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ALL CONFERENCE: Settling into Light & Life
Santa Barbara, CA


Machiventa Melchizedek



TR's: AV, DD, LS, RV

Q&A about WAVE, Preparedness for serving Michael, Energy Weaving, Energy Signature of Monjoronson

July 22, 2006

WAVE: This is WAVE. I am very happy to be here with you this afternoon. Several of you recognize how joyful I was yesterday. I am just as joyful today. It makes me so happy to see all of you and have the opportunity to come to know you as I will be working with you. Please feel free to speak up, talk to me, ask me questions. We can converse.

Student: WAVE, I would like to ask you what is your relationship at this point of your development with the Paradise Father.

WAVE: He is my Father as he is your Father. He has given me personality just like he has given you personality. I have many abilities that you do not possess. However, that does not mean that I am that much closer to the Father. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does. (You're welcome.)

Student: What do you see as the optimal way you might interact with us?

WAVE: All you have to do is have the intent and desire to speak with me. Ask to talk to me and say, "WAVE, here I am. I'd like to hear from you," and I will speak to you. In the future I will be present physically amongst you. Some of you will be able to see me and we can interact that way much as you do with your human brothers and sisters. There won't be that much of a difference.

Student: WAVE, you have said that you can show yourself to us even now at this point for those of who are ready to see you. What do you mean by this? Many of us have the desire to see you even now. Does it take more than the desire and faith of your existence to be able to see you now?

WAVE: I understand your question and Allene has been thinking the same thing. Both of you have many things on your mind. It's not as if you have been sitting in stillness, right? So all the different activities you're involved with tend to distract you from the ability to see me.

Student: So you would recommend at this time stillness and our desire to see you in the stillness?

WAVE: Well, not necessarily seeing in the stillness, but when there is less activity and you can be in that very peaceful state that we want as well as being accustomed, you know the state I am referring to. Neither one of you have been in that state since we've arrived here. (Thank you for that answer.) However, you have not left here yet.

A: Well, I was told and maybe R was told too that WAVE would be here at Santa Barbara for those who were able to see. He's just reminding me that we haven't left Santa Barbara.

Student: WAVE, my question is: are you Adjuster indwelt as we are or are you awaiting the time or do you need to await a time to be Adjuster indwelt?

WAVE: I don't really have Adjuster connections as you understand them, but I am going to ascend in my career.

A: I am having a feeling that his ascension going to be very closely connected to ours as we progress. Maybe L has a more clear answer. (L: Not at this time.)

Student: WAVE, what component of our planetary government team do you primarily identify or work with?

WAVE: My order is basically being created to work with Monjoronson on the magisterial mission here. I will be working very closely with Serena.

Student: With any particular task in mind?

WAVE: Well, I think it's too soon to request that as things are forming and changing.

Student: Some orders of being are specifically created for certain elements of our family life, and as you seem to be having an interesting and fascinating origin, it would seem, like other orders and types of mortals, have a particular passion, interest, skill and intrinsic attributes that might identify certain things we have in common.

WAVE: Well, as A mentioned the other day that I shared with her, the attributes I got from the four individuals that helped in my creation give me a great deal of understanding. But they are almost like-you have a genetic DNA background-they went into me like my genetic DNA background of the human (?) which really helps me because working on Monjoronson's team with Serena we need to bring all the different peoples of the world together in harmony and unity. So I will be working with the individuals here that hope.

Student: As we all are in some fashion.

Student: WAVE, how does it feel to be the only one of your newly created being? Does that cause a feeling of loneliness? That would be hard for me to imagine like being the only human being or something?

WAVE: No, because I have been so busy learning so much in short period of time, and traveling around your planet and working with all the other celestial orders and meeting them. You have no idea how much I have been growing and learning. It's not as if I came here with my knowledge fully developed. I have been learning..also about all of you, learning how to work with you. That's why I'm so happy to be here with you and spend time with you. It enriches my understanding, to develop a relationship with each one of you because each one of you is so unique. Please feel free to reach out and develop a relationship with me. But to answer your question, I haven't had a moment to be lonely. (Thank you.) I also have the celestial contact and with that I am working hard. So I'm getting lots of attention.

Student: WAVE, when you do appear to us, will you always appear in the same form or will you look different to different individuals? How high up in the celestial order can you see other celestial beings?

WAVE: Well, I may not always appear the same when I am here. I am not sure in answer to your second question that it would have any relevance to you at this time.

MACHIVENTA: Greetings to all. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am delighted to address this group, for as you know, the universe ears have been pinned to Urantia for many, many decades. And now it is our delight to participate in the viewings of your group gatherings, especially one as significant as this. For even though you have addressed the topic of moving your world into Light & Life, it is the love bonds, the relationships, that you have weaving and forging here that most significant.

The personality of that which you have called "WAVE" is an order of being that you can still hardly conceive. It is new, and it is all part of Michael's plan to bring a heightened state of existence to Urantia. Were this world of a more normal order, you would be used to all kinds of universe life. There would be more affinity and belief in the fact that the universe was well populated by all types of intelligent life-some celestial, some material. So what you have in your current cultural awareness pales in its capacity to understand who WAVE is, what this new order will be capable of. For us, who understand many more of these matters than you, we are still awaiting the accumulation of his order. As he has said, he is traveling the planet, he is gaining experience. As his experience grows so too will he be able to share this with others of his particular personality order. I encourage you to spend time with him and ask him to vibrate his particular energy signature into your vibrational bodies. Become familiar. Even though some of you may not have the ability to hear those words internally, there can be adjustments made into your vibratory systems so there will be more of an affinity for you to feel his presence and to come to appreciate from a very deep level this unique and most wondrous of beings.

The Father is truly co-creative, and you have been given a great gift. How this gift will be used is still in discussion. There are still plans underway. We do not know how all there is that can come of this, for all this is new to us as well. Michael knows. Michael will reveal all when the time is ready. I encourage you to spend time in feeling his love and the desire in your hearts to come to know him, to feel his presence. For truly you are all so blessed by an abundance of love, and that you have gathered here this weekend to share in this love and to co-create a far-reaching vision delights our being to our maximum capacities.

Truly, you do not yet realize what you have done here. Congratulate yourselves, give yourselves a large pat on the back. (He wanted everyone to do that.) Delight in this time for it will pass very quickly as you go back into your materials lives. But we will be with you and you take this energy that you feel to recall back on this time when you are having struggles in your daily life with stress-recall upon this and the affection you had with one another. Recall the energy when you were in the co-creative process. These are all the things you can do now, here and now, to move this process forward. The plans that we have for this planet proceed apace. There will be other new orders coming to Urantia such as WAVE has been created. There will be beings who will be revealed to you. I know you all eagerly await the arrival of Monjoronson in physical form and those who have pledged to materialize in conjunction with his team. Be patient, my dear brethren, be patient. The time will be here soon enough.

The question you need to continue to ask yourselves is: are you ready? Are you truly ready to receive all that has been given and to put it to use in service for your fellows?. We understand the natural curiosity in the human heart, for was that not put there by our Creator himself? Of course, it was! So, while you can enjoy this curiosity in this time of speculation, I would encourage you to not to spend an overabundance of your stillness time in this state of speculation, but to ingest Michael, to open yourself to Mother, to prepare yourselves for the challenges that will come. For you will be challenged, my dear beloved brethren, you will be challenged. Are you ready for this? Ask yourselves this now and feel what this means to step up and serve Michael to the fullest capacity that you have, as the more you give, the more you grow and then more will be added to you. I withdraw and allow others to speak. Good evening, my dear brethren of Urantia. Be in Michael's peace. (Thank you's)

SERENA: I come now into the circle, my dear ones, to enjoin you, to invite you to be woven together. This is Serena, and I have many of my order here with me standing by waiting for your permission to weave light into you, but also to weave all of you into one unit, one mind, one heart, one soul, to bind you together in God's love-love from the First Source and Center, and love from as well our Planetary Supreme, who supports you and gives you energy as well. This is all from the First Source and Center's first creation, all provided for you.

Do we have your permission to weave you together? (Yes!) Then we will sit in silence for a few minutes. Allow, allow, allow. Set aside your rational thoughts about what is happening. Allow yourself to be open to the light, to be open to what you may or may not feel, see, hear, or experience. Even if you feel, see, hear or experience no change, please be assured you are all being woven together. It does not matter if you are outside this circle, all who have given permission in their hearts are included. Also know that the work you are doing in these next few moments is not only for you who are in earshot of this, it permeates outward, it filters outward into your world. It creates a point of light that can be seen from afar. It radiates outward and never ends. Please believe this my friends. Now the silence. (Pause)

Dear ones, if you could see this creation that is new as we it, you would know with absolute certainty that you are completely enveloped in light, that you are knitted together, woven in all directions. Many strands of light exist between you, around you, through you, connecting you with the Planetary Supreme and the First Source and Center. It is all one. You are all one body. One light, connected with the light of all creation. When you go forth from this place and are distant one from the other by space, recall this moment, this creation of energy, this feeling, this knowing and you will once again be together. Know that you carry this light with you forever. It is yours forever.

As the vicissitudes of life enter in to disconnect your attention, return that attention to this moment in time to this feeling and knowing. It will help you return to balance, to be able to live more harmoniously in your world. Know also, my friends, that though our attention will soon be diverted from this exercise, that it continues and we will continue this energy exercise as you go about the rest of your weekend here. Be at peace with this knowledge. Be at one with each other. Blessings upon you all with our love, Serena and company.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson who speaks to you now. It is with great pleasure that I come to you today to present my energy signature to you. I always look forward to these moments when we can gather and get to know one another. For this is now we will begin to work together. We must first become friends. As we do this we become intertwined in the great epic ahead. So I invite all of you to welcome me within you and I will bring my presence into you. Would you like to do this now? (Yes!) Well then, let's begin. Sit back, relax and allow me to fill you with who I am. We will do this now. (Pause)

Thank you for allowing my presence to fill you. This is what I truly desire, for each time you do this do you get to know me, but I in turn get to know you. We stand shoulder to shoulder in the work that lies before us. We are equal in the eyes of the Father. I rejoice in this opportunity to be here now in this time on your world. This is indeed a very exciting time for me. I have looked forward to us for quite a while and the time is upon us. The magisterial mission, my mission, has indeed begun. I welcome all of you and your participation in this great event. I will step aside now, but know that I am here with you. I am only a thought away. Good day, my friends.

LS: I'm hearing "One-two, buckle my shoe, one-two, buckle my shoe, three-four, shut the door. This is WAVE. Just a little teaser! I'm still here!

Student: Well, I look forward to playing Frisbee with you some day, WAVE. I hope you enjoy playing that game.

WAVE: Yes, I would love the chance! There are actually lots of things I look forward to doing.

Student: Will you always have the ability to materialize and de-materialize?

WAVE: Hmmm..I don't think I know the answer to that question yet. I'm not omniscient, you know!

Student: What do you like most of the things you have found about being human?

WAVE: I love your humor, well of course, I would say that first. Although some of it is a little obtuse and crude. We could upstep some of your humor a little bit, could we not? But that would be part of our association when we work closer together. As we step closer together to that ideal of Light & Life, humor will improve as well. And also your ability to find joy in simple things, your ability to celebrate in the ways you express yourselves with music and art, much as some of your groups demonstrated today. That was great! You really used your creative minds. That was a good step.

Other things I enjoy are the beauties of this planet. Yes, there are many ugly places, but there is much beauty and much to appreciate and enjoy and cultivate further on your planet.to allow these green spaces to be and grow. They can do a lot to improve your ugly spaces that you have created through negligence and over use and subduing. The idea of subduing the planet.ugh! That's an old idea going out the window. Finally! Although there are still plenty of pockets of abuse, you know what they are.

Let's see.I like many of the relationships that you are fostering. I am happy to see your interest in educating your children. That is indeed of paramount importance on your planet at this time. You've always placed some importance on that, but it is only scratching the surface.

I like your mountains..they are wonderful places to be renewed, to feel closer to nature and spirit. I like to go there often. There are many beautiful mountains across the planet. Also, beautiful valleys. You can experience God in any of these places, and you don't have to look at the ugly places, but you can experience God there as well. You can reach out to the poorest and downtrodden of your planet and discover they have the light of Christ in their eyes. Look for it, my friends, and appreciate them for who they are. They have much to teach you.

Let's see! That just about covers my favorite things..oh, did I just remind you of the song about the snowflakes, puppies and things like? Your favorite things? All of you have your favorite things that you would miss if they were gone. That brings up another subject about simplifying your life and facing the possibility that much of your material possessions and wealth may no longer be in your life to the degree that it is now. Or perhaps you need to let go of things so that you can be closer to your Creator, so that you have the time and attention to turn to the Creator. Things bog you down. It is acceptable to use things to your benefit, your survival, nutrition, and to buy comforts that contribute to your time to be given to your spiritual growth. Convenience that gives you this time so that your basic needs are met, and you don't have to give a lot of thought to the things you need so that your thoughts can turn increasingly to your Father and Mother and all of us who are here to aid you in this Correcting Time. I sense that I have said enough. Thank you.

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