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Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us as we through the exercise of our
will and our faith create an avenue for you to commune with us. Through our
intentions we enable you to send your ambassadors or emissaries of light
that we may hear from them, that we may benefit contact with them. Help us
to open up ourselves to be in a state of receptivity. Help us to expand our
awareness to accept that which you would give to us. Help us to grow to be
the children of light that we are. May we be pleasing in your sight.

Machiventa: I accept this invitation to join this circuit. I appreciate the
willingness of the participants to come together into what is a classroom
orchestrated for this purpose. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and it is my
privilege as well as my duty to oversee the instruction to this world of
advanced spiritual principles and concepts that require you as individuals
to commit to exercise your faith to the degree that you may embrace these
universal truths and principles.

This process that we are engaged in is but one of many processes that have
been instituted on this world to increase awareness, to advance
understanding, to grow individual mortal souls such as yourselves. If you
are here, if you are present for these words, then you have arrived here as
a result of following you inner desires and extending your faith to allow
you to do so. You may not possess the awareness at this state of your
evolution to realize what exactly you have done to be here now but there
will come a time where you will see that you have been engaged in the
process of following your inner voice, that spark of the First Source and
Center of each and every one of you, that presence that urges you onward and
forward to grow your individual soul; to expand beyond the limitation of the
mortal flesh.

This indwelling fragment will unfailingly lead you to find that which you
seek. You may not consciously be aware of what you may need as your next
step in your spiritual ascension but there is part of you that does know
what you need. You may be unaware of what steps you might take to gain what
you are seeking but there is part of you who knows the way. That part of you
has led you here, now, in this hour. In attempts to recognize this leading
it would be helpful to reflect on your feelings, urges, desires, leadings,
promptings that brought you to this place.

All of you have functioned in harmony with these leadings without having
attributed them to your inner voice, your higher self. It is the purpose of
this instruction process that we bring to your awareness your capability to
function in this capacity. It is the mandate of your Creator that you be
made aware of this special partnership; therefore have there been many
lessons delivered on gaining the proper posture and attitude to be in
awareness of this relationship. I refer to the attitude of worship and
prayer and the posture of stillness and receptivity. If you are distracted
by too many of life's material pursuits, your energy is diminished for
working in unison with your inner voice.

If you are distracted with your mind's attempt to categorize, prioritize and
analyze, then you are not providing yourself the space necessary to hear the
voice. What I refer to is not of the mind but rather of the heart/soul
connection to the inner voice. Therefore will it become necessary for all
you children of light to gain the understanding through the mind that you
must depart at times from that which the mind knows and enter into the realm
of limitless spirit. This will be your grandest exercise in this life, to
allow you to be who you really are in grandness. You are each beings of
great light and spiritual capacity, you simply have yet to figure this out
with your mind.

This will of course all come to pass as a result of the great and glorious
progression the Father has in store for you be it sooner or later, but you
who have chosen to extend yourselves in faith, who have chosen to seek,
shall find even now in this hour. It is ever true that to those who seek
will find and you are each discovering the validity of this statement in
your lives. Each one of us who joins a circuit like this is both
contributing to its creation and as well enjoying the benefits of its

You are spirit beings and you are involved in the process of discovering
that in your lives, and exercises such as this one are helpful to promote
your awareness that even though we may be spread apart by distance we have
come together in spirit. Even though your bodies may make demands upon you,
there is a part of you which is not restricted even though you are seeking
and searching because you do not currently understand, there is a part of
you who does understand and will lead you in the right direction.

And all this is yours by virtue of the fact that you are children of a great
Creator who desires that you learn all these things on route back to the
First Source and Center, that you glean from these lives all the experience
possible and in this process you have gifts to bring back to your Creator,
the gifts of having experienced a life such as yours and having grown
through it to find not only God, the First Source and Center, but yourselves
as you are related to Him.

This is our joyous task and I would pause at this time and allow for
comments or questions as I sense that there are some and I encourage you to
accept that you are a part of this process, not merely an observer on the
sidelines. You are each and every one an aspect of what is happening at this

Q: Dear Machiventa, this is ****, I have a question and a comment. [please]
Thank you. First of all I read the Urantia paper on your incarnation and
once again it was quite a pleasure reading all the details and so the
question that arises from that comment has to do with...if you are able to
reveal to us what your role will be on our planet in the near future?

The other question is if you can comment on the latest Monjorenson
transcript that talks about and warns us of a global decimation on a huge
scale for some reason that we don't know. Could you talk or just comment
about it as it was quite something.

Machiventa: To address your first question, my role in the immediate and in
the long term future is as you see it in this hour. I have been engaged in
this role for quite some time and will remain in this capacity in the
indefinite future. I am here to oversee the instruction of the mortals of
the realm and I take great delight in my role in this capacity.

The statements made that there will be great changes forthcoming; I think
that you all are aware that there will be great changes coming. It is not
appropriate to make precise predictions of the nature and magnitude of the
many numerous changes that are underway, in part because they are yet to be
co-created by the likes of you. This process of change is not enforced upon
you from on high that you may be subjected to the whims of a universe, but
rather the many changes we will see arise are a result of the shift in
spiritual capacities and pressures that will cause those on your world to
react and act as they manifest their understanding.

You have yet to embrace the magnitude of the sheer force of will of
yourselves as individuals and your races as a collective force. This is why
any accurate predictions of the outcome of such potent forces are
incomplete. There will be shifts in energy, shifts in perception, shifts in
awareness and all of these will have effects on all those involved, but
these are not mandates but rather shifting conditions. What you make of
these conditions will be up to you and your brothers and sisters around you.

You may react quite differently than another would react to a similar set of
circumstances and likewise is it impossible to predict how masses of
individuals will react to shifting circumstances. The ball is in play my
friend, and it is not predestined, every move that will be made while the
ball remains in play. In a very real sense the end result is foretold but
the game has yet to be played. This illustrates why it is very important
that each one of you take control over your own personal sphere of

That which you have jurisdiction over is quite simple. Prepare yourselves
individually to play any game, to weather any storm. Provide yourself with
the long term perspective that all things work towards the good. Be
functioning in awareness that you are a participant in this process and that
you exercise some degree over the results by virtue of the fact that you are
helping to create them. You are in a co creative partnership with the will
of the Divine and the will of the material being.

This is what your task is; to gain command over your partnership. In this
way you may not only be secure in whatever might happen around you or to you
but you may also be useful to the unfolding of the Divine plan to bring this
world into light and life and love. Does this address your concern my

Q: Yes, thank you very much.

Q:Machiventa this is **** and I have heard talk in the past about a critical
mass being defined by a percentage of the population and I would like to
know if you can enlighten us as to what those percentages are as to where we
are currently at and what critical mass is.

Machiventa: That is precisely what is so exciting about these times that we
are involved in together. There have been long stretches of time involved in
bringing enough children of light together, great periods of time in
bringing you all who are here to this point. This has been a long term
project and as one who has been involved with this project, this brings me
such great delight that we are approaching the brink. We are about to gain
the needed participants as well we have great help from the outside.

As a planet awe have also arrived at our critical mass point. No longer
shall we function in darkness. No longer will our awareness be limited to
that which we can scratch out of the material plane. It has been ordained
that this planet be given all possible resources to bring about the change
which so many have prayed for so long. I do not wish to place too heavy a
burden on you as individuals but I must state that it is the individuals
such as yourselves who bring us to this brink.

This is but one forum, you are but one group, you each are but one single
individual, but imagine the collective power, the creative possibility when
we can work in unison with all those like yourselves who are simply seeking
and finding and willing to work to bring this planet into a glorious state.
That is all that is required, that you be willing to work to bring about the
necessary changes. You do not have to understand exactly what it is that you
are doing. You don't have to be in total awareness of your relationship to
the process, but rather it is necessary that you bring your choice, your
willingness, your abilities and allow that they might be combined and
augmented to bring about these necessary changes and the resulting

I tell you all plainly, fear nothing that will rise up before you. You have
all chosen to be on this path and as a result the resources of a universe
are behind you because you have allied yourself with the will of your
Creator. Such a powerful and potent alliance is beyond anything of your
comprehension but it is exactly what is necessary to bring us not only to
the brink but over the brink. This will all come to pass and we will all
share this as a grand memory together.

In the meantime I realize that you are still functioning in relative
darkness. That is why I am here in this hour. That is why there are many
other channels being opened to you so that you might see that you are not
alone. You are in fact part of a great team and it is this team functioning
together in alliance with magnificent personalities that will orchestrate
all the growth and changes before us. Do you feel part of this team?

Q: Most certainly Machiventa. Thank you very much for all that explanation,
it was great to hear.

Machiventa: And I thank you for your affirmation, each one. You are all part
of this team and I tell you plainly there is nothing this team cannot
accomplish. What the Father wills and the Son desires and the mortals align
themselves to, are and will become. Would there be any other contributions?

Q: Machiventa, this is *****. I have a question about the future events in
America and other places around the globe. The Christians are expecting a
rapture and if they get what they are expecting and looking for, it would
certainly reduce the world’s population dramatically and then following the
rapture they think there is going to be a great tribulation. Does this
teaching in any way coincide with [garbled]?

Machiventa: As I have mentioned, the power and potency of projection and
creation is a factor that everyone will have to deal with in their lives.
To those who expect to see a given reality they are likely to perceive that
reality even if it does not exist. Those of you, children of light, you may
co create a different reality and it is that one that you will experience.
Each one out there is in fact creating the very reality that they will
experience. They are conditioning themselves to accept only the version that
their mind has contained within it.

This illustrates once again the importance of not limiting yourselves to
that which you have heard, that which you have supposed, that which you
expect, those are all your current limitations and your present reality.
Allow yourselves to function on a different plane. Allow yourselves to
expand beyond the realities contained in the many versions of truth you have
been exposed to, for I tell you if you confine yourselves to that which you
fear, that which you know, that which you currently understand, your
experience will be extremely limited and you will not allow yourselves to
expand beyond those parameters you have set.

If you choose to rise above current understanding, then you allow yourselves
the freedom to actually observe and actively create the reality you have
only now as ideals. We are engaged in the process in bringing our ideals
into our scope of reality. We are expanding our awareness beyond the
perimeters of our current knowledge and it is in spirit that we do this.
Therefore please, children of light, do not concern yourselves with what
others think or expect or know as all these are only indications of their
current limitations and should not be adopted as yours as well.

It is your role to enter a new arena, a new paradigm and to let them see
your scope of awareness, your level of understanding, your peace in your
lives that is the result from your spiritual awareness. Let all others do as
they will and simply focus on what you will do, what perspective you will
take, what boundaries of reality you will experience. That is what we are
about in this training process. Does this address your concern?

Machiventa: Machiventa this is ***** [welcome] First let me say I am
honored to be part of this constellation and I can feel the light energy
from each and every one of you shining on to me and reflecting back to you
and mine to yours and back to me. Earlier in the discussion, at the onset
someone expressed concern and dismay at the events in the Middle East. Let
me remind everyone here, myself included, that we need to pay more attention
to the middle heart and not be overly concerned with the Middle East or the
Midwest or the middle earth but our middle hearts and find the peace there.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, "be the change we wish to see in the world". Very
much of what was said tonight spoke to that and reinforced the message I
hope to convey and share tonight as well. For that I am grateful and I thank
you for this time.

Machiventa: And I thank you for that delightful contribution of awareness
and perception. My children there will be many disturbances in this world.
There will arise much around you that are disconcerting. My advice to you is
to focus on that which you have jurisdiction over, your internal self, your
evolving soul and its partnership with the divine fragment within you. Those
are your important roles. It may become necessary for you to reduce your
exposure to all the other distractions of changes and circumstances that
others are negotiating with in order to maintain your peace in this process.

That is a proper approach to not becoming overwhelmed with the magnitude
with all that is to transpire. If you are secure within your own individual
self, then truly as the Master once said "what would it matter should all
earthly things perish"? That is not to say that we do not have compassion
and sensitivity for all who are engaged in great learning possibilities, but
to those born of spirit there is conviction that all things work towards the
good, that all manifestations eventually turn good and goodness may be
derived from even the most painful situations. That is the nature of the
journey that the Father has given you.

But to those of you who function in awareness, you may be useful to all
those around you who have yet to grasp the relationship that they have to
spirit. They may be buffeted about by the winds of change and you are
learning to become skilled sailors. You will know when the time is right to
take in your sails and ride it out. You will have a keen sense of your
circumstances to allow you to pilot your way through the choppy seas and
your experience will bring comfort to others who will see that you are
remaining as if in the eye of the storm as a result of your connection to
spirit, to that part of you that is eternal and knows that this is but a
transitory phase of your existence.

I welcome you each and every one to the team, we need you all. As has been
referred to, we are short handed. We have much to do. We must be the anchors
to this world. We must be the constant of spirit in the ever changing
material world and this is not only our privilege to do but our pleasure as
well and the rewards are vast. I thank you each one for bringing your
contribution to this circle, for reflecting your energies and each one take
and receive the reflections that are yours as a result of your efforts. I
bring you my peace and contribute it to this circle, this team. Unless there
were any other final questions I will release this T/R. Be about this
journey in love and in light. We will meet again. Thank you one and all,

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