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AUGUST 14, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying this wealth of love and compassion for one another. It is what we hope for in the brotherhood or fellowship.

It seems many times in this society that age is detested or unvalued--that is materialistically speaking. Should society view age with spiritual logic, they could learn so much from those who know. Those who have lived have a great deal to offer the inexperienced. It is a great gift to those moving into Light and Life to begin to see with spiritual eyes instead of material. That holds a great deal of meanings and values that continue to drive individuals to welcome newness.

Back to the topic of love, I should say I spent a few moments with you each this week. I find you to be very loving and caring individuals. You each show it in many ways. To me, in my day, love was surely weakness. Thoughts of love took me away from my focus of obtaining my ego needs. I was indeed bent on power. I valued wisdom and strength over the spiritual definition of love. I found love to be painful and yet, that was the very thing that drew me to question God. I longed to know the reason for pain and why love could make me do crazy things.

Machiventa taught me that love is God's hand in action and an energy that held a great deal more power than anything, especially ego needs. It seemed clear that conquering the city or obtaining more wealth was nothing compared to the smile on my child's face. That was a lesson well learned and I used it throughout the remainder of my earthly career.

I had deep sorrow and pain when having lost loved ones or having some sort of turmoil with those I cared for. I almost became convinced that it is better to have not loved them than to be weakened by pain and the fear of loss. Machiventa was so correct when he taught me the true lessons of life were in dealing with my loved ones and learning to let go and trust God. Machiventa was reassuring in the fact that God always brought about an ultimate good in any decision, good or bad.

It really is a part of our ministry to continually demonstrate the Master's version of love. He was acceptance without judgment. He was without motive or manipulation. He was without the fear of loss or mistrusting the Father and the ultimate good. As you grow in your spirituality the next phase of your eternal career becomes more real and accessible. This life and the next will run together so that we can believe that in the end all is made well. We can know as many people as possible and have love for them all. There is no limit and believe me, it is all valuable.

This week let us love as the Master loved--without judgment, without motive of expecting anything in return. Take upon yourselves the joy that real love brings. Let us allow the energy of love to create change. Have willingness--that's all. Know that I am with growing love for you each. Know that we are always at hand should you have need. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.
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