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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Communion through Engagement, Circuits, Love your Enemies, Mother's Lunch.
Teachers: Elyon, Malvantra, Monjoronson, Nebadonia.

December 3, 2006

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, I am Elyon. I have some introductory
comments before we hear from others in my party.
You are devout in your attention to the increasing tension of the partnership
relationship of the Father Spirit and your human self. Such awareness is of immense
importance in your growth, for you are, in so doing, taking on the activities which will
accomplish the goals of the spirit within. In order to bridge the gap between your human
awareness and the presence of spirit you will find the easiest route is the manifestation
of your enlightenment in your daily acts.
I know I have been long a promoter of stillness, for it is the best connection of
the human soul to the divine spirit. But the human mind struggles to interpret that
sublime peace of worshipful communion, always creating forms and structure, ritual and
symbol, that it may understand what is too sublime for words. The mind therefore better
recognizes communion with spirit through engagement with fellows in service, in teamwork,
for this is the realm wherein the mind is fully capable of understanding. I always have
enjoyed the sharing of your tweaks, for this is the realm wherein you consciously
recognize God functioning in you, through you, and ultimately as you.

* Malvantra: Hello, this is Malvantra. I have been greatly engaged in the new
circuit configurations being established on Urantia. I call them “new circuit
configurations” when factually they are the reestablishment of configurations of circuits
this planet did once enjoy. While these configurations are multilayered and have
frequencies of vibration non-contactable by you mortals, you do have access to several
layers of communicability, of contactability. I encourage you to increase your
familiarity with these circuits that you do partake in, for these circuits, while they
are so called and imply an electro-mechanical state, they are not; they are organic,
living connections. They are vitalized by way of your attention and use just as your
physical organism becomes strong through use, even through stress. To stabilize these
interconnections we ask you all to engage. You are doing so now as you focus in this
fellowship toward the accumulation of new insights and through the harmonization of
fondness for each other.
You are aware that the Spirit Resident ever awaits your permission, the welcoming
of the reception of revelation to your soul. These circuits function likewise, only by
way of willing participation, by conscious engagement. Urantia is becoming energized,
uplifted to a new, higher vibration. It is not happening upon you but from within you as
you partake in the circuitry, as you become an extension of the neural system of spirit.
It is, as I said, organic; it grows as you grow. Be not concerned as to how you may by
procedure connect. Simply give attention to the truth and fact of the presence of the
inner connectivity of all who work for planetary upliftment and apply yourself at your
level of understanding and cosmic comprehension. That is all that is required, and you
will aid all of us in furthering the spread of this web. At one time it was called the
Kingdom of God; it is also known as the Family of God.

* Monjoronson: Monjoronson speaking, I greet you, hello. Let us take this moment to
turn the attention to the Father Presence. Choose your preferred approach; I will wait a
few moments for you to position yourselves.
Oh, Great Spirit, You who fill the universe with love, You who fill these creatures
with Your presence, we all look to You and accept You as our ultimate guidance. Even I,
one who has come from Your holy abode, acknowledge Your grand majesty, Your
transcendence. Even as You are so unfathomable, we do know You, for You have come to be
within us, to be as us. We give You that opportunity willingly and do so now.
My friends, you are told of the water of life, that nourishing, refreshing spirit
poured out upon you. How the hungry soul does reach for that water to be nourished. But
this spirit seeks you with equal intensity if not more so. You may be likened to the
sweetness of sugar, so desired to be taken in as well. When the water of life meets your
sweetness of your human openness, of your welcoming, the two meet and you melt and spirit
is sweetened by your contribution. Soon no distinction is made between one and the
other, but any who comes into your presence tastes of that bond and senses the reality of
that partnership.
We will continue our ascent, and we will be engaged in many activities in the
effort to uplift this planet, but that will necessitate continual return to the springs
wherein our canteens may be refilled. You are growing stronger in the passing of every
week, and you are becoming increasingly trustworthy by way of your dedication. As you do
come to trust in yourself of your abilities, remember always to return in solitude to the
source of your power. It is this cycle which gives strength and endurance in trials.
I am very happy to have you, my friends, in my association. I know of the many
troubling situations existent upon your world, and I am aware of the agencies involved in
both the fomenting and the resolving of these conditions. I have my staff engaged in
these situations that they may receive that spiritual pressure. But I need you to work
from the other side to push from your end that we may squeeze and bring to a head the
reality in clarity, the truth, and that is the necessity, the critical necessity, of the
realization of brotherhood, of spiritual fellowship. It is without this that so much
goes on on this planet of great hurt. This is our primary task, and out of this will
grow the multifaceted solutions to all other secondary issues. Take this, our meeting,
as the charge point from which you may connect in circuit with all others and know that
every eye you gaze into also has the Father within. Make that connection and brotherhood
will naturally follow. This I know you can do for you have expressed instances wherein
this experience has occurred. Now make it continual, even toward those whom you find
irritating, those you would prefer to distance yourself from.
If you look about your home you may notice a condition wherein, if that was cleaned
up, put back in order, rearranged, you would feel that the whole home was better, that
the smaller flaws would still be unnoticed. So it is with my encouragement to you today.
It is easy to love those who love you. But take care of the bigger, greater flaws, for
those are the ones most noticed. When they are resolved the littler ones will dissipate
as well. It is difficult, but I ask you, my friends, please make the effort. Love your
enemies. This is of vital importance on this world.
I welcome comment and I welcome questions.

Evelyn: I’m reminded of a comment Tom made that if we relieve poverty everywhere
it would go a long ways toward easing world issues. What you are touching on is similar,
addressing the heart needs of everyone.

* Monjoronson: When a train passes a signpost, the locomotive passes first. One may
observe that that train has reached a significant designation, but the trailing car is
yet long away. So has that train reached that signpost? Or is it still approaching?
You know with clarity that when the trailing car passes that it has passed that
destination point. Urantia passes through its epochs, its dispensations in the same
manner. Many on your world have advanced, are like the front cars and passed the
signposts that indicate new levels of attainment, but there are many cars trailing
behind. You are right, those are the conditions, the situations, and the people to be
served and uplifted that the whole train may reach the new levels.

* Mother Spirit: Mother Spirit here with you. Children, I will pack your lunch
today and send you forth to do the good work. In your lunch I give you joy. Partake of
it when you feel the tendency to go downward. I also place peace in you; draw from that
peace when you feel jostled by commotion. And I fill your thermos with love and ask you
to sip from it continually. Take this with you and freely share it, for this lunchbox is
infinitely deep with provisions for all, yours and others, everyone’s. Open your boxes
and share, and in so doing I am with you.
I close by thanking my brilliant Avonal minister, my melchizedek missionary, and my
cherished son for their love and their care for you, my children. Thank you.

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