or difficult, but if you persist with the process the elements smooth out together,
become well blended, and then the laws of nature proceed and the loaf rises.
You all are aware of the great magnitude of need of many of the multitudes who
could use being fed some of this nourishment, being given some of this sweetness, and you
wonder how it is that all of these needs will be addressed and all of these
considerations will be met, and I point to another of the fantastic chapters in your
master’s episode of life here wherein he broke the few loaves of bread and fed the
multitudes. Likewise will once again the master break your bread and serve it to the
multitudes. You need not concern yourselves with serving massive quantities; leave that
up to the master to break and distribute your excellently executed loaves, your loaves of
perfection and love. Those are the loaves the master wishes to break and distribute to
the others. Simply be the best ingredients you can be. Raise the best batch that you
can be a part of. Elevate whatever batch you are involved in to the greatest of your
capacity and then turn it over and allow that he who we are working for will make the
best use out of your perfect little loaf. It is done. You have been activated and you
are now ready to be stirred in anywhere, anytime, and have your magnificent impact.
It is most pleasing to have been accepted and even lovingly embraced by such co-
workers in the fields as yourselves, such mortals of the realm with such divine
aspirations. It is truly a privilege and a pleasure to work along side you in the
fields; to participate in the gathering of the harvest with you is indeed one of my
greatest pleasures to treasure. I thank you all for opening your hearts enough to follow
this curriculum of enhancement, and to then have been activated in such a way is
miraculous to behold. And I give thanks to the Father as you do for all that has
transpired in our journey together.
I too step aside as there is interest on my side to avail themselves of this
opportunity. Thank you once again.

* Nebadonia (Sheila): Children, I am your mother. I am to you the pan in which you
will be rising and making your form. To each and every one of you I have placed about
you myself in just a perfect shape and design so that as you rise you will be guided, you
will be protected, and you will be formed. This you must trust and I ask you to allow
this guidance in this time where your growth is accelerating so quickly. You are safe to
just allow this growth, to relax into this transitional discovery. Allow yourself to be
formed, to fill in the shape that is of your unique and particular design. There need
not be effort, only allowing and trust. Breathe me in and I guide this rising process.
Allow your expansion and savor your flavor. This is a most wonderful time to get to know
yourself as whole and experience wholeness in the process, wholeness in the
relationship. You are experiencing wholeness in intimacy toward yourself. This
process does not leave you alone; it encompasses all. I am in my wholeness in this act
of relationship to you. There is not one element missing. Your acceptance of this
process, your willingness to change, to be guided in this formation, is the universe in
I address you, my children, I address you as new creators on your new world with
your new people. Breathe, my children, take me in and allow my guidance.

* Light (Mark): I am here to address you by way of another miracle. I am Light and
I am here in this group because of your willingness to allow, to accommodate such
miracles, even to embrace them and accept them, learning that they are yet more of the
glorious manifestations of the Father’s love.
I will briefly touch upon the difference, the chasm, that you will perceive open up
before you where, having grown in spirit as it has been observed of you, you are becoming
quite stable and certain of that which you are certain about as regards your place in
spirit, your relationship to the divine. This foundation that you have built for
yourselves, this dwelling that you are constructing, is your spiritual dwelling place,
your place of safety and sacredness in your lives, and this dwelling grows stronger each
day with each act of faith, with each demonstration of love, with each portrayal of your
understanding of your divine nature and relationship to your divine parents. So this
dwelling place that you may consider your getaway or vacation spot will become more your
place of choice as you witness the challenge arise to your place of material dwelling,
your comfort zone of environment that you enjoy around your material situation and
understandings. These will be challenged. There will be forces which will put to the
test any mortal’s material construct of your comfort zone, your environment. But the
more things become shaky and the greater the forces of nature assault your material
abode, the more comfort and security you find in your getaway, your safe place, your
spiritual abode. And all of you are becoming aware enough to realize that you are
equally as at home at either of these places, and should your material construct be
assaulted and challenged you are growing more and more able to retreat to your spiritual
abode which is unassailable and is only strengthened by your efforts to build it and
occupy it.
This is what happens to all of your kind; at some point they look to see which side
of this canyon they would rather be on, the spiritual side which remains rather out of
the fray of earthly turmoil or your material abode which is subject to the ground shaking
and the wind blowing and the tides that may rise. One by one humans are forced through
their life experience to consider these two places of existence, these two types of
residence, and in your case you are discovering the attractive aspects of your spiritual
getaway and desiring to spend more and more time there, and this is good. Always recall
that if things become too uncomfortable in your regular material abode you may choose to
revisit your getaway and reconnect with that part of you that is long range and
unaffected by the details of the material world.
It is a privilege and pleasure to be asked to come to the podium among such large
universe personalities. Even I must contend with feelings of inadequacy to the task.
You are not alone in this regard, but I extend in faith, but if I am directed and asked
to be with you here now, that it is the will of the Father, and I am acting in my proper
capacity, such a challenge presents itself to you. You are acting in faith that it is
the will of the Father with whom you act, and therefore like me you should be infused
with a sense of your appropriate place being exactly where you are, doing exactly what
you are doing. I cherish the opportunity to even use this vehicle to offer my
expression, and I welcome any future opportunities I may have to commune with you in this
fashion. I retreat to allow you your space to enjoy the celebration of this magnificent
anniversary, and just as great is the celebration of your group of light as you are seen
from our side. What a magnificent attainment and accomplishment this represents, a pure
thing of beauty to behold and another occasion to thank the Father above for such divine
manifestation. I join you in that and in your celebration. I will be with you. Good

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