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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Team Mates, Leveling of Love, Pride, Creators, Free Will.
Teachers: Michael, Monjoronson, Elyon

September 24, 2006

* Michael (Sheila TR): I am your brother Michael and I sit with you gladly and I sit
with you proud. I laugh with you; I cry with you. I relax. I walk. While you may
point out your fears I myself point out the glorious ways in which you work for me.
Sometimes your tiniest effort of reaching out brings me the most pleasure. There
are times when we are virtually reaching out as one, and I am able to see when our energy
exchange has been received. Then there are the times like right now when we all gather,
and when I hear from your voices that you gather in my name that you love for me. This
is what tells the whole universe that we are walking forward, and we are changing this
world, and we are indeed working the great divine plan.
We are most certainly team mates. I feel like your brother; I feel brotherly
toward you. I feel like one of the guys, and you joked that perhaps it wasn’t a divine
moment, but I am here to tell you that we are in the divine age. It is not something to
come; it is what we are now. Just like in this moment when you face yourselves in this
circle looking towards the fellowshipping, the brotherhood, this group, instead of
outward toward unhappier places. This is what I ask you to do for me. Keep your focus
in this manner. Your valuable intentions are serving your world in a divine manner.
Your love for one another is divine. Your desires have the essence of divine in any
manner which you are able to define.
Oh, children of light, I walk so proudly and do so look forward to the growth, the
creativity, the adventure, and the continuous depth of your desires. I am but a whisper
away, and I thank you from the depths of my heart.

* Monjoronson (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Monjoronson, happy to reside
among the beautiful light, to enjoy each personality present and to behold the splendor
of the divine luminosity radiating from each one of you. You are the anchor for this
light; the power is great, and the forces strong. You are learning your relationship
with this divinity, and you are coming to realize your role in actively illuminating your
planet however humbly, however localized.
Our discussions involving light anchors I am going to add to. When “anchor” is
used to describe the mechanics of locking light into a situation, it also creates the
question of what is at the other end of the line attached to the anchor. The line is the
light, but that which is floating above is the divine presence.
You have questioned to what extent you must consciously maintain an anchorage.
Once you have locked the locations, God’s source within you will maintain the connection;
being timeless, you need not be concerned over its terminality. The light will remain as
long as the Father sees fit and the Supreme purpose is fulfilled.
I will continue with this analogy further, for as an anchor is tethered to a buoy
or a boat so is there a medium on which this buoy floats. That is love. The divine
spirit floats upon love, and light anchors it to the earth. When you encounter deep
valleys of fear, of uncertainty, love fills the void. It is the lifter which carries you
over those depths. When you gaze up to the high mountains and feel insignificant and
that the challenge of the climb seems far too great, love raises the level and turns
those giant mountains into the tiny tips of islands where you can walk ashore and be at
that height.
In your anchoring of light also perceive the leveling of love; let it wash out in
all directions circumferentially. Lock your position in light and inundate the entire
area in love. You thereby balance the location and enrich it with this twofold ministry.
The higher you ascend in your spiritual unfoldment the deeper will be this ocean of love
on which you float. The stronger you are as a vessel the deeper and the stronger will be
your light anchor, and you will be counted upon to drop anchor in some very deep waters,
for you will have acquired the ability to make that position hold firm that the light may
I applaud you for choosing any situation for such activity; be your choice the
shallow bay, you learn the technique whereby you may infuse the light and spread love.
While you are so masterfully assisted by the divine presence, you are also surrounded by
numerous personalities likewise so endowed, and this interconnected circuitry is the
means whereby others take up that love, take in the light. This is also why you can
initiate and then allow the unfoldment of divine workings. Your personal human effort is
valuable, but it is also only one element of the entire process. So, trust greatly in
the magnificence of the divine mind to interwork with all involved.

Sheila: Jada sent us a picture that he drew representing the web. I find it
intriguing. Do you have something to add to that, something we might perceive? Exercise
with it?

* Monjoronson: My first comment is for each one of you to own your location in the
webwork for, as any fisherman knows, a net with a tear is less efficient and likely will
fail. While you know that you are accepted in the team, this mission, you also wonder
what your own contribution can be. Is it of great significance or worth? Every
crossing, every connection, must be as strong as any other. Some are stationed around
the periphery and tie the unit into a piece; that is my staff. But the body, all the
filaments, you are of that.
Urantia has spun haphazard webs, incohesive, well intended, as mankind has sought
to interconnect to establish circuitry. But the effort is now to create a work of art in
symmetry and the simultaneous establishment of simplicity and complexity. This is not a
single plane web; it is multi-dimensional. This is where our lessons on the anchors of
light factor in, for your connection in your earthly web is connected to the celestial
web by way of your light channel.
Your Light project of the new beings, Wave, Light, is an effort to also take those
vertical light connections and move them laterally from one self to another self and from
the celestial side of one anchor point to another and crisscross those columns thereby
establishing a new node, a new connection, of light crossings. This is how a personality
such as Wave becomes bestowed by Father, as He sees Supreme potential established at that
crossing and endows it with its own identity.
I hope I have supplemented your investigation.

Sheila: Thank you.

Harold: On the concept of humility and pride, when Michael says he’s proud of our
accomplishments, can you elaborate on the difference between that kind of pride and what
drove Lucifer crazy?

* Michael (Sheila): If I may address you, I am your brother.
Once again we are at a point where we can often redefine. When I speak of being
proud it is in a measurement of balance. As you are well aware there are those who
become addicted to self-pride and can become unbalanced in association with others. In
my term it is in essence a matter of associating love and ... [brief interruption] a love
and an association with balanced fellowshipping in this case. It contains the essence of
oneness. It is a giving or acknowledging a vibrational balance. It contains a tone of
harmony. It is more or less a gift of acknowledging balance.
I am aware of a tone, a color, an essence when you speak of your love for me. I
receive it as a balanced essence, and I return it likewise. I give permission to take
any terminology of the old ways that might be perceived as a negative or un-whole and to
redefine. This may be done in any conversation, thought process, in which you feel a
lack of love and turn it into one that is founded by love. This is the new world. You
are the new creators, and I say let’s redefine likewise.
Is this helpful?

Harold: I understand the redefinition of the word “pride” as the balance of love
being given and received. Is that correct?

* Michael: Only if you are capable of perceiving it so. I would refrain from
“right” or “wrong”, but perhaps “old” and “new”.
When there is not an exchange in the definition there is a gap or a hole in the
circle. In redefining you will feel the harmony, the flow.

Harold: Can it be said then that Lucifer was accepting the respect and love of
others without returning it?

* Michael: Even by reading the story you were able to fill the gap in the story.
You could feel where a flow had been interrupted.
In the act of forgiveness this is where the gap is closed, and this is where the
light or the redefining can be completed. When the light returns to the broken circle or
the flow the light can then fill and flow and heal. Yet another broken cycle is filled
with light. This is why this world is healing, because many of you are filling the gaps
with light. Now there is so much light that it is much easier to see where there is a
gap and where you are capable of anchoring. This is why this project is so successful.

Ginny: You spoke of us as being the new creators. What types of things are we
going to be able to create?

* Michael: We are waiting to see. Creating a beautiful day is a good start.
Creating peace in your life is a good start. Creating light anchors is a miracle in

John: I was listening to music yesterday, native American, a brother and sister.
I was flying with you and Mother and Light and Wave and Machiventa and Monjoronson. It
was very freeing and very loving and very exhilarating. I was reluctant to share. I
enjoyed it.

* Michael: And this is what you created for yourself, and thank you for having us
along. It is not only your visual that we share but your tone and your colors.

John: Are we accurate in redefining the new free will, that we will be knowing
truth and knowing awareness, higher consciousness? And our free will as we are dedicated
to the light will naturally go that way?

* Michael: This is also a good start. I will say that as you let go of old
definitions new ones will awaken before your eyes. Then you will attempt to put words,
and of course this is where thoughts will sometimes get in the way. I would say that
paying attention to feelings as you search for these words will better redefine. You
see, redefining is not just about words but acknowledging feelings. This will be the key
to much that is coming your way. Although words are still very much used in your
communication while here, this too is changing. For now I will say recognize and
remember feelings. Remember to recognize a place or a situation or a person by the

* Monjoronson (Jonathan): This is Monjoronson and I wish to also place my comments
in this discussion regarding pride. We train our staff to be mindful of such an
orientation of mind, for it is not an emotion wholly human; it is found in many levels of
The key distinction between wholesome pride and unwholesome pride is the element of
integration. Is the pride integral with other beings or reality factors? Or is it a
pride that is dissociated and independent of contingencies? Lucifer’s mistake was his
independence thus preventing further growth. Pride in the development of, say, your
child’s abilities is a pride of interdependence, of the recognition of your role in their
accomplishment, and always knows of greater attainments ahead. The options are open.
Independent pride prevents further options, seals itself in conceit, and prevents the
further stimulus toward corrective or progressive developments.

Harold: Would you say humility is the same integration of contributing factors?

* Monjoronson: Yes. It understands that what great work may have been accomplished
was dependent upon other factors to make it so. It all was not done by self alone but
through interdependence. Yet the accomplishment may be recognized and enjoyed.

* Elyon: This is Elyon and I would like to bring our classroom to a close and to
thank our two Paradise Sons, our brothers Michael and Monjoronson, for their presence
here today. These are two high beings who love you each and recognize your
accomplishments. While they wield great power and you and I are but of human origin,
they know you with great understanding, and they love you with deep feeling. These are
our teachers, and I, as you, benefit from them greatly. I take time now for us to
recognize and honor them for sharing that love.

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