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JULY 17, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am comforted to be back in familiar territory. I so value our friendship. I am with renewed optimism each time we gather. While other areas of my ministry may seem to come apart, I am always made lighter to have a visit with you. We may be different from one another in many areas, but in the most important, we have connection--that being on the level of soul. It is important to have family ties, so to speak, individuals who help to keep us balanced. We can feel peace when we know there are loving individuals who will be honest with us.

We have been discussing spiritual logic as of late, something that has worked for me for many years. I was not really an emotional individual. I leaned more toward facts and the reality that was before my eyes. My interest mostly lied with those desires I could make a reality. Learning to focus upon spiritual logic was indeed a good guideline for me to focus on.

I am MARY. Once again, greetings, I am also with a comfort that helps to propel me into the week ahead with good thoughts. Unlike my mentor and friend, Abraham, I was an emotional creature. I relied upon instinct to survive. The Master's display of learning to be spiritually logical helped in taming my emotions, or at least filtering them through a cold hard look at reality. I had always hurt for what was lost. I had regretted my past and longed to make it right. I wanted to be clean of mistakes. This situation of self-pity was a trap that kept me repeating the same pattern. My outlook was hopeless and I lived my life as such.

The Master's ministry was an oasis in the desert. As I learned about spiritual logic, I realized what I believed to be lost was indeed valuable experience, adding to the person I was becoming. I was shown that my past behavior was not doomed to keep repeating, but that I could be master over those things that enslaved me. My emotional side that tended to irrationally act out, needed to be severely reprimanded. I needed to be hard on myself, for this is the language that I understood. Although I had the Master to consult with and I was in understanding of the Father's love, I had to find that place within myself that I could best receive. Certainly in emotional upset I was not in awareness of the Kingdom realities.

The Master's many lessons on spiritual logic had me to take a certain worrisome problem and dissect it with the logic of the Master. Can you not hear Him say, "How does this problem effect eternity? What value can you find from this difficulty? How can you incorporate this lesson into the everyday habits of life?" The Master had always taught us check points where we could measure ourselves up with the lessons of spiritual history. Taking Eve for example, and knowing how she shortcut Father's plan, there are always past lessons we can filter our difficulties through.

What a blessing then to have the Master before my eyes and though it took awhile to see, even more a blessing after He poured out His Spirit of Truth. You have access to the Spirit of Truth at any time. It is the embodiment of spiritual logic and a wonderful filter to strain your difficulties through. That is all. I am always honored to be among your family ties and am looking forward to our future. From Abraham and myself, we send you our love. Until next time shalom.
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