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Malvantra: Hello my brothers and sisters, this is Malvantra. I have great
admiration for all of you as you work sincerely for Michael in each way you
can knowing full well your seemingly small efforts are cherished by Him and
that you will receive all guidance as necessary, that your efforts will be
of benefit to the seekers about you who hunger for truth and desire to
coordinate the cosmic perspective with a balanced life.

You will recall the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand when Jesus
pulled from what appeared to be very little food source, enough for all. My
friends, each one of you is like those baskets passed among the crowd. You
are seemingly filled with little by which to feed and yet as you give, more
comes forth and you are able to feed far more than you would ever conceive.

This is what we do now in this correcting mission. Out of little manifests
much. Each one of you has what may be considered a deep well within. I would
actually prefer to view that well as rising vertically in depth rather than
sinking deeply. It is that avenue through which the human personality
interfaces with the divine presence. It is the first and foremost circuit
that you are engaged in. Many feel that the distance between is great and
that contact is afar and it is only inasmuch as the personality of the human
lacks the attainments required for such a sublime interface.

But in contact, you have an infinite depth of goodness, of beauty, of
truth. It is the presence of God. And as you refine your approach the
quantity of the outpouring of spirit upon you increases and the quality that
is the accuracy of your discernment also increases. It is of great value for
you to go apart from one another in solitude and be with Father in heaven.
Out of this relationship are you thereby better able to function in the
ministry that we are promulgating on this world.

After having acknowledged this relationship within your being, you are
empowered to begin any project that is inspired upon you by your celestial
brethren. You will though, be in need of maturation, that is, the
development of better skill and application. When you are bestowed upon by
the Light of Lights you have a rich gift but like any talent you must
improve on your own. Assistance is beside you and resides within you but it
is your responsibility to become more, to become higher, to become pure and
to become more greatly able. These cannot be forced upon you.

Deep in that basket are many loaves and many fishes but you must take them
out and you must give them. We have coming upon us events on this world of
great transformation and with them, those transformations, come the
transformers. Your skies may be filled with hosts of celestial being who
likewise may bring gifts of revelations of new planetary arrangements of
cultural and social advancement none of which will occur without each of you
reaching into your basket and giving. A one may say I have only one loaf,
and I say, reach in, you'll find two, then three, then four.

It appears one at only one point in time and then there is the other. give
and you will receive. Give again and more comes forth. Therefore my
brothers and sisters, never sell yourselves short. Work within for greater
relationship with holiness and you will have access to that deep well, that
deep basket of ministry to others. I am desirous of having you interface
with me at this point and I thereby ask you to come forth with questions or
comments as you desire.

Q: Malvantra, that beautiful analogy of the loaves and fishes was not lost
on me and there are days when I feel I don't have any more fish in my
basket. That was a very inspiring lesson and makes me think I might have
another book in me. Creatively speaking there may be a way where we are able
to feed the multitudes with creative works. What do we do with those who
tell us where we're looking from, making a profit and becoming rich and
famous off the kingdom?

Malvantra: I have a simple comment, that is , ignore them for you know only
within yourself your motives and your creativity is your contribution to the
Father's will as revealed through you. If you approach your project
primarily with this intention, it matters not profit of lack thereof for you
desire first to express, to create, to teach and to inspire. It is that
taking no thought for tomorrow for it will take care of itself. You live in
a world of sequences of a technical mechanical nature. Thereby must you
approach the spreading of your creative act by methods established by your
civilization and this does require investment, and to be sustained needs

These are merely material levels of outwork, secondary repercussions to the
primary creative act in partnership with spirit. As you search your soul you
know your motives and purpose. Criticism from without is good for it offers
the opportunity for reflection but when you know honestly your motives, then
be about the Father's business and do so confidently. As I have said we need
you to reach into your basket and take out those loaves and give them.

Q: Such a great analogy, really inspiring, thank you.

Malvantra: You are welcome and I must say that I count you and the many
among this mission as loaves themselves, who are emerging from this basket
of outreach promulgated by Michael on this planet. [thank you]

Q: Malvantra, you just suggested searching your own soul which is obviously
exceptional advice which we all need to do on a regular basis. Do you have
any suggestions, recommendations, or insights as to how to discern the
difference between a response or an inner action or a connection with soul
versus something that is more generated from mind or intellect? A deeper
thing versus a more shallow analysis?

Malvantra: As you have said, that deeper thing is what will distinguish a
soul search from merely a ponderance of mind. But the mind is not left out
for it does the searching, and I couple heart with mind into the whole
mindedness of your being and you look towards that miraculous composition
which is your soul, your interface with the divine spirit, that membrane,
that connective glue, that lubricant between two dimensions is your soul,
and as you gaze upon it in reflective meditation you will begin to see that
where your mind perceives concepts and your heart has desires and feelings
and wishes, your soul is panoramic in its inclusiveness and its

It is that view from the mountain top wherein your concepts and desires are
oriented and are clarified. A soul search not only looks toward a goal or a
motive but looks at its equal opposite and in balance perceives the
totality of the wholeness and from there you are better able to decide and
to know. I hope this has helped.

Q: That is beautiful, it has helped immensely and I am grateful.

Michael: I am Michael. I embrace you and I thank Malvantra for his
engagement with you. You are, as I have repeatedly told you, cherished and
you will continually receive this expression by me forever for my love for
you is infinite. You will walk the surface of many spheres and you will be
absorbed into the radiant presence of our Father. And you will in ages to
come be sent to worlds that were only beginning to discern and I will be
confident in your ability to minister then as I am confident in your ability
to minister now.

This is your initial training but the requirements of events in the ages to
come are no different than they are today on Urantia. I have pledged to
heavenly Father that I will let not one of you fall to the wayside. I give
Him back the gift He gave me which are you. And as I have taught of the
talents I will give to Him more than He has given me by bestowing all the
grace, all the love and all the light I have and that you will receive. It
is a wonderful interval of development my little Urantia is going through.
It may be upsetting to those who dwell on your world, uncertain of how
progress will unfold, nervous that perhaps that there will be no progress
but rather disruption.

My children, I have thousands upon thousands of worlds, many far more
advanced and many not as well advanced and I can see that good and stability
and progress is the order and will be the result. Urantia is blessed and
you, its inhabitants are blessed. We bow before the Light of Lights and take
in that love. Father, lift up all. May they receive the assurance of
guidance and may they be reckoned as those who served diligently and
trustworthily in this my kingdom of Nebadon. I will let you go at this
time and do go forth and proclaim the gospel, shalom.

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