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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual Mutual Fund, You Decide on Progress, Love, Spiritual "gas mileage", I
am Real, The Refreshment of Joy.
Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Nebadonia, Monjoronson, Unidentified.

February 11, 2007

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): This is Elyon, I greet you. I am going to speak a little
about our entourage.
We have been together functioning as one body for many years, even as personalities
have entered and left the circle. It is, in a sense, a spiritual mutual fund where in
collectivity each one can appreciate, can grow in spiritual value. When one aspect of
this fund, this group, is on a decline the others can help to offset. While in a
financial sense this offset is only the comparison of plus value to minus value, in a
personality sense it is a filling in where there is need and uplifting where there is
downheartedness. Over time those who partake leave an element of goodness and beauty
which continues to give this collection, this collectivity, a substance that even one who
comes into the circle later benefits.
Your angels and we teachers are like fund managers who are ever on the lookout for
where, when, and who may come into the circle and be part of the upliftment and
advancement. These are not haphazard. Sometimes, as you have witnessed over the last
couple years, you get an injection of some powerful aspects as we see in our brother
Monjoronson and his staff.
I encourage every one of you to feel your own value as you contribute. I know many
of you come to us teachers looking to be supplemented by our contact, but you are also
contributors and do effect your brothers and sisters. Trust your value.
These are my words. I will allow for my associates also to intermingle with you.

* Machiventa (Mark): I greet you as well, I am Machiventa melchizedek. I would
follow the words of your devoted associate Elyon and acknowledge that, as one who
oversees the curriculum, so to speak, I would add support to the idea of your value in
this process. It is largely up to you to expand yourself and thus provide us with your
increased capacity wherein we may provide you with the next opportunity to increase your
capacity whereby you may provide us with the next opportunity to provide you. In this
way we are intimately associated in this process of growth and appropriate lessons being
delivered as they can be ingested by you. Should you individually or collectively decide
at any point that you have had enough then we would respect your boundaries and reserve
any further lessons, not wanting to exceed your desires to grow. But what is
particularly cherished about this configuration we have in this hour is your seeming
unending tolerance for receiving the next level, the greater truth.
There are many who would draw the line in the sand and declare that they have had
enough. Their life is complete and full; they need no more. But you, my devoted
associates, have proven yourselves steadfast in this pursuit of more and deeper
understanding of greater truths to become yours in this process. No teacher could ask
for a more proper attitude from their students, and you show no signs of altering this
attitude of acceptance, even of craving what’s next. So I declare to you that it is you
who draw us forward in this process. We remain ever ready to give you that which you
desire, that which you request. But it must be your desire and request that moves this
gigantic enterprise forward. Many do not associate this aspect of personal seeking to be
significant in its contribution to the whole. But I affirm as Elyon has stated you have
great value in this process in simply your desire, your intention. Your willingness to
proceed forward enables us to go. The moment you should decide you have had enough, our
mandate declares we may not push; we may only follow as you desire. So, my dear ones, in
this classroom we have arrived at wherever we are because you have allowed this,
requested it, and sought out this progress we have made. We have only been there to
service your desires and provide you that that you seek.
Thank you for the part that you play. Though you may see it as small and
insignificant, it is the fulcrum that we use to apply spirit to the situation. Without
it we are severely restricted as to how to proceed. Thank you each one individually for
your desires and your collective encircuitment as well. I withdraw now to allow for

* Nebadonia (Sheila): My children, this is your Mother. I too wish to reach out to
your understanding. Within the very core of yourself I am there, my vibration, my love,
my wisdom, and my nurture. These aspects of myself are within every moment that you are.
At some point of your lives you have allowed this vibration of me to flow, to enter your
consciousness, to interact, and in these moments as it is my desire we became one in the
There have been moments when I have been able to speak to others, reach out to
others, through you as though you were my voice, my hand, my love. Now you have become
so closely related, so deeply intimate, even in habit that now there are often times when
I would begin to speak and instead you used your very own personal tone to speak for me.
It was the vibration of me with your personal gift of reaching out to others.
Independently you have become my flow, my vibration, my love. For me, my greatest desire
for you has been acknowledged. Your independence is becoming masterful.
Our relationship as you feel towards one another is a completed encircuitry. This
allows for your masterful techniques in your abilities to assist in these expanded
circuitries for others. This if understood is why you have sometimes noticed, but often
unnoticed, success in the activation of light circuits on your world. To understand this
would be to know the vital importance of why you are here, who you are, and what you are
It is with the depth of all encompassing love that I sit here amongst you to thank
you, to love you and love through you, and to watch you extend me out to your world. My
children, my gratitude is and always will be. Thank you.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon once again tapping Jonathan to make another
You have vehicles which you rate by fuel consumption and the distance they travel.
I would take a moment to draw an analogy that the fuel you store up can be likened to
revelation or the input of spiritual knowledge and truth. Some of you can receive a
small amount and go a great distance, while others must consume larger amounts to travel
the same. While you on a material level distinguish the better function of a vehicle
based on this consumption, spiritually it matters not whether you intake great amounts or
less to travel. But as your own vehicles will adjust the reservoir by which you may hold
such fuel in order to compensate for consumption, in a spiritual sense that container,
while it may be large or small, to be of value must constantly be integrating into your
life to be combusted and thereby drive you further down your life’s road.
I have one more consideration. You now have hybrid vehicles. The polarities of
your life are like that battery. Also the juxtaposition of life circumstances are like
the electric motor, and these tensions create movement. These are derived from your
human level. When you are becoming tired you have your fuel reservoir, those spiritual
truths, revelations, celestial entities that will kick in and assist you in your travel.
I have finished. Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I will join you today, I am Monjoronson, and I am here
because you allow me to be part of this group. I would seize upon one of your statements
made in your sharing time of what is real. I would ask you all, am I real? And I am
confident that you would all agree that we do in fact have a relationship and I am in
fact part of that relationship with you. You have accepted this and therefore I am real
to you.
There are those involved in this process who have, as Machiventa shared, drawn a
line in the sand and declared that they will not accept anything on the other side of
this line. Therefore to them I may in fact not be real. It is rather that I have not
been accepted, not that I do not exist, just as one can not accept any given reality and
principle, and it will not be “real” to them. But to those of you who are willing to
forego drawing lines in the sand and willing to extend beyond that which you are
currently certain of to allow for new certainties to be a part of your reality, you will
benefit by this open-minded approach to what could be, what might be, and therefore we
can explore the new dimensions.
I thank you all for making me real in your lives. I do exist, and to all those who
are as of yet uncertain of this reality I am not concerned to defend my very being,
rather I wait for the sands to shift and the lines to be erased by the tides of spirit
and most certainly the reality of universe principles and the existence of many
personalities to become known in this process. We all are here regardless of how many of
you know of our existence. The Father has a gigantic plan regardless of how many of you
are aware of this plan. You have a personal ascension program in place regardless of
your individual awareness of this fact.
.... is what shifts. Reality of these situations ebbs and flows to the individuals
as their awareness rises with the tide of spirituality.
Thank you all for being open enough to allow for that which is in your lives and
thereby flourish. I would conclude my remarks with my appreciation of your efforts thus
far which have provided us the very scope of our spiritual exercises. Thank you and

* unidentified (Mary): I would step forward and extend an invitation ...
refreshment. Come. In any given sequence of a meal there are the courses that require a
little bit of chewing, work, and provide a basis of ... nourishment, stuff which helps
you grow. There’s also the course that is refreshing and light. I would offer the
refreshment of joy. Pause from your work and ... the joy of our association, that joy in
the knowledge that God is the First Source and Center of all things ... Refresh yourself
... joy and love. Lighten your experience with a smile and the knowledge that this smile
is shared by your brethren, your brothers and sisters, both in the flesh and in the
celestial realm. ...all the way to Paradise .... It is a vibration that reverberates
throughout time and eternity even into those realms not bounded by time and space. So
refresh yourselves ... shared amongst all personalities ....

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