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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Intention and Purpose, Stillness, Habits
Yield Lessons, Changes in Nebadon.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Serena, Michael

August 13, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Yes, it is I,
Monjoronson ... discussion and group this morning.
I must admit I feel at times as though I would
like to jump in and join your spirited
conversation, but I fear this would derail your
individual contributions and intents. Therefore I
respect your chosen format of discussion and
subsequent teacher contact, as you put it.
First allow me to point out that I, just as
you, arrive at this format with intention and with
purpose, and thereby does my intention, just as
yours, influence this circuit that we are engaged
in. You may feel the energy shift when I clear my
voice and speak and join your forum. In a very
similar fashion each one of you has a contribution
to make, has an influence to bring to whatever
circuit you are engaged in in the moment.
I would take this opportunity to weave
together some of the principles discussed here
this morning, as it is my intention to draw you
together into a formidable force to be used in the
service of our Father. I would weave together the
concepts of intention, the concept of purpose, the
idea that you have been working on of forming the
energy circuits or merkabas, the skill you have
acquired in facilitating such circuitry, and
lastly and most importantly is your skill at
extending your faith into these arenas of spirit.
I have a suggestion for you to use in your
determination of what you can do and how you can
do it to be effective in the ministry that you so
desire. It is precisely to weave these elements
of intention, purpose, energy formation, and faith
together, that is, to individually or collectively
engage yourself in the formation of what I shall
call “light anchors” to your world. These points
of light which you will create and manifest as a
result of your desires, your intention, your
purpose, and your faith will be used by the
celestials as transfer points of energy. This is
something that you can do anywhere, anytime thus
providing those on my side of the curtain with
more opportunities to infuse light into the
Consider formulating these light anchors
anywhere and everywhere. When you are engaged in
a meeting with others, when you are at a central
meeting place such as auditoriums, libraries,
grocery stores; when you go into places of
business, when you find yourselves in places of
holy shrines, wherever you may find yourself you
have the capacities that you have become aware of
to form your own column of light, your own energy
circuit. I ask too that we weave into this
concept the idea of no limitations, that is, you
need not have any specific arrangements or
combinations or event for you to be successful in
your formation, your individual and your
collective anchors of light.
This may seem from your perspective
insignificant or unimportant because you are
unable with your current senses to perceive that
you are accomplishing much in so extending your
energies. But I am here to tell you that that is
exactly what we need of light workers such as
yourselves, to direct your attention, to focus
your purpose, to form with intention the anchors
of light, and then to have faith in that which you
have done. Do this as often and wherever and
whenever possible that we may use these points you
have created as they are needed to infuse light
energy into the matrix of light grid that will be
formed by you and others like you who are in
awareness. It is thrilling to witness your
evolution in this process and your willingness to
be about these tasks even though they remain
uncertain to you. Exercise from your deepest well
your trust and faith that you are led, you are
guided, and you are following these leadings. I
am here to affirm this for you in this hour and as
well to offer you my sincere respect for your
choices that have brought you here and now. I am
certain you will all be great workers in this
mission we have before us. Today I offer you the
most real, the most practical, and the most
achievable thing that you can do from where you
stand. I have no doubt that you will seize this
opportunity as well, and I look forward to the
discussion generated by exercising this suggestion
in your lives as we meet again.
I withdraw now to allow for others, but I
cherish this privilege of this moment and this
hour spent with you. Thank you, my dear ones.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon among you, I greet
you today. I also give Angie best wishes in her
travels with her family. You all know from our
current configuration in this classroom that this
distance does not cause a parting at the heart.
I wish to follow upon Monjoronson’s lesson
with a small twist. I will speak about stillness.
Picture a grand harp. Each one of you is a string
on that harp. When you seek stillness you tune
your string to the tension of your purpose with
God in your life. Within the array of
personalities functioning on your world some are
poised to be often plucked when creating the
melodies and harmonies of life on Urantia, and
others have lesser roles, but every individual
should be in tension and ready for that moment of
service. Stillness is remaining at the ready to
vibrate when you are so infused and so nudged by
spirit. Your service ministry will be short each
time but over time your service ministry will be
as significant as any other’s along that array of
the harp. While you wait to be part of the divine
song be diligent and remain in tune to keep that
spiritual tension at that perfect point of
resonance for your being, for your personalities,
for your traits and qualities.
These are my words, thank you.

* Serena (Sheila): Hello, children of color,
parents of light. I am Serena.
Just as we witness the constant connections
amongst yourselves, we too can hardly wait for
these groups gathering, not only for the purpose
to give you yet another exercise but to simply
feel you in our stillness. We are quite capable
of feeling the love vibration rise within you, and
we delight in your everyday little miracles. As
we gather together here and discuss our
participation we are then able to directly intend
for your growth connection. As each and every one
of you is so very unique in your habits, whether
you call them good or bad, these habits are also
used for our lesson planning. Fortunately for the
whole universe this group has habits that are now
circuiting in many avenues. But above all, that
which we can count on the most is your faith and
devotion. Being the children of color, [Sheila:
I’m seeing that weave thing.] this is why we ask
you to move about with the anchors of light,
because we know of your capacity to do so. Though
for this reason we do encourage the use of this
tool called intention for anything you so desire.
You simply must give it a chance. I am absolutely
encouraged because of the community essence which
is absolutely alive in this group. I certainly
encourage your sharing your stories of light
adventures and your childlikeness. The fun has
truly only just begun.
Thank you for having me in this beautiful
circle of color and light.

* Michael (Jonathan): I am Michael, I wrap my
arms around each one of you and enclose all of you
as one. I express my gratitude for your yearly
acknowledgment of my bestowal upon your world. I
know how valuable that event was to each one of
you these many hundreds of years later. You have
come to appreciate the value and significance of
that bestowal in my own career as the ruler of
Nebadon. I will be in full spirit presence to
fellowship and commune.
When I left your world Urantia began a great
change, and it was because of my original apostles
and their devotion, their intentions, that my
message remains on this world today. But Nebadon
also changed. Potentials went from dormancy and
were unlocked to be acted upon at appropriate
times. My attainment of sovereignty opened new
doors. It expanded the box of Nebadon. Urantia
holds the position of being at the starting line
of our new race to Light and Life. Yes, indeed
the events prior to my bestowal here were but more
laps in that race, but they were under an older
definition of the rules of the game. Today you
witness the infusion of many of my ministering
spirits and my Paradise associate, and you know of
them because of the changes in rules. I came and
I knocked and you opened the door. I bring the
many hosts to be with you and to tend to you as
would I at any time.
I receive your love. I love you. I leave
in voice and remain in heart.

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