[tmtranscripts] FW: NO. IDAHO TEAM 8-06-06 [ SEPARATE SESSION]

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Prayer: We are ever so grateful for this family, for this intentional
connection. We are ever so grateful for finding each other and loving each

Monjorenson: I am Monjorenson. As we watch the ever steady growth the light
that shines within each and every one of you, it is so easy to focus, to
find where the balance of this planet is coming from. There are great beings
who work diligently on the darker side of life and I would like for all of
you to rest assured that there are many who boldly take on that project so
as you who find yourselves attached to this project may remain focused in
order to constantly achieve greater balance. Children you hold steady to
this project. If I may be so bold to say, we still need your constant
attention as if this were your divine job.

This not only thrills us to share in it but it is so needed and this is what
has made our part so important by keeping you focused in this direction.
Please rest assured that there are others managing quite well in their
positions just as you have all been overwhelmingly successful in this
project. If you will but keep your focus upon your peace, your light, your
love and the center of your circle, this would be your divine job and by all
of your discussions, evidently you all love going to work and this is what
could be called "on earth as it is in heaven".

Your circuit with one another began very early on, so you see the circuitry
is there and has been well established and now it is yours to work with and
to trust, and as early explorers of this realm that you have created, it is
by your exploring that you will achieve the gifts. You see children, there
are many gifts to come that must be recognized and utilized by you and by
being open to receive these gifts and have a childlike nature in exloring
and sharing them with one another. The idea is to receive and to
acknowlege. Your light project is maturing quite well.

Each and every breath you take was originally thought of as the breath of
life to keep your body functioning. Now it is brought to the table that each
and every breath you take can be intentionally directed. There is no need
for magic wands when you have magic breath and so breathe children, breathe.
Breathe yourself to where you want to go. Breathe yourself to what you want
to do. Breathe yourself so that you can be. Close your eyes and see
anything, see everything and put your ideas to your heart so that you may
know them as a relationship with them.

That's right, have a relationship with your intention. Ahhh, this is how it
works. You have developed a great relationship among yourselves. You have
created a great relationship with your center. You have created community
spirit and essentially this is your relationship with yourself and since you
are the creators, you see how wide open this door is and we want you to walk
through this door and open your arms wide and create. Great children of
light, great parents of light, fling open the doors to your heart. Be not

Michael: I am your brother Michael. There are so many in the universe who
have put Urantia in the center of their circle and this, as it has been
your intention to create a new being, you are the result of others
cocreation. You were intentionally created to sit in a circle and do
likewise. Because of where we stand, we are able to see what we have
created, to know it and to live through you, to watch you establish
relationships with that which you do not see is a miracle of universal

I would like for you to simply imagine the immense love and gratitude that
your Creators are given as they watch you and then I would ask you to
receive that which your imagination [flows] out. Take it far children, take
it far.

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