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AUGUST 21, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How blessed are we to have one another. It is wonderful to spend these few moments with you on this day, the day of the Lord's birth. Jesus said to His apostles, "How much more you will learn when I come in a different form as the new teacher." All these topics you have discussed this evening are with abounding hope in that the Master's Spirit of Truth can easily handle things globally. Imagine millions more like yourselves who want for peace in the world. Individuals practically want for the same things in life.

Our gratitude to Father and His associates for putting the plan of correction into action. Progress seems slow, but we are talking about mortals on a mortal world. There is no magic wand. There is caring individuals who do what they can to promote truth, beauty and goodness. A little willingness is all that is required to create positive change. I am with the belief that when a child is in quite enough trouble they will eventually turn to the parent. I believe in this time of Correction the child Urantia is turning to its Universal Father. We rejoice.

I am MARY. I am with gratitude to spend this time with you, who continue to look forward to working with the Master in everyday life. I am made glad to look back on this day to see how seemingly small beginnings on Urantia created great change. The life and teachings of Christ did not cure the world, but it sure created great change or enough upheaval, so to speak, that individuals would begin to trust in the good Father, who is unseen as opposed to a cruel ruler, who could make their lives miserable. In other words, people began to trust God more and fear the material less.

This Correcting Time is not a cure for the ills of society. It is only a step in evolution. Individuals must have the willingness to give of themselves to create greater change in any capacity. You that are the good citizen create positive change. You that are the good parent create positive change. You that serve coffee with a smile to your customers do the same. From individuals who serve a large ministry, to one person who simply aids in a fellows' mood are those who will lead our world to different times. Will we be more civilized? I don't know.

Hopefully at some point we will all have that willingness to be open to create change for the better. You may never see your name in lights or on the pages in a book. You may never be known by mankind or given all the credit you are due, but believe me, when you are with the understanding of what it means to be a Kingdom sojourner, then you will know any notoriety is not necessary. You are with the new teacher, the Spirit of Truth. While He is outside of your vision, He is more readily utilized.

This week, as we think over the Master's birth, let us review the good throughout His life. Let us not concentrate on those times of sorrow or how certain individuals made fatal mistakes. Let us remember the Master's enjoyment in fraternizing with children. How He was so amused by His elders. How He was awestruck by the beauty of the planet. How He was so merciful even in the face of something we could not possibly bear.

How good was the Master to His mother, His brothers and sisters? How happy was Joseph to have had Jesus for those fourteen years? Believe me, Joseph was a simple man and Jesus brought him pure joy. Let us remember how the apostles loved Him so much so that they were willing to give up all things earthly to serve in His ministry and as mentioned earlier, how He helped uplift the standing of women in communities. He was our example and still is. I would end our meeting with a prayer.

Our Father over all things, we are with humble gratitude to accept your gift of change some two thousand years ago. We are in understanding of our place in the Correcting Time and want to make the most out of every moment. Help us to see more, hear more, love more and live more. Thank you for our Master, our Brother/Father. Amen and shalom.

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