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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Universe Around You is in You, Determination, Choice, Commitment, Inner
Teachers: Monjoronson, Evanson, Michael, Unidentified.

January 28, 2007

* Monjoronson (John TR): ...a universe within your reach, within your senses, within
your attention. This is Monjoronson. I say good morning to you all. You are a brave
and dedicated group, very important to our plans toward ascension.
You sense that things are getting ramped up, connections are being made. You are
being put in situations or places that may seem uncomfortable at first, that may stretch
you at times, but you do notice that your higher selves which you are becoming more in
tune with kick into action.
The universe I speak of that is around you is in you, is all connected to the
Father, the First Source and Center. You have fragments of the Father within the reach
of all of you. When we say “go within” you go within the partnership of the Father in
conjunction with Michael, Mother, and the universe of brothers and sisters who are
working diligently to awaken the population. There are activations going on; there are
circuits being laid; there’s, in an earthly term, a lot of construction work going on.
When you hesitate and align yourself with the Father make it an intention to stand
up straight, to lift your physical mechanism, the sacred temple that has allowed you to
come into this life. Stand straighter. Lift your head. Make your spine straight. Walk
proudly and in love and in peace and in joy and in confidence, for this, my comrades, is
the way to ascension. Your light spreads not only in the areas you are dealing with but
in the consciousness of the planet. Not only speak the word but stand tall and be the
I will withdraw right now and let others come to the podium.

* Evanson (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Evanson. I am going to speak about
determination. It is a word to my liking, for it incorporates balance between thinking
and feeling, for determination must have a foundation that is sensible, that is clear, a
set of goals, and a set of processes. While at the same time it has drive and
conviction, a forcefulness, a willingness to pursue even as one faces being thwarted.
When you choose a path as you have chosen this mission you coupled both your
investigative perceptions with your fervor to attain or to acquire the ability to
function as a light worker, and you have faced your doubts, and you have also encountered
many attainments, triumphs. While you have spent these many years doing so, you have
shifted your concepts and your thinking structures, and you have also more firmly rooted
some of them to be greater pillars in your philosophical structure. You have also cried
many a tear of joy and sorrow and laughed jubilantly. But one thing that has persisted
is your determination. No matter the mountain or the valley, you continue to progress.
This is a virtue all the teachers look for in a student. It is this quality that will
take you to the end of your journey, to the goal.
No one is ever prepared to undertake any course of action to reach a final result.
Your projected end may appear clear, the final outcome, and you can have sketched-in
stepping stones to reach it, but between those stepping stones are the chances of time
and the changes of life which are never fully predictable. By fostering in yourself a
determination you are able to correct your course when you are buffeted about, to realign
and to move ahead. During this undertaking you acquire wisdom, you gain experience, you
broaden your compassion for others in their struggles and endeavors. Much that is
acquired along the way could never be possessed at the start. This is how valuable
determination is in your orientation as a spiritual being.
I will also allow others to address you. Thank you.

* Machiventa (Mark): Greetings, this is Machiventa. I would build on the statements
offered here today and carry the analogy forward. Given the fabric or continuum of time
that you find yourselves in and possessing the dedication spoken of here today, it is
noteworthy to point out that even given these favorable characteristics it is necessary
for you, each one, to choose to act, to choose to accept, to choose to believe, to choose
to then make real in your lives the very lessons and principles offered to you.
These sayings, lessons, and principles are offered throughout and scattered abroad,
and they are received quite differently by the different personalities in reception.
What distinguishes this particular group is your dedication to choosing the will of the
Father as you see it, continually and repeatedly over and over again. Your
demonstrations of your choosing and rechoosing can bring you that which others are
reaching for and seeking for. They may see your success and wonder why you have been
chosen to be so successful when, in fact, it is your choosing that makes you successful
in your pursuit of spirit. It is not that any peoples out there or groups or individuals
are chosen from on high and then activated, rather these individuals and groups prove
themselves by their acts of choosing to a universe who is watching.
I have observed this group since the very beginning and there have been many new
horizons that have been met and many obstacles that have been overcome, many
opportunities that have been activated by virtue of your steadfast willingness to choose.
Without your choices we are impotent to bring about any Teaching Mission or Magisterial
Mission or individual awakening. But given your choice we are granted the latitude and
the resources necessary to complete this circuit.
If only all of your brothers and sisters on the planet were to come to the
awareness that choice is their most profound and effective contribution to be made to
this life, then surely things would be quite different. But you who are becoming aware
of this potential are eager to experiment, to try to choose and therefore as a result of
your speaking and your choosing your finding is a certainty.
It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you and to see your many growth rings
of evolution as you develop throughout this process. I appreciate the opportunity to
address you and withdraw to allow for others as well.

* Michael (John): This is your Father, Mother Michael. I have heard the discussion
on commitment.
Today there is an ordination to be a reverend. This is not so much a ... as a
declaration to oneself to be a holy light, to be sacred on the path to ascension, to
abiding the Father’s will. Whether this is a formal declaration or an informal
commitment unto oneself without calling oneself a reverend, it is a courageous act for
all of you to dedicate yourself in such a way that all may see your light and all the
given traits you bring with it.
I am so very proud and grateful to this group who have followed me in my endeavors
to turn this darkness that prevails on this planet to the light status that it deserves.
You do not know how much, how much, you affect the others not only throughout this world
but throughout the universe that are watching you. They are watching you adjust
constantly. This is the meaning of being spiritual in your intention by your
declarations of sacred determinations.
I gather you in my love. I gather you in my heart, and I thank you again for being

* unidentified (Mary): I will step forward and bring a few thoughts into this stream
of consciousness. Today we have touched on ideas of standing tall with determination
and dedication and following Michael. I stand before you and acknowledge as all teachers
have and do acknowledge your many accomplishments, your advancement, the ascent that you
have undertaken and the heights to which you have got yourselves through your choices.
I would point out also the importance of your own internal acknowledgment of your
accomplishments, your internal acknowledgment of your worth, of your value, of your
beauty, your goodness. These are the days of your maturity. You have grown. You are
experienced. You have traveled. Your experiences that you have gained, the road you
have traversed, convey upon you some sense of authority from which you can stand tall.
You can be the truth that you know and therefore be the light in this world. Now is the
time to acknowledge within yourself that you are light, you are goodness. You can speak
with authority. Through the living of your life, through your daily tasks, you are
blessed, and you can share your blessings with others.
You have established your partnership with Michael. Through your determination and
dedication you have chosen to be where you are now. Continue growing this partnership and
fostering the connection. Each of you is such a beautiful soul developing and growing.
Fear not to step out into the world shining your light and being what you know yourself
to truly be, children of god destined for ... in partnership with your Father.
I speak as a voice calling from within you, knowing and calling you to know you are
so very loved.

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