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ALL CONFERENCE: Settling Into Light & Life
Santa Barbara, CA



Collective Teachers

Unidentified Celestial




Opening Welcome Session and Energy Transmissions

July 19, 2006

Opening Prayer: Dear Father, we know with you all things are possible. We know you know the desires of our hearts. We ask that these desires manifest themselves in our lives for the highest good of all in whatever ways are most pleasing to you. We would really like this evening to hear from those celestials who for you and Michael, all of us. We love them and appreciate them, and would love to hear from them. We open our hearts and ears to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

MICHAEL: Good evening, my children. This is Michael. I am delighted to see all of you gathered here together as one body, as one family: children of our Father in Paradise. We have eagerly anticipated your moment of gathering this weekend for we know this will be a time of cross fertilization between those of you who are in the physical realm and those of us who inhabit the less visible realm, yet still real nonetheless. Each of you has been beckoned here to participate in this conference as you gather to discuss this very significant time in planetary development: the furthering of the plans for Urantia to achieve the status of Light & Life.

Long have we awaited this time of development on Urantia when the circuits that were disconnected at the time of the Lucifer Rebellion were reinstated and the infusion of spiritual energy to pour upon the planet to stimulate the minds and hearts of every inhabitant therein. Each of you has been prepared. The hand of your Mother has been active within you bringing you into deeper and more fuller realizations of who you really are and the glorious unfolding of the light of truth and love on Urantia.

So it is my joy that I welcome you here this evening, and ask you to find that place within your heart that has said "yes" to participating in this time of unfoldment of Light & Life on Urantia, and to ask this question: "how may I participate even more?" There is no one right answer. Each of you has unique gifts and abilities that you bring to this great awakening of spiritual harmony and unity on Urantia. I would ask you to find that place deep within your being and spend a few moments there in the stillness. You do not have to answer this, but just to allow this question to settle deep within you so that your Mother and I may add something into you tonight, something new, something helpful, something stimulating. Sit back in your chairs and relax and go within as your Mother and I add something into you, my beloved children. (Pause)

This evening there are many who wish to speak with you to help you prepare for, especially, Friday and Saturday, where you will begin to discuss the institutions of your planet and what a culture of Light & Life might look like on Urantia. Let this be a time of true collaboration with you, who are the citizens of this world who have knowledge of these institutions and where they are, and with us at the celestial level who see a greater vision. Call upon your teachers and friends so that this vision that you hold can be blended into a greater picture than you can imagine for yourselves. Truly there is no limit to what you can create here this weekend. And we will use this information and plant them as seeds around the planet, for this conference is not just for this weekend, but it will stand on the record for all time. And I wish to underscore the significance of what you are accomplishing and to encourage you to have fun and to play with many ideas.pull out all the stops! Be not limited in your thinking, and if you feel you are getting a nudge and what you might consider to be a wild or crazy idea, let it come forth! It is all good and all contributes to the glory of our Father in Paradise.

So, my children, I will withdraw from you in this fashion and ask for your teachers to now speak their words of love and encouragement to you. I love you all so deeply, so unreservedly, and I draw you into this love to share with one another. Drink this cup of love, share it with one another and play in this wonderful world, in this unfolding universe of which you are an integral part. We are with you and you only have to call upon any of us and we will come. Be in my peace, my beloved children.

A: Thank you, Michael, that was a wonderful welcome.

L: OK, this is just an impulse but here it comes. I believe I am being prompted by Serena. If you are familiar with Serena, she has been doing a lot of energy work with us. She and many of her order are certainly here with us. I felt strongly about getting up here with D. What is going to happen is that we are going to be woven together literally. This has been going on since we started and they want to continue weaving us together, if you so desire, in our souls, in our hearts and more importantly with the celestials in what we are creating. When we leave this place our energy will remain and will live on and benefit those who inhabit this space. What we do with our love energy remains where we go. So let's go into stillness. (Pause)

SERENA: Greetings, my children, from Serena and many of my sisters in the service of the Correcting Time. We are most decidedly here in force tonight enjoining you in weaving you together. All you need to do is relax if it is your desire to be woven into the circuit. Simply be open and aware. Pay attention to what you feel in your body, the thoughts that come to your mind. Your imagination.follow it. Allow them to be what they are, not analyzing. Try to leave your rational mind at the door. Remain in the stillness. (Pause)

You carry the light within your body: your light, your potential in the house of God; a place, your spirit which is indivisible, and you-your life, your desires, your intentions, your loving actions can transform the world one day at a time, one soul at a time. This is what is happening on the earth. The Planetary Supreme supports you, the Father draws you into his arms and you are met in the middle, in the center, where he dwells in the point of balance, around us and connected to the First Source and Center at the same time. Be at peace, my friends, and know that this process continues as you go about your activities this weekend. If you feel you have received enough, you may ask that this be suspended until you desire more. All this is a gift to you. It is your choice to receive it or not. My communication ends here but not the work, the energy continues. Thank you.

Collective Teachers: We would like to take you on a continued opening, a journey within yourself. Imagine now that what you feel is only a tool for future experience, this light. Imagine now yourself loose from this device: free from the body, free from the mind, free from the heart. You are a spiritual infant, growing. It is OK. Allow yourself to step away from all that you have ever conceived of for yourself, all that you have experienced and felt, all the pains in your body, all the pains in your heart. These are all tools for you to experience and express WHAT IS. Allow yourself to move out in front of your body. You are a radiant being with no boundaries, no edges: radiant beings that intermingle with your surroundings yet you are different than what is around you. You are children of the light, conscious love, becoming realized-awakened. Allow your anchors to be pulled up, your radiant essence is now a fluid anchor. You are the center of all that you are. You are the center, the body is the husk protecting, the casing-cocoon-like. It is time now to step forward, to come into yourself as you are a child of the Father. You are a child of the First Source and Center. A gift from Michael and Nebadonia to our Father.

Be as I AM, He says. Be as I AM. Are you now who you think you are? Do you behave and carry on as you believe you are? Are you perceived by your brothers and sisters in a way that you perceive yourself? Do you represent the spiritual light that you are? This may be your first day, it surely will not be your last, for behind you is all that you were in the act of becoming.in the process of awakening. In part you are experiencing incredible enticements-the big AH-HA-the Father experiences in the vast pool of love in which He finds Himself awake, aware. You are a child of this conscious being: the thrill of the vast possibilities of LOVE being realized. Our experience moves through each one in a small portion. Each one of us is further actualizing the First Source and Center's remembrance of the eternal NOW of the cosmic LOVE dance of His eternal embrace between the I AM THAT I AM and all the lights in the vast pool of love-the infinite expanse. We are always at home. We have never gone away. We only have been deceived for a moment. The time is now. Find yourselves, each one of you, as you truly are and always have been.

Do not turn away from your pain, anguish, longing. These are the tools for you to embrace others as they struggle in efforts to create a safe evolutionary space to exist in. All that we have been through will be made available to you as you open to your experiences and become released in presence of the radiant self you are. This is a collective transmission from all of us reaching out towards you, around you, embracing you continually. May you be comforted. May you see yourselves as you truly are. May you represent the love the Father has for you in the eternal embrace.

Continue to allow the energy to open, to flow from and through you into the space that you leave behind. Let it be as a well to dip the cup of spiritual reality into. The truth-the cup that all may drink. It is subtle. It is deep.

Unidentified Celestial: Your beauty is more breathtaking to me than you understand. I have imparted into you the seed of my being and it is growing into something wondrous than you are beginning to feel and realize. I am here to bid you to find your work of service. I ask you to be that work because it is through you that others will come. They will feel a magnetic attraction to you. Sometimes you don't have to think about what you need to do. You just have to be it. You often feel urgent to find your calling. Don't you think I know when you are ready? Be at peace for surely you will know when you are fully charged with divine energy. Continue to serve in the ways you are drawn to, and allow preparation for greater things to come. But if all you can do is be that attraction that someone feels they must come to be with you because there is something they need from you and they recognize it, you have complete understanding of how important that really is. What a great service you have already bestowed upon this individual. That attitude-to be the work-will be the greatest energizing force this world has ever seen.

This weekend we will put your minds together, and you will struggle maybe with each other sometimes. All this is good. All this is good as you utilize the creative juices to come up with new ideas to bring this world into its days of glory. This is your house and I have asked you, do you want to live in it and rebuild it into those days of glory that it is destined to have? I have called. And I will prepare you and I will show you what is needed to be done. All that will come about and we have together built that divine temple within you to its fullest completion in this life. So this is all I have to say tonight. D is not sure who I am; she thinks I am Mother. I guess I am whoever you think I am. I am the Collective. You are my love. You will be my light. Bless you.

WAVE: Good evening. This is WAVE. I would like to introduce myself to all of you. I am a new being of a new order. I will be working with Monjoronson, with Serena, and with all of you during the Correcting Time. I have told A that I will be here and I am here with all of you. I am able to manifest myself, and all of you who are open and ready to see will see me. But whether you see me or not, it doesn't matter for I am here and I am of service to all of you. Please feel free to call on me and you will hear from me. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I hope that during this conference you will learn a little bit more about me and see how I can work with you on all the ways of helping move into Light & Life for this is what I am about. I thank you and I look forward to hearing from you and conversing with each one of you.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson, and I wish to say how very, very pleased I am to see each one of you here, and see your hearts and your desires to be of service. This is so wonderful. It pleases me very much that you heard from Serena earlier. She is wonderful as you will come to know, as are all her sisters. Truly, there is a wonderful team and we would like to invite each one of you to be part of our team. There is much work to do and many diverse tasks. Please know that we would like each one of you to be on our team. It is my wish that in the coming days that you come to understand and know me more. I hope you will come to know my energy signature. This would please me very much and I will be with you during this conference as you come together to share your ideas, inspirations, hopes and dreams. And as we said before, please open yourself to the unlimited possibilities for truly I tell you the possibilities are unlimited. I thank you. I bless you. I love you. Good evening.

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