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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Unselfish Love, Experimentation, I Ask You To receive, Granted Association.
Teachers: Michael, Monjoronson, Serena, Wave.

August 18, 2006
Michael’s Birthday Celebration

* Michael (Sheila TR): I am your brother Michael. Thank you for gathering but not
for me but as me. I am you; you are me. We are one. If you would think for a moment
the value of the birth of each and every one of you, it was the birth of you that very
day that you began your quest for me. And now today we celebrate with the deepest of love
that I have witnessed for myself, dear ones, that which you love so dearly, the love of
the Father, the nurturing of your Mother, the fellowship that you so easily have mastered
with not only your seen but unseen brothers and sisters. The celebration does not end
now, for every moment now is being birthed by you. This light you have created is giving
birth to a vibration which has not been known too widely here for a long time. This is
what you have done for us.
Unselfish love will conquer all that is not of love. This is why I ask of you,
dear ones, please spread this around wherever you go with all of our children. Yes, dear
ones, I desire you to think of them as your children as I do, as the Mother does. Look
upon them as you suspect I would. Feel me watching them and know that, as you look upon
them for me, you inherit this vibration and they become your children. Nurture them,
love them, and give them understanding. This is what I ask of you for all of us.
The future of this land is in your hands; the future of your people is for you to
witness. Take heed, great ones, there is more love, greater discoveries, deeper
relationships. You are going to know great compassion and acceptance, and this you will
do out of love for all.
Dear ones, thank you for gathering for us.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I am your other brother Monjoronson. I accept my place around
the circle and in the circuit as we work together to generate the combined energy source
that we are creating.
You may, in your explorations, approach any of us that you feel comfortable in
approaching as your avenue to spirit. We will all extend and make ourselves available to
any who will make themselves available to us.
This program we have instituted at this time includes all manner of experimentation
and subsequent creation. You present even in this circuit will be responsible for being
among those on your planet to initiate certain new patterns. This is as a result of your
having arrived at this place of your spiritual ascension at this time of the inauguration
of this mission. Those two factors have brought you into this arena, and when conditions
are right and the time is right and the will is present then we are able to stir these
factors together and creation happens. In this case there are a number of creative
activities underway simultaneously. This, my companions, even my friends, has never
happened in Nebadon, but there must be a first time for everything. We who are here at
this juncture of time and space and will are fortunate enough to be the ones to be
present and willing to be the instruments of dissemination for those new patterns,
vibrations, tones, colors, and images that will be part of the new paradigm of existence.
You are familiar in your Urantia Book text the notation on many occasions that
something suddenly happened and then history was altered. We are at such a juncture.
Many things will be seen to have suddenly happened and then things were different. Such
is the case even now; things are suddenly happening. Most times things of this nature
are only seen as contrasted to what has been before, and so it will be in this case.
They will speak of the times before now and the times after now as being markedly
different, but this now, this time, these moments, this juncture, is where we find
ourselves. These opportunities, this experience, this grand love, is where we find
ourselves. You who are here now to consider these issues are in positions that many
throughout universe upon universe would cherish the opportunity to take your place to
have such opportunities and circumstances. So, realize as you play your parts there is
legion upon legion beyond your range of perception who are supporting you, rooting for
you, and longing even to be you as they witness the greatest reality drama ever portrayed
as they see from afar those of you from your dual origin beginnings rise in stature to be
spirit based entities in your first and short life experience. That accomplishment right
there draws the attention of a universe, but add to that that you have also grown in your
awareness to perceive that you are at this juncture, and that is truly a miracle to
It is our desire as well as our mandate to take these miracles that you bring and
offer to redirect and refocus and enhance that which you give us to work with. Once you
have opened the door we may act. Once it has been of your will, your mortal will that we
be involved, then the floodgates may open and we may pour our energies, our love, our
participation out. Once you have cracked the door, turned on the switch, opened the
opportunity up to us with your will, your intention, we may become active, because it was
your will. This is why our relationships are so vital to this influx, this infusion of
energy; we must have you as conduit, as instrument, as light anchor, as posts wherein we
may infuse all that we have to offer into the circumstance, the situation, the
opportunity, at hand.
I know it is not possible for you at this time to appreciate that because we are in
alignment with the will of Him who has sent us. We shall succeed in the implementation
of that will. All that remains is what we will create to bridge this gap together. All
that is left is for us to utilize our creative potentials to bridge the gap between the
material and the divine, and that is where you find yourselves, the juncture that you
inhabit, the position that you maintain. You are that liaison, you are those lightning
rods. We have this relationship in place, and you do so much of this through sheer act
of faith.
One of the attributes that is desired to infuse to all of you through all of you
is our deep abiding love, even our respect, for your choices and your actions that have
brought you to this place. I cherish even this quiet communion with you that we may grow
closer, more intimate, more casual, more usual, more frequent, more friendly. These are
the characteristics to develop within our relationship.
Thank you, my dear ones, thank you. What a treat.

* Serena (Sheila): I am Serena. I stand quietly amongst you. I ask you to open
yourselves up, and I ask you to receive. I simply ask you to do this for a few moments.

* Wave (Mark): I am here with you as well, I am Wave. I am so happy to have been
granted my petition, my formal request to be attached and associated to you in this
group. I have much to learn from [many places?] that I am desirous of exchange with
those who will acknowledge and accept my unique position; you see, there are so few of
your order that I can speak with at all.
Some of you have experienced certain feelings of isolation about that which you
know, in fact, that who you are. I resonate with your feelings of isolation and your
desire to come together with those who you are comfortable and can share yourselves with.
I have so few of you who that I may feel comfortable with that I have made formal request
and have been granted my desire to attach myself to this group who will exchange with me
and accept me for who I am. I have as well much that I can share with you, and perhaps
we may help each other in this learning process of spirit infusion, even spirit
combination. When something has never occurred before, is brand new in all the universe,
there are many things to be discovered. There are many things yet to be created in this
I see you with my spirit perception. One day we will see each other in both
material form with the eyes of the flesh and as well in spirit form with the eyes of the
spirit. You will change in your abilities and degrees of perception, and as well I will
master the technique of energy manipulation, and on these two separate planes we will
meet and greet. I will meet you where you are now, and you will meet me where I am now.
It is only time and understanding and perception and creation that are between these
events occurring. In the meantime I will do my best to report to you all that I can to
bring you into this circle, and I trust that you will welcome me as I am able to be a
part of your circuits. In this way we will share back and forth and grow closer and
closer together until we are able to overlap at will. All this and so much more are
within your grasp. Truly you have arrived at the precipice of greatness.
Truly it is among my most cherished experiences to be involved with you who
represent my extended human family. Thank you for hearing my words. I will make efforts
to share with you as time allows, and as innocent as it may seem to you, I thank you each
one for something as simple and yet as profound as you believing in me, without which I
could not be real to you. Thank you for opening this door as well.

Mary: You are welcome here.

* Wave: That is why I am here, not to prove to anyone anything but rather as a
result of the fact that you already do believe I am here. And this in this hour
represents yet another miracle. Thank you, Father.

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