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Thu Feb 22 14:12:40 PST 2007

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Various Resources Builds Knowledge Base, Give Your Light, Being in the Zone,
Michael Prays, Continuum of Being, Consciousness of the Magnitude of an Infinite Array of
Teachers: Machiventa, Serena, The Voice Aligned with Gerdean, Michael, Elyon, Tomas.

February 18, 2007

* Machiventa (Mark TR): I greet you today and I am pleased to accept your invitation
to join. I would break the ice today on today’s discussion, I am Machiventa Melchizedek.
I would make reference to the offerings that you all have brought to the classroom
today. You have been told before that the curriculum that we have adopted and used had
been in no small part adjusted and comprised to fit into your learning environment, and
today I reference the fact that you have brought into this arena your own homework
assignment that you offer into the thought-stream that we may utilize in this process.
In this brief time you have spent sharing back and forth you have referenced your titles
of: Conversations with God, of Eckhart Tolle, Be Here Now, of The Secret which many of
you have not even seen yet. Of these fine contributions and others that were mentioned
we now have new material that we can weave together in this process of learning and
understanding. I point out to you to realize that all these various resources are all
leading you all in the direction that we have been fostering for some time, and you can
all accept that approaches as diverse as The Urantia Book Papers all the way to the A
Course in Miracles have threads of truth that when braided together provide you with a
larger data base that we can then build on from our side.
This demonstrates your great willingness as learned students to do your extra-
curricular work and bring in your assignments to be shared with the class that they may
benefit from your exposure. You do well to share amongst yourselves that which tweaks
you from week to week. The most potent of what you share however is how these various
materials have impacted your lives personally and individually. When any of these
kernels of truth become ... and lodged within your person and they truly become part of
your living truth, they transform from being static words on a page to a living energy
which is truth, which is God, within you.
I am so pleased to be associated with such a group of learned individuals who take
so seriously this path and assignment of personal spiritual growth that they will spend
their time in between class building their knowledge base so that when we come back
together we can share the advancements made between classes. I acknowledge that this
represents your intention, your priorities. You are the ones who put in the work to do
the extra reading, to follow where you are led, to receive that which you would be given
by the universe as a direct result of your seeking.
You will all witness that you are finding in greater and greater measures that
which you are seeking. To the degree that you will allow that this is the process at
hand, you will embrace all that you are alerted to in this process as being the answers
to your petitions, the very responses to your prayers that you be awakened in this
From my perspective there is no greater joy than to witness the children receiving
that which they seek and then taking this so joyously and so eagerly and assembling all
these gifts into the mosaic that becomes the reality of their lives. Truly you, each
one, are resembling magnificent mosaics, spectacular quilts, that you are assembling in
this process, each one individual yet everyone containing the threads of truth combined
in their own particular pattern, the colors woven together individually.
I can’t express enough my gratitude for working with such beings of light as
yourselves. It is not that we have reached out and seized you and commandeered your
intention, rather, it is that you have come and volunteered these and offered yourselves
to be trained and nurtured and taught, and that is how we move forward with your freewill
contributions. So, you are not as much chosen as you are the choosing ones who show up,
who arrive willing to be taught. This is what is required in this process for us to move
forward, and this is what you so genuinely and eagerly offer us
I withdraw to allow the use of this podium, this forum, for others. Thank you once
again, my dear ones.

* Serena (Kathy shared this that she received earlier in the week): In this world of
confusion you are bound together in a circuit of enlightened company leading all to find
strength and help during times of doubt. Be joyful in this connection and give your
light to others as you find them, always knowing you can refresh yourselves in the
embrace of others in this company.

* Gerdean’s Thought Adjuster (Gerdean): This is the voice aligned with Gerdean. It
is a new representation of the liaison that my mortal associate and I have over many
years developed. I am in joy to acknowledge this attainment level and commend my
associate adjuster through Mark of this group for pursuing the possibilities inherent in
the practice of allowing me as spirit to reach your spirits with the cooperation of the
attached associative mortal personality.
You mentioned in your discussion “the zone”, being in “the zone”, and this indeed
is an environment that you can help create as a mortal, an environment that is conducive
to spirit receptivity, whether it be through reverence or awe-inspiring beauty or
homework such as Machiventa referenced, that which you bring to share with your peers in
the interests of heartfelt spirit growth. You can create the ambiance that allows spirit
the occasion to operate if you create the environment and cultivate the field; then you
will have done your part to open that furrow in which I can impart that which others and
you need to know.
But I have the distinct advantage of being in open converse with the adjusters of
those in your environment and they know what their humans need; they know what growth
levels they are on and what growth challenges they face. They know what they need even
before they have asked. So, if you set it up for us we can be most effective, and you
can enjoy your part without taking yourself too seriously. You can, rather, appreciate
the efforts as a technique of socialization, even reversion, for you are putting your
peers at ease. As they are relaxed, as they feel safe, they need not have fear of being
pelted with intellectual dogma or religious judgment, they allow their ego barriers to
come down, not so that you might plant the seed, no, but that I might, that we might,
that we might bring them into closer alignment with the Father, the ultimate source and
center. In this way we carry the burden and you engage in the joy.
You see reflected then the light in their eyes; you see the Father reflected back
to you in their illumination, and this is a living reality; this is a real
accomplishment, and you have participated much as the TRs participate in this process.
You know what you are to do and what you need not do. In truth, the Father does the
work; all you have to do is believe.
I rejoice in your presence in the association, in the family, that we know and
share and expand in our work together. Thank you for this opportunity, Gerdean and the
northwest team. Carry on.

* Michael (Mark): I am Michael and I join you to rejoice in this moment, in this
hour, in yet another miracle to unfold before our very eyes and in our very presence.
Please join me as I offer gratitude to the Father.
Father, we are told and we know that with You all things are possible and yet we
bring ourselves step by step slowly to accept this truth, this reality in our lives, and
each time we do this, Father, accept a little more of this truth, then we witness great
things happen to us, among us, between us, within us. We are so grateful that this is
Your way, Father, that this is Your plan for us as You unfold who You are in this
process. We know that it is Your love and Your support that guide us throughout, and we
only seek to be closer to You in our processes of discovery.
I give You in this hour another testament to Your glory and Your greatness. Help
us all to savor yet another example of Your love manifested to us and through us. As we
take these steps be with us, each one, to bring us the assurance, the certainty, that we
are moving in Your direction. That is all we ask of You. We will proceed as we are led,
as we are guided.
Father, these are the ones who have chosen to follow me as we proceed towards You.
I am certain You will bestow upon them all Your grace and all Your love. I would ask on
their behalf that their capacities be enhanced, that their abilities to perceive Your
love be increased. They have shown themselves to be so willing, and we know that they
are worthy. They would take the steps if they would only but know these steps. I will
lead them, Father, and as You know they will follow.
We all join in thanking You for this magnificent opportunity before us to manifest
Your glory in our lives, in our actions, in our very beings. This is so, and we are
merely acting in accordance with our combined wills and desire.
We are forever grateful to You for having designed such a magnificent plan of
opportunity for us. Help us to promote the proper environment whereby we may flourish.
Help us to be aware of the internal environment we foster and promote. Help us to be
aware and to appreciate the collective environment that we build and promote. And then,
Father, help us to realize the projected environment that we provide for all those
children of Yours that we come in contact with. Let us cherish these environments and
create them to be safe and wholesome and free. By doing this we know this will promote
our individual and collective awakening.
Thank you, Father, beyond words but not beyond the desires of our heart.
Let us all be in peace even now.

* Elyon (Jonathan): I greet you, this is Elyon. I ask you to picture a number-
line, both in the stretch into the positive and into the negative, and to focus upon the
location numbered “five”. This location is only real in its relation to the other marks
upon the line.
When the ego is all important five is reset to zero.
In the Supreme experience all numbers are of equal value.
The number 2,700,000 in your currency is a lot! As an event in minutes it’s too
much. In the evaluation of the presence of disease a negative return is good. These are
values projected by yourself.
Any missing number would destroy the number-line; any end to the line also
decreases its meaning.
To a mathematician all numbers are of equal importance, and no number is left out.
This is why Jesus said to the crowd, “You are my brothers and sisters”. To him there was
no congregation in non-members. It is only in the acceptance by will of each that one
belongs, and Michael accepts all, therefore they belong in him, even while another may
not accept and perceive to be outside. In the family of God all must be for the
continuum of personality reality.
I am one number on the number-line as are you, and we live our lives in a dynamic,
as your mathematics show through formulas, through operations and functions. You may be
a multiplier, another a divider, depending on your function and the dynamics of an
earthly life. The value, the worth, of the function is dependent upon the moment of its
application. You know to figure how many things go as subsets into a whole, you must
figure by division. This is not segregating; it is not judgmental; it is merely
application of a function at the time of need. Contentment in life comes from knowing
your function and your place in the overall spectrum or matrix. And happiness comes from
the awareness that you can perform your skill at the time it’s needed, and that it is the
valuable action; it is your action; it is as if the number five perfectly fulfills its
being, not four, not six.
In your stillness recognize your singularity, your “I am”. And recognize the alpha
and the omega of all that is the “I AM”. Also embrace the infinity of all that is, of
all beings, brothers, sisters, the spirit family.
We who function at the level of constellation reality have time orientation
different from your means of counting, and it is expanding to be ever-inclusive. We are
taught that on Paradise time is not and therefore now is not. This is hard for all time
creatures to comprehend. Father is. And I would ask, Is He not?
I am joyful at your reckoning with the parameters of your life experience,
including your comprehension of time. Your older clocks have a secondhand which does
counting for you. A spiritual being does not look at the hand that counts; it
understands it is that hand. That is the value of being present. In eternity all
seconds are present. Every moment of your life is a oneness; it is your soul.
I have finished my comments, thank you.

[some recording issues at the end of this segment, sorry. ed.]

* Tomas (Gerdean): This is Tomas the opportunist. I’m so glad to have the
opportunity to take advantage of. It does my heart good to see you here in your familiar
conclave around the fire, the campfire, as we have sat so many times in company with the
master and contemplating the many facets of sonship that we enjoy.
The family of God expands, extends broad and wide indeed, and in truth there are no
strangers -- what is it they say? -- only friends we haven’t met yet. So keep the doors
open, the doors of your hearts and minds, and welcome in those who pass by, for they may
be who the Lord has sent in order for you to be about the Father’s business. The reward
for you is the expanded family awareness, the consciousness of the magnitude of an
infinite array of associations all orchestrated to the divine plan of perfection
Just like a symphony is orchestrated to provide the tremendous emotional
satisfaction of the musical experience, so are your lives part of the tremendous
experience of bringing into being ultimacy of perfection. So we do rejoice in this
experience and share our joys and sorrows in the process, accepting the challenges, and
learning the lessons that are involved in this adventure.
Let us embrace with our prayerful attitudes all those in the infinite recesses of
time and space that they will hear the chords that will stimulate their attention to the
divine conductor who will lead us in this ... of power and glory in honor of our ultimate
source. Yes, it is exciting, and yes, Gerdean gets dramatic, but there is no ....
Religions are dynamic, and it is a testimony to the inherent life that lives within you
each ... that will enable you to be more than you were.
I will not presume to bring the meeting to a close. I wanted to say however how
much I have enjoyed being here with you today and having the opportunity once more to
commingle with my comrades in the work. Amen and farewell.

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